Monday, March 31, 2008

Go, Girl Power!

Have been reading Well-Written And Red:
The Story of The Economist Poster Campaign.

It's da bomb lah, I tell you. If you're a writer or if even an aspiring one, you've got to find a way to get your hands on one of these babies. They're worth every minute you pour into them. No kidding. It dissects English, logical writing, writing in general, and creative writing in amazing ways. GO. GET. IT!


My favourite Economist poster of the day:

Tee hee hee. Watch out, boys!

I One, You One

It's Monday morning again!!! Wheeee! A brand new week! I hope you're having a good morning, guys. Cos I know I am. Haha. My day rocketh so hard thus far and I'm feelin' fineeee. =p

*does little jiggy before bursting out in song*

OKAYYY! Conversation time!!!


Ah Beng: *oddly cheery for a Monday morning* Look what I brought!!!

Pam Song: *confused* Huh? Oranges? Why suddenly wan?

Ah Beng: Mrs XXX (a.k.a Ah Beng's mama's formal name after marrying Ah Beng's papa) decided that her son is too unhealthy because other people have said that he's lost weight. *pulls face*

Pam Song: -_- Liddat la now. You don't like so you lelong it to me lah!

Ah Beng: We share lah! I one, you one lor. And hey, I'm giving you half my health, okay!!!

Pam Song: Haha. Okay okay. There... *points to Chipster Hot & Spicy*

Pam Song: You can have half my breakfast, too! Haha. I bought it lasterday night.


If you're wondering, yes, I did say lasterday night. Haha. That's what you get when you talk too quickly on a Monday morning. Before your brain fully wakes up, it meshes up 'last night' and 'yesterday', resulting in a not-so-cool lasterday. Anyway, I'm in too good a mood to fret over this little verbal slip up so...


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Appreciate The Little Things

I've lost sight of what's important.

And that in itself, is depressing.

Of late, I've come to realise that I've been harping on all the bad that's intentionally or unintentionally been bestowed upon me, so much so that I've forgotten what it means to be happy over the little things that still pop by every once in awhile.

NOTE: List compiled, written
and organized in no particular order.

The little things that never fail to make me happy: -
  1. Baby smell.
  2. Babies (in general).
  3. Puppies.
  4. Massages – the relaxing kind.
  5. Spa therapy (though I've never tried it before).
  6. Retail therapy.
  7. Shoes that look good and don't bite.
  8. A good cry.
  9. Laughing till I cry.
  10. Laughing so hard my tummy begins to hurt.
  11. Laughing for no reason at all.
  12. Spending quality time with people who matter.
  13. Pats on the back.
  14. Pats on the head.
  15. Girly giggles.
  16. Inside jokes.
  17. Good conversations.
  18. Dancing (or washing cars) in the rain.
  19. Dancing.
  20. Pillow fights.
  21. Long, hot showers.
  22. Bubble baths.
  23. The smell of clean cloths and fresh laundry.
  24. Neatly pressed clothes.
  25. Clean sheets.
  26. Made beds.
  27. A dark room to sleep in at night.
  28. Sweet dreams.
  29. Late mornings.
  30. Public holidays.
  31. Road trips.
  32. Clear, traffic-free highways and byways.
  33. Green lights.
  34. Taking the day off from work to do nothing at all.
  35. Pay day.
  36. Finding money I've forgotten about in my pockets a month or two later.
  37. Discounts.
  38. Free cashier counters.
  39. Not having to wait in line at the Ladies.
  40. Fast torrents.
  41. Having people read what you say online.
  42. Knowing that what you say online actually matters to the people who read it.
  43. Getting to know that someone thinks you're nice.
  44. Having someone tell you you're beautiful (in their eyes or otherwise).
  45. Phone calls (Skype calls?) that last for hours.
  46. Surprise phone calls in the middle of the day (or night).
  47. Surprise e-cards.
  48. Surprises.
  49. Sweet SMS-es.
  50. Snail mail.
  51. Love notes.
  52. Presents.
  53. Being with people who tell me they miss me and mean every word they say.
  54. Falling in love.
  55. Being loved.
  56. Having someone cook for you.
  57. Having someone like the smell of your hair.
  58. Having someone dry your hair for you.
  59. Toothpaste on your toothbrush.
  60. Falling asleep in another's arms.
  61. Kisses.
  62. Hugs.
  63. Holding hands.
  64. Leisurely strolls in the park.
  65. Wind on my face and in my hair.
  66. Flowers.
  67. Playing the dating game (with the same person over and over again).
  68. Aromatherapy candles.
  69. Jazz.
  70. Sappy love songs.
  71. Ballads.
  72. Hearing my favourite song being played on radio.
  73. Blue skies.
  74. Hilltop mist.
  75. Pretty scenery.
  76. Beautiful mornings.
  77. Glorious sunrises.
  78. Breath-taking sunsets.
  79. Twinkly stars.
  80. Me time.

