Sunday, October 31, 2010

iPhone & iPad Home Screen Icon For Tinki Talks

Gotta move with the times and
keep up with the tech stuff, ya know? =p

So... if you're a Tinki Talks user with an iPhone or iPad – yes I'm talking to you, you cool, cool people you =p – you no longer have to settle for those ugly screenshots your gadget automatically captures when you add a web page to your home screen. Now, you get a Tinki Talks icon (that matches the Tinki Talks favicon!) just like all those other iPhone/iPad apps you download! =D

Just click the "+" at the menu bar of your browser
(Safari, in this case) and select Add to Home Screen.

This will pop up and your screenshot
will be replaced by the Tinki Talks icon. =)

Go do it now, now, now!!!

p/s: Many thanks to ChickLit for the tip. =)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 Tahun Beli 1, Ok Ma

Yesterday night, I impulse purchased
a pair of Levi's skinnies at Gurney Plaza.


In my defence, it's been a long while since I last bought a GOOD pair of jeans. (My last 2 came from online boutiques and cost just RM59 each. -_-) Not since 1 October 2008 to be exact. (Now I know why I keep a blog. It helps me log my purchases. =p) And although I complained about the RM203 price tag then, I'd say it was a good buy cos even now – a good 2 years and 1 month later – I'm still wearing that same pair of Levi's. Haha.

RM203 ÷ 25 months = RM8.12/month
but getting lesser every month.

Ok ma. Tai tou lan lor!

So anyway, my recent purchase cost me RM229.

Levi's Slight Curve, Skinny.

Hmmm... That's a whopping 12% price hike in just 25 months!!! Crazy shit. Dun mess, man. It's costing more and more to cover backside these days. -_-'''


I've recently come to notice that I'm at a phase in my life where my friends and I are all either (1) looking for The One, (2) already in a serious long term relationship with who we hope is The One, (3) getting ready to marry our respective The Ones, or (4) have recently married the The Ones we once dated.

Naturally, this stage I'm in came after the we're-all-grown-up-enough-to-start-dating-but-gosh-who-do-we-pick?! phase. And that also very naturally came after the we're-all-single-cos-we're-too-young-to-date-but-boys-are-the-new-in-thing phase. And how could I forget that before that was the we're-single-and-proud-of-it-cos-we're-best-friends-forever-and-we-all-hate-boys-cos-they-stink phase.


Let me break it down for you.


Also known as the We're-single-and-proud-of-it-cos-we're-best-friends-forever-and-we-all-hate-boys-cos-they-stink Phase.

AGE: Approximately 1-12 years.
ENEMY(IES): The opposite sex.


Also known as the We're-all-single-cos-we're-too-young-to-date-but-boys-are-the-new-in-thing Phase

AGE: Approximately 12-15 years.
ENEMY(IES): Downfall years – braces, bad haircuts and teen skin (read: acne and pimples).


Also known as the We're-all-grown-up-enough-to-start-dating-but-gosh-who-do-we-pick?! Phase

AGE: Approximately 16-20 years.
ENEMY(IES): The same sex.


Also known as the We're-all-looking-for-The-One / We're-already-in-a-serious-long-term-relationship-with-who-we-hope-is-The-One / We're-getting-ready-to-marry-our-respective-The-Ones / We-have-recently-married-the-The-Ones-we-once-dated Phase.

AGE: Approximately 21 years onwards.
ENEMY(IES): Time and advancing age.

Sitting comfortably in Phase 4 myself, I thought that after 26 years, I've finally reached the very last Phase and totally deserved a pat on the back for surviving the previous phases. But tonight, my eyes were opened and I realised I was wrong to think that. Because... there's a Phase 5 lying in wait!


Also known as the We're-married-now-what-oh-yes-let's-have-kids Phase.

AGE: Approximately 26 years onwards.
ENEMY(IES): Morning sickness, stretch marks, crying babies, sleepless nights and messed up timetables.

You see, I attended a pretty little 1-year-old's birthday party last night and... O.M.G. there were so many babies/kids present!! I don't think I've ever been surrounded so many babies/kids. At least not since I stopped serving at CHC's Children's Church. Phew! -_-'''

 The birthday girl – one of the many, many, many kids there!

