Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I think lah. Some people say that I'm taxable, some people say I'm not. So I guess I'm going to go ahead and believe the people who tell me what I like to hear. That I'm NOT taxable! Woo hoo!

*blink blink*

Waaaaiiittt a minute. But then again... technically, that same reality also means that after a whole year of working (not that it's soooo long lah) I'm still earning peanuts. Damn.


Si Liao Laaa

Nuffnang so nice. Gimmie ad. =)

But everytime I see this ad...

...I stress out.

It reminds me that I HAVEN'T SUBMITTED MY INCOME TAX YET!!! How!? Firstly, I haven't done it before so I'm super noob when it comes to the thousands of borangs (i.e. forms) that I'm required to fill. Secondly, I don't know where to go to get my online pin number so that's going to be a problem. Thirdly, I wouldn't know how to even use the online system. (Don't know the web address, in the first place.) Fourthly, I don't even know if I'm taxable! HOW NOW!?!


How much do tax consultants
charge for their services?

Better yet...

Does anybody know a tax consultant
who's up for handling a charity case?

*puppy dog eyes*

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Going Through The Comments

I'm very secretly pleased with some of the comments I received following this morning's post. Haha. Apparently, my sudden 24-hour hiatus came as a shocker to quite a few readers. Tee hee. I love keeping you guys on your toes. Predictability is boring. And Random always rocks. =p

Anyway, it's good to know that you guys look forward to the crap I publish. Haha. Always good to know. And yes, you guessed right. I've been busy. Very. Plus, it didn't help that I had a hardcore bout of sleeplessness the night before last (couldn't sleep and eventually fell asleep at 7AM... and my alarm rang at 8:15AM) so that kinda totally knocked me out by yesterday night.

But enough about that.

Check out my 3 favourite comments:

Recent reader and new friend. Good suggestion
at the end there. Shall make a mental note. =p

Penuh sincerity. Plus, it's always nice
when silent readers reveal themselves.

Funny how people always manage to find
all sorts of things to blame others for. Haha.

Am still busy as hell. But you see, I so nice.
Update twice already today. Say, "Thank you."

So Blah

I can't believe that it's only Tuesday.
So tired can die. Sigh.-_-

And I still can't believe that I didn't blog at all yesterday. Can you believe that!? ME! PAMSONG! Not blogging for a day!? No publishing of posts at all for more than 24 hours!? Impossible! If it wasn't me, I'd say you went loony for a bit.

"Pam Song? Never post?
Why you like to talk nonsense?"

But it IS me. And I DIDN'T post.


Dang it lah. My job and working hours on a whole is eating waaay too much into my already-very-unsocial life. Mananye work-life balance ni!? Grrr. Oh, and I think I'm getting sick. -_- How wonderful.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Men Want To Get Married

Remember my post on wedding bells last week? *click here to read* Well, it got me thinking a little and I've been on a personal silent-research project since. And today, I've decided that I shall finally REVEAL THE RESULT OF MY RESEARCH!!!

Pay attention.

My finding is shocking but true, so sit tight
and make sure you don't fall off your seats.

A shift has taken place, ladies and gentlemen! In this modern world we live in, it's now the MEN who want to get married first.


A friend of mine has her bf talking about marriage after just 2 or 3 months into the relationship. I mean, like, hello. You order car also cannot come in three months, okay. Here's you're expressing your undying love and a lifetime together already? Wow. Those are premature thoughts. BUT... it's good to know that the guy's the marrying kind (or a sweet talker). And it's always nice to know that the person he sees a future with, is the woman he's with. (Why date when there's no intention to marry, right?)

I'm not the kind of girl who gila mau kahwin wan lor. I mean, if it's the right guy, at the right time, for the right reasons, then... sure. Why not? You know you're going to spend the rest of your lives together already anyways. So why not let forever begin sooner? But I know of many girls who just wanna get married. No matter what. With no matter whom. So salah.

