Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If you thought that I was fehmes cos of that little feature interview with Live & Inspire, this ex-colleague of mine lagi fehmes. =p

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present you former McCann Erickson Art Director, highflying brand and design consultant, photography enthusiast turned CIMB model...



This wan lah considered fehmesss. Little kuchi fart like me cannot fight at all. So, let's just not compare the junior leagues to those who have gone pro, okay?


Kudos to The Male Ah Lian for stumbling upon this multi-million-dollar ad and putting out a request for me to "spread the lurve." =p I did.

Pam Song, Malaysian Blogger ---> FEATURED!

I've been putting off so many posts of late that I've somehow lost track of what I have yet to blog about and what I don't. Sigh. How ah? So fail. How to catch up now!? I can't even remember what I ordered for lunch! How to remember events and jokes and conversations and names and faces!?! Kantoi eh di lah this time.

Anyhew, while I still remember this one,
(and while it's still pretty hot off cyber-press)
I might as well... CHECK. THIS. OUT, GUYS!

Screen captured on Thursday, 25 September 2008.
Click here to view this screen cap from source.

Yours truly was *ahem* featured *ahem* on Live & Inspire – a newly launched online magazine – about a week ago. See!

Screen captured on Thursday, 25 September 2008.
Click here to read my interview from source.

I can't for the life of me remember the exact date this thing went up already but it's about a week ago. I think. Whatever the case, IF you're interested, go read what I had to say on the page itself lah, alrights. I'd like to think that I was somewhere close to being funny when it came to my answers. Haha. ANYHEW, shan't let all the kitties out of the bag right here. Go, go, go!

to jump to my interview
on Live & Inspire!

*blink blink*

Wait a minute. You know what? I just noticed that this post is, like, super the self-promo lorrr. Eee. Meluat only. How you all tahan me, man??? I also beh tahan myself. Narcissism kills!




Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Pagi Malaysia

Screen captured this early this morning but didn't end up blogging it cos I got too caught up with the bird-filled conversation I shared with Ah Beng. Tee hee. Oh well, no better time than now to start catching up on grossly delayed posts, right? =p

He was fine when I left him yesterday. I promise. Something went wrong overnight. And I had NOTHING to do with it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I refuse to be implicated or accused for his temporary break-of-dawn insanity. His fault. Not mine. Dia yang salah makan ubat.

Bird Talk

It's Monday. I know I should be groaning but... I had the best early-morning, talk-nonsense-all-the-way SMS conversation so...

(Plus, you can't really go wrong
with a 2-day work-week. *grin*)

Ah Beng: Wakey wakey :)

Pam Song: Haha. Just leaving the house, blue bird!

Ah Beng: Fly oh yellow canary. Tweet tweet.

Pam Song: I am, I am. Like an eagle. Swoop swoop. Roger. How's Hawk1 today? Over.

Ah Beng: Roger that Yellow Canary. Hawk1 is waiting directives and ready to roll. Over over.

Pam Song: Come in, Hawk1. Come in. Lunch at 12:45. I repeat, lunch at 12:45. Prepare to fire on my command. Over.

Ah Beng: Lunch not certain. Over. Will analyze incoming data and will recoordinate. Over.

Pam Song: Hawk1, that was a direct disobey of orders. If you do not change your lunch status in 10 seconds, we will have to take you down. I repeat, we will have to take you down. 10. 9. 8.

Ah Beng: Hawk1 to Command Center. Yellow Canary has been infiltrated. I repeat. Yellow Canary has been infiltrated. SOS SOS Mamma mia! Over.

Pam Song: Hawk1, you are no longer in contact with Command Center. All communication has been ceased. Yellow canary is still waiting for a change of lunch status. You have 7 seconds. 7. 6. 5.

I'm waiting to see where this conversation will go.
Lunch Vs. Termination of Hawk1 by Yellow Canary.


UPDATE at 12:41 NOON on 29 September 2008:

Ah Beng: Line has been tapped. Security breach. Hawk1 has rendezvous with Yellow Canary at 1230 hours. Over.

