Wednesday, June 01, 2011

$5 Poorer But 20GB Richer

Two hours ago, I received another alert telling me
that I've busted my space quota in Gmail. -_-'''

Again! ARRGGHH!!! >(

Last time I faced this space problem was back in mid-January this year. I was sitting precariously at 96% at the time. Just like I am today. Back then, I managed to work it down to 85% after lots of clicking and deleting but it took me just 5 months to reach 96% again! Ridiculous. So this time, I just won't bother.

I'm giving up.

And giving in. =)

May the extra 20GB storage (that will be credited to my Google account within the next 24 hours on top of the free 7+GB – yesssss!!! *crazy eyes*) live long and prosper forever and evermore in my account. Amen. =p


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