Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our God Is In Control

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman
Song Title: Our God Is In Control

This is not how it should be
This is not how it could be
But this is how it is
Our God is in control

This is not how it will be
When we finally will see
We’ll see with our own eyes
He was always in control

And we’ll sing Holy Holy Holy is our God
And we will finally really understand what it means
So we’ll sing Holy Holy Holy is our God
While we’re waiting for that day

This is not where we planned to be
When we started this journey
But this is where we are
And Our God is in control

Though this first taste is bitter
There will be sweetness forever
When we finally taste and see
That Our God is in control

And we’ll sing Holy Holy Holy is our God
And we will finally really understand what it means
So we’ll sing Holy Holy Holy is our God
While we’re waiting for that day
We’re waiting for that day
We’ll keep on waiting for that day
And we will know Our God is in control

Holy Holy Holy
Holy Holy Holy
Our God is in control

Holy Holy Holy
Our God is in control

Holy Holy Holy

My God is holy. And though the journey toward standing righteous before Him is difficult, I take heart in knowing that I'm putting myself through these tough times for more than just righteousness today.

"Though this first taste is bitter
There will be sweetness forever"

I'm doing it for the greater promise
of sweetness forever.

Sleep Is A Sadist

Why is it that it is always when you need Sleep the most, that it most often obstinately refuses to come in obedience to the will of the Mind and Body? Ironic how that's usually the case, isn't it?

Take now, for instance. I'm physically tired and mentally worn out from the emotional ups and downs of the day. But Mind – oh, silly her – she keeps going on and on about things she is unable to envision, predict or control. Thus, causing Body to lose out on precious sleep that's going to help both, Body and Mind, last through Tomorrow.

You know, I tell myself that Sleep is the choice of the weak. Cos I'd like to think that I'm tough. And strong. Strong enough to make it through the day without her on my side. But in reality, I only dare think that way because I know that Adrenaline – oh, dear Adrenaline who loves me so – is going to be there to take her place.

Never has she deserted me no matter how far Sleep has strayed from my side. Never has she let me down. Loyal, trustworthy and faithful always, I know that she'll be the one I'll be counting on come Tomorrow, with the untimely absence of the very-temperamental Sleep.

It's a compromise. Because I know I'd very much rather have Sleep instead. But since that impossible woman is currently cruelly dodging my advances (truth be told, I think she's pretty much avoiding me altogether tonight), I'll settle for a date with trusty Adrenaline when the morning comes.

SS Overload

So... Ready for the new hair? You'd better be! Cos you're gonna be bombarded with LOTSA pictures of it. Tee hee. Sick girl's got nothing better to do than sit at home and camwhore all day, remember? Haha. Here we go!

I think this was how the stylist meant it to be like.

But this is how it's turned out to be on me – messy.

More mess. But from a different angle.

Think it looks okay behind the ears, too.

No, wait. I think I look like a kid this way. Hmmm.

So? Good cut? Bad cut?

Honesty (and a little bit of kindness) please.

p/s: I always, always, ALWAYS wear lenses when I'm going for haircuts. I wanna know and see exactly what them scissor-wielding snippers are snipping. Just cos I'm anal (and paranoid) that way. =p

God Works In Mysterious Ways

It's been twice in the last 24 hours that God has spoken to me right after I've given in to the mopes. First was 12:34. And now, there's this word in season:

"Delight yourself in the LORD
and He will give you the desires of your heart."

Psalm 37:4

This verse came to me in an email from a stranger in a land I've never even stepped foot in. (You might remember him from this post I wrote a couple of days ago. =) ) See? It's undeniably true – my God is an awesome God who really does works through wonderful people in the most wonderfully mysterious ways.

p/s: He's got perfect timing, too. =)

Cause & Effect

"The Promises of God are given
to those who live a righteous life."