Pam Song: Roger that. Command Center, Hawk1 has returned to home base. All arms down.

Tee hee hee. Tweet tweet.
Yellow Canary always gets her way.
Hawk1 incoming. Over and out.

Bye Bye! Bye Bye!

ATTENTION: Please note that Accountant Girl is now officially known as Banana Girl on Tinki Talks. And no, I'm not being mean. She actually REQUESTED to be called Banana Girl instead of Accountant Girl, can you believe that???

*rolls eyes*

I really don't know what goes on in that 123-add-subtract-multiply-divide brain of hers lor. Accountants are weird, I tell you. Anyhew, this new, revised nickname shall remain from this day onwards, till officially stated otherwise. Thank you for your kind attention.

Don't leave. Read my post.


Okay okay, hear me out before you
think me crazy for having that odd title.

Went for a walk-in facial at New York Skin Solutions, The Curve today with Accountant Girl. @_@ UH, I MEAN BANANA GIRL! (I'msorryplease
forgivemeathousandapologiesIhumblybegforyourforgivenessOHolyBanana.) The deal was that it cost only RM48 for the first trial. Not too bad lah, considering they've got some pretty good derma-tech backing and all that. (I know cos I've tried it before once when I was in Penang a couple of years back. So technically, this isn't really my first trial. But they've dumped my file so I just went under the pretense that it is. *grin*)

Too bad the facial sucked.
Like, big time. Sigh.

I ended up with the worst consultant ever. EVER! I've never felt anybody treat my face this way before. It was like she was sandpapering my epidermis away, at 100 miles an hour! So totally WTH, right??? ROAR! I was tensed throughout. And now I've got a backache and stiff shoulders. -_- After a SUPPOSEDLY pampering facial. My goodness. What nonsense, right???

Fortunately, the facial ended up being FREE.

Tee hee.
(I know you hate me now but
I don't care. I got a FREE facial.)

Kinda sorta, at least. Haha. Lemmie explain.

During my post-facial consultation (it was a 1-hour facial and I came out a full 15 minutes before Banana Girl, no thanks to the consultant who scrubbed my face at high speed -_-), they asked if I wanted to sign for their First Trial Package. Pfft. Berthousand-thousand Ringgit, okayyy. Siao. Hear also mouth dry, hand sweat, leg shake.


10X Something-something Hydrating Facial
+ Shoulder Massage with Dunno What Oil

+ Something-something Face Mask
+ 10X FREE Eye Treatment (with any Visa or Mastercard)
+ 20% Off Total Package Price (only valid if Package is signed upon post-facial consultation after completing FIRST trial)


* HSBC Credit Cards offer its holders a 12-month, interest-free installment plan.

NORMAL PRICE: More than RM6000.00 for 10 visits (Can't remember exact amount at the mo.)


Forget it. No way I'm parting with that kind of money for a little bit of good better skin. So not worth it. I'll deal with a little bit of dehydration and congestion and live with it if I have to. (If you're judging me, this last bit's for you: "Eh! Money hard to come by, okayyy! You think what?! My father print money wan ah?? ROAR!")

I digress. My apologies.

So there I was sitting down, sipping boilling water – I think it was their not-so-subtle way of telling me, "HAH! Don't want sign issit?? Burn your tongue until you cannot talk. Hmmph!" – after successfully telling the lady that I wasn't interested in anything she had to offer me, when Banana Girl walks in with her consultant. The consultant goes through everything I heard before with her and as it was with me, it was "No Deal."

Defeated, the consultant left to bring us our FREE product packs.
(This was quite a nice surprise. We weren't expecting any freebies.)

Quite a nice size. Very travel pack-ish. =)

Cleanser. Toner. Moisturiser. And yes, I did
my nails again. Will blog that tomorrow.

After which, she opened the doors and said, "Bye bye! Bye bye! Thank yew for coming ah. Call me if you want sign the package just now I tell you wan. But we finish work 8pm so dun so late ah." (She's quite Cina wan.) Then, her colleagues – the other consultants – joined her, "Bye bye! Hope you enjoy! Come again. Bye bye!"(They're all quite Cina, actually.)

