Saturday, July 09, 2016

And Now We're 5

Not literally though. Relax. Not ready for THAT ship to sail yet. Am still paying instalment on the last two "ships" we "bought". LOL. #funnybutnotfunny

I actually spent the day doing exactly what I would have done on any other regular Saturday – doing nothing worth remembering in the greater scheme of things, and yet physically, mentally and emotionally feeling like I've just spent the day doing more than I can remember.

Having two kids and a looong holiday is no joke, man. I'm just knackered day in and day out. Doesn't help that the kids picked up some kind of virus a week back so it's been nightly fevers + running noses + thickening mucous + phlegmy coughs + midnight tantrums + fussy fellas... OMG I CANNOT TAKE IT!!! -__-'''''

So anyhew... just 5 years down the road
and The Husband and I already be like:

"Can postpone celebration ah?"

Seriously. Cos... Romance?
What's that after kids, right? Haha.

Truth be told, we're all down with the kids' mutated virus that just refuses to die. That and, more relevantly, babysitters are nowhere to be found within 350km radius of us and our two kiddos so... bye-bye anniversary celebrations. See you in October. Maybe. (Yeah, no kidding when I say it's a looong postponement. -_-')

Anyhoo, I thought we could make this year a little more special since it's our 5th (read: wooden) anniversary and all but I guess... it wasn't gonna be a magical-wood-found-deep-within-the-Enchanted-Forest kind of celebration for us. More like dead-wood-found-floating-on-the-Dead-Sea, as it turns out. LOL.

I'll update come October. IF October happens, that is. (I deeply suspect it's never gonna. T_T) In the mean time, The Husband says this *points below* is his anniversary gift to me this year.

Guess it's better than unwrapping
a vacuum cleaner anniversary gift, right? =p

Yep, Imma count my blessings.


Happy 5th Anniversary, Honey.

Pandan Sponge Cake from House, BSC.

I'm thankful it's you I share
moist Pandan Sponge Cakes with.
Today, tomorrow and always.

Pam Song