Monday, May 31, 2010

Red Spoons!

Yesterday night's dinner. KFC chicken fillets – YUMS!

SOOO much cooler than the boring white ones
we get in Malaysia, duncha think? Me likey! =D

Catching Fire In The Skies

At the end of my evening walk by the river,
I was rewarded by a dose of artistic talent
no man can ever claim to possess.



And just 2 minutes later...



Isn't my God such an artist?? =D

And if He could put such beauty in passing clouds and sun-kissed skies that so very quickly disappear after sundown, how much more effort do you think He put into creating you and me? Ahh, it's picturesque views like these that remind me that I'm not just some random fluke of nature that evolved from monkeys. =)

Riverside Views

It's early Winter where I'm at. That means the sun goes down real early, causing the skies to turn dark and disappear before their time is up. But the trade-off is that photography's real rewarding. =)

Captured the following pictures
on my walk yesterday evening.


Sunlight peeking through the trees. Ori lens flare, yo! =p

First thing I noticed as soon as I stepped
onto the grass – crispy autumn leaves! =)

Gorgeous view of a house by the river.

Passed a lonely pier as the sun started going down.

Boats upon boats, cast in golden light.

Notice that short little black dot a little off-center at the bottom left? That's the silhouette of a little girl running toward the two adults on the bottom right. I thought it was a pretty sight to behold on a Sunday evening. =)

You know, it's been awhile since my eyes have been rewarded with such sights. In KL, this would be but a picture in a frame behind glass, on a wall. But here, it's real life! I mean, it's... REAL.

On any regular evening, KL offers me little more than smog and a sea of red lights on traffic-filled highways. But my single hour outdoors yesterday evening opened my eyes to so much natural wonder I couldn't stop going 'wow'. Rainbow-coloured skies, low-flying gulls (I still hate birds) and golden sunlight – wow.

You know, I wouldn't mind going for
more walks if it meant seeing more of this.

p/s: I love my next batch of pictures. Come back in an hour for that if you're interested. =)

Ahh, This Is The Life...

No, I didn't use a tripod and syok sendiri pose for this picture.

The life of an unemployed 25-year-old, that is. =)

p/s: Looks relaxing but I'll have you know that it's not all chill-and-no-work for this girl. I'm still freelancing for MCKL and I've gotta wash, cook and clean to earn my keep where I'm at. Tough life but it's not all bad. =)

Curiosity Killed The Cat

But if you wanna, you can go ahead and guess where I am.

This tree is pretty well-known on the continent I'm on. =)

Looked up and took that picture while standing in a parking lot yesterday evening before starting on my walk by the river. The sun was kissing the top of the tree so lighting rocked socks at the time.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


So I guess I owe you guys an update
to make up for my MIA-ness this past week.

Whoa, hang on there. @_@ Has it really been 7 whole days since I last blogged!? Haha. Amazing how time flies, innit? Didn't quite notice it cos my days have just been a mess of busy days and sleepless nights. I don't really know how to begin so I guess I'll keep it short and sweet with a list. Those things usually do the job real quick with the least amount of explaining needed. =)

Ok. Here goes...

1. 3 months ago, I quit my job. Yes, it may come as a surprise to many but I finally said 'goodbye' to the agency that was once my first home. The same one that's been robbing me of much of my social life this past 3+ years I've been there. (But then again, that could just be me masochistically enjoying the self-prescribed torture I put myself through.)

2. 2 months ago, I stopped paying rental for my room in Damansara Perdana. (You'll get why later.) Thought it best to use my 2-month deposit for my final 2 months rather than continue paying rental and then waiting to get my deposit back. It made more sense to me that way and I'm thankful The Owner agreed to the plan.

Housemate meeting. And yes, we pray together before meals.

3. 1 month ago, I started feeling the pain of leaving. I can't say for sure but maybe SuperM! helped me realise how real 'goodbye' was about to get. So, I started to make sure I wouldn't leave without accumulating enough memories to last till we meet again. I made girly day out plans with Duh Roads. I also went up to Genting for a day with her and Lamé, just to spend time, be silly, take pictures and make memories together.

