Friday, February 29, 2008

Kena Right, Left, Center

I got the whole you-just-spit-on-your-blogging-principles-and-crushed
-them-to-dust speech from 'the guy next door', thanks to my recent picture-filled, exclusive-invite-driven post.


So aun-ty ah, he.
(For full effect, say that with the
typical Canto accent, please.)

And then, I later discovered that Ah Beng left me a loooooong hand-written note entitled, "You Disappoint Me, Pamela Song."

*rolls eyes*

So drama.


But you really need to read it to get it.

(Click to enlarge.)

He says I'm cheap. Pfft. I beg to differ. I came with a price... and I think I just sold my soul for a pajama party. -_-

Something To Look Forward To?

I wrote a post (just minutes ago). A post I would never write on any normal day. A post I would never publish on a regular basis. A post that contained un-pixelated pictures of the writer behind Tinki Talks – OH, THE HORROR!

And see what people say about it...

*faints* *shy* *blush*

And for what? For THIS.

*points below*

Yeah, all that for a party. (How superficial can I get, man...) I wanna go for the Nothing Else Matters Pajama Party that's jointly organized by Nuffnang & Chipster. And for the tickets, I broke the hardcore-est rule of Tinki Talks' blogging – NEVER PUBLISH PICTURES OF THE WRITER BEHIND THE BLOG. =(

That post had better be worth it.



So before I begin, let's get one thing clear.

I'm a pillow girl.

I'll tell you that much straight up.
Always have been, always will be.

I'm the kind of girl who likes buying pillows, who loves hugging pillows, who go everywhere at work with a pillow in hand, and who sleep with a LOT of pillows. It's always been that way. And that way's not gonna change no matter what.

It's not for mere aesthetics. I NEED many many pillows to sleep. My top pillow count at any one point in my life was 13 pillows sleeping with me each night, on a small, super-single bed. (Yeah, I was really hardcore back then.)

And then I moved down to KL
to pursue my studies.

Two beds mean less pillows on one bed
but MORE pillows collectively. Heh heh.

The view from the top.

Revealing what's under.

See, how many pillows there are?

Oh wait, that beige pillow's blocking the one underneath it.

Still not clear enough?
Let's number them.

6 pillows in total.


Cos, wait. I'm not finished. I've got spares, too!!! Haha.
Check out my secret stash of pillows and blankets.

I kinda liked the numbering thingy I did before so let's do that again. (I'm lying. It just gives me reason to mess around with my Bamboo. =p)

Note the super-hidden, almost-camouflaged #3.


Think I'm done? Not quite.

Even my chairs come extra padded.

The math?

Deep Red Original Cushioned Seat
+ Yellow Cottage Tie-On Cushion
+ El' Cheapo Da TESCO Impulse Buy
= Very Comfy Behind + Very Happy Pam


So there you have it. My pillow stash in KL. Not bad, huh? Now, I've got 6 pillows in Penang, and 11 pillows-slash-cushions (minus the one that came with the roller chair, of course) in KL. 6 + 11 = 17. Yay. My collection grew (though I threw 3 pillows away just 2 months ago when I shifted to my new place). But but but... 6 pillows on a queen-sized bed as opposed to 13 on a super-single is a significant decrease in number. That's a 54% decrease in a condition of increased pillow-placing space, wei! I've already toned down considerably.

It's all a matter of comparative perspective.


So, why the lengthy introduction? (Yes, that was just my intro to the post.) Well, I needed to establish the importance of pillows in my life. And since I spend a little over two-thirds of my day at the office, you should be well aware that I also NEED pillows to accompany me while I work... and even when I don't work. Heh heh.

I keep a pillow at the office for emergency cat-nap sessions. You know, the kind of naps that come in handy after a heavy lunch or a late night before. But one pillow isn't enough for a pillow freak like me! Problem is, any more than one is considered 'unprofessional' by official Pillows-at-the-Office standards. I didn't want Big Man Boss to start looking at me weird so, I had to device a plan to help me have make-shift pillows I can use without negatively tipping the 'unprofessional' scale.

That's where Chipster's comes in.
It's the perfect make-shift pillow!


I use the Chin-Support Chipster pillow. It's
the most discreet method of sleeping at the office.


Some days, I also use the Double-Brace Chipster Pillow.
It's 'spongy-er'... so that plus-point kinda makes up for
this pillow's lack when it comes to the 'discreet' department.


Sometimes when I really look like crap (i.e. Monday mornings), or when I'm suddenly feeling a little more shy-shy than usual, I use one Chipster pack as the brace and another one as a make-shift shade to keep out the glaring office lights.

And see...

On days when I'm feeling a little more courageous (or just totally fed-up with things), I just get comfy on my desk and turn up the lazy tunes on my comp.






Got armrests summore. =p


This is my absolute favourite.