And then, it dawned upon me: It's cos most of the parents there were around the same age as the baby girl's parents! All same generation ma. So all in the same phase lor! Phase 5 – The We're-married-now-what-oh-yes-let's-have-kids Phase, a.k.a the TIME. TO. MAKE. BABY. CHOP. CHOP. COS. EVERY. BODY. GOT. BABY! Phase. Haha. No pressure. But seriously lor. If you sat there last night without a kid like my parents and I did, so kekok man. No baby really consider not "in". -_-'''

Birthday Girl and I with her Mama, Shireen.

You know, time really flies. Feels like just yesterday I blogged about her wedding. And now... I'm carrying the product of their love! Awww...

Anyway, I actually went for the party

Wind-blown and tired but very pleased with dessert.

But I think I left feeling recharged
from all that baby time I clocked in. Haha.

A feeling-better me with my birthday cupcake.

A baby a day keeps the doctor away. =p

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Parts Of Me That Ache, Hurt Or Just Don't Feel Right:

  1. Head
  2. Throat
  3. Nose
  4. Eyes
  5. Back – upper, middle and lower
  6. Neck
  7. Shoulders
  8. Upper Arms
  9. Tummy
  10. Left Leg
  11. Smallest Toe on Left Foot

Urgh. Tonight is so not a good night
to have urgent / pending deadlines.

*slams head into keyboard over and over and over again*

You know, I've got so many things lying around tonight, waiting for my attention (i.e. product catalogues, fact sheets, press releases, etc) but... I just feel too mentally exhausted and physically worn out right now to do anything even remotely productive. The swimming words don't help. Sigh. Guess I might as well hit the sack and make up for it with an early-ER morning tomorrow. Laters.

Hardcore Biker Chick

MANGO Casual Sportswear, Black, Genuine Leather Jacket in M.

Yep, I've got the gear. Now all I need
is a bad-ass Harley-D and the open road.

*revs imaginary bike engine*

But... if that's too much to ask *flick of hair followed by dramatic sigh* I guess I can convince myself to settle for a plane ticket to some place cold and wintery.


You know what? Maybe I'll just take matters into my own hands and check out AirAsia's Fab Fly Day promos tomorrow to see if I can score me some sweet deals. I remember how Small Boss at MCKL used to get loads of free flights just by hanging out at the Air Asia website between internals and client presentations. Haha. So if his diligence and perseverance on the matter paid off, maybe it will for me, too! =p But first things first – gotta find me a holi-buddy. Hmmm...

Gimmie Some FlexibleLove™

Prepare to have your mind blown. For if there's just one piece of furniture I can have right now, it'll be THIS flexi little baby...

Dimensions (Collapsed): 64cm x 56cm x 22.5cm
Dimensions (Extended): 64cm x 56cm x 720cm
Weight: 25kgs
Supports weight up to: 1,920kgs
Sits: 1 to 16 persons

Isn't it amazing?? The accordion-like, honeycomb-esque FlexibleLove™ is manufactured by Pinzaan and I think the mastermind behind its design is a genius! (She's Taiwanese designer Chishen Chiu, by the way. =p) Made from 100% recycled paper and 100% post-industrial wood waste, these paper chairs are exactly what they claim to be – ecological, adaptable and practical.

Plus, as you can see, they make really cool
feature furniture pieces, too! Gah, I want!!

NOTE: The 2010 line includes FlexibleLove™ Virgin 20, FlexibleLove™ Earth 16, FlexibleLove White™ 16, and FlexibleLove™ Earth 8. Prices range from $549.00 USD to $399.00 USD. Too expensive? Settle for the FlexibleLove™ Mini – a 25:1 scale rendition of the FlexibleLove™ 16, using identical materials and manufacturing processes – for just $29.99 USD. =)

The Crazy Things Readers Do

Like turn a perfectly emo-romantic snapshot
of The Fiancé and I into this psycho-merry picture:

Smiley faces and comic text by Jeffro.

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The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Today, I finally ordered the first
of my two evening gowns. =)

Yup, the very one that I fell in love with but didn't commit to the first time I bridal shop hopped in SS2. Haha. And because I'm booking it 8.5 months in advance without a pre-wedding photography package, I was given a whopping 30% off the opening price + a free double can-can (worth a pretty good sum) thrown in for good measure. Yay!