But that's besides the point.
We're talking about men now.

I did a quick check with my wedded colleagues and all of them (female) have said that when they were proposed to, they weren't aware that their men were looking at marriage already (but of course, they said, "Yes," and shed tears of joy during the proposal anyways lah). One even received her proposal after only a year and a half of dating! (Actually, I think a year and a half is okay lah if both are already working. Date too long not healthy wan.)

Now this discovery actually birthed a second leg to my research and I then went about trying to understand WHY these men weren't as commitment phobic as TV always tells us men are. The following are some possible reasons:

1. A marriage no longer implies a signing off of all his worldly goods. Believe you me, men work really hard to reach their dream of becoming the next Warren Buffett. They save and invest and save and invest with hopes that the zeros in their bank account multiply in the shortest time possible. So since (most) women also work nowadays, marriage no longer comes in the way of men achieving that dream. (No matter what you choose to believe, money is still a factor lah, okay? Even in love.) That way, it makes it easier for them to choose to commit.

2. A man needs a home keeper. Most men move out of their family homes when they enter the working world. And in this case, having a wife around really helps considering what pigs most men are. With a little extra loving, your woman will gladly wash, cook, clean, vacuum and care for you. All you need to do is love her! Hello, worth it or not, I ask you??? Get maid also more expensive lah. And trust me... men always do their Math. If commitment means a well kept home filled with love, no wonder they're all going for it.

3. A man knows that time is money. And if you're not living together, all that traveling time means money!!! Time on the road is time you can put to use more productively if you had a life and a home together. Marriage means no more getting stuck in peak hour jams so you can go home, shower and head off to see your darling in time for dinner. It also means no more late night drives and worrisome sleeping hours cos there won't be any 'going home' after you've had your night out together. You'll be going to bed WITH her. Can tidur terus already. And more sleep means optimal working performance, right? See, it's good for your career, too! Plus, imagine the money you'd save on petrol. (Eh, petrol prices going up again ah?)

4. Men want the security of knowing that others know that their woman is officially (and legally) off the market. With women being so 'out there' at the workplace nowadays, there's really no limit to the number guys she meets on the job. Hence, having a ring or a band around her finger does wonders in keeping buzzing flies at bay. It may not be a fail proof plan, but it helps big time. (Of course, depending on your girl and her manner of interaction with the guys she hangs out with lah. Cos if she memang damn kau miang, nothing in the world is going to help.)

5. It's easier to even think about getting married when you know that both parties will be contributing to the wedding expenses. Weddings don't come cheap these days and of course, if you're going to get married only ONCE in this lifetime, I'm sure you'll want to make it a day to remember. And memorable days usually cost more than your average day, right? So with women working, it's going to be much easier making that day a reality. Sure, if it's 'a guy thing' to pay for most of the expenses, then by all means, go ahead. But I'm sure there are things she can help out with without bruising your manly ego. Like say, her gowns. Or her accessories. Or flowers. Or keepsakes for the guests. Whatever lah. As long as you know she's totally in it with you... with her bank account, too.

6. Men know that ten ten ten means uh uh uh. With the True Love Waits movement, religious teachings and all that, more and more women around the world are keeping themselves sexually abstinent before marriage. And men being men, well... need I say more?

7. The male's worldview on marriage and love has changed. No longer are men just looking for a spouse to play maid and to produce babies. They're also looking for somebody to love. And manja. And ayang. And they also want somebody who can love, manja and ayang them back unconditionally, too! They want connection and mutual affection with their marriage. Not just a baby factory and a maid.

8. Men find that their woman is their 'secret place'. And they like it. Being the alpha male at the workplace can be trying and tiring at times. Always having to be so tough and in control all the time. It's not easy. So it's always nice to be able to go home to that secret place where you can be babied and taken care of every single day of your life. In her arms where you can relax and just be yourself. No pretenses. No trying to impress the people around you. And yet, you find that the person still loves you no matter what, understands what your going through and supports you as you go through it.