HAHA. This picture is EPIC. =p

4. 20 days ago, the countdown began for The Senior Writer and I. (By some miracle, her last day happened to fall on the same day as mine.) We took a picture together at the 2-week point and then more every other day we met at work till we reached our last day at MCKL. Even going to the extent of taking a GoogleTalk webcam screenshot when she was out of the office and at an Offline! Haha. Who'd have thought she had it in her! =) More pictures on that later...

The Senior Writer and I, 2 weeks before The End.

5. 10 days ago, I attended my first farewell lunch. The Senior Writer and I happened to work on the same team. So, since we were to leave on the same day (I swear it wasn't planned!) a joint-farewell was planned for us at Delicious, Bangsar. Surprise surprise, she and I even ended up ordering the same dish. =p Haha. Salmon Angel Hair Pasta – YUMS!

6. Later that night – still 10 days ago – I attended the 'Ass' Survivor Reunion. (More fondly known as the SSR to those of us who are in the know. =p) Had a wonderful time catching up with survivors – past and present – over roasted chicken wings and hot steamboat on a drizzly evening.

Look, guys! Ah Beng (dude on far left) and
The Male Ah Lian (dude on far right) were present, too! =)

7. 9 days ago, I cleared out my workspace. Should have figured that I would be working till 10PM right up till my last day. *rolls eyes* How silly of me to think that I'd have an early night off for a proper farewell. Ended up packing up all my stuff in under an hour then rushing off to meet the rest of the crew. You know, it's amazing how 3+ years fit so snugly into a single trolley bag. *shrug* Said my goodbyes to the wonderful people I spent most of my waking hours with, hugged the coffee machine (pictures later) and tagged out of MCKL for the very last time.

8. After packing – still 9 days ago – I sped off to meet the MCKL crew at Sid's for a final farewell. Everybody else had already arrived, including The Senior Writer who, by some miracle, had a pretty chilled out last week at work. Unlike unfortunate ol' me who had it brutal. -_-''' Duh Roads and I were pretty much all zapped out of energy by the time we were done with our Sandwiches and Bangers & Mash. So we stoned the rest of the time till we went home.

We never took a group picture so just know that this isn't all of us.
And if you think I've mastered the art of alcohol consumption,

do not be fooled by those beer glasses. Come back for the full story.

9. 7 days ago, I cleared out my room and packed my bags. It was terribly last minute (no thanks to the superbly crazy final-week schedule MCKL gifted me as my farewell present *rolls eyes*) so I'll have you know that I couldn't have done it without the help of my SuperMom™ and my Fairy Godmother (and friend). Thanks, guys!

10. 6 days ago, I left KL/Selangor – my home for the past 8.5 years. Put everything I owned (minus my furniture and electrical fittings – which reminds me... I WANT MY RICE COOKER BACK, THANK YOU!) into a van and Baby (my trusty Proton Satria) and made my way up North. I even left Little One behind so The Owner and The Housemate will have something to remember me by. =)

As you can see, she's grown considerably. =)
Here's how she looked like before ---> *click*

11. Made it safely back to Penang – still 6 days ago – and started unpacking. I remember sitting on my bed, late at night, just feeling so overwhelmed by everything that had happened in the last 7 days. How things are so different now. And how they'll never go back to being anywhere close to as comfortable as the way they were before.

12. 5 days ago, I was rushing around Penang Island like a headless chicken. I had so much to catch up on. So much to do in so little time – facial, routine dental appointment, visiting the new workspace, eye appointment, visiting friends, family and a 12-day-old newborn, a second eye appointment, time with the family – phew! At points, I just felt like giving up.

13. Made it home after running my errands – still 5 days ago – and started packing. Again. But how does one pack for a 3-month trip abroad? Didn't have the answer to that so I settled with 2 hand-carry-sized luggage bags that housed 2 jackets, 1 pair of gloves, 12 tops, 1 t-shirt, 4 pairs of jeans, 2 track pants, 2 sleeping pants, 4 pashminas, lotsa underwear, 2 tights, 3 pairs of socks, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of flats, 1 pair of slippers and toiletries to last 3 months. I rock. End of story.

