Friday, January 30, 2009

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Double Tongue SKU #108709F

I want it! Very badly! Like,
I'm totally lusting after it, okayyy.

Take picture from outside
the store also fun. Sad case.

Snapped this pic at Gurney Plaza – the very first place
I saw the Double Tongue Converse that stole my heart.

Cos it looks like this *points below* up close:

*saliva drips*

*bulu roma stands*

*heart palpitates*

*eyes flutter*

*knees go weak*


Stupid Penang store sales people tell me
they don't make 'em in my size. >(

(Ok lah. Actually the Penang staff
were quite nice. I'm just being pissy.)

Seriously lah. I don't like Converse wan. Cos they remind me of my highschool North Stars. Haha. But these ones... fuyoh! See so nice can die. I got so desperate that I started hunting for them online. And they have it!

Seems like it looks nicer in real life... but still so nice.

But they don't ship to Malaysia. -_-
And it's cheaper by a few tenners here.


And since I was in Penang at the time (CNY hols), I started calling my KL friends to go find 'em for me. Sunway Pyramid doesn't have them. Confirm-firm. YapThomas said that they didn't even seem interested in doing his business when he went about asking them about the shoes. *grunt* (See what I told you about Customer Service???) Oh oh! And then, The Husband made me a "husband's promise" – that we'll get me these shoes. Haha. I'm gonna hold him to it.

But... me being me, I still had to do what I could. (Cheh? You think what? So hopelessly dependent on other people ah? Cannoooootttt. Must be independent a bit lah.) So I asked Butt Crack (the male shopaholic who's terrorising London at the mo) and Doktor Lurve – so much for being independent, haha – if they could find me these Double Tongues in the UK. Wakaka. Desperado kau kau. =p

But sometimes, I really don't know
what to do with (one of) these boys. -_-'

And then, Butt Crack sent me this pic:

Which was really bad cos


And then I couldn't stop browsing...

*smacks self*

(Or a pair of nice Converse.)


Can somebody help me find a nice pair in a Size 3??? Pleeeassseeee??? Cos this *points below* is what my foot looks like in a Size 4. ='(


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three Guys & A Girl

Let me start off by saying:
I'm not that girl.


And those three guys and girl, they were gambling playing cards. At work. Right behind-slash-beside me. All afternoon. Haha. =p

I was asked (begged, actually – haha – they needed another player) to join in but... nah, I can never bring myself to gamble. I can't take the risk that grips my pocket. Seriously. I don't mind spending hundreds on food, clothes and shoes but even if it's losing 20sen to friends over a bunch of badly shuffled red and black cards – NEVAR!

I think it's the Hakka blood in me. Haha. Too kiasi (read: takut mati) about risking my next meal. And perhaps it's the SingLing-slash-Canto-slash-Hokkien in me – too kiam siap (read: stingy) to loose money. And the islander in me, too – so kiasu (read: takut kalah) and so unwilling to let others win. Haha.

But then again, it's not just about the money. Thinking back, I've noticed that I've just never been a big fan of playing cards. I mean, I know the rules and I'll play it lah. But only when I have to. Or when it helps put some laughter into the bonding session I'm having. Haha. Dunno lah. Maybe I'm just lazy. I like passive entertainment better. I'd take a day out at the movies or a night by the beach, looking at stars, above using my brain for card games anyday.

Oh well, that's me – the non-gambler.
And I'm surrounded by gamblers card players.

The four delinquents.

Is Customer Service Dead???

I've never been a big fan of Old Town White Coffee. I think the nasi lemak's ok-ok-edible but a little too dry for my liking. The ice cream toast is a nice twist to the old roti bakar breakfast-slash-tea but is so ridiculously expensive for the portion it comes in. Only the white milk tea's just right when it comes to flavour.

But, no. I ain't a big fan. And yesterday night, the fellas at Old Town White Coffee, Mentari, Sunway just set my sentiment in stone.

Lousy buggers turned off
the WiFi nearing closing time.

WITHOUT even informing patrons
BEFORE doing so!!!


So bo ka si.

