Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Problem With The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

The Husband posted that status update a few days ago. As you can see, it got many likes. BUT... it is inaccurate. Mummy is #1 la. Trust me. I tested it out, ok. He likes me more than Mickey Mouse. Nevertheless, we're not here to talk about my husband's inaccuracies. I'm here to talk about Disney's inaccuracies.

See, the Disney Junior channel is celebrating Mickey and Minnie's birthday throughout the month of November. Apparently, their birthday falls on 18 November every year. Yes, BOTH of them. TOGETHER.


How can?! Are they twins or what now??
But then... wait. Aren't they boyfriend and girlfriend, too??
OMG, what is Disney subliminally teaching our kids???

So, I got to thinking and here's what I have to say about the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse programme that goes on the Disney Junior channel at 7PM daily:

1. Mickey and Minnie share the same birth date... and a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, too? So, are they family or are they a couple? Twin incest ah???

2. Goofy and Pluto are both dogs but one can walk upright and talk, the other can't. Why ah? Such inequality!

3. And if Goofy's a dog, why the heck is he dating Clarabelle COW??? Interspecies mating?!

4. Daisy and Donald are two dating ducks. How come one has no problem speaking clearly and the other one clearly has a speaking problem???

5. And why doesn't Donald ever wear pants but always covers himself from the waist down whenever he appears in a towel??

Disney, why your characters so senget wan?!
Later my son watch already then confused, how??

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Final Instalment Of My 20s

I turned 29 today.

Not sure I can honestly say I'm where I want to be right now as I teeter on the edge of 30 but... I guess you could say I'm not where I don't want to be. Heh. Is that good enough? Well... when is anything ever really good enough, eh? So, yes. I'll confess with my mouth and believe in my heart that what I have so far has got to be good enough for 29-year-old me.

What have I to complain about anyways? I'm married to the man of my dreams, living my happy-ever-after life where we are both co-owners of a little, 72.5cm-tall, 9kg-heavy somebody we deem the most adorable, lovable, so-cute-until-cannot-tahan-able boy on the planet. Sure, a part of me really wishes I had a job that paid well in dollars and cents but... I guess getting paid in hugs, kisses and kiddie drool isn't all that bad la, right?

They say "The grass is always greener on the other side." I sure hope its true when it comes to birthdays on the "other side" of 30. To be honest, I don't remember enjoying the last few birthdays of my late twenties. Because of that, birthdays just seem to have lost their luster. "It's just another day" – the jaded ones always say. Well, it sure feels that way for me nowadays, so I really can't help but nod in agreement. Maybe what other people say will ring true for me, come 21 November 2014; maybe there's a chance that "Life (really does) begins at 30." Maybe. Hopefully? We'll see. 

So. How did I spend the 24 hours I turned 29?

Well, I missed the actual "turning 29" cos I was in bed before midnight yesterday. Haha. Then, I spent most of the night feeding my fussy, always-hungry little boy. (No, he is so not STTN yet. Sigh.) Then, I got out of bed waaaay before I wanted to – at 7.30AM – cos that same little boy decided that the morning of my birthday should begin at 6.30AM. *groan*

After that, my day was same-old-same-old-day-in-day-out until 3PM when I packed my life in KL into a cramped sedan, exited Subang, and hit the North-South Highway. (Goodbye, KL! You know I'll miss you much – as I always do! T_T) 360km North, a traffic jam, and a Police summons later, came dinner at CRC (where we bumped into Dee! =D) and then it was back home to wash up and get settled back in Penang.

After the lights went out, I tried to steal some time away to bond with my MBP that I haven't seen or touched in over a month, to blog about my lacklustre birthday but... as fate would have it, my son decided that tonight would be the night that he would stay up till midnight and fight me as he fends off sleep. Perfect timing as always! Yay! Not. -_-''' So, yes. It is only at 30 minutes past my birthday that he finally knocks off and I am rewarded with some time alone with my thoughts.

And here I am. Typing on my comp, thinking my tangled thoughts. Thoughts too complicated to be worded; thoughts too disenchanting to be immortalised; thoughts too private to be put on a page.


You know what? This post is getting depressing.
And you know what else? Birthdays just suck la. >(

My day felt pretty normal before I started writing this post, to be honest. It felt like "just another day". And I did feel happy-ish initially. But now that I'm doing a recap, it feels like the lamest birthday e-v-e-r. Sigh. WTH, man. Oh well, at least there was cake.

Happy 29th birthday, me.

Note To Self: Please la... Make your 30th birthday a bit more happening can?? Don't later look back and regret not doing anything special like this birthday and the last few birthdays past. Never learn wan ah?? Kanasai la. *slaps self*