By our faith in the power of His death and resurrection, we have been made right with God. (Ephesians 2:8) But by the choice and through the conscious effort to continually walk in His ways, we ensure that that righteousness grows, affects and blesses our lives and our days to come. (Proverbs 11:18b)

Sure, the price for our sins was paid on the cross 2,000 years ago (John 3:16), but with every challenge put before us that we fail to emerge victorious (remember 1 Corinthians 10:13), we draw further and further away from the full freedom and victory we've been promised as children of God.

The simple rules
of cause and effect apply.

The extent of God's presence in our lives, the amount of His promises that come to pass, and the degree in which we receive His blessing and provision throughout our days boils down to this:

The choices we make each day.

Live in His ways,
and be worthy of His reward.

So, this is our challenge: To live in righteousness, holiness, salvation and purity in a fallen world. (Hosea 10:12) Because every time we give ourselves over to sin, we trade away our eternal heritage as children of God. And for what? For fleeting worldly pleasures that are here today and gone the next.

That's why the idea of grace being sufficient for the perpetual attainment of eternal life through a loving and merciful God is so misleading to me. That gospel only amplifies the good-to-hear and the easy-to-swallow. But it turns a blind eye toward the rightful place of judgement that is administered by a righteous and holy God. (Psalm 7:11; 1 Peter 4:17; Romans 1:32)

Remember. Although we are saved by grace through faith, the promises of God are still to be met with dedication of heart, obedience to His Word and devotion to Christ-likeness. He is holy and righteous. And if we are truly committed to Him, we will strive to live by His standards.

I have to admit, it's far from easy being in the world but not of the world. After all, it's so human to sin and it's so easy to give in to the Now. But still, I've gotta try. Because Now isn't going to matter very much if Eternity's at stake.

So, as difficult as it may be, till the day my challenge for righteous living is up and I come face to face with my Lord and Saviour, I'll pray hard, press on, and hold on to this and this. And while doing so, I'll patiently await my reward for having lived in His ways as best as I could, and as best as I knew how.


...but he who sows righteousness
reaps a sure reward.

– New International Version (NIV)
Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Because Every Depressed Blogger Could Do With A Perk-Me-Up Haircut

Yup, I sneaked in a haircut after lunch today.

Pictures of the aftermath later. =)

A Swift Reminder From Above

He loves me. =)
Even when I'm not lovable.

Behind The Scenes


...came from this:

Original and untouched by the brushes of Photoshop.

Snapped this one on my way back
from the doctor's office two days past.

Dark and dispirited; pained but perfect. The sky that day was a perfect reflection of my mood. The tar spatters on the pavement, they, too, matched my feelings. The messy puddles collected on the ground, like the tears I couldn't bring myself to cry.

No Longer Bright And Perky

Haven't been feeling on top of the world of late, no thanks to the persistent bug that's been following me and filling my bin with mucous-loved tissues. Thought that my header should reflect that.

After all, the blog's a reflection of who I am, right?
Yeah, that makes sense. I make sense.

Ugh. I so need to get better quick. Staying at home all day's watching bad local programmes and international sitcom reruns on Malaysian TV (I gots no ASTRO T_T) is driving me to madness. Heck, I've begun to talk to myself for self-entertainment! -_-''' Sigh. Can't wait to be feeling like this *points below* again soon.

Friday, February 26, 2010

This Made Me Smile


Brandon + Kristin

He's a photographer with a golden heart. She's a natural beauty with a sweet spirit. As though they were destined to be together from the start, Brandon and Kristin had an air about them – like they were one of those couples you'd think were just made for each other.


"This wedding was one of the most anticipated weddings in the industry. For those of you who know Brandon and Kristin, you're a better person because of their kind, positive personalities and friendship. These two are one of the most bubbly, most helpful, and Christlike people you will ever meet. They truly express their beliefs through their day to day actions. Not only are they just amazing people, but they are radical photogs."

– Shade Tree Films


I don't know them personally but I'd seen pictures and read posts of this couple's special day on so many blogs, it feels like I do already. =) Even so, I waited over a month before publishing anything. Why? Simple. Because I wasn't so drawn to their story that I just had to write.

Sure, the pictures – captured by the great Jasmine Star and her hubs, by the way – were pretty. The setting at Orange County was nothing less than perfect. But still... Something was missing. Well, today I found that missing-something that totally blew me away.