So, we walked out of the shop, FREE product pack in hand, after returning their bye-byes. Doing no more than walk while sharing horror facial stories and complaining about the during-facial service we just received. And then the impossible happened. Banana Girl turned to me and asked:

Banana Girl: Eh, wait! You pay them already ah?

Pam Song: *blink blink* *eyes wide open* *stutter* "NNN-NN-NO! I NEVER! DID YOU???"

Banana Girl: NO! I thought you pay for me already that's why they never ask me pay!!

Pam Song: Why would I pay for you first if you never come out to have your post-facial consultation yet???

*smacks forehead*

This seems to happen to us a lot in slightly varied ways.


Banana Girl: They never ask you pay meh?

Pam Song: No! Never! After my consultation you come out already ma. Then they talk to you, give us free products, open door for us and 'bye bye' us summore!

Banana Girl: Ya lah hor! How come they 'bye bye' and never take money wan?! So funny!

Pam Song: How I know how come they never take money?! They 'bye bye' me, I 'bye bye' back lah! The money bit never crossed my mind at all cos usually sales people will ask for it wan ma!

Banana Girl: So how now??? After 8PM already. They close shop di. Haha. See if they call or email us lor hor? *mischevious glint in eye*

So there you have it.

Our accidentally FREE hour-long facial
from New York Skin Solutions.

Tee hee hee.

(Maybe they'll panic and call us first thing tomorrow. Will update
if we're called to return to The Curve to make payment. =p)

Seriously speaking though, I wouldn't go back to this outlet for another facial. If you've been for a Dermalogical facial before, you'll see the vast difference and how terrible this one is. Phooi. So tak pass. The Gurney Plaza, Penang branch did it better the last time I tried it. Go there if you're dying to try your luck at getting yourself a free facial New York Skin Solutions' facial for yourself. =p

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My 48-Hour Hiatus

...is finally over. Phew.

*breathes sigh of relief*

It ain't easy keeping mum here on Tinki Talks, I tell ya. Almost died from involuntarily holding my breath. Sigh. Self-asphyxiation is the only way to stop myself from blogging, it seems. My brain stops working due to the lack of Oxygen going into my system, and my hands are busy cutting off that flow of Oxygen my brain needs. All that can be summarised into this equation:

No Oxygen + No Free Hands = Cannot Think + Cannot Type
Cannot Think + Cannot Type = No Blogging

Am I crazy brilliant or am I brilliant, I ask you???

Argh! I have so many things to say! So many things to recap! So many things to blog about! And to think that for the past 48 hours, I had no outlet whatsoever for any release. BUT BUT BUT... that's not what matters right now.

What matter is that

Tene nene. Tene nene.

I did my time – 48-hours of silence
(I am a woman of my word, okayyy)
...and not a minute more. (Tee hee.)

Looking back, I wonder: how did I manage? How did I even survive the last 48 hours? I? Pam Song? Not blogging for 48 hours? ME?!? Goodness. You must be kidding me. And then I think: wow. If I can do this, I. Can. Do. Anything. Give me a tit – not mine, thankyouverymuch – and see me find the cure to breast cancer. Send me to North Korea, Haiti and Somalia, then watch me end world hunger. (Okay okay, dah overboard. These are not issues to kid about. Let's get serious and move on to less sensitive issues, alrights? Enough with the jokes.)

Truth is, my hiatus was an advertorial prerequisite.

See? Proof. Never bluff you wan.
Not purposely dun wan 'chai' you all.

From this moment forth, blogging resumes. Catch ya laters. =)
(You have no idea how great it feels to be able to say that.)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is mudah.com.my Really Mudah To Guna?


In my books, it's official. mudah.com.my
is the place for free classified ads. Period.

I can attest to that cos

No joke. Quite sad case, actually.


You see, I was on a mission. I needed to make some money. So, what better way to do it than by selling stuff I have at hand, but have no need for anymore? It's legal, it helps me rid myself of the accumulated junk in my life, and it puts food on my table. Perfect! So...

