Friday, February 03, 2012

Muar, January '12: Hello, Year Of The Dragon!

Chinese New Year is usually my family's getaway time together. We pai chia the oldies in the morning, then immediately zoom off to Cameron Highlands to chill, relax, spend time, enjoy each others' company... and escape the blistering CNY heat. =p It's been that way since F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Since as long as I can remember.

But this Chinese New Year, I'm married. :-/

Because of that, things got very different for me. What is usually the most chillaxing time of the year suddenly became the most travel-crazy and hectic stretch of days ever! Culture shock kau-kau, man. Next Chinese New Year, I think I'll take leave BEFORE and AFTER the Chinese New Year holidays so I can relax, recoup and not burn out from the rush. Haha.

It all began with the eve of Chinese New Year, to be honest. Not at all in Muar, nor in the Year of the Dragon. Yet. 2 nights before CNY, I popped over to Delicious for the tail end of Reunion #1. On the eve of CNY, The Husband and I had Reunion #2 with my family over brunch. After that, it was back home to pack, pack, pack before shooting off for Reunion #3 dinner with Papa's side of the family. And all that before CNY even really started!! Phew!

But if you think that's it? It's not. Cos hey, we haven't gotten to the part where I talk about Muar. Which is the whole point of this post anyway. Haha. Because immediately after Reunion #3, we convoyed down to KL. Sleep, wake up, dress up in my CNY outfit, and immediately head off to Muar to make sure we get there in time for Reunion #4 with Mama's side of the family pula. And finally, after four long-drawn paragraphs, I've reached the point of my post. HAHA.

Passed many kampung houses sitting along
the trunk road on the way to Muar.

Crossing the bridge to get over to Muar town.

Arrived at our destination and immediately
had to start giving out ang pows...

 estherlauderlyn with her red packet from The Husband and I.
(This girl immediately take ang pow and write name wan. Don't mess.)

...then spent the rest of the afternoon mingling with the family. (Or did we end up sleeping the afternoon away? Hmmm... Cannot remember liao. Getting old. =p) All of whom I already know and have spent time with before. (The Husband and I dated for many, many, many years before we wed.)

Evening soon arrived and brought with it the highlight of Reunion #4 – CNY dinner at Sin Kee Ting's very fancy new banquet hall that fits, like, a bajillion tables. @_@ The following are some pictures I took while we were there. Lazy to write liao. You all read captions, ok? TQVM. =)

A luminous dragon waiting by the sidelines with its fire ball!

Left profile very ganas.

Right profile very girly. @_@

My drink of choice that night. I kinda like
the new label design they've got going on.

Lou Sang!! My very first one this year!
So sad. First day of CNY only lou.

Ready to rumble, toss and tumble!!!

Making a mess and loving it. The only kind of mess you can make
around the oldies without getting into trouble for it. =p

The only part of the Lou Sang dish that I eat. =p

Dinner was great until the dragon came out to play. Cos that's when all conversation between us stopped. The music was so, so very loud and noisy that nobody could get a word in at all!! It was like tong chiang drums on the loose in the banquet hall; not a dragon!

And as if not talking wasn't bad enough, they decided to not let us eat, too! So they terus turned off the lights and left us sitting in the noisy darkness. Boom! It was like, "WATCH DA DRAGON! OR ELSE!" Hahahaha.

Neon dragon glowing in the dark.

Leeching off someone else's flash.

After the show, and we were finally
allowed to talk and eat again, heaven came:

Heaven in a mouthful, I mean. =p

I don't know what the heck was in that cold, little, white ball we had for dessert but it was AWESOME. Gotta have been the best part of dinner for me. At the end of the night, The Husband, KJ and I found that we didn't quite have enough to eat so we went off to find some Ramli Burger. Haha.

A Ramli Burger store in Muar – not great. I miss
Jones Road's Ramli Burger. That one is da BOMB!

But burger is not where the night ended for us. There's more to come but I think this post is long enough as it is already so... stay tuned for the continuation! =)


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