I know what matters.

And that's all that matters.


If you guys even cared about me, you'd find me one. How can you read about my life, laugh at my jokes (I hope you do), comment on my posts... AND NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT I WANT???

And right now, at 4pm on a cloudy, very lazy Sunday afternoon (more like since 5.30pm yesterday if you wanna get nitty-gritty about it), while sitting all alone in my room, with the aircon on, the lights off and the music turned down low, lemmie tell you this:




*punches pillow*

It's so frustrating to be in this phase in my life. I want a child of my own, but I know I don't have sufficient funds to raise that child if he she really did come along. I mean, heck I don't even have a husband or even a ring on my finger for that matter!!! AARRRGGGHHHH!!! I'm nowhere near the having-a-baby junction but that car is already revving to go right across the Finish line and straight into Mummysville.


I'm frustrated. Internally. Very much so.
And all that pent up mummy frustration
is dying to come out from within me.

I wanted to steal bring home darling baby Eitan – the most hemsem-est-test baby in the nursery – while I was on baby-care duty yesterday. -_-

Isn't he adorable???



Babies are just the most amazing 'creatures'. They fascinate me. Really. He slept for over an hour in my arms and all I did the whole time was listen to him breathe and see his tiny tummy go up and down and up and down again. Plus, he makes such cute noises when he's drifting in and out of sleep. Haha.

Oh oh, and he sighs, too! Like huge, heavy sighs of contentment. The kind that make you think he'd be saying, "SIGH. Thank goodness you finally stopped talking to me, you nanny you. SIGH. Now, I can go to sleep. SIGH." And take my word for it, it's really, really loud coming from such a teeny tiny body. Haha.

And don't be deceived by the size of that body. It's no joke carrying a lump of flesh and bones for 2 and a half hours. My hands were shaking by the end of the night. (Keep this up and bye-bye arms will be a distant memory for me.) But oddly enough, it was pretty satisfying for me, too. It's almost similar to the kind of satisfaction I used to get after a grueling practice and I'm walking home with aching muscles and bruised skin. =p I'm such a masochist.

Anyway, bottom line is this:
baby so cute hor?



Find me a baby nooooowwwww!!!

Always Talk While Eating

It builds better housemate relations.

Especially since our primary means of communication three months into living together in the same house still seems to be folded A4 examination pad paper under room doors...

...that concern nothing but bills and monthly rentals.



So, when the chance to chat over a meal pops up (a very rare occasion when it comes to members of my household), we always strive to take full advantage of it and just talk and talk and talk!


Pam Song: Eh, today hor... My pastor was preaching and then...

Housemate: *interrupts* o_O WHAT!?

Pam Song: *frowns* My pastor was preaching then...

Housemate: *interrupts again* @_@ HUH!?

Pam Song: *getting irritated* I said... MY. PASTOR. WAS. PREACHING...

Housemate: Oh... *heaves sigh of relief* Cheh... I thought you said your pastor was bitching.

Pam Song: *blink blink blink blink* WHAT!? -_-


See, conversation between housemates helps.
We understand each other better already.



Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rihanna Kidnapped!!!

The post snatchers strike again!

I fell victim to it for the first time last month with my Every Mama Wants A Married Baby post and now, they're doing it again with Rihanna's boobies! I only found out about it cos I popped by Technorati for a look around and to check up on Tinki Talk-ish things. That's when I saw this:

The site didn't ring a bell so I proceeded to read the text and... I had a weird feeling about it. Like it's familiar somewhat. And then it clicked and hit me like a bag of 7-Eleven ready-packed ice.


Grrr. Curious to know more, I clicked
on the pencuri haram's link and was led
to their Technorati page.

Babi punya pencuri haram.

From there, I searched for my post
(yes, it's MINE) and... it's really there lo!!!


At least they linked me as 'The Original Story' this time.
That's one up from being 'Connected Internet' la, hor?
Makes more sense, too. Comparatively.


No excuse.

So tak syok! Pink pink summore.
Wanna fight my bimbodom ah?


Dream lah.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Rihanna's Got Funky Boobies

My job requires that I be well-versed and knowledgeable in all things that even remotely concern fashion, what's hot on the red carpet, and the beauty industry. (So not me, right? Haha.)