One Chipster for a pillow and another that acts as a funky, yet highly-effective saliva drainage system!!! Note the saliva collection cup that's strategically placed at the base of the Hot & Spicy Chipster pack. No more peta dunia for me! Wheee!

So, be sure to bring a pack of Chipster potato chips (or two) along with you no matter where you go if you're planning to hit the sack. Just take my word for it. Why? Cos I sleep better with Chipster's... especially when I'm at the office. *grin*


p/s Nuffnang: If you must know, I'll be wearing
this on that night, okay.

Now, send me my Pajama Party invite! I broke
Tinki Talks' no-face picture protocol for it... ROAR!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pam Steals From Facebook

Just couldn't resist myself.


Totally made my day a gazillion times better.

Facebook Hates Me

I know it does.
And I really hate it, too.

It makes spam seem like
a cool thing when it so is not.

32 friend requests, 5 buy your friends requests, 496 other requests and 3 new notifications!?! That's FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX REQUESTS IN TOTAL!!! This is ridiculous lah. Totally ridiculous.

Hello, Facebookers!


Things I'd Like To Remind Myself To Be Happy About

Today's been an extremely sucky day for me. Sucky, sucky, sucky. And because we work in teams, everybody else's day sucks, too. That makes all of us stressed and highly irritable. Why? Cos everything's screwed up. Like, royally. That's why. And it's never a good thing when stressed and highly irritable people spend excessive amounts of time together.

So what I need to do right now is remind myself why I love working where I work, why I love working with the people I work with, and why I love doing what I do.

*breathe in, breathe out*

1) I love the way The Legendary Ball-Buster 'kills' every male visitor who dares prolong his stay by getting comfy in the Cu•bi•cle. Just 2 inches of 'extra support' at the wrong place and it's bye-bye birdie.

2) I love the way the balcony is so absolutely Zen during the night. Cool breeze, the distant sound of traffic, pulsing red lights going against speeding headlights... ahhh. So comforting to know that I'm just one tiny, little, insignificant speck in the whole scheme of things.


I want this day to end.
I just want it to end.

So When Are You Getting Married?

It's so weird to have people asking me when I'm getting married. Really. I'm not at all used to it. And it really isn't the time to be asking such... uh, tralala questions. Yet. If I've got announcements to make, you'll hear about 'em here, alright? If you don't hear nothin', it's cos there's nothin' to hear. Ya hear me?

But anyhew, since I've been through some conversations concerning some parts of this topic with some friends, containing some stuff, and I need to keep some parts of the conversation as proof, you're gonna hear about those particular 'some stuff' here. Alright? But it's not that stuff so don't go all funny on me and start asking ridiculous questions, okay? Are we clear? Okay.

I have such low levels of faith in people, don't I? Ugh, it's so pathetic. -_- But... better safe than sorry, right? Girl Guide Super-Rule #1: BE PREPARED! For the worst of situations. Not only should I save the conversation, I should screenshot it immediately and post it here for all to see for all eternity as PROOF! HAH! She can't go back on her word now. Mwahahahaha. Woman, I'm holding you to your word. You're gonna have to make it to my wedding no matter when, no matter what, no matter where you are on the planet. Wheee!

But it wasn't the end of the conversation.
Miss '23' USA still had more to say.


How now? Die die also have to keep the conversation running long enough to change Miss '23' USA's mind. MO: Inject lots of humour so that Miss '23' USA laughs and lowers her guard, then proceed to load The Guilt Manipulator (jeng jeng) with full ammo and start shooting like there's no tomorrow.


But wait. No time to celebrate my brilliance and fully-developed coaxing abilities. Must make acceptance speech before moment passes. Miss '23' USA, I agree! I agree! Agrrreeeeeeeee!!!

But apparently, she has the same Coaxing-Your-Friends
-Into-Doing-Stuff-They-Hadn't-Planned-On-Doing 101 mentor.


To be continued... if I feel like it.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bianco – The Review

I never really done food reviews before. I talk about food sometimes. Contrary to popular belief, I eat a LOT of food. But I just don't talk about it much. Food's meant to be tasted... not discussed. Right? But that's gonna change today. Cos today, I'm gonna talk about Bianco.

It's this cosy, little, patio-styled Italian restaurant located at Damansara Perdana (before the first roundabout). Small thing with about a dozen to 15 tables – inside and out – only.

Nice, hor?

They've covered (pun intended)
pretty much everything
...and every weather.

Even the tables. Haha haha haha. (Lame. -_-)

I really like the little stumpy jar of white flowers.
Tiny details please me tremendously.

Now, to the ssserious stuff – THE FOOD.

So since we're at it, let me get things straight, okay? In Malaysia, we're practical people. Driven by a need to have sensations of pleasurable taste and a love for flavourful, mouth-watering nutriments, the taste and quality of the food is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Presentation and ambiance counts little if the food tastes like crap. Especially in Penang – the land with people blessed with taste buds of the highest standards. We happen to be the crème de la crème if you didn't know.