Looks like the customer service in KL sucks
as badly as it does in Penang nowadays.


You evil to me, I evil to you.
You mop, I step. HMMPH!!!

*insert shameless smile here*

My mother teach wan.


– The Man Who Can't Be Named,
28 January 2009

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It Runs In The Family


YOU SEE!!! Mee's as bad as I am, if not worse! Hah!

And some friends seem to want me to lose my job. -_-

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Timing Sucks

Highway officials recommend that those from the North begin their journey South at 1PM. Lunch was at 2PM. The plan since last night was that I leave Penang by 3PM. It's now 4PM.



Girls Should Accessorise

Like, seriously. Cos I hardly ever do. And the people around me are starting to think that I don't own accessories of any kind. But I do! I do! Just not a lot of 'em. And I don't quite put on the ones I have either. Haha. What can I say? I'm just not girly girl that way. (Che-wah, can rhyme summore.)

So the story goes like this: You know I've been messing with curls and all, right? So, since then, I've kinda been on the hunt for a plain, small-sized hair clip to hold my hair up at the sides. The kind that's subtle, simple and as basic as it can possibly get. Mee said she knew a place so we paid Camelon, Prangin Mall (talk about a lala joint, man) a visit and started looking for that.

I ended up coming out with all these:


And all I was looking for was the one
at the bottom-left of that picture.

I'm. Hopeless. I know.


And not cheap lor, I tell you. The four clips on the far left cost RM3.90 each while the six on the far right cost RM1.20 each. The one that looks like translucent brown mee sua cost RM4.90, as did the red and blueish-grey butterflies. The lighter brown butterfly without diamantes cost RM1.90 (can tell it's not that good quality wan) while the brown one with bling bling diamantes cost a whopping RM9.80 (very good quality).


That means I spent a total of RM49.20
just on hair clips – killmenow. -_-

But oh oh! Look at how nice they look on hair!

The grips that cost RM1.20 each.

Butterfly hair grips. I love the diamante one to bits. =)

Not easy to take pictures of the back of your head,
I tell you. Almost sprained my arm and kena cramp.

Haha. My hair actually quite terrer ber-golden huh? Haha. Oh well, it's fun while it lasts. By the time it grows out... die. Sure look like a skank with bad hair. -_-'

But I'll worry about that later.

Cos right now, I've got
some accessorising to do.


My preciousssss.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Woe Is Me

Just when I was getting used to being a bum, I've gotta start getting off my lazy arse. Why? Cos today – the second day of the lunar new year – is a day of work for the blogger who is I.


Boo hoo. The things I do for an extra buck or two.

Japanese School Girl

The good, respectable, non-pornstar kind.
(Get your heads out of the gutter, boys.)

So since I was in a new dress today (no, I didn't blog about buying this one), and I was bored (I had a 20-minute wait), and I had a stationary car with its engine turned off to sit in while I waited to be chauffered to Queensbay Mall for Redcliff 2 (which, by the way, is an awesome awesome movie), I decided to do put my circumstance and time to good use.

By camwhoring. Haha.

Me, in the car, waiting-slash-camwhoring.

Ahh, the joys of having a good
camera phone at hand all the time. =p

You know, I think I'm getting addicted to doing nonsense in front of the camera. Like, seriously. It's getting out of control. -_-'

ANYHOO... I didn't just have a new dress on today.
I was wearing new pumps, too! Happy happy joy joy!

Over-exposed pictures rock. They show all without showing any.

I never knew that shopping for Chinese New Year clothes could be this much fun. Cos, uh, I've never done it before. @_@ Shocker. Bleh. But yeah, I've never gone shopping just for a festival. Or for a wedding dinner. Or for my graduation, for that matter. Never did it. I always either (1) wore what I already had or (2) shopped for kicks even when I didn't need to. Gah, I'm so extreme in such useless ways. But let's not go there. MOVING ON...

*stops to think*

No, wait. I mean, moving back!
I wanna show you my new shoessss!


Bought this pair at the store I met the salesgirl from hell.