And since I'm such a cheapskate who's just too kiam siap to invest in one-time-read-then-throw-already magazines, my company has resolved to BUY magazines for me to make me that much more competent in what I do. Tee hee. =p

But I have to say, being drowned under free magazines isn't always a good thing. It's begun to make licking up bits of hot goss seem like homework!!! -_- No joke.

Anyway, check out the very latest
(and most interesting) result of my research.

Meet Rihanna.

Go from good... GREAT!

(Yes, size does matter. =p)

See the diff or not??? Haha.

She grew!
Uh,.. up.

It really is so fascinating how boobies haram sampai tak halal in Malaysia. So much so that the poor dear lost her curves to Photoshop. Haha. Look!

Same mag, same shoot, different boobie size.

Tee hee.

I hope the international one's the real deal. =p

From Where You Are

Artist: Jason Wade (of Lifehouse)
Song Title: From Where You Are

So far away from where you are
These miles have torn us worlds apart
And I miss you, yeah, I miss you

So far away from where you are
Standing underneath the stars
And I wish you were here

I miss the years that were erased
I miss the way the sunshine would light up your face
I miss all the little things
I never thought that they'd mean everything to me
Yeah, I miss you and I wish you were here

I feel the beating of your heart
I see the shadows of your face
Just know that wherever you are
Yeah, I miss you and I wish you were here

I miss the years that were erased
I miss the way the sunshine would light up your face
I miss all the little things
I never thought that they'd mean everything to me
Yeah, I miss you and I wish you were here

So far away from where you are
These miles have torn us worlds apart

I have the Invoker of Happy God to thank for this song.


For bringing out the emo-ness in me.


It's been more than half a day since so I'm just gonna go ahead and classify myself as 'officially addicted' to this song. Not only because it's my kind of music (yes, I admit that I have very predictable musical preferences when it comes to taste in songs) but also because it speaks my heart's cry in beautiful melody. Somehow, the lyrics are just so... real. You know? It's sincere. And honest. And I like that.

It's been awhile since we've stood under open skies together. Not since last September to be exact. And it's been awhile since we've taken time out to do nothing but look at the stars together. And talk about everything... and nothing at the same time. Like we used to do way back when. Having said that, it's just been awhile since we've spent time together. Cos it's been awhile since we've been in the same place together.

And I miss you. Yeah, I miss you.
And I wish you were here.

Innit, My Playground

I'm tickled.

I know I haven't exactly been on top of things of late, when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of Tinki Talks. Have just been really busy (more like totally overwhelmed) with stuff at work so... that kinda automatically means (1) no more 6-posts-a-day-styled blogging, (2) no more deep thoughts or artificially intellectual monologues, and definitely (3) no more self-answered rhetorical questions.

But then I caught sight of this just minutes ago.

Haha. Thrilling.

How odd (but pleasantly surprising) that my name
still balloons even when I've so little time to blog.

Not that I'm complaining, of course. =p

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free Food!!!

Courtesy of the very, very nice Ketua Suit (whose shoes I always fancy and whose hair is never a strand out of place). The woman actually belanja-ed all of us 'hardworking' stay-back-ers (horrendous England I have lah, I tell you) KFC by the buckets, wei...

Me with Madam Hot & Spicy Rib.

Where got company and boss so nice wan, I ask you? Summore LADY boss wor... Quite rare, right??? I may be generalizing a little here lah but I think it's fair to say that MOST of the time, lady bosses turn out to be pretty demons who man the work mill heartlessly and mercilessly (and not to mention b*tchily). Thank God we don't have such females in our midst. Beh tahan.

Tonight was an impromptu celebration
of free food and good company.

So family hor we? =p


Stupid Pichas Work Wonders

Much to my amazement,
my morning went relatively well.

Tee hee.

Much much better than I anticipated, actually. And that's a BIG BIG 'phew' factor for me. The stress that comes with preparing ones self for the unknown is crazy ridiculous lah, I tell you. Whatever the case, I'm just glad everything's finally over and done with. Cleared air makes for better breathing. =)

Time to celebrate with a post!

Oh wait. Already did.



EDIT at 1930 hours on 27 March 2008: I've decided to include the 'stupid picha' that was my 'feature picha' (sound quite funky monkey, right?) in the post entitled "Finding Zen On A Thursday" – that's the post that was published right before this one.

Finding Zen On A Thursday

It's Thursday already. Shit. And this Thursday in particular, is just so gonna be one of those days. You know? One of those days. Stressful. Groan-worthy. Tiring. And all things negative. Ugh. So, in an effort to improve the gonna-be state of my Thursday morning and to drive away the impending gloom (and especially since I can't sleep), I FB-ed for an appropriate bumper sticker to express my woes.

I didn't find one.