These are mere speculations on my part
but I think I made some sense.

Love the back detailing. Snitched this pic off
a bridal mag I read at Add Audio last month.
Editing has been done, though. As always.

What I Learned From The Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang Blogger Movie Meet

Who said it was all fun and games? There's always something to learn in everything you do. (I'm such a hypocrite. =p) And with that outing, I learnt to CAMWHORE IN STYLE. Haha.

Introductions first: You know what the scariest part of going out with hardcore bloggers is? I'll tell you what it is. It's the cameras. Those big, killer, I-can-break-your-skull-with-this kinda cameras.

Killer cams.

With that, the lesson begins.

Nadia and Amy enjoying a
girlie camwhore moment.

Like, hello??? Ladies, you don't camwhore with a DSLR, okayyy. So salah! Nanti tangan terpatah. No, no. You do it tastefully. Stylishly. With class.

With a regular digicam.

Kelz, me and Aronil 'doing it right'.

Like so.

Or you just do it simplistically.
No thrills. No frills. No fluff.

With a mobile phone.

Love the way it looks just like an empty cinema. =)

Like so.

Aronil and I.

See! Picture still come out okay wat!
No need try gaya with DSLR and all that.

Don't understand some people. -_-

p/s: This post is a spin-off from my previous post
entitled Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pressie For Me!

Tee hee.

But never come yet lah. Haha. It'll only arrive in May. Flying in by air. Quite hi-fi. Haha. So yeah, May. But wheee anyways! =)


Artist: The Cranberries
Song Title: Linger

If you, if you could return
Don't let it burn, don't let it fade
I'm sure I'm not being rude, but it's just your attitude
And it's tearing me apart, it's ruining every day

I swore, I swore I would be true
And honey, so did you
So why were you holding her hand? Is that the way we stand?
Were you lying all the time? Was it just a game to you?

But I'm in so deep
You know I'm such a fool for you
You've got me wrapped around your finger
Do you have to let it linger?
Do you have to? Do you have to?
Do you have to let it linger?

Oh, I thought the world of you
I thought nothing could go wrong
But I was wrong, I was wrong

If you, if you could get by
Trying not to lie
Things wouldn't be so confused and I wouldn't feel so used
But you always really knew, I just want to be with you

And I'm in so deep
You know I'm such a fool for you
You've got me wrapped around your finger
Do you have to let it linger?
Do you have to? Do you have to?
Do you have to let it linger?

And I'm in so deep
You know I'm such a fool for you
You've got me wrapped around your finger
Do you have to let it linger?
Do you have to? Do you have to?
Do you have to let it linger?

You know I'm such a fool for you
You've got me wrapped around your finger
Do you have to let it linger?
Do you have to? Do you have to?
Do you have to let it linger?

We're all fools in love. And sometimes, we're even happy being that way. But it never really lasts, does it? Cos in the end, Reality wins. And Foolishness has brought with it pain, suffering and hurt. Sure, there are memories. But that's about all they are, right? Memories – soon to be covered by the sands of time. Buried and never to be seen again. Not until we dig them up again in another bout of foolishness.

I'm being the typical emo twit right now. I know.

And it really sucks being emo when you've
got nobody to emo to. Or better yet, emo with.

p/s: Writing this post made me realise that I never really knew the lyrics of the song. Funny how I always thought I did. I mean, I could sing along to it and all. But I was wrong. I never really knew. Looks like self-deception's my thing now.

I'm Looking For A Certain Connection

...but I can't find it.

You know, it's disturbing when you have conversations with a person whom you feel isn't really there. Like, they're there but... they're not there. On MSN, on the phone, in the same room, or even physically lying by your side, on the same bed, holding your hand... but still MIA. It happens. You talk, and then you realise... they're there, but they're just not connecting with you. Not mentally. Or worse... not emotionally. That conversation you think you're having, it's called 'going through the motions.' And to me, that's not communicating. That's not a conversation. It's just soulless dialogue.

