Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purple & Green

Two of what is arguably my favourite
seasonal fruit in our theme colour.
Courtesy of Suki's momma. =D

e-Card, Whee Card!

I really don't know what I ever did to
deserve the friends I've been blessed with. =)


Thank you so much, babe.
Can't wait to see you next Friday! =D

Pam Song

Note To Self

From now on, don't bother lifting a finger to help others. Cos nobody really appreciates help when it's offered; only when it's asked. Worse, when things go wrong, it all automatically becomes YOUR fault. So it's best to just let others be. Keep your hands in your pockets, and your good intentions to yourself. >(

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

29 Ways To Stay Creative

Bad Move Liao Laaa...

Pam Song: Eh, should I re-dye my hair ah? Is the colour difference obvious? Cos if it's not, I don't really feel like dyeing my hair again. :-/

Hair & MUA: Dye la. Nicer ma. =)

1 week later...

 Sitting in the stylists' chair and getting
a ridiculous temporary centre parting. -_-'

 Cut = heartache.

 Dye = sit until backside open flower.

 Get bored = take pictures.

 Treat = emergency repair after 2 hours of ruining hair.

So, yes. As you can tell, I took the MUA's advice and got my hair (cut and) coloured. AND I REGRET LIKE HELL LORRR!!! T_T I swear I look like some lala mui from Sungei Wang wei! In the sun I'm barely a heart attack away from being semi-blond!!! Like, WTH!?! -_-'''

I tell you ah... hair colour and me ah... always got problem wan. My hair makan the dye too fast. Summore the dude must have massively misunderstood me. He showed me some cacat ash colour he said was "in" but I thought it looked a bit too dull and yellowish for my liking so I asked for a RICHER colour (like dark chocolate)... not a BRIGHTER colour (like this nonsense I was given)!!! @_@


See, this is why I wanted to trust my gut and not do anything with the hair. Instead of taking the word of some make-up artist I've only met once before in my lifetime. HAIH. Si liao laaa... T_T

Wired Differently

Some pains women face, their men will never understand. Like menstrual cramps, giving birth, and leaving home to start a new life with a whole other family. ='(

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Teng Teng Teng Teng!

Haha. Another early red packet! And this time, it's from Hiyashi – an invitee to Wedding Banquet #1 who won't be able to make it. Boo hoo. Sob sob. Why everybody no wants comeee?? T_T

Green Green Things

Because a little bit of green and
a little bit of life will do our space good.

=) • T_T • :-D • ?

Smiles never run out but tears sometimes do run dry. Laughing is contagious and giggling is just plain irritating. So, smile more, cry less, laugh always and, for the love of all things good and kind, never giggle.

p/s: What the heck does a giggling smiley look like?!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Click here to view from source.

Awww... See, that's the amazing thing about blogging. I probably wouldn't recognise Boon if I bumped into him along the street, but hey, we're friends. =)


  • ...I wonder what the hell I'm doing.
  • ...I wonder if it's all going to be worth it in the end.
  • ...I think it's not and I'm going to come up short.
  • ...Others get what I deserve.
  • ...I get what I don't.
  • ...Life just doesn't play fair.
  • ...I hate my life.
  • ...I hate this place I'm at. 
  • ...I hate the position I'm in.
  • ...I hate what I'm doing.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Birthday In KRPG!

And this time, we get yummy, fluffy
cream puffs from the birthday girl!! =D

Wah, really very rewarding on the tummy to work here, man. Got cake, got pizza, and now got cream puff. Damn good la. HAHA. Happy Birthday, TGL!!! =D

TESCO, Tanjung Pinang

Damn big, damn happening, and damn bright at night.

Went there yesterday for lunch with some of the KRPG folk and found that in TESCO land, every day is a public holiday. There were so, so very many people there!! Takkan so many people don't need to work wan meh!? @_@

It was like the adults stepped in and TESCO auto-tolak-ed 30 years off their lives. They all behaved like kids in a candy store! Scurrying here and there with their playtime trolleys, fighting for free TESCO eco-bags, and collecting free pop art from McDonald's. Haha. So weird. But so fun! Lunch hour is so not enough to really explore the place. Will definitely head there again for a more thorough visit. =)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In The Mood For All Things Girly And Pink

So pretty to look at and so good to eat. =)

Stop Resisting, Start Creating

Decided I had enough of the depressing IKEA-inspired wallpaper my desktop has been sporting when I saw a girly piece of typo art on WorkIsNotAJob. Immediately decided to work it into a wallpaper and promptly got to work. 3 minutes later...