Okay, I think I'm getting carried away.

My date ate the Ravioli Bianco (RM18).

It's not bad. Comes stuffed with mushroom and chicken. Not quite my kinda meal, though. Don't really like too much tomato puree on my pasta. Quite jelak for me. I prefer cream sauce (which also happens to be very jelak-ing but it's more my thing so I always close one eye). That's why I ordered the Salmon Sauce Spaghetti (RM22) instead.

Nice. Came topped with a tablespoon of caviar and some grassy lalang. It's a good thing the portions are pretty small cos this thing got me totally stuffed. It's the cream sauce and the salmon and the caviar. Together, they make a killer dish but they also kill any diet. (Girls, consider yourselves forewarned.) Gotta love the huge chunks of salmon, though.

There was just too much for me to finish so I took a lesson from the master and hid the leftover salmon chunks under my cutlery.


Service there was really good. Barely 2 seconds after I finished my meal, the table got cleared and we were asked if we were interested in having dessert.

But quite filling lah so we just got the tab.

As you can see, it was all pretty affordable (can go once a month?) aside from the drinks. Ridiculous. RM5 for a lousy can of Sprite??? Siao. Dim-light robbery man, this one.

All that said, let me break it down for ya.

Location: Low traffic area with a considerable amount of greens and a light breeze. This means Low Noise Levels + Minimal Pollution + Easy Parking + Cool Air. And these are always good things.

Lighting: Dim and romantic but not dark enough to be bad on the eyes should you choose to catch up on your reading if you have no friends absolutely must. *cough*

Music: Crickets. Haha. Kiddin'. The music's good. Not too loud, not too soft – very Goldilocks. Classy stuff that fits the ambiance of the place to a T lah. While I was there, I heard some Italian and English love songs, a number of easy listening tunes that I can't for the life of me remember now, and some instrumental Big Ben pieces. Nice.

Seating Arrangements: This was what I really liked about the place. Tables are considerably distanced from one another. They're all set about 2 feet apart (at least). Not bad, huh? It's just nice cos it gives every group-slash-couple breathing room and sufficient privacy. Plus, with the open-air conditions, you can barely hear the many conversations that are carried out around you. I like that. Plus, you never have to worry about bumping chairs with the person seated at the next table.

Food Portions: Just nice for a dieting girl, definitely possibly too little for a guy. And they don't even cover for it by giving you extra big, white plates covered in decorative sauce. -_-

Pricing: A little pricey for the portions given but... fair considering it's not only the food you're paying for. Aesthetics now come with big price tags. -_- Oh, and the drinks and ridiculously priced. If you're not interested in paying RM5 for a canned drink, bring your own H20. They'll probably call you names behind the counter but... who cares? It beats paying Rm5 for a lousy canned drink. These Bianco people never visit TESCO before.

Available Promotions: 30% off all pastries after 9pm, daily. Doesn't make up for the expensive drinks though. -_-

Go check Bianco out. I give it an 8 over 10. Good enough for me to say that I'll definitely pay them another visit. It's a nice place to chill and catch up with richer friends.

He Said, "I Love'em!"

...and I'm just gonna take Silent Whisperer a.k.a Yung-space-dot's word for it cos it works in my benefit. Mwahahaha.

Yays! We same same. I loves me, too!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nipple Nipple... Ahhh, Nipple Nipple...

I know this isn't new. I know that it's been out for ages. And I know, I know... you've probably seen it hundreds of times and have lost your power to laugh at it already but... I'm just too tired to have to keep going through the whole logging on to YouTube and searching for the video each and every time I want a good laugh.

I've got a blog and I'm going to use it.

This is me bookmarking my
very own YouTube Laugh Igniter.


Still cracks me up every time.

Ada Orang Curi Pos Aku!

Went online to check my Technorati stats for a bit and found that a post of mine got linked to a site I'd never heard of before –

Curious, I clicked on the link to check it out
...and ended up getting the shock of my life.

The buggers snitched my entire post!!! WORD FOR WORD, INCLUDING MY NAME! And to add insult to injury, they credited me as 'Connected Internet' (which, upon clicking, leads right to the original post that's right here on Tinki Talks). See!

'Connected Internet'?!
Like hello, I have a name, yo!


Looked through a number of's pages and found that it was just a blog that contains a collection of posts from random people in the blogosphere who've included the words 'SMS', 'texting', etc... into their posts.

Like, hellooooooo!!! Isn't there an unspoken rule out there that says that stealing posts from all over the place ISN'T considered blogging??? Geez! Talk about post piracy, man. So salah! And their page is so full of ads it's probably raking in millions and millions of USD via Google AdSense.

And for what?



*stab stab stab*