I don't know what to make of it. It's like a switch suddenly gets flipped and the lights just go out. Sometimes, even without warning. And it frustrates me. This state of incommunicado. It frustrates me a lot. Why isn't there a connection? Why am I not allowed in? Why am I being shut out? Why am I left to wonder about these whys? Why?

And the worst part is this: Knowing that it's not unintentional. That there's no, "I'm actually pretty tired," no, "It's been a long day," no, "I've got a splitting headache right now," to blame. That's when you know that the doors have closed. And they're not behind you.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Like, Do I Know You?

You know that infamous tag board
from Innit that I blogged about before?

Screenshot taken at 2253 hours.

Well, there are people abusing the tagging system.

Take Mr Syuxx from Innit here, for instance. He like super abuse the system lor! (I'm gonna assume that it's a 'he'. Just because.) He tags his posts 'pamsong' but there's NOTHING in his posts that's even relatively about me or my blog.

Mr Syuxx's non-pamsong-related posts with 'pamsong' tags.

See!!! And don't say I perasan or anything cos I really don't think that there's another pamsong roaming Innit lor! (If there is, I'm the real one, okay. Really. Never bluff. She da copycat. Not me. I ori stuff. She pirated. Promise.)

The dude so doesn't know what a tag is.

And then today, I found another budak gatal using my
name in his list of tags. Suka suka only he guna.

And I tell you, if anything, this fella took
tagging to the next level lah. Look at this:
His tag is a whole question!!!

*frowns with confusion*

What is with these people?!


Girls and flowers – they come together.
(Okay, fine. That was lame. My excuse? It's been a long day.)

If you've got a girlfriend, you should know that. If you didn't know that, I'm going to assume that you don't have a girlfriend. Cos you don't deserve one if you didn't know that. And no, I'm not being mean. What got me started on this?


*points below*

Our combined gift to a female colleague
(the girl who always loves my touch)
whose birthday happens to be tomorrow.
Smelt like heaven wrapped in fancy paper.

Aren't we the nicest colleagues ever???

Girls will always understand girls lah, right? Girls know that flowers are such a waste of money. And sure, we know that they'll eventually wilt and die. But we also know that we love and want them anyways in spite of that. We just tell you we don't. But we do. Really. And getting them from other girls beats not getting them at all so... this is what we often settle for.

Stealing them works, too. Cheaper also.
(I can't believe I just said that.)

It's pathetic, really. I've resorted to stealing flowers from Bianco every time I pay them a visit. Problem? It's getting increasingly hard for me to do that nowadays. I think they've started keeping an eye out for me. Grrr.

Flowers that are currently on my desk at home.
Stolen Rescued from Bianco on the 11th of April 2008.
It's been 2 weeks and they still look fab. Quite tahan lasak.

I wish flowers didn't cost as much. =(


Top 10 bay-beh!!!

Screenshot at 1527 hours. (Apparently,
it was this way since 1430 hours.)

Who says people who don't know each other in real life
(i.e. online friendships) can't make a difference?

This is just the beginning. =)

Conquering Innit

I was so excited when I saw the Innit Most Popular board this morning. Check it out, yo! 9 Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang posts made it to the Most Popular list! NINE!!!

Screenshot at 1231 hours.

How cool is that??? And since PinkPau's post was only 44 minutes shy of getting bumped to This Week's Most Popular list, it seemed promising that the lot of us could actually conquer Innit!

And then I went out to tapau lunch.

Came back all excited and rearing myself up for the sight of all 10 posts having the words Definitely Maybe and Gang Bang in them but... no, it wasn't meant to be.

Screenshot at 1334 hours.




Grrr. So potong.

Oh well, looking on the bright side,
at least we conquered Top 9. Haha. =p

Thoughts At 3

My mind is filled with thoughts. Thoughts of maybes. Useless maybes. It's another one of those nights. Sigh. Stupid Insomnia's back again. (Curse the sleep killer.) I've got an early morning and a sleepless night is NOT going to help. Such bad timing. As always.