Their story. In their own words.

And if you thought that the video
was sweet, wait till you hear this:

Some time in the video, you'll see what appears to be Brandon and Kristin reenacting their proposal scene. NOT. TRUE. In actual fact, the couple didn't have to reenact their proposal for the Shade Tree Films crew at all! You see, Brandon planned the day so perfectly that he actually had two friends hide and capture the special moment as it took place. What you saw was the actual proposal!!!

And the cherry on top would be the fact that he brilliantly kept the taping a secret from his wife-to-be, Kristin. So, that entire engagement part of the video you saw... it came as a beautiful surprise to Kristin, too, when they watched together it at the wedding. *heart melts*

I tell ya, that surprise element? The shock value that comes from a pleasant unknown? It's what really takes it to the next level. Simple but totally effective when it comes to turning us, girls, into putty in your hands. Haha. Brandon, you da man. =)

To be honest with you, it was this video that made me want to publish their story. (Shade Tree Films did an awesome job!) I saw that – more than just having good-looking people in pretty dresses in great pictures – their story was beautiful, too. And the way God seemed at the center of everything was even more beautiful to me. Bible study together? Nice. A proposal before the cross after prayer? Divine.

But tales of mush and down-on-one-knee proposals by a cross after bible study aside, I thought the pre-wedding interview was a nice touch. How they met, how they ended up being together, what they love about each other, how they feel about each other – in their own words. Beautiful.

Brandon Kidd is brilliant.
And Mrs Kidd is a blessed woman.


Hmmm. You know, watching this makes me wonder how I'd propose to my girl if I were a guy. What would I do? How far would I go? And how much effort would I put in? Would I be able to surpass Brandon's brilliance? Or stand at par, at least? Haha. I guess some things, we'll never know. =)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pat On The Back

...for myself. =D


Dear comment leavers of Tinki Talks,

I am proud to say that I have
answered ALL the comments of 2010
that you've written to me.


There were hundreds of comments I'd missed out over the last 56 days of 2010. But my recent days spent cooped up at home thanks to this wunnerful piece of paper has finally given me time to sit down and respond to your kind words, disses, random musings and sarcastic remarks.

Most of you leave me kind words. Many share bits and pieces of your story to complete the tale I've told. Some take stabs at me. And few go off at a tangent like you a bit the salah channel dan otak tak center. But whatever the comment, know this:

Your comments help keep me
from feeling like I'm pathetically
talking to myself on a daily basis. =)

In closing, dear comment leavers, you have my word that I shall do my best to continue responding to your thoughts on my thoughts on a regular basis as best that I can, like I did before. (Till I slacked off, of course. *shame*) Keep at it, peeps. I will, too! =)

On a roll,
Pam Song


Ok. So that's 2010 down.


2009 and 2008 to go.
(That's 963 comments left
for me to answer, by the way.)


UPDATE at 5:21PM on 25 February 2010: My goodness, I have just come to realise that it actually isn't 963 comments that I have left for me to respond to. It's 963 GMAIL THREADS! (I tag my Tinki Talks comment emails whenever they come in and archive them when the numbers seem to overwhelming.) That means that I actually have 963 POSTS to comment on, many of which come with more than a few comments in a thread. @_@ Si. Liao. La.

Cutting It Close

Fell ill on Monday so, after leaving work a little earlier than usual (with permission, of course), I ended up scouring the house for food.

The date was 22.02.2010.

Ahh, talk about perfect timing.
Just in time to save this can of soup
from ending up in the dumpster. =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inflation Realisation

Woke up at 7-something this morning, feeling hungry after 11 hours of sleep. (Last night totally KO.) Thinking I'd beef up on bread, butter, baked beans, beanut butter *shifty eyes* and urm... (shit, I ran out of food that begins with B) ...all things healthy, I decided to take a walk down to the convenience store by the octogenarian pool.