Not too shabby for a pair of shoes that cost me RM59.90, eh? And they're pretty comfy, too. (I had my shoes padded, of course.) Wore 'em all afternoon. Even when I was looking for the cinema at Queensbay. (I'm so lost in that concrete jungle. -_-) Haha. But ok ok lah. They didn't quite pinch so I'm pretty pleased with my buy. (Not with psycho salesgirl, though. Scratch her eyes out. Rarr.)

Walking to the car after a whole afternoon out.

Me likes me new shoesss!!! And me new dress! (The dress cost me RM102 or something like that, btw. They gave me a 20% discount. I liked it and bought it. But I still think that it's worth a lot less. *grunt*)

So, yeah. Today, I played the
GOOD Japanese school girl lookalike.
(Not in terms of me being Jap and looking good as a lookalike
but in terms of me being a good girl who's dressed to look like
a Jap school girl, ya know? Just thought I should clarify. Heh.)

And good Japanese school girl lookalikes always wear safety belts. (Ahh, I'm such a model citizen. *grin*) Especially if they're from Penang. (Kiasi-ism rules, yo! =p)

Monday, January 26, 2009

More Red, Even Better – Sure Bo?

Came home after reunion tonight
and was greeted by this sight:

The entrance to my home beside my next-door neighbour's.
(No points for guessing which doorway belonged to my family.)

Haha. Funny.

My family obviously has no respect for
the season and its auspicious colour. =p

More red, even better? Says who?
Blue also can laaa. Close one eye, can pass.


EDIT at 0315hours on 26 January 2009: Eh, actually hor... that pic damn scary wei. *gulp* Like some Korean horror flick liddat. -_-'

I Am The Chopstick Queen! Bow To My Greatness...

Was at the Fairy Godmother's place for reunion dinner the night before the eve of Chinese New Year. And since we're a small family (6 of us altogether oni), things were real cosy. So cosy that Dee and I started itching for a project. I'm calling it the "Train Miss X To Kiap Kiap The Right Way" project.

Ladies and gentlemen, this *points below*
is the right way to hold your chopsticks.

I don't know why there are so many people out there who hold their chopsticks so salah-ly. Tengok pun muak. Serious! It feels as salah as eating steak off a knife or using a straw to pick your teeth, you know? And no, I'm not dramatising things. It is that bad. Just... salah. Wrong. Chuo. Um tiouk. Chor. How do you say "wrong" in Tamil???


Chinese must know how to hold
chopsticks the right way lah.
(Shhh. Nobody knows I suck at Mandarin.
I don't say, you don't say, nobody know.)

So... Dee went first. But even after 10 minutes of coaching, Miss X's claw-like grip on her chopsticks still didn't look like it was planning on leaving anytime soon. (Hardcore claw-grip wan this char boh.)

So I stepped in. Heh.

The student, hard at work, while the teacher camwhores.

And over the next half hour or so, after breaking down the technique of holding chopsticks to her, Miss X gradually mastered the technique and even managed to pick up oily vege, broccoli, fish, and even a fish bone! Awessum-ness!!!

Miss X and I with our Jap chopsticks.


Do I rock or do I rock lah, I ask you???

Bangga betui aku! Mm mmm!!!
(Yeah, that was the whole point of the post
– for me to boast. *snicker* Tee hee.)

Poor girl was totally worn out after the lesson. Haha. I think her hands cramped up, too. =p Anyhoo, no pain, no gain. What doesn't kill you only makes your chopstick hand stronger. She. Will. Survive. Hey hey!

But most importantly...

*cough cough*

You know it's coming, don't you?


I. Am. Awessum.
And that's all that matters.

*kiap kiap*

All hail me. Whee!


I've got plenty of stuff to blog about tonight but the alpha male (who's already asleep) is still hogging the internet line with, uh... unmentionable activities. And since what I plan on publishing are relatively picture-heavy posts (yes, I already went through the trouble of preparing my pichas!!!), I'm guessing none of them are gonna be appearing here tonight already.


Pam Song is not amused.