Yes, I realise it's pink. But, whatever.
May this wallpaper work its mojo and inspire me.

Joke Of The Day: More Than Meets The Eye

QUESTION: What do you call Transformer's Mummy and Daddy?

Scroll down for answer.


ANSWER: Transparent. =p

Thursday, 23 June 2011

I spent the better half of tonight updating my wedding folder, as well as replying and sending out important wedding-related emails to vendors and other relevant parties. Based on my progress tonight, I believe I could totally be a wedding planner by profession. And I'd kick some wedding planning butt while I was at it!

Anyway, before I knew it, I looked up from my comp screen, only to see the Mr Clock grinning its 2:46AM dial at me. OMG, you gotta be kidding me. I just couldn't believe my eyes! Yet another day has passed??? Just like that!? Cummon... where did the rest of yesterday go?! Gah, I can't believe it's the 23rd of June already. Because today, we are officially 10 days from Big Day #1. @_@

*runs and hides*

Be Contented

So true. If only more lost lovers knew. ='(

All Tied Up In Nots

Decided to pop by Queensbay Mall with Mee to hunt down some ties for Dee, The Fiancé and his grooms men after work today. Yes. That's two women, looking for four ties, in two colours, to suit the tastes of four men. That's the perfect recipe for a killer disaster, I tell you... -_-'''

There were just so...



...options! choose from!! -_-'''

Different thickness (fat, medium, thin, super thin), different cloth (microfibre, silk, el cheapo fabric they make but don't recommend you should ever buy :-/), different designs (polka dots, stripes, repeated squares, plain ol' solid colours)... all, in every freaking colour of the freaking rainbow!! @_@

Well, almost. :-/

They actually didn't have the exact 
shade of olive I was looking for. -_-'''
But what I ended up buying was pretty close,
I suppose. Yes, it was close.

Anyways... Mee and I initially wanted to just go with whatever we wanted. After all, the men didn't think it important enough to shop for their ties themselves, right? So, why should they get to choose?? 


But after yes-ing and no-ing, what-if-ing and but-then-ing, and maybe-ing and maybe-not-ing about a hundred million ties, it just got too overwhelming. So... we decided to just email pictures of the short-listed ones to Dee and The Fiancé and have them choose their own ties instead. At least if they pick it, they can't say it's ugly, or the wrong colour, or the wrong width. Mwahahahaha...

*cuci tangan*

Suits – kautim. Shirts – kautim. Ties – kautim.
What next? Anything left? Socks?!? @_@

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First One Of The Last Batch!

The Fiancé and I received our first red packet today! Surpriseee! The first of the very last batch we'll ever receive as singletons. *milestone moment* Though technically... its contents belong to Dee and Mee since it's their invitee. But, pfft! Who cares about technicalities these days!? Not me! The red packet has our names on it. OURS! So we get to keep the packet. Urm... and Mee and Dee can take whatever's inside. Ha. Ha. Ha. Wth. -_-'''

p/s: The Fiancé received another one on his side today, too! So that makes it #2 and counting! Wheeee! *gila masuk*

3 Hours = ?

I just checked my blog stats and... guess what?? Just a mere 3-hour window of public loving yesterday and Tinki Talks found itself on the receiving end of a whopping 100% increase in readership compared to what its been getting on average daily ever since I was made to privatise my posts. @_@ Whoaaaa...