Shaits. -_-'

"Nehmind, it's ok," I said to myself aloud. (Internal conversation in my head was less understanding, of course, but I shan't bore you with the details of that talk I had with myself.) I knew that there was another convenience store further outside the condo I'm in so I started walking in that direction instead. Made it there and of all days, they were fighting a bad leak from the ceiling.


Of all the rotten luck lah, I tell you. T_T

So, in my desperation – hungry until wanna die and cannot walk already – I ended up tapau-ing roti kosong from a nearby mamak instead. -_-

Ok, intro over.

I shall tell you about inflation now.

This was the roti canai I tapau-ed:


My goodness!!!

What happened to the
40sen roti canais of yesterday?!

Ok, fine. Last I paid that price, I was in primary school. In Penang. (The best of the best of the bestest best primary school in Penang, if you were wondering. *cough cough*) BUT STILL! When I was in SS15 taking my Diploma, roti kosong cost me only 60sen at Al Rafis! (Ahhh, fond memories of times spent in that place are coming back to me now. =) Remember or not, Nit?)

How can the price of roti
shoot up to RM1 in less than 6 years???

That's a price hike by 66.66%!

Anyways, it's been awhile since I've paid for just roti. When I order it with drinks, I usually don't think about the breakdown. And if they charge me RM2-something or RM3 for roti and a drink, I'm fine with it cos it seems like a full meal. (Self deception.) But just now, I ALMOST GOT A HEART ATTACK WHEN HE DIDN'T GIVE ME CHANGE FOR MY RM1.


Beh tahan lah an-neh.
(Read this whole sentence in Hokkien ah.
Dun come and say I talk bad about Indians.)

Must quit my job and go open a mamak already lah. I see see from this example, I think can make money, man. Worried that after open shop got no money to hire cook? No problem. Burnt flour only wat. So difficult to cook meh?

Officially Out Of Service

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feeling Under The Weather But...

A smile for this, I can muster:

Hello, KL. It's good to be back. =)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This Is How I Blog In Penang

  1. Slouched on the bed
  2. Under the covers
  3. Pillows behind me
  4. Comp on my lap
  5. Lights turned off
  6. MBP keyboard lighted

Peace out.

Goodnight, peeps. Catch ya tmr.

What Every Woman Wants (But Pretends She Doesn't)

1. Perfection + Flawlessness. That means bigger eyes, longer lashes, bigger boobs, a smaller waist, a tighter arse, longer legs, slimmer thighs, fairer skin, permanently great hair, hair-less-ness (at all the right places)... and the list goes on and on and on. If don't hear us complaining, it's cos we're either (1) in denial, or (2) only pretending, to be happy with what we've got cos it makes us seem like the grateful, non-superficial, beauty-is-more-than-skin-deep girls you guys think "good" girls should be like.

2. Surprises + Gifts. Surprise gifts work, too. =p But since you guys hardly ever get subtle hints (and sure, it's understandable how shopping for a woman may seem like rocket science to some *rolls eyes*), here are a more than a few boulders that may help. Think: Flowers, home-cooked dinners, things that glitter, self-written songs, romance poetry – the works! Just be creative. =p

3. A (genuinely nice) (good-looking) (well-mannered) (smarter-than-her) (wealthy-ish) man (who's taller than she is) (by at least a couple of inches). Us, girls, we aren't too picky with these things. =p Fine. The truth is, there aren't enough good men to go around lah. Pickings damn slim these days. So, ladies, if you've found your man, HOLD ON TIGHT! Hahaha. Shit, man. I must make sure my still-imaginary-not-yet-conceived-obviously-unborn son ripens into a good man with all the above one day so that he got market! *determined face*

4. Love + Affection. (Read: Manja-ing and care from the man mentioned in #3.) True wan, I tell you. All pretend act macho only now. No matter how tough a girl looks, unless you're dating her, you only think that she's tough. Don't forget you're still on the outside looking in on that M&M – soft on the inside, hard on the outside.

Ok, I think I've ratted my girls out enough. Time to stop.
Boys, remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Heh heh.

Now, who wants a girlfriend, raise your hand.


Sket leh.