First, I tried lowyat.net and within mere minutes, I got myself lost on it. Haha. This one was really funny. Went in and totally didn't know where to go from there and what to click. Gave up eventually.

Next, I tried lelong.com.my and failed to make it work even after numerous attempts at registering. Plus, aside from all the hassle I had to go through, my attempts actually cost me RM2 cos I had to register my mobile with them. And in the end, I still couldn't place my ad. ROAR!

And finally, I tried eBay. Those buggers made me PAY to place my ad. And they summore dare to say, "Register Now – It's fast, easy & free!" in a big red box!!! Pfft. Free? Nonsense! Quite a lot of hidden costs, wei. You made me pay, eBay. I shall remember it till my death. Penangites are kiam siap people who don't pay for nothin', okay!!!

So... my conclusion is this: mudah.com.my is THE BEST place to (1) Lelong the stuff you wish to sell, (2) buy stuff for prices as low as those at Low Yat, AND most importantly, (3) it's as accessible, established and trustworthy as the internationally-renown eBay. (Che wah. =p)

You can buy and sell all sorts of stuff on mudah.com.my lah. Serious! Cars, bikes, houses, apartments, mobile phones, automobile accessories and parts, pets, gaming devices – anything! You name it, it's there. This dude *points below* is even selling murtabak online lah, okay.

(Image screen captured at 4:18pm on 15 September 2008.)
Che-wah. I give this fella free advertising, man!
I should get a cut from his murtabak sales. Hmmph!

Now you believe me or not?

Kat mudah.com.my, apa pun boleh jual!

And it's not just tangible products that you can sell. Looking for a job? Or a person to employ? You can also advertise it here for free. And listen to this: to post ads, you don't even need to register (unlike the way it is with lowyat.net, lelong.com.my and eBay *rolls eyes*). Just fill in a simple form *points below* and the peeps at mudah.com.my will do the rest.

There after, just look to your email Inbox
and wait for their confirmation email.
It's as simple as that! Pretty cool, huh?

Go try lah. Plus, it doesn't matter where you are. Take me, for instance. It doesn't matter if I'm in Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Selangor (I'm nomadic at times), I can still use this service. And so can you! That's the beauty of online systems! Selagi berada di tanah air Malaysia, mudah.com.my mudah diguna. =p

But no tipu-tipu wan. Only truthful advertorials served here.
I did go into all those websites in an effort to sell my stuff. =)

Of Frocks And Stuff

Spent an entire afternoon at a nearby 24-hour mart on my day off earlier this week just flipping through magazines. (Sad case, I know.) After I running out of celebrity goss magazines, I picked up a bridal mag and indulged my party-princess, happily-ever-after senses.

Flipped though hundreds and hundreds of pages filled with bouquets, wedding photography, trinket suggestions and gowns. Oh, those bridal gowns.

There were gowns of every shape, size, colour, style and texture. Saw loads of boring, nothing-to-shout-about ones. Some classic-cut, very-regular-looking ones. Then there were the unconventional and superbly overdone ones. The ok-ok-boleh-tahan ones. The if-I-ever-wear-that-please-kill-me ones. And – surprisingly – some pretty ones I actually bothered to take second looks at. (I have very specific preferences, therefore, that makes me an extremely difficult person to please in this respect.)

This one was the best of that latter lot.

Not perfect... but not too far off from it, I must say.

You know, I doubt I'll end up choosing to have my gown tailored. Money isn't the problem. (I don't believe in stinging on the most important gown I'll ever wear.) No, no. My problem is my lack of faith in tailors. Scary lah. What if my dress doesn't come out the way I envisioned it to be? What if the cloth looks better rolled up than it is on my frame? What if I thought the cut would flatter me but instead, I look like a walking beanpole?

So many what-ifs to consider and worry about!!!

No no, I won't risk it.

I've always been a buy-off-the-rack girl. I should definitely stick buying off the rack. Why mess with what works, right? It's not worth the risk. Especially not when it comes to such an important outfit, for such an important occasion. After all, there are so many local designers around who design wedding gowns, all with different styles and cuts for any woman and her body. It shouldn't be a problem.

