Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dino Death

With two boys, bedtime conversations often revolve around fearsome beasts, gruesome gore and heartless killing. Sigh. #lifewithboys is really life that's devoid of all princesses, ribbons and bows lah. #mommyisoutnumbered #Ineedababygirl

JJ: I use my water gun and shoot the T-Rex die.

The Husband: Where will you shoot? 

JZ: I will shoot the head and the tail. 

JJ: I shoot the leg and the eye. The tail. 

Pam Song: Ooo... smart. 

The Husband: Why you all shoot the tail? No point wan!

JZ: *matter-of-fact-ly* Because the tail will hit us and we will fly away. 

Well, I may not like the topic,
but I like their logic.

Friday, January 27, 2017

JJ's 1st Prayer

JZ is sleeping in Ah Ma's room with his two older cousins so JJ gets a rare experience of a solo bedtime routine with both The Husband and I tonight.

The Husband: Say... "Jesus..." 

JJ: *without hesitation* Jesus, give me my food. Jesus, jingle bell... AWAY!! 

The Husband: In Jesus' name... 


Hahaha. Tham ciak is really tham ciak.
And that "jingle bell away" bit is another story
for another day. #patternbanyakbanyak

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dino Tales

Was putting JJ to bed earlier tonight and it was taking all of forever so, in a fit of fury, I did something I usually don't do to my kids – scare him into obedience. 😈

Pam Song: *growls angrily* JJ! You better sleep now or else the dinosaur's gonna eat you already! 😠

JJ: I think the dinosaur like me.

Pam Song: 😳 ??? Dinosaur eat people wan!

JJ: *matter-of-fact-ly* Papa beat the T-Rex. I use water gun.

Pam Song: 😳😅😒

Ok la. Plan fail kau-kau. #crashandburn
So it's back to usual programming. 😩

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Suite Vs. Sweet

Was talking to Mama about our wonderfully luxurious hotel room at Intercontinental Hotel, Osaka when she said something that captured JJ's interest and made his ears perk up instantly.

Mama: This hotel is very nice wan. KV also stayed at Intercontinental the last time they came to Japan. They checked in so late they were upgraded to a suite!

JJ: *whips his head around to look at her* SWEET??? 🍬🍭🍫

ROFL! Tham ciak kooi is really tham ciak kooi la. Haha. Reminds me of the time Caden thought Ethan's weaning was him winning. Haha. Ahhh... the limitations of childrens' vocabulary tickle me greatly.