Friday, February 19, 2010


To Kedah we will go,
To Kedah we will go,
Hi ho the merry-o,
To Kedah we will go!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Holiday, No Holiday – No Diff

So far, the holidays haven't seemed like holidays to me at all. My schedule's punishing as hell! Been chasing Time so bad that I haven't even had a single morning to sleep in so far. Not a one! And on a holiday, that's beyond pathetic.


Cannot make it lah, liddat.


Morning, noon and night, it's wake up, lunch with somebody-somebody, go home, entertain guests all afternoon, then it's dinner with other somebody-somebodies. Rewind, replay, rewind, replay. My social life in Penang is wearing me out. And guess what? Even with all that to do and all those people to meet, I haven't even had the chance to meet up with any friends yet!!! -_-''' Crazy or not, I ask you? No wonder I keep feeling tired!


Cannot make it lah, liddat.


This rotten Chinese New Year weather isn't helping at all either. It's hot, hot, hot on the island all day, every day. Like an oven plus a sauna combined, minus the cool shower after. Super beh tahan. Makes me wanna go for a swim in the pools I have in the condo I live in in PJ. (Not that I've ever taken a dip in them since I moved in but don't judge. =p) Too bad here no pool so that means no dip and no cooling down.


Cannot make it lah, liddat.


And I tell you, the cold North winds are killing my skin lah. So freaking dry I can scratch and use the flakey skin to powder my nose wth. No need to buy make-up already. Best part is that I don't bring moisturisers along with me when I travel so... I've been using the Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream I always carry in my handbag. ON MY LEGS. T_T That's like bathing with facial wash, wei!


Cannot make it lah, liddat.


I'm sure there's more for me to fuss over but... Sorry lah. Rant over for now. I can't keep my eyes open any longer. Haha. Gotta hit the sack before I start dripping drool on my MBP. Plus, I don't want to wake up with the Mac keyboard etched to the side of my face either. Got a lunch date with an old, old kindergarten classmate and as it always is with girls, I'm sure we'll be taking pictures so I'd appreciate a face free from the signs of QWERTY. That wan really cannot make it. Haha. G'night. Zzz...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When Pam Song Bakes, Strange Things Happen

Mee, put me in charge of preparing scones this CNY. A totally un-CNY-ish dish, I know. But she's got a recipe Dee's staff luuurrvve so... scones for CNY it was! (Yes, dear visitors, you ate what I made. Although I'm pretty sure I didn't re-use any spilt flour from my bakespace, I can't guarantee I washed my hands before mixing the dough. Tee hee. Happy Chinese New Year, y'all. =p)

ANYHOO, her instruction
was to roll the dough into balls.

I did better.

Tee hee.

This was what Mr Face looked like pre-bake.

Check him out after he got a tan!

It's like he just came back
from sunny beaches of Boracay, yo!


But wait. I wasn't done with it yet.
I put Mr Face onto a plate and got back to work...

2 minutes, some jam and a few squirts
of fluffy whipped cream later...


Haha. And... that's all, folks!

I hope your CNY has been
as "productive" as mine. =)

Monday, February 15, 2010


The first lou sang session I had this year was a surprise one I semi-crashed. (Unintentionally, I might add. -_-) Was feeling under the weather but I threw colourful food in the air with The Owner and friends at Seapark anyways. Turned out to be a pretty fun night, that one. =)

But that's not the point of this post. This is:

Part II for me came a few days after when the Then-&-Nows of MCKL's Open Territory Members met up for a pre-CNY dinner. =)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the crew.

L to R (Top Row): Dennis the Menace, didjital, B-Boy, K, Astronaut;
(Bottom Row): Diam, Ah Boon, Lamé, Duh Roads, Yours Truly.

FYI, Dennis the Menace and didjital are ex-MCKL staff. (Pfft! You betrayers, you!) The rest of the crew are current MCKL staff Рthe newest member of the family being Lam̩, of course. Semua komplain banyak tapi masih mau makan gaji MCKL. HAHA. No shame lah, we all. Really no shame. Haha.