Aiyah, if anything, SS2 is the Big Bang center of wedding gown boutiques lah! Don't tell me I won't find one I'll be happy with out of the many, many boutiques there are there.


The human mind is an amazing thing. Just stop and think of the amount of rubbish and gibberish we make our 1.3kg brains process! Our inbuilt processors really quite power. All that trash and still... it all makes sense to us. Somehow. Sometimes I wonder how my brain digests the stuff I put it through. I mean, heck, you'll never imagine the stuff that goes through Cyberworld... and into my chatlogs.

Thomas: greato.

Pam Song: yeso.

Thomas: donbelate-o.

Pam Song: Itry-o. nopromiso. kiddo.

Thomas: donliddat-o.. donkiddokiddo-o. luncho. byo.

See? And stuff like that
takes place even before noon!
Imagine what happens after.

*shakes head*

Okto. Luncho. Blogagainlater-o. Cheerio.

The End

The night ends here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ding Ding. Round 2.

...TIME: 10:26PM (Approximately 6 hours after Yam Cha Round 1)...

6 hours since my afternoon peppermint perk-me-up. 6 hours, 1 fresh brew, 2 refills and 2 pee breaks altogether. Wow. How time flies when you're consumed by work... or by the inability to focus on work.

Tim Tams: want more tea or not?

Pam Song: hahaha. i still have the one you gave me.

Tim Tams: eee cold already ler. that's not gonna make you feel better.

Pam Song: haha. no no. i still have the teabag. can make hot tea.

Tim Tams: well it's not gonna be as oomph either.

Pam Song: hahahaha.

Tim Tams: i have lots if you want.

Pam Song: okok. i go over and take in a bit.

And then he appears with two tea bags and
his inherited, super-power, award-winner mug.

"Common, Spam!"

So the deal is this: when Tim Tams says it's Yam Cha Round 2, you shuddup, stop working and follow him to the pantry cos it's. Yam. Cha. Round. 2. Period.

I should really buy this tea myself. It's pretty good.

The peppermint tea supplier who takes his tea
with too much sugar, hard at work.

I liked that little lump of sugar so much
I couldn't resist snapping a picture of it.

Am just too tired to blog with more than
100 words, alrights? My brain won't allow it.

I. Just. Want. To. Go. Home.

Check out the eyebags and teary eyes yo. So killa.

I no wants write advertorials no more.
I wants go home orh orh. Boo hoo.

Wanna Yam Cha?

It's always nice to be taken care of
when you're feeling under the weather.

Hot kurang manis Boh Peppermint Tea, courtesy of Tim Tams.

And I didn't even have to lift a finger.


Cool C: *eyes my cup of tea* Koko make you tea, issit? *smiles*

Pam Song: *panda-eyed Pam returns the smile* Yesss! *beams*

Don't ask why there are tiny white specks floating on top of my tea. I don't know. And I'm trying not to think about it. Just tutup mata, swallow, and be thankful. =)

UPDATE at 5:35PM on 24 September 2008: Tim Tams says, "The tiny white specks are tea bits lahhh. Or rat poison. One of those." -_-'

Welcome To The Freak Show

Was MIA all day yesterday, no thanks to the headache I "contracted" at work. The infamous headache which, overtime, grew monstrously and ended up turning into a full-blown migraine (according to the doc I visited). -_-

Well, I spent the day in popping pills and bumming while watching grandfather episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. (Ahhh, this is the life.) Allowed my body and mind rot away while I watched couples prance on stage in fancy costumes. Finally dug myself out of bed sometime around 6PM for the pre-planned Flower Power dinner I've been looking forward to since Saturday.

THE DATE: 23 September 2008
THE DAY: Tuesday
THE TIME: Later Than Planned AGAIN ---> My bad AGAIN.
THE SPOT: The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
THE PARTICIPANTS: Pam Song, Ah Beng and Umberraerra
THE PURPOSE: Malacca Picture Exchange 2
THEME OF THE DAY: Flower Power

Had dinner at some semi-Jap restaurant at IKANO and ended up getting dragged to The Apartment, The Curve cos Ah Beng was dying for some fat-pillin' dessert enjoying some together-gether time out at The Apartment, The Curve sempena dessert.