14. 4 days ago, I said 'goodbye' to family and left Malaysia. 10 hours, 2 flights and 1 boring transit later, I found myself making it past immigration, catching sight of a familiar face in the crowds, walking through the gates of the airport, and straight into the cool breeze of a Winter night. Before the night ended, I sighted another familiar face and entered an unfamiliar white BMW that drove me to where I'd call home for the next 3 months away from home.

15. 3 days ago, I awoke in an unfamiliar bed to unfamiliar sights and sounds outside my window. The sound of traffic, the crowing of terrible-sounding ravens, noon light when it was just minutes past 10 in the morning. Guess it'll take some time but I'm sure I'll get used to how things are where I am.


The journey's just begun and so far,
it's been nothing short of surreal.
But hey... at least I'm loving it. =)

You'll be hearing more from me.

Pam Song

Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Limbo

The past few days have gone by in a daze. The next few days will only go by at a swifter pace. And there's a high possibly things could only get hazier before the skies clear. I'll update on the status of things once I get myself settled – inside and out. Till then, be patient with me alright? Thankyews yew.

Just Wondering...

What's a woman's most important facial feature?
(A) Her eyes
(B) Her nose
(C) Her lips
(D) Her skin

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The "Ass" Survivor Reunion (SSR)

Gotta run off to make the most of my weekend (my schedule is crazy packed for the next 1 week!) so, I'll make this short and sweet. =)


20 May 2010 (Thursday)

Pulau Ketam Steamboat, Kepong

The Survivors

Hot steamboat on a rainy night.

Finger-licking roasted chicken wings.

And great company
that's been through it all together.

Guys, all 9 of us (minus the FFK-er) know it's no joke when we say, "We've been through it all." And the best part is... WE SURVIVED!!! =D

Friday, May 21, 2010

Still Doing It

I don't think I could continue doing what I do
if I didn't still love doing what I do.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crazy, Insane-y Day

I'm so tired it's not funny.
Find it hard to feel cheery.
Why? Cos today's just been crazy.

Legs feel like jelly.
So stress, face grow acne.
Comfort food make me have belly.

Do tonight's work, get pissy.
Think about tomorrow, get dizzy.
Haih, make money, really not easy.

You know, my last few firing neurons tell me I'm going to regret publishing this come tomorrow. But whatthehew. This is all The Brain can muster at this hour with the amount of sleep I'm running on. -_-'

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Can't Wait...

1. For the 'Ass' Survivor Reunion (SSR) this Thursday.

2. To be at the airport at 2.40PM this Saturday.

3. To be blown away by West Side Story, The Original Broadway Musical on their 50th Anniversary World Tour. How can I not be with a 70-member cast and crew bringing me riveting choreography and an iconic score, right? So, yes. Blown. Away.

4. To have An Evening with Lea Salonga – Broadway's sweetheart and Disney's darling. This woman was the first Asian to play Eponine in the musical Les Misérables on Broadway! She was also in Miss Saigon and other stuff I can't remember right now but that's not important cos she's still great. Oh, and she's also renowned for being the singing voices of Princess Jasmine (Aladdin) and Fa Mulan (Mulan).

5. To meet a week-old baby girl and carry in my arms. I apologise in advance, dear parents, but I'm so going to OD on baby smell and stock up as much as my lungs can take in. Haha.

6. For the 27th of May to arrive.

7. For this week to end.

8. Darn it, I just saw the time and I'm late for work.

9. Gotta run.

10. Bye bye.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy News #2

Upon first introduction, I it seemed to me like The Couple had already been together for years. Cos that's what I saw – a loving couple in a stable relationship that could only be heading for a committed future.

But an innocent question from me when I hitched a car ride home with The Couple later that night, had me discovering that they had, in actual fact, only just begun dating a year or so ago. (Or was it slightly over a year? I no longer remember.) Funny. Cos it sure didn't look that way. And I'm pretty good with these things.

So, yeah. From the beginning, I always thought they made a cute couple (those two have really got the fu chai siong thing goin' on). I liked watching the two of them interact. Clearly loving but never geli-fying with the mush. Smart in differing ways though never to contrast; only to compliment. It was pretty obvious to me that they had what I can only refer to as 'good relationship dynamics'.