Happy Chinese New Year lah.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Penang

1. Few people in the service industry provide good (or even remotely acceptable) customer service. Went to the lady I usually get my clothes altered at a couple of days ago and had her throw some verbal punches my way. And then refuse a job I wanted done. Hello??? Me is the paying customer of you - rarr! I think I need to find me a new clothes alteration specialist lah, dammit. (Whoa. I just totally glamour-fied her job with that job title. -_-) Any suggestions? Oh, and the most recent incident took place cos I visited NOSE at Queensbay Mall today. I tell you, I really felt like ripping a salesgirl's hair out. Sylvia was her name. Puh-thooi! So rude! And so annoying! Never name your kids Sylvia lah. Damn suey. Cos this one turned out to be a real brat with bad English and little IQ.

2. There is no fast lane. Seriously. The left lane is going slowly, and the right is doing its best to keep up with it! Yes, it is that ridiculous. ARRRGGHHH!! I can't take it! You can't rush anywhere. Seriously. You've gotta leave the house a gazillion lightyears before it's time you've gotta be somewhere else. Cos if you leave yourself with just enough time, you're screwed. Cos there's never enough time. Not when there's no fast lane. Pfft. No fast lane. I mean, seriously – cummon! Sheesh!

3. Bikers, cyclists and aunties with big grocery baskets rule the streets. Thinking of taking up a whole lane when you drive cos it's specially made for the width of your car? Please. Just do yourself a favour and forget it. Why? Cos a puny 70cc bike is probably taking up all that space. Or an aunty with bifocals hanging from a chain around her neck, slumberly walking along the road (and by that I mean "right smack in the middle of the road"), dragging her shopping basket along. Or bicycle's going at 2km per hour and you're expected to stick to your place in the queue. Haih. It's freakin' cowboy town here, wei.

4. The weather sucks. I had a little birdy tell me it rained in KL today. It rained! So why not in Penang?! I mean, we're not that far off from where KL is wat. Only 350km or so. Ugh! And possibly cos of the lack of rain, it's so freaking hot here it's not funny. My skin's peeling like nobody's business and I tell ya, I'm thinking it's not just cos of the heat. Penang's a lot closer to the North so them damn (whoa) North Winds are really swooping in real aggressive. Haih. So much for good skin. This wind-blown assult on my epidermis is just killing my complexion.


You know what?
I can't think no more.

I shall continue to expand this list when my eyes
aren't half-closing and my brain isn't half-asleep.


And just cos it feels like it's been awhile
since I last posted camwhore pictures, here's one:

Nights, y'all.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bad Girls Need Spanking

And I've been bad.


You know that itch I've been having? Well, I managed to get in a scratch (or two, or three, or four) today. Unintentionally. Yet again. (Serious wan. It was unintentional. I was just walking around the mall after dinner. With NO intention to spend money. None at all!)


Only this time,
I spent RM356 altogether.

At ONE store.


This itch has really gotta stop soon. Really.
Somebody help me! HEEELLPPP!

Sigh. Pictures tomorrow (or something).
I'mma gonna go sleep the pain away now.

p/s: Hey, at least I got four nice tops that I really, really like for that RM356. AND an exclusive membership card that'll give me 10% off my future purchases till 22 January 2010. Hah! That's not too bad, right? (Shuddup and don't judge. This is me consoling myself. And my bank account. Leeme alone. -_-')

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Confessions Of An English Writer

I sometimes pretend I know words I've never heard of, too. =p

Tiga Sekawan Menjelajahi Kotak Merah Di Plaza Gurney, Pulau Pinang

It's been ages since the girls and I have had a round of our own good, old-fashioned Girls' Night Out. And goodness – how silly of us to have put it off for so long! I guess having more guy friends than I have girl friends isn't always a good thing. Haha. Those guys keep making me forget that I need girlie time, too!

That being said, I must admit, it was refreshing to just ditch the boys and go it on our own tonight. (No offense, boys. *grin*) But only cos we get to be silly and really let loose without having to worry about getting judged for doing what we do. Which is pretty much a lot of nonsense and nothing much else. Haha.

The three of us after a sing song session at Red Box, Gurney Plaza.
From Left to Right: Yours truly, 2HP and Tattoo.