*dances the can-can*

On a more serious note, I really think it's awesome how our Malaysian designers and bridal houses seem to reward non-last-minute brides who place their bookings at least 1 year – 6 months in advance. I.e. me. Haha. (From what I hear, 1 year – 6 months seems to be the minimum standard. Any time shorter, you either pay the regular price or kena cut throat giler for non-package purchases. -_-''')

Take my case for instance. I got a reeeaally good deal for my gown today because I'm not at all in a rush for my order to arrive and am allowing the bridal house time to work at their convenience. Plus, what you didn't know was that I was actually given an Early Bird Special for the first gown I ordered during my last trip to KL, too! That one saved me 20% off the designer's standard retail price. =)

Just by placing my bookings early and by giving my vendors/suppliers ample time to prepare my gowns without rush, my total savings so far have come up to a significant 4-figure amount. No kidding! It makes that big a difference. So, as you can see, it pays (literally!) to plan these things in advance and to not leave them to the very last minute.

Don't say I never gave you good advice. =p

Anyway, 2 gowns down, 2 more to go! Wheee!

p/s: Yup, the gown I ordered today is from KL and yup, I went down for a super speedy working trip. 2 days, 1 night – very productive, but also just as tiring. That's why I'm hitting the sack right after I click "Publish". Nights, y'all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anne Hathaway – The New Classic Beauty

I always thought she had a sweet, girl-next-door charm to her but... to be honest, I never really put 28-year-old Anne Hathaway up there with the other classic beauties like Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé and Kate Beckinsale. Till I saw this:

Photographed by Mario Testino


OMG, now I see why
The Fiancé thinks she's hot.

To know if she's more than just a pretty face, read "Happily Ever After: Anne Hathaway" by Adam Green that appears in the November issue of VOGUE.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Buzz Like A Fly, Sting Like A Bee, Then... Urm, Something-Something Like A Butterfly

"To tell you the truth, women get scared by desperation. So the more you WANT this like NOW NOW NOW, the more you'll scare her away. Seriously. You've gotta give her a little cooling-off time. A guy who's always "hanging around" is the same guy who's always in her face. In a bad way. If you don't give her a chance to miss you, she won't. Ok? Room to breathe in a relationship/friendship is good. It's HEALTHY. So stop being a fly. Always buzzing around. Flies get irritating, right? Be a butterfly. A pleasant experience every time you come around."

– Pam Song, 25 October 2010

Yep. I actually said all that to a friend via Gtalk earlier today. And whoa... I can be pretty hardcore when I offer BGR counsel, can't I? Haha. Tough love. Sket.

Passions Of Kerala, New World Park

I tell you, Kanna Curry House, Petaling Jaya has officially converted me into a Banana Leaf Rice addict. Unfortunately for me, Penang doesn't have a Kanna Curry House. But never the matter. Not in Penang, the Land of Good Food. Cos the Land of Good Food has...

*drum roll* 

Passions of Kerala.

Situated in New World Park between Burma Road, Swatow Lane and Hutton Lane, this Indian restaurant boasts to have "The Best In Banana Leaf Cuisine" right at its entryway. Haha. A very brave claim, I must say. Especially in Penang where good food is found everywhere, and bad food is never tolerated. =p

First things first. Do not be fooled by the quiet entrance like I was, dear friends. For behind the tinted glass was a pretty big lunch crowd. Look!

There was only ONE table available when we entered. The very one that Dee, Mee and I eventually took after realising that all the other tables were occupied. That means that as soon as we sat down, they officially had a full house. *impressed* 

But enough about that. Let's talk FOOD.

The menu.

What I liked was that the menu had pictures and descriptors in them beside the dish names. So even if you're jakun and totally unfamiliar with Indian food, you wouldn't have a problem deciphering the types of dishes available and placing your order. =)

 Vegetarian set.

 Additional dishes.

 Drinks on the menu.

Naturally, we ordered the Banana Leaf Rice.
The Vegetarian Set is the standard order.

 Cabbage, ladies fingers and tofu with rice on a banana leaf.

But I'm never standard. (Object and I'll crucify you upside down.) So I went rogue and picked the Plain Set instead. Meaning, all I get to begin with is white rice on a plain banana leaf. HAHA.

And three different types of curry.

 Fish curry, chicken curry and dahl.

HAHAHA. Just rice and curry.
Like masuk penjara wei! =p
But don't worry la.
All's good cos we also ordered Fried Fish...

