Thursday, August 29, 2013

Parental Abuse

A busted lower lip, courtesy of my son.


I really don't understand la. How is it possible that a 9-month-old's head is this hard?? And why can't he sleep like a log (literally, please!) instead of helicopter-ing all over the bed at night, all through the night?? Turn here, turn there looking for his sweet spot on the bed... like a worm! He gave me that busted lip in the middle of the night last night. (I took that picture this morning.) And during his afternoon nap today, he gave me another bruise under my chin. I'm a real pretty sight to behold now, I can tell ya that! -_-'''

Great Anniversary Gifts In The Form Of Photography

An anniversary is really a special time for any couple – but the proper way to celebrate can be tricky. Some celebrate by having a night out, some people keep the occasion small, but the point is to be together and to be happy.

This year, why not try something different?

Find a professional photographer who has professional photography studio equipment and create a special anniversary gift for the two of you. Create images that you can remember and cherish for years to come.

Sample image.

Yes Com USA is a great company that has a slew of photography-related gift ideas for your anniversary. Make this anniversary unique and get each other something that is special to you both. It will not only give you memories, but will provide you with a memorable photographic timeline of your life together.

Photographic Anniversary Gift Ideas

1. Portfolio – Have a professional photo shoot done with you and your significant other. It will be a great gift you can both cherish for a long time.

2. Memory book – Have a compilation book of your past photos and memories made up. It will be a great way to look into your past as a couple.

3. Calendars – Have a calendar made, with each month's photo being a photo from your lives together. Add in special remarks and dates to personalize it and make it unique to you.

4. ‘Special Moments' portfolio – Make a portfolio of your most "special moments" together. Have it created and edited beautifully, so that the book reflects the beauty of your lives together.

5. A Photo Poem – Write some poetry, and include special photographs that go along with what you write. It can be a very unique, funny, and heart-warming gift.

Sample image.

An anniversary can be just another day, or it can be a day to truly appreciate the one you're with. Show how much you care by putting thought and effort into your gift ideas – give your significant other something worth remembering. Photos are a great way to remember your past together, and are something you can take with you into your future.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Listerine ZERO

Does anybody know where I can buy this particular "flavour" of Listerine in Penang? So far I've only ever seen and been able to buy it at Cold Storage, Sunway Pyramid. Nowhere else in KL/Selangor, much less in li'l ol' Penang. The usual "flavours" we find everywhere else are just too pedas for me la. I cannot tahan. Help!

"To Phak Or Not To Phak" – That Is The Question

Little JZ has been a well-behaved boy all along. In the past two weeks, however, he has slowly become more demanding than usual. You see, he is finally at an age where he knows exactly what he wants... but is still unable to get what he wants without our help or permission. Unfortunately for him, most of the time, what he wants isn't what we want him to want. Thus, that help, he doesn't get. HAHA. And that is when we, as parents, have the supreme honour of witnessing the occasional mini tantrum that consists of whining and some thrashing – all in his effort to push the boundaries and hopefully get his way.

One night, after a 30-second tantrum before bedtime:

The Husband: Kiam phak liao la ee!! (Manglish Translation: Kurang ajar already la he!!) *turns to me* Eh sai phak liao boay??? (Manglish Translation: Can whack already or not???)

Pam Song: Phak la! (Manglish Translation: Whack la!)

The Husband: @_@ Lu oo phak meh? (Manglish Translation: You got whack meh?)

Pam Song: Phak! (Manglish Translation: Got whack!)

The Husband: Oh.


The Husband: Wa mai phak la... (Manglish Translation: I don't want to whack la...)

Pam Song: -_-

NATO kau kau man.

Ini Mia Bapak

While taking an evening walk
with our son in the stroller...

Pam Song: Dog coming. 

The Husband: Ok.

Pam Song: *turns to The Husband and asks* Will you protect him ah if the dog attack him?

The Husband: *super defensively* What kind of stupid question is that??

Pam Song: Just answer the question! Will you protect him?? Or will you run?

The Husband: I run la! 

Pam Song: HAHAHAHAHA. I knew it! Idiot. 

The Husband: *2 seconds too late* Fine. I take him and run. Ok??