Well, today, I was let in
on some happy news:


But not today. And not last week either. A few weeks ago, actually! But no matter the timeline, she said 'Yes', the parents are in on it, and the wedding's set for end-July/early-August 2011. The stone's rollin' for these two, peeps! No time for moss, no time for sloth. Only hard work to party big. =)

Oh, and since we're on the topic of stones, I heard that though kneeling was scarce, there was a rock involved. GOOD JOB, The Couple's XY! I knew our talk over Kepong steamboat would be a meaningful, memorable, life-changing one. =D But 'sokay. No rush to thank me. You can just include your credits to me in your speech, ya?


Gah, I can't believe they're engaged but...
Yaaayyyy!!! THEY'RE ENGAGED!!! =D

Congrats, guys!

One Sneak Peak At S03E03

...and I think I just re-addicted myself to Gossip Girl.

Uh oh.

*blink blink*

Ah, but what the hew, it's not like
I've got anything to worry about.

At least not in a few days. =p

Because you see, dear friends, unlike yourselves with petty things like jobs *cough cough* to worry about... *flips hair* ...for the next few months, I'm going to have all the time in the world to rot with ditsy blonds, bitchy brunettes, charming millionaires and handsome paupers prancing about the screen of my Macbook Pro.

Ahhh, bliss.

Upper East Side, gimmie a week
and I'll be on my way to you. =D

Happy News #1

First thing Sunday morning.

SFX: Beep beep! Beep beep! (Okay, not really cos I use a Samsung bu
t you know what I mean.)

Cauliboo: Paammmm, I've got news for u...........

Pam Song: Pregnant??? (Yes, it's always on my mind.)

Cauliboo: Hahahahaaaaaaaa (Ish ish. Main suspen pula perempuan ni.)

Pam Song: *heart begins to race* Wat? Yes? No? Maybe?

Cauliboo: So excited aaa... Hehe yessssssss!!!!

So, yes. My babe is preggers!


=D I mean, wow. @_@
But yaaayyyy, too!! Haha.

Ahh, this is news I've waited a long time to hear.
And though her baby won't be the widdle Rabbit she so longed for, I'm sure a little Tiger would do more than fine. =) Been waiting on her to be the first of my group of close friends to sport a baby bump (expected her to be first anyways cos the rest of us still check that 'Single' box while filling forms -_-), and as always, Cauliboo never lets me down. =)


Congrats, to you and the hubs, babe!

Like I said, I'm so happy and excited for you. The weeks are so going to fly by and very soon, your 7 weeks are going to turn into 13 weeks, then 26, then 40, then before you know it, you'll be holding Mini You (or Mini Hubs) in your hands! January is going to be a good month. =)

Take lotsa pictures and be sure to send some my way. Don't forget the classic with your table tummy in action! =D And don't you dare let me hear you complain about not fitting into your Levi's like you did when we were in college. Rarr. Whatever happens, don't forget the 2-to-1 exchange you promised to make me next CNY. It is ON! =p

Pam Song

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Genting, 15 May 2010: My Girls And I – Access Granted!

Duh Roads, Lamé and I with our tickets in.

As you can't really see cos that picture is pathetically shaky, we had to cough up RM59 for an All-Day Pass each though. Peak Period price. Why? Cos in Genting, every Saturday is Peak Period. *rolls eyes* What nonsense. But it's okay lah. Once in awhile. Not like Genting gets much of our mine and Sze Mei's my business anyways. (Explain later.)

Wrist bands in exchange for the tickets.

More stories when I've the time, ok?
Gotta run. It's gonna be a busy Sunday.

When You're On The Wrong Side Of 25...

...1-day road-trips become too tiring to manage.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My I-Want-A-Baby Rep

Decided to shower my dying Twitter account some attention today and ended up having this tweet from lomantik catch my eye:


This ex-cell leader of mine obviously only remembers me for my love of Aston Martins... (I like this one! But he blogged about Astons he saw along the streets for me on two accounts – *click* and *click*) ...and my craze for babies. In fact...

The last time he wrote me a tweet was after he watched Juno – a comedy-drama about a teenage mom going through with an unplanned pregnancy. Wth. -_-'''

But whatever.