...and Chicken Masala.

IMHO, the Chicken Masala was... just so-so. Sure, the meat was nice and tender and all that. But it was the fish that stole the limelight. Thinking about it now, I really should have gone Oliver on them and asked for more.

*licks lips*


*swallows saliva*

Okay, okay. Don't wanna talk
about food liao. Hungry. Haha.


I ordered my regular Teh 'O' Ais Kurang Manis. (That's tea with no milk and less sugar.) And what I liked was that their kurang manis was really kurang manis. I don't know what it is with drink vendors these days but everything they make is just too sweet! Beh tahan. See also can get diabetes, man. -_-'''

But I digress.

Back to Passions Of Kerala. =p

You know, I can see why Passions Of Kerala is such a popular restaurant. The place is clean (no sticky tables or oily floors), it doesn't smell funky (unlike a lot of other Indian restaurants I've visited -_-), the service is fast (considering the crowd, we didn't really have to wait long), and the staff are efficient and friendly. Plus, its air-conditioned environment makes it a good place to escape the tropical noon-day heat and humidity of Penang Island. =p

Anyway, our bill for three came up to RM32.00.

Not as cheap as Kanna Curry House,
but a lot cleaner and cooler. Haha.

Comfort always comes with a price. =p


102 Lot C3,
New World Park,
Jalan Burma,
10050 Penang.

Tel: +604 227 2550 / +6012 438 8550

Open daily from 11:30am – 3:30pm and 6:00pm – 10:00pm.

In Cahoots

Just when the day is going swell,
the body decides to feel unwell.


Hello, Monday

You're looking better this week
than you did the other weeks past. =)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Free Day Is A Good Day dress up, do nothing and go nowhere. =)

Lazy Mornings That Spill Into Lazy Days

Thought I'd sleep in late today (till noon, maybe?) cos of the plan-less day I planned on having but... I ended up waking up at 9:58AM anyways. Haha. Thing is, I definitely feel happier and more refreshed than usual. Guess the rest I wanted wasn't physical after all. =)

I just miss the days when I got to wake up without the alarm blaring into my ear. Where I could just do what I want without anybody elses schedule to follow, or any cannot-be-missed appointments to make. (Dee's a stickler for early breakfasts so breakfast with him always means leaving like, NOW NOW NOW. *stress* That, and I've also had wedding planning and house preparation activities most weekends since goodness knows when. *double stress*)

I miss the days when lunch time followed the stomach, and not the clock. When afternoons were occupied by a CSI or Grey's Anatomy, a slow fan and a lazy couch. When going out during the weekends was always spontaneous and unplanned. When having no plan was the plan.

Like the way it is today.
Ahh, this is the life. =)

Anyway, I think I'm done talking. Am gonna go feed, breed and sell colourful frogs for imaginary money now. Maybe I'll catch ya later, maybe I won't. Who knows? That's the beauty of days without plans. =)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bridezilla Tendencies?

"It's not really apple green. It's more like olive.
But a happier shade of olive."

– Pam Song, 22 October 2010


After talking to a very nice, very patient (and very expensive) potential florist last weekend, I've come to realise that I'm a pretty particular bride-to-be. Not because I find pleasure in making other peoples' jobs difficult. (Of course not!) But because I know exactly what I want and how I want it.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm open to suggestions. Most definitely so. But... in most cases and on most things, by the time it reaches the execution stage, I'm already pretty decided on what I want. I've done my research and I've painted a picture of the Big Day in my head. How it's going to be like, look like and feel like. And I guess that's where the problem lies.

Because of that mental image I've constructed, my search for a vendor becomes really specific. I'm no longer looking for a creative designer or a person to help offer me ideas. Instead, what I need is a skilled executor. A vendor who just gets what I want and doesn't mind following orders to the T.

Take my appointment with the florist
last weekend for instance.

I'm set on having contemporary flowers in a contemporary setting. Nothing ordinary or boring. Big blooms. Rich colours. Purple but no lilac. Green? Definitely. But only the palest of greens for the blooms, please. And the deepest of greens for the leaves. Flowers? Oh, they don't all have to be flowers. Wanna throw in a cabbage? Sure. Why not? As long as it looks good in the bunch, I'm cool with it. And other such yada yada yada.