I had a fun night out, girls. We should do it again sometime. Except the next time, I suggest that it should be just heaps of fun, and minus the car breakdown, the rushed dinner and the curfew-slash-time-to-go-home.



"=) At last I hear from you.
TinkiTalks is talkin to me for real! XD"

– Tattoo, 21 January 2008.

6 Scratches And Still, I Itch

Paid Gurney Plaza a visit today WITHOUT THE INTENTION TO SHOP WHATSOEVER. (Serious! Never bluff you wan!) Unfortunately for me, two very-late, very-loud devils with very-lame excuses for arriving late (don't think I dunno just cos I didn't say anything – hmmph!) eventually caused the downfall of my bank account. -_-'

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my 6 scratches
that came in two pretty pink and purple boxes.

The two boxes my 6 scratches were sold in.

If you frequent Crabtree & Evelyn, you'd know that those boxes contain Hand Therapy. (That's Crabtree & Evelyn's hand cream-ish lotion in a tube, if you couldn't already guess.)

Three tubes of 25mL Hand Therapy in Lavendar (purple box)
and three tubes of 25mL Hand Therapy in Rosewater (pink box).

So small and convenient! A handy hand cream indeed. =p And it's perfect for me cos I always like carrying a tube in my handbag. Just for whenever I feel like pampering my hands.

You know, it's very rare that they sell Hand Therapy in such tiny tubes, actually. I tried looking for 'em before this and never found any. Seriously. These ones are specials. They've even got one promo pack where there are six tubes in six different "flavours". I contemplated between what I bought and that but eventually settled for sets of three in two "flavours" I really like. Think it's better than kiasu-ly buying a variety but only liking half of what's in the set lah, you know?

Hmmm. That last paragraph just began
and ended with the words "you know".


So... why Hand Therapy
from Crabtree & Evelyn, you ask?

Well, cos I find that it's better than the stuff I've tried from L'Occitane. (I was a L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream user, to be exact. Click *here* to view said product.) It seems to moisturise better, yet doesn't leave a sticky feeling after application. Do note that this one's somewhat oiler-slash-greasier though. Hmmm. So I guess it may not be everybody's cup of tea after all. But personally, I'd very much rather take that latter feeling as opposed to having sticky hands any day.

Oh, and these two smell like heaven in a tube, unlike most of L'Occitane's hand creams. Somehow or another, those don't quite smell as nice. Really. The only exception to this rule is probably L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom Hand Cream. Which also leaves a sticky feeling, by the way. So when you really think about it, it isn't quite that great after all.

Crabtree & Evelyn is definitely the way to go lah when it comes to choosing between the two brands. Just trust me on this one. Plus, if you're a HSBC credit card holder, you'll even get 15% off the retail price! (I did. Wheee! Just don't ask how much these 6 tubes cost. I don't wanna talk about it. -_-')

You know, I think I'm turning out to be a hand cream addict. Started keeping an eye out for 'em early last year and now... I can't seem to stop myself from buying the ones I like. Ugh. I blame Pak Hong (that's the cold North winds that blow this way from China at certain times in the year – very drying) and a certain Doktor Lurve who once said very mean things about my hands *stab stab stab* when he saw them in pictures on Tinki Talks. *glares at Doktor Lurve*

Anyhoo, nothing wrong with wanting nice, soft (and sweet-smelling) hands, right? After all, it's the only part of me that's going to be touching any other part of any other person, male and female alike. Haha. Who knows? I may just find Mr Right this way. Haha. Maybe there's someone out there who'll fall for me at first sight, not cos of what he sees but just cos we shook hands and he's a sucker for silky skin. Wakakaka. Love at first touch, perhaps!

*blink blink*

*smacks forehead*

Gawd, that last line didn't quite come out right.


Okay, I shall stop talking now.

Rosewater in its pink box.

Lavender in its purple box.