Ah Beng, Pam Song and, uh, photogenic parts of Umberraerra.

There were some new teas on the menu but according to the dude who took our order, they were all unavailable. -_- Malaysian boutique restaurants. *rolls eyes* Go figure. So we ended up ordering the regular boring stuff.

No points for guessing who ordered which tea.

I dip my teabag into the teapot. Ah Beng dips his teabag
into his tea cup. Same concept, different execution.

I think dipping the teabag into the pot makes more sense. My way, every cup of tea I take thereafter is tea from the first brew. The problem with Ah Beng's way is that only his first cup of tea is of first brew standard. His next cup will taste bland in comparison because all tea flavour has already been used in the first cup. No more top notes. Plus, if the hot water isn't hot enough by the time he wants his second cup, that cup sure no taste liao. I make sense, I make sense, I make sense! I know I do! Tell me I make sense! (I blame the migraine for this freakish outburst.)

Anyhew, Umberraerra ordered a banana something-something and Ah Beng ordered a chocolate something-something for dessert. As expected, both took a thousand years to arrive. -_-

So what do you do when you're waiting for food?
Well, boys and girls, you camwhore. That's what.

The ones that didn't quite make it.

The ones that made it but didn't quite cut it.

The one that made it, did it, and rocked big time. *grin*

Thing is, I brought my MacBook along to transfer pictures of our Malacca trip. (Yes, I still owe you lot that post, I know. Don't worry. It's coming SOON.) That's was the main purpose of this dinner, remember? Well, that purpose didn't last long. Brilliant Ah Beng's itchy backside got the better of him and he started to ber-gatal with Photo Booth while Umberraerra and I talked.


Haiyo. That's it lah.

When there's Photo Booth, stuff
like this *points below* happens.

This was the aftermath of our 10-minute
Photo Booth camwhoring session. Enjoy.

[Photo Book Effects: Stretch, Bulge, Dent, Twirl and Squeeze]

[Photo Book Effect: Mirror]

[Photo Book Effect: Light Tunnel]

[Photo Book Effect: Pop Art]

[Photo Book Effect: Thermal Camera]

[Photo Booth Effect: Glow]

[Photo Book Effect: Comic Book]

[Photo Book Effect: Coloured Pencil]

[Photo Book Effect: X-Ray]


Ah Beng wasn't dressed according to theme
so we bumped him off the group pic.

Umberraerra and I in our themed outfits
right outside Itallianes, The Curve.

We held up traffic in both directions for this pic.
All because Ah Beng had shakey hands. Tsk tsk.

ANYHEW, gooooo... flower power!

*cartwheels all around*

p/s: I'm going to run for Prime Minister so that I can petition for the exile of all with body odor. I'm not racist. I'm odor-ist. So, sue me.


You know you've passed on your dependence when your mom calls to check if you're still alive just cos you've been silent on your blog. -_-

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Againnn...

Just made it home after attending the Nuffnang Preview Screening of Mamma Mia! The Movie – a feel good movie that forces a hearty laugh every now and again. Not too shabby, I must say. Lame at bits but if close one eye, can lah. Boleh tahan.

My two free tickets, courtesy of Nuffnang.

Learned a couple of things today, though:

1. Sitting along the very first row in the cinema is a very, very, VERY s-t-u-p-i-d thing to do. Especially if you've already got a splitting headache.

2. Not all actors and actresses were born to be actors-CUM-singers. (Much to my surprise, Pierce Brosnan quite slack in the sing-song department.)

3. Even actors who were hot hot hot during their hey-days eventually turn fat and flabby... and not to mention very HAIRY, too! (Again, I'm referring to dear ol' ex-Bond, Mr Brosnan. *shakes head and sighs*)

4. Old aunties who prance around with thick make-up and half their boobs hanging out in low-cut tops scare me.

5. Overly-buffed male bods do not turn me on. In fact, the effect these coagulated chunks of muscle have on me is very much otherwise. *shiver* (I bet you half the guys in that scene are gay.)