Nothing was doom-gloom enough for what I know I'm about to face in... 6 hours. (So close can die, wei.) But... I did find one that says what I'm thinking:

So ngam. Haha.

The inner me is screaming for an appropriately timed MC or EL, man. I hear her loud and clear. And I know she wants it just so I'll get out from the 'trouble' I know I'll be in in... 5 hours and 58 minutes. -_-

I very badly need to de-stress lah. Been uptight about everything from Monday to Wednesday already with the non-stop presentations, client-meets and FA deadlines. Maybe I should go for the fish reflexology thingy they have at Pavilion. I heard it can be pretty fun. And right now, I so need some fun in my life. I can feel the tension growing and accumulating in my bones lah. I'm becoming increasingly un-Zen as the days go by. So unhealthy. So bad.

So how to release stress?

Take stupid pichas with the
other member of The Cu•bi•cle lor...

Ha. Ha.

Okay, now I need to go back to trying to sleep.

Peace out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your One-Stop Guide To The 7-Step/7-Finger Lesson To Taking Pictures (Like A True Bimbo)

I planned to write about this last week so technically, that makes this post waaay overdue but... last week I damn busy, okay. No free time to dedicate to bimbo blogging at all. Just know that all pictures were taken last week while the post itself is 'hot off the press'. Enjoy!


Okay, so this whole concept of 7-Step/7-Finger Bimbo Photo-Taking is gonna be totally ridiculous. (Don't say I didn't warn you.) But it's also so ridiculously funny that I decided to post it up. Haha. LEARN, young jedi-ress (what in the world do you call a female jedi?!)... LEARN!

NOTE: Do NOT attempt the steps that follow if you haven't mastered the steps you see first. (Whoa. Confusing.) This means, you should NOT attempt Step 2 if you haven't mastered Step 1, should NOT attempt Step 3 if you haven't mastered Step 2, should NOT attempt Step 4 if you haven't mastered Step 3, etc... You get the idea.

Now, let's let the lesson begin!

STEP 1: The Finger To Cheek Stance. Turn so that the camera gets a 45º angle of your face (that's somewhere between your side profile and your front), point at the cheek facing the camera and pull a face. Suka you lah what kind of face you want, okay? You can act cute, buat bodoh or just smile sweetly. It works for almost any look. It should look somewhat like this.

See? So easy. NEXT!!!

STEP 2: The Lala Mui Victory Sign. Hold up two fingers in a 'V' and position it near your face. Most cameras do not come with wide-angle lenses. Plus, if you were even at half the bimbo level I'm at now (yes, I think I've finally reached that level), you'd know that bimbos never, never, NEVER take pictures that do not focus solely on them. So hold your fingers close to your face so that nobody else may ever steal your limelight cos this simple narcissistic technique eliminates the possibility of them ever getting caught on your camera by accident. Do it like so.

STEP 3: The Half-Past-Six Batman Mask. Hold up one hand in an 'OK' sign with three fingers up. (Suka you which hand you want.) Hold that 'OK' sign close to one eye and shut the other. (Almost like you're peeping through an imaginary keyhole.) Right hand to right eye, left hand to left eye. But choose only ONE hand, and close the eye of the opposite side. The equation goes like so: right hand, over right eye, with right eye open and left eye closed... and vice versa. What you want to do with your mouth is up to you. You should look something like this:

STEP 4: The One-Handed Tabik. Imagine a sea scout or marine officer saluting his leader. That's something like the overall look we're going for here with #4. Mimic the hand gesture, but be sure to tone down the psycho-killer-out-on-sea-for-a-hundred-years look with slightly less rigid fingers and a sweet, shy smile. Sort of like this:

STEP 5: The Make-Up-slash-Skincare Model Pose. This pose requires the typical model look – slightly parted lips with a slight smile and intense eyes with a faraway gaze. Cup your chin with one hand with your fingers a few centimeters away from you face, and tilt your head upwards like you're looking towards the sun going down on the horizon. (Che wah, so descriptive lah me. =p)

I have to admit, I didn't quite pull this look off cos
I was trying so very hard not to laugh my head off.
It's so very typically L'Oréal, wei!!! Haha.

STEP 6: The Imaginary Taikor Tai. This is one of the easiest bimbo looks to achieve. Especially since it comes heavily laced with top-notch, first-class lala attitude. You know? It has that attitude. A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. You know lah. Just hold up your hand in a tight grip and let loose your thumb and pinky. It'll look like the Hawaiian 'Hang Loose' moto. Can't go wrong with that. Next, place your hand next to your ear like you're talking on a mobile phone. Then smile. Tada! So easy.