There shall be no more scratching.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dreams Are Made Of These

A guy friend was with me. We were talking. Till he leans over and steals a kiss from me. (No, in the dream, it wasn't mutual. I was taken by surprise.) And then obviously, the talking stops cos by then, I'm looking at him weird. And I'm waiting for answers to unspoken questions. He then confesses that he's always felt something for me and continues by professing his long-unrequited, long-camouflaged love for me. Disguised as a well-meaning friend for far too long, he now wants more. And then... the dream ends when he tells me he wants to take care of me for as long as we both shall live.

I think. The end's somewhat hazy right now.


*blink blink*


As you can see, last night's dream came as a real shocker, alright. Wonder what all that means. Hmmm. I blame The Other Writer for this, actually. If she hadn't talked about her odd food-spill dream last night over dinner, this probably wouldn't have happened. Rawr.

*stabs The Other Writer with imaginary
super-power-Copywriter-Association pen*

Anyhoo, whatever the case, I shall not over-analyse when it comes to this dream. Cos it's bad. Bad for my mental and emotional health and well-being. No over-analysing. Nuh uh.

I shall not over-analyse.
I shall not over-analyse.
I shall not over-analyse.

I. Shall. Not. Over. Analyse.

Gender Bender

I just had a guy spend two hours teaching me
the intricacies of understanding women. -_-

How embarrassing is that?!


But it's always sorta been that way with me, ya know? I don't like being "the girl". I know how many ladies use their gender to their advantage nowadays. They freely say stuff like, "I can't help behaving this way. I'm PMS-ing, okay. Can't you be more understanding!?" "It wasn't me. It was my hormones." And sure, I believe that sometimes, these lines are more than just mere excuses. They're pretty darn real if you're caught helpless in one of them PMS-induced situations. (Girls, you know what I'm talking about, don't you?)

But I guess the thing about me is that I don't like it when I find myself dishing out unhealthy portions of b*tch fits. I don't like it when I'm temperamental or emo for no reason at all. I don't like it when I bite, roar or rant without cause. (To others, I mean. Ranting on my blog is a different thing altogether.) But I do it when everything else feels too much to take. When I'm overwhelmed by the things that I'm made to face or am expected to put up with.

Oh, and I really don't like the person I become when I'm tired, hungry, stressed, annoyed or irritated. (Cos she's a real pain in the butt, if you ask me.) And admittedly, I'm just that at times – the person I don't like and can't stand. And when I finally succeed in dragging myself out of the emotional turmoil and appear outside the PMS gutter, the knowledge that I've been a b*tch then makes me feel even crappier. Even after I've gotten over the emotional mess I was in. Cos by then, everything else has become unpleasant and uncomfortable. And I've to bury my pride and make my rounds of "sorries". Bleh.

That being said, I don't like being on the receiving end of unnecessary drama, steaming with emo nonsense either. I don't like it one bit. Hate it, in fact. Cos I don't like dealing with messy stuff like that. I'd rather run as far as my legs can take me. Or hang up. Or press Delete. But this is the human emotion we're talking about. The very essence of our being alive. And the human emotion is messy. And unavoidable, for that matter. *cringe*

So... I guess that's what it's gonna be for me – acceptance and acknowledgement on my part, of the unavoidable. I need to accept that people get emo sometimes and they don't necessarily make the most sense or are the most reasonable of people when they do. Then, I need to master the fine art of PR-ing for a good cause, and I need to empathise more when it comes to my dealing with others. (Or so the sifu tells me.) I need to learn how to deal with whatever that gets thrown my way or at least die trying.


So suck. So, so very many the suck.

You know, it's messed up days like this that I wish I was a boy. And heck, in spite of what Tim Tams says, I think I'd have made a kick-ass boy. So there.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Taming Jenna Meets An Itchy Hand

So I was telling you about a book finished reading on the way up to Cameron Highlands for my annual getaway, right? *click here to read said post* Well, not like it would matter to you or anything (IT SHOULD MATTER!!! EVERYTHING I SAY TO YOU SHOULD MATTER! RAWR!), I just felt like letting you know that I couldn't quite put it down after I got started on it. Seriously!