Ok. Enough about that.
It's lou sang time!

We had K do the honours and... trust me when I say that the boy does not know head or tail about what to do with the sauces and powders. Don't believe me, ask the rest! First step with the lemon and salmon already salah kau kau. HAHAHA. (Sorry, inside joke. Only funny if you were there. =p) But don't feel left out. You can laugh at this:

I managed to capture a picture of him
realising his mistake. Tee hee. =p

Anyways, we all just close one eye lah. Personally, I don't really care cos I just play with yee sang. I don't really eat it. =p And... as expected, we made a royal mess of everything. Hahaha. But whatever. My theory with yee sang is this: When you lou, the greater the mess, the better. =p

Oh, and I tried a slice of the yee sang salmon this time around (cos I kiasu and I feel I must do my best to eat my money's worth during group meals -_-). Regret kau kau. It tasted like stale socks. (Not that I've tried tasting that before. *cough cough*) Blergh.


Thank goodness the other dishes were relatively good.

We had roasted duck, stir-fried broccoli, fish with teochew gravy, some kind of pork in sweet sauce, chicken in yam basket... and one or two other dishes I can't remember. Highlight for me was the Sizzling Plate Taufoo, of course. =p

Well, we had a good time catching up with the "lost sheep" that night. ("Lost Sheep" means: Dennis the Menace and didjital, of course. *rolls eyes*) Good to introduce the newbies to the oldies, too. Just to keep things tight between the Open Territory fellows of Then & Now. =)

And since it's a reunion we ended the night
with a couple of customary group shots.

The serious one...

All pretend act zheng keng. AND WHY THE HECK

And the regular nonsense one...

It was a good night out, guys.
We should do it again sometime. =)

And to the rest of you, dear readers of Tinki Talks, I hope you have an awessum possum CNY 2010 that brings awessum possum singleton tax returns. =p

Happy Chinese New Year, y'all! =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY Realisation

KL people LOOOVE to lou sang.
Penang people... don't. Hmmm.

Why ah?

Valentine's Day: Special Home Delivery

February 14th came a day early
for me this year. Look! Look!

Haha. That's right!
Me gots flowersss yesterday!!!

And surprise surprise, they were delivered right to my home in Penang! A funny story that wasn't saved from hiccups, actually. Haha.

Come, come. I tell you. =p

The delivery man kinda blew the surprise cos he called me to ask for directions. HAHA. (Ok, lah. That wan I admit, not totally his fault. I live behind some obscure Malay kampung on a road that leads nowhere in an apartment that's right next to a dead end. -_- No kidding.) Worse still, after I gave him directions, he said, "Eh, I pergi minum kopi dulu baru datang ye?" Wth. Delivery man – FAIL. Haha.


Check out the whole bouquet.

19 pretty white-ish roses surrounded by a whole buncha purple I-dunno-called-what flowers I shall refer to as purple floral trimmings from now on. =p

Can't stop looking at 'em. =)

They're sitting on my dressing table now. =p




Pam Song

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Have Evil Friends

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So, you met some of my new weekend hang-out crew yesterday. Today, you'll meet the rest of their crew. The boys, they all go waaay back. Think: Uni days spent in triple-occupancy rooms in high density student blocks.

– namely NB and Cauliboo –

Anyhoo, I was down with some weird bug last weekend but The Owner made dinner plans so I was asked to tag along. Thinking it was another one of our regular no-frills-no-trills dinners with Soot (who shall now officially be referred to as Kari Kai here on Tinki Talks *big-ass grin* sorry, inside joke *can't stop grinning*), The Couple and Ah Pek (I'll intro him to you later), I went along. Looking like Death had just run me over, mind you. -_-'

The Owner forgot to mention one little detail, though. IT WAS THEIR FRIGGIN' CHINESE NEW YEAR REUNION DINNER! Like, wth?!? (Remember how I told you I looked like Death just ran me over??? -_-''')

But I'm glad I went in the end lah. I had pretty a good time. And I finally met Indian. (Again, you'll get to put the nickname to a face later. This one's a no brainer, of course. He's the only Indian in the group. =p)

But of course, the highlight of the night
was lou-ing the yee sang. =D


Before we found chopsticks. Mr G's (he's aronil's bf) hands
were the only ones missing from this pic. Hmmm.