Damn, this totally makes me miss the days
when my narcissistic blogger heart used to float
on soaring Unique Visitor numbers. <3


After wrestling it out with my RSS feed for the better half of yesterday, I accidentally slipped up ended up leaving my locked blog wide open to the interwebs in Cyberspace for a good 3 hours. -_-'''

Those folk up there somehow made it in yesterday during those few open hours. Perfect timing, I suppose. Haha. Fortunately for me (and them, perhaps?), they're some of my loyal readers so... yay! We're all in this blog thing together again! Reunited and it feeeels sooo goooood... Welcome back, guys! =D

All Skin And No Meat

My kind of kaya pau. =)

Firefox 5.0

I'm on it, bay-beh! =D

And I even made the extra effort
to leave my mark. =p

Date The Dress

Spotted this brilliant idea on Pinterest and fell in love with it at first glance. A personalised touch to a once-in-a-lifetime gown on such a special day! I'm sold! Think I'll start working the needle and thread on the inner edges of my wedding gown tonight. 9 July 2011, anyone? =p

Big-Day Things People Say That I'll Never Get

Throughout my journey of wedding planning, I have often been told to stress less, do less and basically just care less. Why? "Cos it's just a wedding," they say. "It's the marriage that counts," they add. Well, to be honest with you, I don't get that logic. I don't get it one bit.

Let me ask you one thing:

Does putting in more effort into planning my wedding
mean I will put in less effort later in my marriage?

How does the correlation work? And since when is there a cap on effort invested anyways? Effort is infinite. Limitless. Something we can never run out of as long as we keep at what we're doing wholeheartedly. So why is it assumed that if I put in more effort planning the wedding now, I'll have less effort leftover to put in later when I'm neck-deep in my marriage?

You know what could be a parallel example of how ridiculous this take on Wedding Effort vs Marriage Effort is? Well, it's like saying a mother only has a predetermined amount of love to offer her children. If she loves her first child with all her heart, that's it for the second child who's had the "misfortune" of being born later. Too bad for him or her but... there just won't be any extra love left to go around.

Now, doesn't that sound ridiculous?

And when it comes to Wedding Effort vs Marriage Effort, my argument is this: Begin by considering the fact that we're all creatures of habit with ingrained character and personality traits that don't quite change after we reach a certain age, ok? So, having said that, isn't it only fair to assume that a lazy bride-to-be who couldn't give a rat's ass about planning her own wedding well... will also be a lazy wife later in her marriage who just couldn't give a rat's ass about her family and household, too?? Makes sense right? Old habits die hard!

Now, let me ask you this:

Isn't it fair to say that if I would put a lot of effort now
in what is deemed just a wedding to some, I would also
put in a lot of effort when it comes to my marriage later?

I don't know about you but I personally think I make sense. And come on... frankly speaking, what's wrong with me wanting to make sure my wedding goes well anyways? How is this investment of effort on my part considered a bad thing?? Seriously! I think it's so unfair when people judge me for doing my best to ensure that things go well during the wedding. And if anything, putting in lots of effort now DOES NOT suggest that I'll put in less effort later on after the wedding. In fact, IMHO, I think it works the other way around.

So... my take on the matter? Stop picking on the hard-working, conscientious bride-to-be. Last I checked, being hard-working is not a crime. Neither is being conscientious. In fact, I've heard they are good traits to have in a person. Plus points, if you may. So leave me alone and go watch out for the fiancée who puts in a half-arsed effort in planning her wedding instead. Mark my words, that woman will be the one with the highest possibility of becoming the wife who would carry a half-arsed attitude into her marriage later on.

Luke 16:10a
"Whoever can be trusted with very little
can also be trusted with much."
– New International Version (NIV)
Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Plan For The RSS Folk!

Ok, so here's my problem with
the once-a-week RSS feed plan:

My posts appear all jumbled up. >(
They be jumbled up baaaaad...

So here's what I've decided to do for the benefit of my 114 Google Reader subscribers and/or my 145 Feedburner feed subscribers. (I still don't know why there are two numbers and if the two numbers represent totally different subscribers altogether or are duplicates. :-/) I'm going to start releasing my feeds more often now. The plan? Once a day.

So very hardworking of me, right? HAHA. It's just so you guys don't get so confused by what you read considering how the order in which my posts appear now is just so confusing. Effectively, that means... locked blog or not, if you're a subscriber who only checks his/her feeds once a day and doesn't comment (why don't you comment?!?), you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. =)

Why Got Different Numbers Wan?

Was checking on my now-rebellious Feedburner feed
when I stumbled across some new subscriber numbers.