Babies are awessum.
So nice, I like.

In fact, I was in silent celebration at the birth of a little baby girl all day today. I'll bet she was a beautiful newborn. All 3.55kg of her that's fair with lots of hair. Can't wait to see her in person when I head back up North. Haha. Soon, soon... But never soon enough when it comes to these things, really. =p

Damn, all this baby talk's making me
want one of those little people, too!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Friday Down, Another Week Over

Boy, have they begun to fly these days. Not that I'm complaining, of course. Haha. Anyways, I'm off, people! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

p/s: Pictures from my camwhore session with the girls later. =)

From Alcatraz Prison To Tinki Talks

Was going through my Nuffnang Referrer List (cos my other pages were taking years to load) when I stumbled upon a referrer that I'd never seen before. (And never expected to ever see in my humble Referrer List, to be honest.)

Waitaminute. A Mac forum!?
Directing traffic to my blog!?

Sure bo???

But yeah, apparently it is so. Lookie.

Click here to view from site.

Gosh! He linked that post!?

The dude's a 'Senior Member', for goodness sakes. He must know more about Macs and Mac apps than I do! Ok, ok. Background info: A long, long time ago, I wrote a post about Fan Control 2.1 for Mac cos I liked the way the app worked. Back to present day: So, to discover today that some guy at Alcatraz Prison, USA linked that said post in a Mac forum is... pretty surreal. =)

Don't see the link? Here it is!

Click here to view from site.

I'm more than surprised to be linked by someone from the US of A, really. Especially since my post was peppered with a good dose of Manglish throughout. HAHA. Poor fella receiving the advice must be so confused with the language – familiar but incomprehensible. =p

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'll Stick To Australia, Thank You

Cos, take my word for it,
Szechuan beef jerky from Guan Lin
really cannot make it.

That was my expression after one bite. Haha.

The beef jerky I got from Beef Jerky looked and tasted really weird. It was slimy, fully covered in sesame seeds, very black and very spicy. And the smell was so pungent! I tell you sure can faint wan. *faints* Seriously, if you think that Australian beef jerky has a strong smell, you ain't gotten a whiff of this one yet.

Me taking a sniff before the bite of death.

Think I'll stick to the ang moh imports
when it comes to beef jerky from now on. =p

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You're Only Worth The Respect You Give Others

I have no respect for people who have no respect for others' race, religion, nationality, culture, gender, belief and age. And to stand back, do nothing and play witness to such poisonous personality and disrespectful character in someone of lesser age is even more despicable.

Because of that, I'm taking a said someone I believe has changed for the worse (he has become the personification that lack of respect I speak of), off my RSS list.

One less read ain't gonna kill me, but one more read like the last will only serve to poison my mind and ruin my already deteriorating perception of Homo sapiens (Latin for "wise man" or "knowing man").

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gifts From Guan Lin


Beef Jerky thought of me while she was abroad!

And she even bought me
Szechuan beef jerky! Hahaha.

Dunno how this one tastes yet. (I was told that it's flavoured but I wouldn't know without tasting cos I dun read Chinese.) But I do know that I love Australian beef jerky. Mmm mmm! I hate that it stinks but it's crazy yummy. Haha.

New Hair, DIY Styling

Monday, 10 May 2010.

So? Whaddaya think?

Jump ship and stick with the new Peekaboo Director with 18 years of experience who has a thing for the messy look (which I don't really like)? Or go back to my usual guy who gives a pretty good cut but makes mistakes like cutting my hair one side long, one side short?

Trial Haircut At Peekaboo, The Curve

What I never told you and you guys didn't know was that my last two cuts with my regular guy were fiascos. Seriously, it was so bad cos I had to go back again and again to rework the cuts cos the right side and the left side tak balance and tak sama panjang at all. -_-'''

But sitting back with bad hair and complaining
without doing anything about it gets nothing done.

So off I went in search of other hairstylists.

Got a few recommendations from friends to pay Cutler and Guys a visit but finally decided to go with Peekaboo instead. Just cos The Curve is closer to where I live. Haha. Plus, I did my research on their Director (his name is Seth, btw) and I read that he has 18 years of experience. Sounded credible enough, I guess. So... I placed a call, made and appointment and got my new cut last Sunday afternoon.