1, 2, 3... LOU!!!

We really regret just taking pictures and not recording the lou-ing session. You should have heard the nonsense these fellas shouted, man. Haha. Money, career, marriage, kids – what topic also they shout. It was crazy hilarious!

But after all that fun, we sat down for some REAL food.
(I don't really like eating yee sang. I prefer playing with it. =p)

Now, you get to meet the
something-something varsity crew.

The Owner... being gross as always.

From Left to Right: The Owner sitting next to The Couple.

From Left to Right: aronil, Mr G and Indian.

From Left to Right: Indian, Ah Pek and The Owner.

We were all so noisy that I think we scared the other patrons away. And then we tebal muka and stayed till we were the very last to leave. Haha. But it was all good. Chinese New Year celebration ma! =p

This is only the beginning.
LOU SANG: Part II, to come soon!

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Playing RISK, LOTR Style

Remember that not-so-random post I published some time ago? Well, here comes the explanation three whole weeks later. =p

Meet the very-colourful LOTR Risk Board.

Look quite cool, right? Haha.
And gosh, those tiny people are crazy KIUTS!

But wait. Let me begin by saying I don't know head or tail about playing Risk. Don't know the rules and never even saw the board before the night I first played. BUT... I'm not the kind of girl to back down from a challenge. So, when The Owner said, "Girls cannot play Risk wan lah," with a scoff, I knew I just had to show him how I roll. Don't mess with Penang cha bo. Sure die.

There was another girl in da haus so she and I decided to go girls against guys. We were the good guys and the boys were the bad. NATURALLY.

Meet my yellow army.

You can call us The Butterians.

The boys (a.k.a THE ENEMIES) thought I was silly for arranging them in neat rows. PFFT! Boys and their allergy to good-looking, purposeless order. *rolls eyes and flicks hair* They just ain't played with us gals before so they don't know how we usually do it in da hood damn I really need to stop talking liddat or it's really gonna stick and that'd be shit and totally uncool thank you for listening I'll stop talking now.

Now, where was I?

Oh yes... neat rows. =)

Check out it, yo.

Perfectly aligned. Such a disciplined army.
Haha. No wonder can be VICTORIOUS! =p


Yellow (Butter) and Green (Lawn) are the good guys.
Red (Cherries) and Black (Soot) are the bad guys.


Look at it again! Haha!

Green, Yellow, Black... and one Red.

One more time! One more time!


And if you're wondering why Red's looking mighty lonely in the picture (top-left corner – just in case you missed it cos it's so so very small and so so very solo *grin*), it's cos Lawn and I massively spilled blood (in this case, cherry juice =p) that night.

RARR!!! Kill, kill, kill! No mercy. Full wipe-out. Massacre. Hardcore style. RAWR! Now, check out the faces of the losers that night. =p

Ladies and gentlemen,
meet The Owner a.k.a Cherries
and The Housemate 2 a.k.a Soot.

But don't dwell on the faces of losers.
Look at the glowing faces of WINNERS instead!!!

Here are the necessary introductions:
Lawn and Mr Teacher are dating.
I sometimes call them The Couple.

Ok. Moving on...

Lawn and I work well together. She's very strategic and very power crazy. Gila wanna conquer only. Me, I take risks. Big risks. I don't mind losing army fellows. And I toss dices well. She covers my ass when I go on a rampage and I kill so she gets to move in on the bad guys. See? Perfect together. =D

But I shan't ignore her bf, Mr Teacher. Without his superb guidance and well-thought out strategy, Lawn and I couldn't possibly have won. =) (See??? I always give credit where credit's due. How honourable of me! =p)

And now to end this post,
ok lah, ok. I give face this time.
Let you have one more look
at the two losers of the night.

Tee hee.

Sorry, boys.

You got beaten by GIRLS
whom you said can't play Risk.