As you can see, I'm pretty okay with the team improvising on my please-go-contemporary brief as long as they can be certain that whatever they put together will look good. But... I also know that if it doesn't come out – at. the. very. least. – the way I see it in my head (if not better), I'm gonna be sorely disappointed. Bleh.

How ah, liddat?
I also dunno how. Haha.

Just gotta find vendors... (1) with lots of previous work to show me – so I can point out what I like and what I don't; and (2) who are also on the same wavelength as I am – so I don't have to point out sooo many things and they can just get me and where I'm coming from.

Or maybe I just need to pray hard
for such vendors to exist. Hahaha.

You know, maybe it's a blessing that we didn't get a Wedding Planner after all. Looking at the way things are going now, I don't think any planner would have been of much use to me anyways. In fact, he or she would probably just kill my mojo. Haha. You know lah, some wedding planners. Very opinionated wan. =p

Pretty Shoes That Cost An Even Prettier Penny

Whether you're a girly girl
who's hot on butterflies or not...

Farfalla Nappa Leather Platform Heel and Farfalla Fuchsia Pink
Satin Butterfly Heel worth £470.00 each. Also available in Pale Pink Satin,
Ivory Satin, Blush Nude Patent and Gold Nappa Leather.

...these bridal heels by Aruna Seth
are simply to die for!!


*instant resurrection*

I want these!!

NEW Farfalla Ivory Satin Peep Toe with 110mm heel.


Too bad I'd have to fly halfway across the world
then sell a kidney and a lung to get them. T_T

p/s: For brides with less-than-tall grooms, don't feel like these babies weren't designed with you in mind. The non-platform version looks good, too! =)

1 Of The 168; 5 Of The 4806

Funny but I feel so happy for Mr Proulx and team. I guess it's true what they say. Putting a smile on another's face indirectly puts a smile back on yours. =)

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Own A Piece Of "Lemonade: Detroit" For $1/Frame

I own 5. Frames.

It's not much but at least I know I've done something to help make this happen for the amazing people behind Lemonade: Detroit. You can, too. Click here to buy a frame (or two, or five, or more) and become a Producer of what is possibly the most honest story ever written about the advertising industry... and the people who were offered a way out of it.

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The Jump From Monthlies To Dailies

Earlier this year, I decided to forgo my monthly lenses for daily-wear ones. I mean, I was hardly wearing my lenses at the time, anyways. (How to wear lenses when you're at the office a gazillion hours a day, right??) So, I thought that daily lenses would be the best way to go about it – having the convenience of lenses, but never having to waste money on lenses I don't wear enough.

Some thinking and a little bit of calculation later, I discovered that as long as I put on contact lenses less than 9 times a month, it would be MORE WORTH IT to go with dailies. (Sorry lah, still Chinese at the end of the day. =p) And as it turns out, I was wearing them less than twice a week. Only for Thursdays when I had to cos of Client-Agency meetings and presentations (which I sometimes went wearing glasses anyways – yes, I'm a rebel =p) and whenever I had fancy-ish parties to attend – like weddings, birthdays and farewells. (So happening hor? -_-')

My main problem with monthly lenses is that they tend to sit in their cases for days on end (or months, in my case -_-) without getting touched. And that practice makes the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria that could cause a myriad of eye problems. And I was starting to get problems. Every once in awhile – actually not that often lah, so far only 3 times in total – my eyeball (not eye okay... eye-BALL!) would swell and fill with liquid under my cornea. It itched and hurt at the time, but it always went away after a good night's rest.

But I wasn't willing to risk my eyesight for beauty.
(Looks like I'm not so oi leng um moi meng after all – haha!)

After an exceptionally bad run with the swollen eye (it didn't go away after I slept), I decided to make the switch – from monthlies to dailies. I guess so far, I'm okay with the change on a whole. Cos it's cleaner and all that. But here are a few pros and cons I have personally experienced with my Bausch & Lomb / For Astigmatism / Daily / Soft Contact Lenses:

1. My eyes don't dry out as quickly as they did with monthlies. Somehow, my dailies seem to handle air-conditioned environments and late-ish nights better. (FYI, even a long drive – e.g. back to Penang – with the air-con on would sometimes dry out my previous monthlies. As would the drive home after a long day at work. -_-)

2. They're much much cleaner than monthly lenses. Like I said, lenses that sit in their case for extended periods of time aren't good for your peepers. Nanti mata bernana only you tau!