STEP 5: The Check-Me-Out-I'm-Cool-Senget-Gun Fingers. Remember those days when you used to 'shoot' your neighbour with your imaginary inside-the-finger gun? Well, that memory is gonna come in handy right about now. Hold up your fingers like it's a gun. (I.e. your thumb facing skywards with your forefinger a.k.a pointer finger at a 90º angle to your thumb.) Then, position it so that it the 'V' of the 'gun' follows the line of your chin like so:

See? Who says childish games are useless. It makes you
a better bimbo when you're all grown up, okayyy!

So there you have it! All 7 steps that fully utilise the 7-Finger Lesson. So easy, right? Master all seven of these easy-to-follow photo-posing steps and you'll be on your way to a lifetime of... uh, do we call it bimbohood? Or is it bimbodom? Sorry lah. Cut me some slack can or not? IQ of 40 now, remember?

The photographer fell asleep on the way back to the office.

EDIT at 0936 hours on 26 March 2008: Reading back on what I wrote and looking at the pictures I took, I really think that I've sold my soul to bimbohood bimbodom. (It's final. I've decided it's gonna be DOM and not HOOD. Sounds a lot bigger in scale than HOOD, don't cha think?)

The bimbo gene is slowly taking over lah.

Like, seriously.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Queen of Multiple Posts

Uh... apparently, that's me.


So said Royalshortness in
his post on AIDS and HIV.

Click on image to enlarge
or click here to read post.

*blink blink*

Wait. A. Minute.

(Extra LAAARRRGGGEEE Text + CAPITAL LETTERS + Italic + bold + underline
in ONE word means 'very serious issue being discussed' if you didn't know.)

Couldn't you have talked
about something else instead?


Anyway, that's what RoyalShortness says lah.
And 3POINT8 agrees! AND HAILS ME, TOO!!

Haha. These two really siao liao.

But yes yes, loyal subjects. You do that. Hail ME. And bow to ME. Kiss the ground I walk on or face the wrath of my very royal, online high-nose-ness. Tee hee hee.


But then hor, when I sit down and think about it, this honour given to me can only mean one of three things: -
1) I have no life.
2) I have no friends to listen to me talk that's why I blog as much as I do.
3) I'm addicted to blogging (though personally I think I'm not as addicted as people seem to think I am).

Hmmm. I don't like where this is going.


Psst! It's 8.54pm and I'm home! How awesome is that??? Wheee!



Of All The Rotten Luck

I'm thinking that my Monday was already decidedly off to a bad start from the time I woke up considering I found myself looking into the mirror with YET ANOTHER PIMPLE staring back at me.

One ruby per fortnight with the last one
just before the Nuffnang Pajama Party!?
Cannot liddat lah.


Haiyo. And rotten timing also, wei. I've got meetings with clients all week! Aargh! They're gonna think, "Eeyer, this Copywriter never wash face wan uh." How lah!?

And then, Ah Beng decided to go on EL today, leaving me to fend for the rights of The Cu•bi•cle alone. So un-Zen. What with the non-existence of lala, feng thau music and all things Ah Beng-ish. So tak biasa. Way too quiet also.

Then, this TVC I was working on hadn't enough frames for all I had to say so now... dunno how also. Gotta wait for other people to get back to me or else I've got to squeeze something out of whatever's there. Funny. It's like I was hired to work miracles. -_-

Not enough, Male Ah Lian and I realised UPON PRESENTATION TO SUIT (meaning after brainstorming for hours over a few days, after approval of ideas by creative heads, after preparation of initial visuals and copy, after feedback from creative heads, after making the necessary amendments, and after final approval by creative heads) that we've been working on an inaccurate understanding of an unclear brief!!! AAARRGGHHHH! Frus or not? It's back to the drawing board for us now to prepare for presentation to client TOMORROW. That's in like 9 hours!!! How lah!?

And then, after rushing everything out for all my other clients so that I can focus on what's most urgent for me at this point in time deadline-wise, I went home and then, on the way, MY TAYAR MATI-KOYAK-PANCIT ON THE WAY COS OF A STUPID POTHOLE!!!

Suey or not? I ask you, today I suey or not!?

My only consolation was that I wasn't driving home alone. See, this is why girls should never never ever travel alone at night. Thank goodness I'm smart. And brilliant. And brainy. And brilliant some more. (Yes, I like saying that I'm brilliant. Anyway, cut me some slack lah, okay. I've had a bad day. I have the right to enjoy some extent of narcissism in this post.) Malangnya, I wasn't smart enough to travel with somebody who knows something (anything!) about cars.

Uncle here took half an hour to figure out
how to remove the jack from my boot. -_-

Like pangsai liddat, hor?

