Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things I Would Have Done Differently During My Wedding

Decided to kaypo around online for a bit over lunch today and whoaaaa... I'm beyond surprised that this (dead) blog still has visitors! LOL! So honoured la, really. Talk about it also can cry a bit. =p Makes me wanna revive it a little. If only for today. Haha.

Let's see.

What's the most happening thing
that just happened recently...

Well, we just attended Sara & Garrett's wedding at Saujana two weekends ago and it totally made me reflect on our wedding back in 2011. Mainly cos our kids – JZ (3y6m) and JJ (1y8m) – were their ring-bearer and paige boy so I suddenly had a rush of involvement in a wedding once again. Haha. Like I told the Lau Sisters... I AM MOTHER OF THE RING-BEARER, YO!! Important posisi giler. LOL! #tumpangglamour

The dashing paige boy.

The handsome ring-bearer.

Me and my boys after they carried out their tasks perfectly.

Anyhoo, I wonder if any of you married folk have ever looked back upon your wedding day and wished that some things were different. Cos I hate to admit it but sometimes... I do. Haha. #honest #notiputipu Here are some things I only learned AFTER I had my wedding. And unfortunately, I won't be able to relive the day so... may you brides- and grooms-to-be take back some lessons I learned too late. Cheers!

Things I Would Have Done Differently

FLOWERS & THEME: I wouldn't have chosen "unique colours" for my wedding theme – specifically when it came to the floral arrangements. I would have gone with what was safely available in Malaysia. Boring is better than wrong. T_T In hindsight, I think I should have gone with white and green (easy and simple), instead of royal purple and pale green (too complicated and unachievable in Malaysia due to our lack of flower varieties).

ACCESSORIES: I wouldn't have accessorised my neckline during my solemnisation. Bridal house accessories are soooo overdone and OTT. What the heck was I thinking wearing that ugly-ass thing that's now splashed across all my solemnisation pictures?? -_-''' Should have just kept to what I owned, like I did during my behind-the-scenes photography with The Husband a couple of hours before the wedding solemnisation.

THE DRESS: Having said that, I probably would have gone with a non-tube wedding gown instead of a tube. Just for ease of movement and less under garment stress. LOL. May have even taken the plunge and had it MTM. Or maybe not. I didn't mind the cost; but I didn't have the guts back then. Maybe I still don't. HARHAR. #chickenshit #trustissues

OTHER EVENING GOWNS: I wouldn't have worn one of the dresses I did – an autumn-looking one. (Dunno how else to describe it. Haha.) I liked it at the bridal house and ordered my own but when mine arrived, it looked soooo different from the original I tried on. -_- I should have rejected it on the spot but I didn't – #stupid #naive #pushover – and ended up wearing it anyway. Should have just written it off, replaced it with one of the dresses I wore during my parents' dinner and called it a day. I really liked those two anyway – a white cheongsam by D&L and a silver gown – so I wouldn't have minded more pics of me in those. Haih. REGRET! >(

PHOTOGRAPHY: I would have been more assertive with my wedding photographer and given more specifics regarding my expectations for our family group photos. Or maybe I should have gone with another photographer altogether. Hmmm. I mean, I loved my pre-wedding shots. They were natural and un-staged – just the way we like 'em. That's what my hired photographer was good at anyway. But everything else on the actual day came out a little sub-par. Family group photos were badly arranged (families were split apart and the group was grossly lopsided), the environment wasn't properly staged (people walking in the background, messy flower pots around, etc) – at the end of the day, what we got just wasn't something we would print out and frame.

THE WEDDING DINNER: Food was great, the music was great, everything was great. The only thing I regretted was expecting that the bride and groom were to do everything together as a show of solidarity during the wedding. Remember: Expectation always leads to DISAPPOINTMENT. I should have just walked around on my own and caught up with my friends like I really wanted to instead of fuming on the inside while sitting around waiting for The Husband to go along with me. I hardly managed to say two words to my friends who came all the way for our wedding and ended up not having any pictures with most of them. Haih! So stupid.

THE HOTEL ROOM: Maybe we should have been clearer with our bridal team about our intentions to spend the wedding night at the hotel. Because we did up our bridal room in our own space back at home, some members of our bridal team assumed that we wouldn't be utilising our bridal suite that night so... THEY TRASHED IT. @_@ Thank goodness our hotel gave us 2 nights in total so we got to spend one night in our wedding hotel the day after anyway. But still wasted one night and damn tired lah. Cos after the wedding etc we had to pack up all our stuff and head home. Then the next morning after we woke up, we had to pack again and drive back to the hotel before we could chill out.

These things aside, I was pretty happy
with how the rest of the wedding party went.

Till next time... bye-bye. :-*