6. We all want to know where (and from whom) we come from.

7. Weddings – whatever the culture, whatever the religion, whatever the style – are wunnerful.

8. Love. Never. Dies. Not even after 21 years of not seeing or hearing from the love of your life.

Okay, now I no owes you guys no movie post. Heh.

You know what, I need to get me some instant shut-eye right now. Got a full-on dose of super kau lam yan mei (English translation: Male BO) today and it's been hitting me hard in the head since the afternoon. *groan* It didn't help that the two Panadols I popped did nothing to ease the pain. Gotta crash to clear it outta my system before tomorrow comes, alrights. You guys be good. Ta!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Personal Kicks

I totally psycho-ed Ah Beng into ditching work to watch Mamma Mia! The Movie with me and the crew. Wheee! Not only did I twist his almost-toned-from-going-to-the-gym-recently arm, I think I ripped it right off cos his working deadline's tomorrow. Haha. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We've all got to live a little, right? =p

Oh, and you know how I had 2 FREE tickets courtesy of Nuffnang? (Yes, the word "free" must put big big.) Well, this extra ticket Ah Beng's riding on isn't mine. It's Thomas'. His date bailed on him. Haha. Or so he says. I personally think that it was always Ah Beng that he wanted to bring.


See what I mean?

Let's see if they end up playing tootsie
in the dark cinema later. WAKAKAKAKA.

Girlie Sundie Lunchie

ROUND 1: First Stop
  • I did what I wanted to do.
  • Umberraerra didn't get to do what she wanted to do.
  • Accountant Girl didn't dare do what she needed to do.

The score?

Pam Song: 1 | Umberraerra: 0 | Accountant Girl: 0

ROUND 2: Second Stop
  • I won ROUND 1 so I was excused from the game.
  • Umberraerra tried again and finally got the job done this time.
  • Accountant Girl just stood, stared and squealed.

The score?

Pam Song: 1 | Umberraerra: 1 | Accountant Girl: -1

Tee hee hee.

Game over. Pam Song and Umberraerra ties.
Accountant Girl marries Charlie Chaplin and
plays second fiddle to Adolf Hitler. (Private joke.)


Time for lunch thereafter!
At, uh, 4.30PM. Haha.
(Or was it 5PM? Hmmm.)

Assam Laksa X2, Nasi Kunyit with
Beef Rendang X1 and Ice Lemon Tea X3.

Looks good, tastes like cardboard.
Never ever go there to makan. Ever ever ever!
(Sorry but I can't remember the name of There, though. -_-)

We should do girlie Sundays more often. And this time, let's get Accountant Girl to overcome her fears eh, Umberraerra? Nyek nyek.

<3-in' Da Boi

How can I possibly not hearts this boi, I ask you?
Tee hee. Thanks for makin' my day, Beng Boi!


Looks like I should make Blackie a returning character on Tinki Talks. It has come to my attention that he's got a very participative fan base. More so than Ah Beng's fan base even! Look!

Thomas pulling a Blackie-in-the-backseat stunt
on the way to LAPSAP Party at Palate Palatte.

Click here to read post that got Thomas all riled up in the backseat, or here to see Blackie – the originator of this seatbelt-wearing method – in this same position. (It's the same hyperlink. Tee hee.)


THE DATE: 20 September 2008
THE DAY: Saturday
THE TIME: Waaay Later Than Planned ---> My bad. -_-
THE SPOT: Bangsar
THE PARTICIPANTS: Pam Song, Ah Beng and Umberraerra
THE PURPOSE: Malacca Picture Exchange

Tiga sekawan taking a not-so-easy-to-take pic. So easy to
lose balance when we're standing so close to one another!