Quite fail lor. Thank goodness I'm an AAM member. See, another proof that I'm brilliant. *big big smile* (Okay, fine. My mom's the brilliant one for getting me signed up when I started driving. -_- I give credit when credit's due wan lah.) So, AAM guy came and finished up the job in 5 minutes. No joking, no exaggeration. 5 minutes. FLAT. Uncle cannot fight AAM guy lah. AAM guy wins hands down. But at least Uncle tried, right? It's the effort and the thought that counts. Bravo, Uncle. You did well.

So now, I'm driving around with this:

No rims, no nothing! Just plain botak. So ugly.
Need to get replacement car tire tomorrow.


Tuesday had better be better than this laaaa.
Now, I gotta get to work. Ugh, I hate my life.



Replace car tire that died-ed by. This. Week.
No procrastination allowed. Not this time.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bimbo Strikes Back

I went shopping yesterday. Like, the spontaneous-bimbo-shopping a.k.a buy-before-you-think kind of shopping. And I soooo gave in to the bimboness within by buying PINK STILETTOS!


I know. The colour's so not me, right? But nice?

Nice, right?
(Say 'RIGHT'.)

And they're damn comfy for stilettos lor. No joke. I think I could escape a wild boar in these babies. NOSE not bad lah actually. Summore got 20% discount. Only found out after I paid. Haha. The girl at the counter was pretty sweet about it. Layan me all the way. Summore can giggle and tell me that I made it just in time for the discount. Haha. Funny. But always good to make friends with sales people, right? =)

But let's not talk about her no more.
Cos the purpose of this post is...



I tell you, with this one purchase can say confirm-firm lah. I, Pam Song, am QUEEN of Bimbo and QUEEN of Pink all rolled in one. PINK stilettos, wei. Dun play play. See one more time.



I very many happy cos I very likes cheap thrills.

Every Baby MUST Have An English Name

If I was a big shot in high places who was connected to the right people at the right time, I'd make it compulsory for every child born to have an English name. DIE DIE MUST HAVE! Why? Cos Chinese names like so blardee hard to remember lor!

See this cutie? She was my Baby of the Day and
I really liked her and how well-behaved she was but


Sad case bo?
Quite sad case, right?!


Okay lah, so I cannot remember Chinese names wan. But it's not just me loh. The other teachers at the nursery expressed their difficulty in remembering Chinese names, too! And, unfortunately for Cutie right here, she was introduced to me with her Chinese name. -_- So, in an effort to personalise my relationship with her further and to bring it to the next level when it comes to our Sunday Nanny vs. The Nannied (I doubt there's such a word) relationship, I took it upon me to rename this baby in my books as Baby from this day forth!

Tee hee hee.

See? So easy to take care of kids under the age of 2.
They answer to anything you call them! =p

So parents-to-be, listen up and pay attention to what I'm saying!!! Ms Nanny License here says that if you're not a Grace, an Esther or a Sar (WHOA. Coincidence. I promise!); a Lisa, an Elizabeth or a Pam (ahem!), you're automatically a Baby, okay! You have been forewarned.

On an entirely separate note altogether,
I have a question for you guys.

Should I stay on bimbo mode for good or should I just scrap the thought altogether? Or... should I resort to indecisiveness and bounce back and forth between the two every once in awhile? You tell me.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Heeerreee!!!

It's 8am. And that post title sounds a whole lot cheerier than I feel right now but... IT'S EASTER SUNDAY!!! WHEEE!!!

I'm off to church. Cherio!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Past Tense

I dance. Or rather, I dance-D.


It's just something I used to do. Something I used to enjoy doing. Something I would probably still enjoy doing if I had the time or the chance to. It's something I haven't done in over... a year, maybe? Wow. Has it really been more than a year already? Funny how time flies when you stop counting the days. When you stop caring about things that matter.

Every time I'm at events with dance performances, my hands and feet start twitching. But my body stays still as ever. Because my heart is aching. It aches so badly when I see their smiling faces looking down at me from the stage before me. And even when they slip up, I wish it was me up there slipping up. Messing up. And ruining the show. That's how much I want it to be me.

But that's impossible.

Because slip up or no slip up,
it's not me up there.

It's not me dancing up there.

I've painfully learnt to put my dancing days behind me. But I have to admit... I really miss those days. Days when my muscles ached from 12-hour practices. When two hands with ten fingers couldn't finish counting the bruises I come home with. Times when I underwent physiotherapy for back, knee and ankle injuries thanks to the many falls my body was put through. It sucked then but I loved the way it sucked. Because it only sucked cos the aches, bruises and injuries only meant less dance-hours and less performances. Not because I didn't love the sport. (Yes, dancing is a sport.) And I miss it. I miss it all. Cos it's been so long. It's been too long.

