Sunday, April 30, 2017

Making A House A Home

The Husband and I have been living in KL for about 5.5 years now. (I moved back down to be with him a few months after we got married.) In these 5.5 years, I've moved a total of 4 times. Yes, FOUR. FREAKING. TIMES. πŸ˜… Crazy, right?

The first move was from Penang down to Mont Kiara in KL. 4 months later, we moved to Subang cos ugh, don't get me started on the MK jam. We lived in Subang for about 2 years then moved to our current condo. A year later, we moved down the hall to another unit in the same block of the same condo. LOL. #gila

Anyway, I've kinda unintentionally resisted setting up home in these houses cos... well, we've somewhat always talked about moving back to Penang someday. So, at the back of my mind, I thought – why put in any effort or throw in any money into a place we won't stay very long at? Doesn't make sense, right? At least that was what I thought at the time.

But now, I'm beginning to think differently. 

Mainly cos my dream of moving into our own home back in Penang is very quickly becoming a reality that is always just beyond my reach. πŸ™ That one dream that still eludes me and escapes my grasp each and every time. πŸ˜” It always seems like we're making plans to head back this year. But "this year" always turns into "next year" and then "not now" and "see how". 😒 Still, it's a dream that I hope never becomes "never". πŸ™

So yes, it looks like we're here to stay for now.

It's a little of a "yay" and a little of a "nay" for me, to be honest. I've always loved being in KL because my church, my friends and my work are all here. But there's just something about having your own home, decorated with your own stuff, in your own style, with everything placed, set and done your way, that's just so deeply fulfilling and satisfying for a woman. Plus, the feeling of permanence that comes with living in your own home just makes a big difference.

Thing is, although the store room in our Penang house is filled with boxes upon boxes of MYSALE steals, Daiso buys, random decorative stuff and other kitchen knick-knacks from everywhere possible by now πŸ“¦πŸ“¦πŸ“¦ – household hoarding is my secret joy and financial Achilles heel πŸ˜… – I've not unpacked any of it. Why? Cos I've always wanted to unpack it all in my own space. Very idealistic, I know. So I've waited. And waited. And waited. ⏱

Until now. Cos... screw it lah!
I'm tired of waiting to be happy. 😀

Some of my latest buys are still in KL so I've decided to just unpack and use them NOW rather than later. It's time to make this house our home. #determined

Side table and geometric tea light holder
from MYSALE. Potted plant from SSF.

Kids organising bins from MYSALE.

I really love how easy and convenient preparing the kids for school is now that I've started using these bins. JZ's stuff are on the left half and JJ's stuff are on the right half. This includes school bags, library books, uniforms, PE attires, socks, underwear and diapers – everything in one place without me having to run in and out of the bedroom for anything before rushing them off to school. A winning buy that's totally worth the money! #score

Serving tray, wooden brain teasers and wooden tissue box
from MYSALE. Table from IKEA.

Some brain teasers in the middle of the hall to entertain the guests we're looking forward to having over now that we've integrated ourselves into our cell at SIBKL. (We ended up hosting hangout night with some cellmates 2 weeks ago.) God has really been good to us. He brought us to the perfect cell with all right dynamics, the same maturity, and the perfect psychographics for us to thrive and feel comfortable in. Yay! 

Anyhoo, I digress. 

Back to the subject at hand.

Tray table from MYSALE.

 Glass vases from MYSALE. Photo frames from IKEA.
Lavender potted plant from SSF.

This is a difficult wall to address cos it's right next to my bedroom door. Put anything too big there and it blocks the entryway. Anything too small, and it seems odd and out of place. I can't decide if I want this setup here permanently cos it's a little low but, it'll do for now. I think the pictures help breathe a little more life into this little corner of the house, though. I'm kinda glad I decided to remove them from our bedroom bookshelf and put them out here. 

Table and colourful kiddie bookshelf from MYSALE.
Table lamp from IKEA. Diffuser from Young Living.

Put these in one corner of our bedroom. (That wall was left empty before and the diffuser was diffusing from the floor.) They help make the room feel more organised, personalised and lived-in. I plan to get a 2-seater sofa and/or a work table to effectively use up the rest of the space in front of our bed. Hopefully I find something nice and cheap! Haha. SSF, maybe?

Aiya, there's more ID and sprucing up to be done once I get my stuff from Penang back to KL la. I can't wait to get to it! πŸ€— But bringing all back down is going to take a whole lotta trips up and down the North-South. Not an easy feat considering we always travel back to Penang with the kids and a helper so there's hardly any empty space in the car to begin with.

Also, filling in the little gaps around the house will require spending more money at SSF, MYSALE, IKEA and Daiso. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ (These seem to be the only places I shop at, eh?) You'd be surprised how much the miscellaneous things can cost! So, Imma really have to pace myself on that one lest I go broke trying. 😁

Oh well, at least I'll be a happy woman
eating white bread and plain porridge
in my very pretty home. 😝