How come ah? These subscribers are different
from the 115 Google Reader subscribers issit? :-/


Problem Feeding

Ok, my RSS feeds are officially stuck at "The Proposal (And Marriage!) Of The Century" – a post that I published TWO WHOLE WEEKS ago!! -_-''' Decided to release the feeds again today but after doing exactly what I've always been doing to release the feeds each time, nothing happens. Whyyyyy??? What am I doing wrong this time around!? I can't figure it out. Somebody, help!! T_T

The Surprise... Revealed!

So I was on the receiving end of a gift pack from Chatty Lass earlier today, right? Well now, you guys get the inside scoop of what's inside! Lucky you! HAHAHA. =p

A card that tells me what's mine and what's not (tee hee) as well as
a kind note in reference to the wedding day that is soon to be upon me.

 First peek into the brown bag.

 A better look at what was inside.

Awww! Look at that stash! Everything a girl would need to get her through the eleventh-hour-stress of planning a wedding – Rom Com DVD, LBD chick lit, Bundaberg LLB (!!!), Ferrero Rocher chocs and carb-ladden potato salad! =D

The said potato salad.

A final note.


Dear Chatty Lass,

Thank you for your wonderful gifts!
Your thoughtfulness warms my heart. =)
Do take care of yourself and get that throat healed.
We've got some singing to do before I wed. =p

Pam Song

p/s: Don't worry, I'll return the book and the DVD. =p

Surprise Gift!

Thanks, Chatty Lass!

I have no idea what's inside yet
but I love it already! Hahaha! =p


To KL and back in 36 hours – I did that. Last weekend. And those 36 hours? They are inclusive of the time I spent chumming up to the North-South Highway. -_-'''

Maybe that's why KO yesterday. :-/

You see, unlike the week before where I flew down only to spend a grand total of 8 hours in KL for my bridal shower, this time, Mee and I drove. And driving's a whole other ball game. You see, Mee had plans and I had a white gown to bring home so... yes. A car was very necessary. Hence the driving. But because I'd not been sleeping very well the past few days (I seem to keep dreaming odd dreams -_-''') I would have been driving on low fuel. (Me, not the car.) So, Mee decided to help me start my day right. With this:

I promise you, this little bottle is magic works!!
(Only BRANDS though. Dun buy all those other brands.)

p/s: Ya, ya. I realise I haven't finished blogging about my Bridal Shower. Will get to it soon. Dun worry... I never keh keh forget la. =p

Monday, June 20, 2011

Always Hungry

In recent weeks, I've grown to become ridiculously hungry ridiculously quickly. I'm hungry all the time! Like, I'd have a late breakfast and waaay before lunch, I'm hungry. Then I would go out for lunch, eat my fill, and by the time I get back to the office, I'm hungry again. It's crazy!

Some colleagues think it's a blessing. Others think it's just mad to be hungry all the time. Mee? She thinks I've got worms. And today, the doctor officially diagnosed me with stomach issues. @_@ Whoaaa... I never would have guessed that I had stomach problems. I mean, I don't have lausai issues, nor do I not have an appetite. But it looks like constipation (TMI?) and too much of an appetite can be a problem, too!

Woke up feeling dizzy but went for breakfast anyways. Doc's office was full so Dee and I went home after taking a number. (The man's got eye issues, by the way. +_=) I took a cat nap and woke up a half hour later with a bad headache. Had lunch and went back to the doc's office for our appointment.

Finally went in to his office after a 15-minute wait in the hallway. Sat down and told the doc about my dizzy spell and surprisingly, he asked if I had a headache. So I told him I did and pointed out where it hurt. (Left-back of the head, if you must know.) He nudged the point and said that usually implies a tension headache. (Ahh, makes sense. Lots of pre-wedding tension in the air right now. He must be right.) Then he took my blood pressure and said that my BP was low. 

Next, he asked me a really odd question: "Do you feel nauseous?" Hmmm... I never mentioned anything about nausea but I did start feeling a little nauseous after lunch. So I told him, "Yes. But just a little. Oh, and I'm hungry now. Even though I just had lunch. I'm always hungry." And that's when he told me to hop onto the examination bed for a prod. Also very odd considering I came in for a solution to my dizzy spell.