I wonder if I can still remember how my body should move to the music. They say it comes naturally. Like learning to ride a bike. I wonder if I still pick up steps as easily as I used to. I wonder if being able to touch my toes still means that I'll able to perform splits and lifts. -_- I'm not willing to bet on it. I feel like I've aged 10 years in the last 12 months. Ugh.

I've let my hours at work steal so much from me. Time with my friends. Time with my loved ones. Time with my family. Time with the people who matter to me. And time doing things that I want to do. Like watching movies, hanging out, listening to music, shopping, relaxing by myself, reading and... well, dancing.

I want to dance again.

But... how!? Sigh.

Help! My Parents Are Fighting!

Haha. Not.

But people don't believe that, right?

Nope, people don't believe that my parents don't fight.
Cos... "Where got couples dun fight wan?" they ask.


It's pathetic. This entire situation is pathetic.

It's pathetic to not be able to believe that people aren't always at each other's necks and throats all the time. It's pathetic to grow up believing that fighting between spouses and loved ones are natural. That it's a way of life. Like how babies cry when they poop. Well, know this: it's not. It's NOT natural. And it's NOT normal. And it's sad that there are those of us who think that it is.

That doesn't say very much about
the culture we're living in, does it?

It's not that I'm being idealistic, unrealistic or impractical, okay. Heck, I'm living in the same world you're in! And no, I'm not saying that there will never be disagreements. We're human. With peeves and sensitive spots. And that's okay. All I'm saying is that there's no need to fight it out. Talking things out works, too! And sometimes, it's also okay to agree to disagree. That's why couples still have TWO brains. Not one.

And just so you know, it's not that the people who don't argue don't have good comebacks, okay. They just don't WANT to send you a nice comback or lash out at you... just because they love you. I know it sounds totally ridiculous but, humour me and just think about it for a second. Why do you argue? The bottom line is that it's because you want the other person to see your point of view. Because you hope that they'll eventually agree with you. Because you care about how they think about you and you hope that they care about what you're saying. Right? So isn't there some form of love in that? A warped kind of love, I must say, but still... it's love, nevertheless.

But love shouldn't be like that. Why?
Cos love is patient. And love is kind.
(I shall stop there and not go on any further
lest I am made to pay copyright charges.)

And a person who loves another does NOT let his or her emotions get the better of him or her no matter what the situation. But that's tough to do 24/7, right? So I guess that makes my parents' relationship a real tough act to follow. Tough... but not impossible.


POST TRIVIA: I wrote the first half of this post a little over half a year ago. Seriously. Just never ended up finishing or publishing it cos it just 'wasn't the right time'. *rolls eyes* So drama. Anyway, it's been so long that I can't even remember who 'people' is anymore. Haha. Not at all lah. Can't even remember the context. So I guess that kinda means that there's no offending anyone no more, right? So I'll just go ahead and publish it. If it's you or if you think that 'people' could possibly be you, drop me a comment, a line or an email and we'll see if our stories match up. =p

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mind Over Matter

Self-psychosis. Playing pretend. Chronic denial. Selective retention and recall. Positive thinking. It's all supposed to be good for us when we're overwhelmed with 'stuff', right? (In my case, Stuff = Work. -_-) YA! RIGHT! So how? Find a bumper sticker that says what you want to say in ways you wanna say it without you saying it so that it seems like you never said it. Heh.

Hmmm. I think it works!
I feel better already. =)

p/s: This bumper sticker thingy
is so bloody addictive lah!

I Did Soooo Well


I am soooo proud of myself for finishing up whatever I have due tomorrow morning, before the sun even comes up on the said day.

Aih, I'm such a good girl.


Yeah, a good girl who's gonna have great, big, saggy eyebags and super, kaulat dark rings when she wakes up in... uh, 4 hours time.



I'm like M&M's.

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

That's all I wanted to say.
Thank you for your time.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blithering Idiot

Tell me why I keep putting myself out there. Tell me why I just keep putting myself in a position to get hurt over and over and over again. Stupid or what??? Go ahead lah. Tell me! Cos I sure as hell don't know, and it sure seems to me like I'm never ever going to figure it out before I kill myself with my lousy, no-good, self-imposed, sendiri-cari-mari emotional suffering and female angst.


I'm such an idiot!

Never again lah, I tell you. NEVER AGAIN. Next time,
I'm doing it all for ME. I'll be doing everything for ME.


Day out with Mummy officially begins NOW.

At 3:50pm. -_-
I'm such a procrastinator.


Anyway, no time to mourn and groan.
It's day out with Mummy! Wheeee!!!