Maybe I should take my Masters. Always wanted to. Why not now? No better time than this, right? Maybe I should upgrade my RAM. I could always do with a faster computer. Maybe I should go on a solo vacation someday. I'm sure it'd help me clear my head. Perhaps even give me a fresh outlook on life. Time alone is always good. Maybe I should go back to Penang for good. I'd have a better life (and better health) there. Maybe I should make breakfast every morning. (As if waking up now isn't already difficult as it is. *rolls eyes*) Maybe I should get myself a DSLR. Or inherit one *hint hint* Maybe I should keep some sleeping pills nearby. They'd be lots of help on nights like these. Maybe I should blog more often. I've been slacking off the past few weeks (though not intentionally). Or maybe I should just stop blogging altogether. It's always gotten me into trouble some way or another. Maybe I should make tomyam mee now.

Yeah, I think I'll make tomyam mee. And while I eat,
I'll think about some other maybes to occupy my mind.

Definitely Gang, Maybe Bang

NOTE: This is gonna be a picture heavy post. If you're not on broadband... well, you're pretty much screwed. Tee hee. Enjoy!


We did it. We actually did it! Remember that Blogger Movie Meet I was talking about last week? Well, we pulled it off! First, meet my co-organiser, the infamous Mr YapThomas of the famous YapThomas-Narymama Innit Scandal.

Pam Song and YapThomas at McDonald's, Cineleisure.

To be honest, it was damn scary to plan things with him lor. (Yes, the can is open, let's let the worms out. Haha.) Thoughts running through my head before the event include: "Eh, what if he ffk me?! Then ma die!!! How to handle so many bloggers alone!?" "Hmmm. Dunno if anybody will show up or not considering his online reputation so cha." "IF THE BUGGER FFK ME, I'LL KILL HIM AND FEED HIS BONES TO STRAYS!!!" Thank goodness I never say 'meat'. The fella got no meat. Only bones. Haha. So yeah, I was thinking all that. But hey, at least I'm honest. =p

I'd say that the success rate was pretty high. We had a total of 17 bloggers show up. Minus Charlie who somehow came but never managed to find us. =( The 17 were:

1. pamsong
2. YapThomas
3. Yatz
4. David Cheong
5. amb3r1te
6. joshuaongys
7. Sheon
8. Choo Hwei Ming
9. aronil
10. Kellster
11. Narymama
12. Nigelais
13. Stanley
14. Randy Khoo
15. Aaron Ho
16. Michelle
17. Dillon

Not a bad crowd for a spontaneous meet,
if you ask me. Haha. Not bad at all.

17 tickets for 17 bloggers.

The same 17 tickets in MY hands.

I'm into the messy look.

Random is a form of order.

You can actually tell how organized YapThomas is and how disorganized his co-organizer is from those two pics. =p

As planned, most of us showed up at McD's before the show to have lunch together. As always, Malaysian timing was the rule of the day with both organziers being one of the last few to show up. Haha. I think the rest panicked for a bit. I blame YapThomas' reputation.

We had a lot of lounging around.

I can't believe I had my tai-tai hands out. Haha.
And I
don't even remember what I was talking about!

I was bored. I think Shortness was, too.
Look at that face. Haha. So bored can die.

So we decided to have an on-the-spot phone sale.
(Some people just wanted to show off their new phones. *rolls eyes*)

A bit tak laku. Then the killer DSLRs came out.

And then the fun really started. Haha!
Time to camwhore like we're famous. =p

Sheon's not ready. Haha.

One more time!

Back (from left to right): Aronil, me, Sheon, David Cheong.
Front (from left to right): Michelle, YapThomas, Amy.

And then Aronil went into some anti-Pam Song mode.

Aronil's hand blocking my face.

She refused to let anybody take pics of me.
Not just once, but MANY MANY TIMES!