The doc pressed my tummy here, pressed my tummy there and asked if I felt any discomfort. So I asked him balik, "What kind of discomfort should I be looking out for? Cos if you're talking about pain, there's none." Then he told me to tell him if any place just didn't feel "right" when he applied pressure. So I told him, "Urm... when you push here *points to left side of body* I feel hungry here." *points to middle of tummy*

And that's when I heard Dee snicker. -_-''' 

See, this is why you should always go to see the doc alone.
You don't get jeered or laughed at by other people.


Anyway, the doc finally concluded that I've got some stomach problems. So I left with painkillers for the head, and a whole bunch of other stuff for my tummy.

As I Was Saying... room is really beginning to look like a mini bridal house. I've got 6ft garment bags hanging from every protruding hook, screw or knob I can find!! @_@

Last Piece Of The Puzzle

My ever-elusive white bridal gown is finally in hand!! Wheee! And it is hanging alongside the other gowns I've collected, in a neat, (and not so) little garment bag. Having said that, my room is beginning to look like a mini bridal house. @_@ But whatever. At least now, I can sit back, relax, and breathe again. =)

Weekend Wake-Up

Learned a thing or two this weekend about other people, their homes, as well as the subtle differences in culture and family upbringing. Will share. Just so we all learn together, move forward together, and achieve Wawasan 2020 together.

*1 Malaysia spirit*

*mock patriotism*


But seriously, I learned that:

1. One really old man's birthday is a way bigger deal than the Father's Day celebration of five fathers. Or maybe everyone just forgot the latter. =p *offering benefit of the doubt*

2. Birthday cakes, birthday candles, birthday songs and birthday ang pows are good-to-have birthday items no matter how old you are. =)

3. Weird-looking cakes sometimes do taste nice. So, never judge a pandan cake by its sickly shade of green.

4. There are people who actually consider fish – longkang guppies, specifically – as dispensable creatures that are not worthy of responsible and humane treatment. *disgusted*

5. Family makes the worst enemies. But only cos they know the real you best. Meaning, they know exactly where to hit you where it hurts.

6. Having kids is no joking matter. When to have them is another non-joking matter.

7. A little extra noise for a little while is okay. Lots of unnecessary noise for prolonged periods is just unbearable torture.

8. A life without air-con and hot water is a life not worth living.

9. Sleeping in beds others have slept in is just disgusting and unhygienic. Sharing used pillows is worse. Just imagine how much dead skin cells and dandruff you're getting comfy in. *grossed out* Surprisingly, some people don't seem to mind. @_@

10. There is no point of having doors in a house if nobody respects the fact that they are there for a reason: To be closed and locked at will. Also useless if nobody understands that a closed door should always be knocked, while a locked door just means, "Go. Away."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Celebrations Are In Order

Pop the champagne, people... cos we've gots cake! And not just any cake. I'm talking 'bout THE CAKE! *crazy eyes* Yes, my friends, you heard me right the first time! The wedding cake plan is officially back in action! Wheeee!!! =D

 *cartwheels all around*

Doin' It Goldilocks Style

Whenever Mee orders drinks, hell breaks loose. I'm not exaggerating. *shifty eyes* Okay, so maybe I am. But just a little. I promise! Cos, seriously? It's like something just happens in the time-space-order-drink-matrix-continuum and her order (and our orders) very naturally go haywire.

But I digress. That's not what I wanted
to blog about. It just came out. HAHA.
Maybe cos pent up for too long liao. =p

ANYHOO... You see, unlike Dee and I who order iced Chinese tea and expect that our Chinese tea actually come with ICE, Mee likes her iced Chinese tea chilled but ice-less by the end of dinner. Because of that, her order goes, "Seng kak teh, seng chiou!" (English translation: Iced Chinese tea, less ice.) Problem is... they don't just "seng chiou" her drink, they usually "seng chiou" ALL our drinks! Including mine and Dee's! -_-'''

And FYI, Dee and I? We no likes that. We no likes that at all. >( No, we wants our ICED Chinese tea with ICE. (Like, DUH!) From the start of dinner, right to the end and straight on till morning.


So this time, after Mee placed her regular "seng chiou" order, I made sure I was quick to react. Fast as lighting. Swift as a speeding bullet. Like a G6, yeah, like a G6. *getting carried away* As soon as the words left Mee's mouth and microseconds before the waitress snapped her little 555 notebook shut, I called out to her with all my heart, like my life depended on it. I said, "WA EH SENG KAK TEH AI KEH SENG!!!" (English translation: EXTRA ICE FOR MY ICED CHINESE TEA!!!) And this is what came 2 minutes later...