Super Random Bumper Sticker Of The Day


*laughs hysterically*

Is it really soooo wrong for me to hope that wonder if Big Kitty really did lunge out on Little Kitty and turned him to a gory mesh of pulp and mush in under 2 seconds?

*insert evil laughter here*

Yes, yes. I thrive on all things random.

And on the horrible deaths of little kitties.

*blink blink*

I know. I scare myself sometimes.

Countdown: 1 day



EDIT at 0425 on 20 March 2008: Oh. My. Goodness. HAHA. HAHA. HAHA. I was so obviously half asleep and using half a brain when I wrote that, man. HAHA. Still am, actually. I so need to get my butt off to bed. Or else sure fully zombied by tomorrow. Oh, and those blasted dark rings that always show up? Ugh, forget about it!


Hello, World!

I'm actually nowhere near perky right now. And if I was to be honest with you, I'd tell you that I'm actually this close *holds up left hand (I like my left hand better, remember?) with forefinger 1cmmm away from thumb for added emphasis* to dropping.

But I don't know if I wanna be honest right now.
Hmmm. Tough one. Should I? Should I not?

*thinking thinking*

Fine. I'll give you a peek into my working life.
Just this once. Just cos I know you wanna know.


(Extreme narcissism is a sure sign
of tiredness growing in Pam Song.)

Have been totally SWAMPED with work la. (I'm sure you must have guessed it was so considering my lack of 6-posts-a-day updates.) Sigh. I tell you, if I had a personal masseuse, she'd tell me my back and shoulders were made of concrete lah. -_-

Off the top of my head, I know I have the following work-related stuff to worry about: -
  • 1 DPS
  • 1 SP
  • 1 Trump Card
  • 1 Template
  • 2 TVCs
  • 2 Radio Ads
  • 2 Press
  • 3 Campaigns

And, no surprise, they're ALL due by Friday.



I tell you, the advertising gods must be having a blast kidding me around lah. Cos to add to the stress that list brings, THURSDAY STUPIDLY CHOSE TO BE A HOLIDAY.


How to not be stressed, I ask you?!


Forget about killing me lah.
I'm already half dead.

So, based on my personal, almost-very-professional experience in this arena thanks to my immense love for the arts (blogging is an art – dincha know?), I shall proceed to release the tension in my bones by doing what works best:


AUTHOR'S NOTE: The font colour of the rest of this post shall hereby be pink from this note forth. (RoyalShortness seems to think it's the 'right' thing to do. *rolls eyes* And yes, there are strict rules to bimbo blogging. It's primarily because a bimbo's world spins somewhat differently – if you didn't know. But then, I've digressed. Shall stop keluar topik-ing right now.)

How? Easy.


You've met Ah-Beng Ben, now it's time for you to meet... TADA! Forever-in-the-middle man (literally, wei), Male-Ah-Lian Joel.

I look like I have two heads growing out of my body. Yuck. Angle so off lah. How come the picha look like this wan??? And Ah-Beng Ben looks like he's ready to pound my W810i to dust. -_- Potong only, see that face. Smile a bit can or not? Ish.


Trial and error in photo-taking and photo-posing is the essence of camwhoring. It's the soul and spirit that, when you really think about it, becomes the core nature of the whole camwhoring deal. The fundamental principles to the art itself. (Che-wah!)

Sometimes, you get everybody looking sizzling hot
in one pic. And sometimes... you just don't. -_-


Let's... uh, just... uh, move on and... uh,
not... uh, talk about this... uh, picture.

*shows teeth*

So what must we all remember
when attempting to bimbo blog?

Always blog in PINK. It's the bimbo-est-test colour on the palette.

And what must we all remember
when attempting to camwhore?

Just keep snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping and snapping (you get the idea, don't you?) till you finally get a pic you like. (Gigantor memory cards may come in handy at this stage.)

Anyway, I was tired, wasn't I? And it's 18 past 3 in the morning now. Ugh. Tired can die. Goodnight, World. See ya tomorrow.

*passes out*

p/s: Pink text really makes me gag, cough and splutter lah. *GAG COUGH SPLUTTER* And like very difficult to read liddat. (NO, IT'S NOT PSYCHOLOGICAL.) And so jelak! Bimboitis overdose, wei. -_- Plus, it like, totally sissified my entire post and ruined my rocker image lah, okay. Like, totally. *flicks hair*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trial #6: Mamamia!!!

The next three days are gonna be da bomb.
(Should it be 'bombs' instead since it's three days and not one? o_O)


'Cos muh mama's comin' to town, yo!

We so need new pichas. This was taken mid-2007.


Oh, and if you haven't noticed,
bimbo's back in style. =p

Countdown: 2 days