3. I can change to glasses at any time, hassle free! I love the fact that I can go out with lenses and just leave my glasses in the car. All I need to do when my lenses play up or my eyes get tired, is hop over to the car, squeeze out them lenses and pop my glasses on. So easy! Before, I used to suffer the long hours in contacts cos bringing my lens cleaner solution PLUS my contact case PLUS my glasses (phew!) along to work was just too much of a bother.

4. No lens cleaner, no scrubbing, no sweat. My pre-bedtime ritual is now sooo much simpler. I can just take off my lenses and go right to sleep after tossing my used lenses into the trash. No lens maintenance to worry about at all!

1. I find my daily lenses less comfortable than my monthly lenses. They don't stick to the eyeball as well and tend to run around whenever I blink or look up and then down again quickly, leaving me with blurry vision.

2. If don't wear my dailies for an entire day, I feel like I've wasted money. I used to be okay with the idea of changing into lenses just before a dinner so I'd clock in less lens-wear time. But now... if I just wear my dailies for a 3-hour dinner party, I feel like I've just wasted a whole day's worth of lens-wear. It's irritating but that thought is always at the back of my mind. Even when I'm at the party! -_-''' So kiam siap hor me? Sigh.

3. They're more expensive. If you're always in lenses and have got money to burn, by all means, go with dailies. But if you're not made of money and are into wearing your lenses regularly, you might wanna stick to monthlies just cos it's the more cost effective option.

Illogical Preferences That Seem So Logical

I like my morning meds better cos they match. =)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

OMG, Care Bear Cupcakes!!

Can you believe your eyes??

Cos I couldn't when I first
laid eyes on these cutesies!







But no choice lah. Haha. Have to choose. There are only sooo few Care Bears and sooo many colleagues. Sigh. Oh... urm, by the way, these Care Bears were sent to KRPG in celebration of Karaoke Queen's birthday.

Yeah, it's her birthday
instead of giving her one.




When there's cute stuff and food,

Soya Legs, Karaoke Queen and I with our cupcakes.
Nana photobomb at the back. Ah Wong blur. Haha.

So that's what we did. Hahaha.

Timer shot.

Oh oh oh! And instead of just choosing one, Karaoke Queen let me pick... TWO! Haha! (Eh, dun judge me okayyy. Soya Legs also tham sim take two! She also! She alsoooo!!! Not me alone! *grin*) Out of the many very pretty ones, I picked...

 ...these two!

Now I dunno what to do with them
cos so sim thia to eat. -_-''

I Have The Best Colleagues!

Remember how I wrote about missing LLB? Well, thanks to Karaoke Queen – who's also a genius in the kitchen and behind the bar counter, by the way – I shall miss it no more.


Hahaha. Wheee!

Bitter Lemon in a can,
courtesy of Karaoke Queen. =)

See, Soya Legs, this is why
you should start a blog. =p

Kiasu Come, Kiasu Go =p

I give as good as I take. =p

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of Love And Other Things

One quiet night, at a certain time past midnight, The Fiancé and I, tired from an eventful day out, turned off the lights and talked in whispers in the dark. Of love and other things. We talked of years gone by, almost lovers that never were, exes that came and went, the once-was-es and the what-will-bes.

Oh, how I love nights like these.

Where talk is aimless but never pointless. Where I am reminded that there's more to us than simple holding hands or even planning a major wedding. What we have, at the end of the day... is us. Him and I, put together. Made complete in the presence of one another. Sharing words, that echo thoughts, that in turn, become today's promises and tomorrow's dreams.

But let's go back to this:

Out of everything he said to me that night, I think I most remember him saying, "You know, they're like you and me. First love. The ones we never forget." (In more Manglish and less eloquence, of course. =p) And I think he's right. Maybe it's true what they say about first loves.

"Maybe your first love is the one
that sticks with you because it's the only person
who will ever receive all of you."

What you invest into subsequent relationships is rarely equivalent to what you put into your first "real" relationship. And the memories you gain, somehow always seem less memorable than those of firsts. That first date, that first kiss, that first meet-the-parents session – they all just aren't as thrilling the second time around. And because of that, your first love naturally becomes the one you never forget no matter how many others come along.

Having said that, I'm glad The Fiancé is
the one I never forgot and never will forget.
And I'm thankful he feels the same way about me. =)