This was what I came home with:

I've got a feeling he likes the messy look.

But paying RM75 for mess? Hmmm. Should have shown him my own DIY messy look to get a discount earn some brownie points.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Organised Mess

Have been itching to buy myself an IKEA organiser for the pashminas / scarves / shawls I have accumulated for the longest time now but somehow always told myself not to spend the RM20-something every time I went. Till last Saturday. =D

Only 3 lubang free... for now.

And that's not all of it!
A few are still in the wash.

You know, I never realised I had this many pashminas / shawls / scarves till this bulat-bulat organiser thingamajig came into my life. Guess when they're all ironed out and stacked up, they seem a lot less in number than they really are. Haha. But hanging up – WHOA!

But this is good.
Order in the chaos is always good.

Now I know exactly what I have so picking one out to match whatever I'm wearing every morning is bound to be so much easier. No regrets lah. Good buy, Pam Song! Good buy! =)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Celebrating Grandma's Sister – The Last Of Her Generation

Last night, I went for a birthday dinner that had me meeting family I never even knew I had. Haha. It was held in celebration of my Ah Ma's sister's dunno-number-what-th (why didn't I ask?? -_-''') birthday.

Just like my late grandma, she is a woman
blessed with many who love and care for her.

My Ah Ma's last birthday was a huge celebration, too. And just like how her brothers, sisters and distant relatives came from far and wide to attend my Ah Ma's birthday, my Ah Ma's children – Dee, my Singaporean aunt and my uncle – made sure they were all there last night to celebrate this joyous occasion with them.

My uncle – Dee's older bro. I see he practices
the you-don't-drink-wine-you-sip-wine method.

Uncle Cheong (half-faced), my Singaporean aunt
and her husband (I call him Ah Teow), and Dee.

Here's a better picture of them, minus my dad.

Uncle Cheong, Ah Teow and my aunt from Singapore.

That Uncle Cheong has FOUR darling daughters.
Dun mess. Askar perempuan kau kau!

Yours Truly with the Cheong sisters.

I met 2 of the 4 during Ah Ma's birthday – the oldest (final year advertising student – WOO HOO!) and the youngest (Form 5, SPM). Met the middle 2 for the first time last night (lawyer-to-be and... urm... and... urm, ok change topic). I can only conclude that I like them all. HAHA. They seem pretty similar anyways. All talk same style wan. =p

I don't really remember the rest *shame-faced*
cos we didn't get to talk much. But here's
the lot that made up my generation – 3rd gen.

3rd generation.

Our parents, uncles and aunties.

2nd generation.

And the birthday girl herself.

1st generation.

Someone else took the full group picture
so, till that comes in... that's all, folks!

p/s: Food at Dragon Something-Something Restaurant in Summit is surprisingly good! Especially the sharks fin soup. I had THREE bowls to myself. Haha. Having said that, Tinki Talks does not support the killing of sharks. Thank you.

Messed Up

Hair, I mean.

Tuesday night, May 4th, 2010.

Cos really, things have been pretty peachy today. =)
Story you guys another time at a godlier hour, ok?

Anyhoo, about that picture... It was late, I was tired, I was still at work, and damn, my hair was embarrassingly messy. -_-''' Thank goodness very few colleagues were around to play witness to my Medusa-like state. Haha. Small blessing but a blessing nonetheless, I guess. But no point also lah they not there. I'm blogging it anyways.

And that double layer, white and grey top I'm in, I bought in Singapore last weekend. Haha. It's a two-piece I put together. Very affordable. The outer layer was only 20 SGD for 2 (I bought 1 in black and 1 in white – snore), and the inner spaghetti strap was not that far off as well, I believe. Can't remember already. Could be age, could be the ungodly hour. I'm going with the latter. Don't argue. I bite.

Ok, that's it. I'm done. Nights, peeps. If you're up, go to bed. Braincells start dying after 1AM. Or something like that. I'm not sure. Am just sayin'. Could be right, could be wrong. Who cares? Bottom line? It's just bad. I should stop talking. Ok. Bye.