Dinner was at delish, BV1. Funny how I never even knew the place existed until that night. Heh. But on a whole, ok ok lah, the place. Not that great. Pricing was fair. Ambience was pretty nice. But it's not a place I'd personally recommend that my friends visit. Nothing to shout about. Uh, except when it comes to the surplus of not-so-straight eye candy. HAHA. Puh-len-tee of men in tight tees showing off their titties, nipples and biceps. =p


Our drinks (from left to right): Umberraerra's cranberry juice,
my grapefruit juice and Ah Beng's mango juice. Very colourful hor?

Umberraerra insisted that we take an artsy fartsy shot of our drinks. (Actually, she kiasi people dunno she's was once the art lady in advertising only. *rolls eyes* HAHA. Kiddin'.)

Check out the funky copy, man... This place serves juice
that's as artsy fartsy as we think we are!

We decided to prepare our own 3-fruit punch. =p

Actually, if you guys ever decide to pay delish, BV1 a visit, make sure you try this mix – cranberry + grapefruit + mango. It tastes waaay better together than it does as separate juices! No kidding! After finishing our cawan eksperimen, we decided to have the mix instead of finishing our own seperate juices. (Why did this last sentence sound wrong??) Yums!

We all ordered the same pasta carbonara but since I eat like a snail (so some say, though I think that it's somewhat arguable and highly dependent on numerous factors), my carbonara ended up cold and lumpy. Yuck. Totally inedible... except to dear Ah Beng.

Ben said, "Eh! Don't waste!" and finished my leftover carbonara.
(Awww. I'm touched, Benzies! That gesture made my heart melt!)

And then... we the other two succumbed to temptation and ordered dessert – a something-something cake and a bottle of tiramisu.

Tiramisu (the one in the recycled jam bottle) and
some other cake I didn't quite like for dessert!

And that was our dinner-cum-supper. Only RM15.60 each. Not too bad for dinner at an ok-ly nice place lah, kan? Thing is... after makan, mesti mau jalan-jalan, bershopping dan berbonding. (Wah, terrer. Ayat ini mempunyai 3 komma!) So that's what we did. (I heart the fact that some baju shops at Bangsar close at 2am.) And we managed to snag a number of pictures in the shops we visited while we were at it. Heh heh.

I like this mirror. It makes me look fat. Wheee!
...0r maybe I've just put on weight. Hmmm.
That would so call for a bigger 'wheee'. Haha.

Why, didn't you know? If you're a PAYING customer (read: you're buying something), YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! You can even dance with the mannequin if you want to. Trust me. Customer is always right. Remember that.

One more group pic before we left the shop.

See what I mean?


Umberraerra somehow managed to crop herself out of the majority of pics we took so this one is officially the best of the many, many, many we snapped. (Remember what I told you about being a paying customer? Heh heh. You have rights, my friends! Use them!)

Next stop? This other shop along the same row as McDonald's, Telawi. (Sorry, guys. I can't for the life of me remember the shop's name. All I know is that it only sells shoes and accessories.)

I don't walk around with MJ fashion all the time. It was
to show off the
metallic blue heels I was slutting around.

A pair that I was somewhat tempted to buy. But only because of the odd colour it was in. Very funky lah! Many many nice-ness. Me likes a lot a lot. Too bad the heel looked too clumsy and unintentionally chunky for my liking. Sigh. So since I didn't like it enough to buy it, I'm gonna call it "the one that got away."

The one that got away.

So technically, that kinda means that there's one that didn't get away, right? Haha. (Please, please, please tell me you figured that out before I explained it to you. -_-)


I made a purchase. Tee hee.
Show you guys later. =p

Ah Beng and Pam Song – TAKE 1!
Hmmm. Why do I look so different in this pic?

Ah Beng and Pam Song – TAKE 2!
Ahhh, better. Much much better. I recognise this girl.

Another shop, another group pic. It's tradition.
We're just doing our part by keeping it alive. =p

By this time, I was done paying for my shoes so it's camwhore, camwhore, camwhore all the way out! Haha. (Paying customer is always right!!!)

Ah Beng MADE me put my left leg up. I swear.
And shit. I look unbelievably short in this pic. -_-

So what's in that bag over my shoulder, you ask?
Well, wait no further. Here it is:


*licks lips*