 Less ice for Mee, more ice for me,
and a regular iced Chinese tea for Dee. =)

p/s: Dee actually said he wanted the same for his iced Chinese tea but obviously the waitress only got my part of the "extra ice" message cos of my booming voice and overflowing passion for it. =p

Friday, June 17, 2011

Grey Friday

They say women who hang out a lot tend to PMS together. Unconsciously. At the same time. Us? No PMS nonsense for us. At KRPG, we take it one step further. By dressing alike, too! Unconsciously. In the same colour. At the same time. Like so:

Ah Chie, Ah Boon, Suki, Hiyashi and I in different shades of grey. =)

But I guess we've begun to be more alike than any of us could imagine. Cos when asked to pull faces during a "fun shot", this is what the lot of us came up with:

Obviously two fellas in the picture didn't get the "fun shot" message. Haha.

 Note these similar expressions...


Whoaaaa... We've got some scary stuff goin' on here.

Another Week Over

OMG, it's Friday again.
There goes another week!


As of today, we're officially 2 weeks from Wedding Dinner 1 and 3 weeks from Wedding Dinner 2. To be extra specific, we're now a mere 16 days to officially signing our single lives away, and a breathtaking 22 days to saying, "I do!" Woosah!

Ah Bee Is 38

Tee hee hee... Sorry lah, I just couldn't resist
the urge to officially call her "sampat". =p

But yes, Ah Bee turns 38 today and instead of going out of our way to get her a gift, we decided to just red packet it. *lazy bones* And seriously... what's there to complain about being on the receiving end of cold hard cash, right? =p

 The said red packet with Suki's artwork.

 From the five of us in the Studio.

 With wishes and blessings. Haha.

In return, we all got free pizza! Wheee!

All that was left by the time I went down
to the conference room. :-/

Last week was Tiam Tiam's birthday and we got alcohol-soaked Tira. Today, it's Ah Bee's and we get cheese-covered pizza. I wonder whose birthday is next. =p

Man of His Word

On Facebook yesterday...

On Facebook today...

My daddy is a man of his word. =)

Dee and I at Old Town with my promised toast in hand. =)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tell you guys a secret: I've had my own domain for many years now. Ever since April 2008 to be exact. It's – no surprise there, eh? So, yes. Now you know my secret. I know, I know, I should have put it to good use much earlier but... I had some reasons and reservations that led me to put the domain launch on hold. Personal and prideful ones, too. :-/

It all started when this girl I knew bought me that domain a whole lifetime back after having read my blog a couple of times. Her argument? "Why the heck is a blogger like you blogging on blogspot??" *blush* So... she bought me as a gift. A gift I never used cos I didn't think that Tinki Talks was dotcom-worthy back then. Plus I didn't want to use the domain in case she wasn't... you know, straight. Nanti send wrong signals then... die! @_@

When the domain expired a year later in April 2009, I thought of renewing but waited a little too long and missed the renewal time-frame altogether. Price shot up instantly after that and the own-domain idea immediately got scrapped. I was a fresh grad with a new job who was bringing home very little pay. Pay good money for a domain when I've got blogspot serving me for free? Sorry, no can do. =(

But then surprise surprise, YapThomas – a dotcom blogger himself – did the unexpected. He re-purchased for me a year later in June 2010! This time, I was pretty determined to make it work. But procrastination got the best of me and an official launch never happened although CincauHangus – yet another dotcom blogger – had already helped me set it up and get things going.

*guilty face*

Well, another year has gone by in the blink of an eye
and at the beginning of this month, I got this notice:

So... I went for it. =) I bought it. =D

And this time – for the first time since landed in my lap 3 years ago – it was my decision. It wasn't a gift, and neither was it a surprise. Finally, was a purchase made for me from me! I was ecstatic! And excited! I even had it all worked out. I had a plan. I knew hosting the site myself was never going to happen. Procrastination would always win. So this time, I decided to continue publishing on blogspot while pointing to my blog. Fast! Easy! And totally workable!


*crushed dreams*

*ruined plans*

*total devastation*