Taming Jenna (1994) by Charlene Raddon
– think it's the best RM5 book I've read by far. =)


* NOTE: The following synopsis was written with the sole purpose of confusing those who dare venture beyond this note. =p
A feisty female, barely out of her teens, is on the hunt for a murderer. (How daring and dangerous (hello, can anybody say KEYWORDS???) of her, eh?) Or so she'd like you to think. Cos actually, she's on the hunt for her estranged father – the same one who abandoned his family before his daughter was even born... or didn't he?

And although she's sworn off love and marriage, along the way, she finds herself unable to resist the one man she forced into flashing his bum at her. Instead of single-mindedly focusing on her quest like she should, she finds herself enjoying the distraction that is him. Even after finding herself turned over and spanked one too many times, she continues to fall harder for him and his carelessly rough and tough ways.

Two colourful pasts and personalities come together and love blossoms (or does it not?) when two different people with different reasons to find the man with a scar on his arse clash. Tene nene. Tene nene.


Arrgh, so much drama for just RM5!
I love it, I love it, I love it!

Okay, enough gushing. It's picture time.

Me syok-sendiri-ing on the drive up to Cameron Highlands.

My dad THINKS he's being funny by ruining the pic. -_-

Oh, and I finally see why Tim Tams called it Female Porn
even from the first time he flipped through it.

Cos, my goodness gracious, this one sure is!

Weird Things Happen 4 1/2 Feet Away

The guy sitting right next to me just said,
"Mmm, now my dustbin smells so nice."

*snort snort*

I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from
releasing one of my classic sarcastic retorts. =p

Screwed-Up Scratching

NOTE: The post before this one *click* somehow got screwed-up yesterday and I only just realised this morning that all you poor things got were the first two sentences – all of which came up to a total of 5 words. -_- So fail. I blame the crummy internet connection at home. Meh. So... here we go again.


I'm itching to shop.


And shopping always, always
results in spending money
I shouldn't be spending.


BAD, BAD, BAD. This is not cool, man. Not cool at all. Itchy people like me should be chained to bedposts and made to do sit-ups for every evil thought that passes the mind – and by evil thoughts I mean thoughts of shopping, of course.

Sigh. How lah?

There's dissonance within. I feel it. And dissonance isn't good for any individual's emotional well-being, right? No, it's not. In fact, it's not healthy at all! So that kinda means that I should give in to the itch and not gripe or worry about depleting my bank account, shouldn't I? Not cos I want to shop, but cos I don't quite have a choice! It's the health of my bank account versus my very own emotional well-being lah, cummon! I can't possibly compromise on emotional health for the sake of a few more Malaysian Ringgit in my bank account.


So it looks like I'm going to have to give in and listen to the voice within. I can't belive I'm being forced into perfect obedience. Manipulated into carrying out the order and executing it to the best of my abilities. Sigh. Fine. I'll do it. I'll shop. Selflessly. With no regard for the bank account I hold so dear. But I'll do it only cos it's for the betterment of the parties involved – my heart and my mind.

*cough cough*


Ahh, the calling of that sweet,
sweet voice within... I hear you.

May the scratching begin. =p

To Scratch, Or Not To Scratch?

I'm itching to shop.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tiny Marks Of Little Devils

Remember how I said I got bitten by bed bugs while I was away on holiday at nice-and-cool-Salem-high-country Cameron Highlands? Well, I'm now back on the island where it's hot and humid (*groan* my goodness, no wonder I feel lazy) but my body still bears the marks of my holiday above sea level.

Took this picture the Sunday I woke up to find myself with the bites.
You see three here but there are six of 'em altogether. -_-

Now that the party's over and I'm back on solid ground,
I need to know: How do I get rid of these marks!?! ='(

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Han Feng Pro Mini Hair Straightener – The Mini Wand With Lots of Magic

Few things impress me and I swear by even fewer things. But this little baby worked its magic on me and I tell ya, right now, I'm a believer!

Guys (and girls, especially) meet the magical
Han Feng Pro Mini Hair Straightener.

I'm so sold on it that I'm gonna
dedicate an entire post to it.
(No, I'm not getting paid for this.)

I bought this MP hair product set *points below* when I
was at the hairdresser's place getting my hair done.