Until people started taking pictures
of my half-finished french fries instead.


French fries tambah garam. Yums.

So I mogok and insisted on a retake. =p

My fries and I.

Barulah happy! Haha. Narcissism rules.

And then the clock struck 2:30pm. That means MOVIE TIME! But us being us, we just had to take a group picture first lah. Haha. All bloggers ma. Sure wanna blog about this. Haha.

Nadia and Nigel.

As soon as the cameras appeared, started lah.
All the camwhore queens (and kings)
automatically started getting into position. Haha.

Michelle, Amy, Kellster, Aronil, Randy and Dillon.
(See, guys love camwhoring, too!)

But take my word for it. No use wan.
Not until THE photographer makes his move.

Hwei Ming swiftly taking his place
as semi-official group cameraman.

Then only you start posing.

While the camera man gets his part-time assistant ready.

Haha. Okay okay. Enough about us
and our need to always be in the pics.
Time for the movie – Definitely Maybe.

I can't stand the fact that it's missing an 'e'. -_-

And thanks to our intensive photo-taking session, we ended up walking in late. Oh, it didn't help that SOME people had to go pee pee. So the rest of us ended up lounging again right outside the cinema.

We love blocking the way. It makes us feel big shot.

The movie was okay lah. Not the kinda show you watch at the cinema but... nice, all the same. I liked it. The ending was a total let down but I guess it's the kind of let down that you'd already see coming before it arrives. BUT HEY! It's not the movie. It's the company that counts. (Everybody, this is your cue to go 'Awww'.)

Us after the movie.

I like it better in black and white. =)

We went for a short yamcha session after just to talk and hang a little. The point of blogger meets is to bridge the gap between our online personalities and our real selves. As I said before, it's so you know the blogger behind the blog.

Us exchanging contacts. Linora, me, Kellster and Aaron.

On the way out of Cineleisure, the lot of us managed another short camwhore session. (Did you even think we'd do otherwise? Haha.) This time we broke up into little groups. =p

Kellster and I.

The lighting was real nice.
So we took more pics. Haha.

Us again. Woman, why you never tell me you're going
to pull a face??? I'm great at pulling faces, too!

Aronil joining in the fun.

Kellster, me and Aronil. Love this pic. =)

Oh! And I hurriedly grabbed a shot
with Stanley. He's TAAAAALLLLLLL.

And no, I wasn't bending my knees or anything. LOOK!


I'm warning you, I'll give you this look.

Somehow, Royalshortness caught me
looking super aunty. Haha. *shy*

Even the guys look extra short
in his presence, okayyy. See!

Stanley, Nigel, me and RoyalSHORTness.

But enough about height issues. It can be a tad sensitive to some people. Right, Shortness? =p (Sorry, couldn't resist a stab at ya. Haha. Who ask you to choose that nick?)

Loyal reader Joshua and I. Hooded.

As I was saying, we went yamcha-ing.

Yamcha-ing after the movie at
some mini restaurant at The Curve.

Was good catching up, yeah?
So... here's to the Blogger Movie Meet crew.

FRONT (from left to right): Aaron, Pam Song, Michelle,
Amy, Kellster, Nadia, Linora, Joshua, Randy.
BACK (from left to right): Yatz, YapThomas, Hwei Ming,
Stanley, David Cheong, Sheon, Dillon, Nigel.

The first ever Blogger Movie Meet,
brought to you by total strangers to one another
before this meet – YapThomas and Pam Song.

We hope you enjoyed yourselves!

The 'free man', Nigel's handiwork.
I want his job. Haha.

May there be many, many more outings. Aronil and I already have one in the works so stay tuned for more info. =)

* Pictures courtesy of (in alphabetical order) Aaron, Amy,
David Cheong, Hwei Ming, Kellster, Nadia, Nigel and Yatz. All pictures are not in their original versions and have been edited by Pam Song. (Sorry, guys. I'm anal that way. =p)