Paid RM168 for it.

And ladies and gentlemen, that's RM168 for a 300ml bottle of MP shampoo, 300ml bottle of MP conditioner, a large tube of MP intensive treatment cream, a bottle of MP serum, and one very-FREE *ahem*, very-super-power Han Feng Pro Mini Hair Straightener.

The full set of products that only cost me RM168.

Super tat! Tai! Worth it! Berbaloi! ARRGHHH!!!


You know, I think I'm getting faint from
shortness of breath due to over-excitement.


Okay okay, lemmie show you
the source of all that hair magic.


The Han Feng Pro Mini Hair Straightener in its case.

The Han Feng Pro Mini Hair Straightener.

And if you think it's just like any ordinary hair straightener, you're wrong. It's not called a MINI hair straightener for nothing. This thing is tiny!!!

Mind you, I don't have big hands.

Took that picture to give you an estimate of the size of this baby. It's small, eh? Told ya. But size is not a factor. It's not the size of the wand that matters. It's the magic in it. And this little thing is burstin' with magic. Lemmie show you the most I've done and the furthest I've tried going with my hair when experimenting with this straightener.


Tried curling my hair with the mini straighter before leaving for the drive back to Penang this Friday past. That way, at least if it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, I wouldn't have to embarrass myself by meeting anybody other the peeps I drive past on the highway. Haha.

But seriously. Not too bad
for a first try lah, kan? Haha.

I think it turned out pretty okay wad.

But let's all pretend *ahem* that it's not my superb *ahem ahem* straightener-handling skills *ahem ahem ahem* that got my hair looking the way it did. All praise goes to the wand and its magic. A round of applause and a pat on the handle for the Han Feng Pro Mini Hair Straightener!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cameron Highlands – Bandar Maju Makmur

Why? Cos there's Guardian up here now! Woo hoo! And Starbucks! And I, the desperado for free WiFi, am sitting at the latter with a nice hot cup of Mint Tazo cos the lot of us (parents included) got halau-ed from the Chinese restaurant we were at earlier for dinner. -_- Bleh.

Trust the Chinese to hand over the bill and say,


All hail Starbucks.

Pale as sheet. Yuck. I look like a ghost here. -_-

p/s: Did you guys know that if you bring your own Starbucks tumbler or mug, you get to enjoy RM1 off your beverage?! How come I dunno wan!? Aargh, kiasssuuuuu! I need to get me one of those tumblers asap! (Or steal a Starbucks mug. *cough cough* Daring and dangerous, remember? *grin*)

Sayin' Hi

...all the way from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.


Yep, you got it. Pam Song is approximately 1640m above sea level right now and she's saying "Hi" to YOU. Honoured or not??? Haha. Kiddin'. I love believing that I'm your world and it gives me a kick when I pretend that you can't live without my posts. *grin*

So what have I been doing?

Well, I finished a book I bought for RM5 at Cineleisure earlier this month (one that Tim Tams swears should be classified as Female Porn -_-) on my way up, had dinner, visited the Brinchang night market, prepared a couple of posts (I've scheduled them so you can be sure you've got stuff to read even if I find myself without internet connection tomorrow), slept, got bitten by bed bugs (damn those tiny devils), woke up, had breakfast at Tanah Rata, went for tea at the Boh Tea Plantation, climbed a tea hill (and almost died on the way up), paid Whisper Falls a visit, went for an hour-long foot massage that came with a 10-minute shoulder massage on the house, then had Devonshire tea (yes, tea again – Round 2) at Ye Ole Smoke House, caught up on two episodes of Private Practice: Season 2 (sorry, Dillon, I tak boleh tahan) and now, I'm having dinner back at Tanah Rata at this Chinese restaurant that has free WiFi.

Heh. What a break.

And I gotta tell ya – so far,
I'm lovin' it alright. Haha.

Me, enjoying the fresh mountain air with the windows down,
in the car, on the way down from the Boh Tea Plantation.

This, my friends, is the life. =)

More details and pictures when
I'm back on the island. Mwah mwah!