Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purple Thread!

I wanted purple thread.
I got it. Tada!

FYI, this is me doing my part to help the Malaysian economy.

And in just the right shade, too!

So that makes it one down...

...nine more to go.

*cough cough*

Actually, the room's also no longer spinning and I'm at home at the mo lah. So technically, that makes it "three down, seven more to go" only. But saying "nine more to go" sounds more drama than "seven more to go", right? So... close one eye. Drama will have her way.


Tinki Talks will be talking again real soon.
Till then, remember: Patience is a virtue.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Brain Dead Mode Meets Hyper Mode

Had stuff to work out with Duh Roads yesterday night so I ended up having to stay at the office till almost 5AM. *groan* Drove home in a daze, somehow managed to undress, bathe and put on my jammies with my eyes half closed, crawled into bed and knocked on the doors of Dreamland in like, 10. I think. I don't know for sure. Haha.

Before I knew it, the alarm rang. Again and again and again. -_-' Finally dragged my tired body out of bed and got myself psyched (kinda sorta) and ready (not really) for D-Day. Got all real work out by the morning and all through lunch, then rushed out for a character check at 3PM with The Producer and The Clients at VHQ.

All hail VHQ's milo ais. Bestest milo ais ever!

Left the post house at 4:47PM and made it back to the office by 4:58PM. (Lemmie know if Mercedes needs another driver.) Attended our Monthly Agency Meeting at 5PM *snore*, then stayed on for another meeting at 6PM – the Creative Initiative Meeting. *sweat* It's the reason I'm calling today D-Day, by the way.

Then... Presso, presso, presso all the way till 8:50PM. Urgh. So many power the Hwa-ness of it all. Cannot tahan. So stress can die. Thank goodness dinner came after. Cold dinner though. -_-' And now? Well, I'm sitting here, on full-on brain dead-meets-hyper mode, waiting for Big Man Boss to return from his other meeting. Then it's in for another meeting with the man himself. Jeng jeng.

Anybody wanna swap lives?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pam Song Wants...

1. To sew.
2. Purple thread.
3. To shop (with other people's money).
4. To go sing-song.
5. To have the voice she had when she was 15.
6. To go on a holiday.
7. To go on a long holiday.
8. To go on a long holiday abroad.
9. The room to stop spinning.
10. To go home (like, right now).

8.5 Hours In The System And Still...

The room's spinning. Why?

My Thursday Just Picked Up

I'm so, so, so happy. Deliriously so. Giddy headed with joy. Ecstatic. I like that word. Ekxssstatic! Haha. But yes, that I am. Like, totally.


REASON 1: Doktor Lurve just dropped me Keith Urban's latest album, Defying Gravity. The very one that I've been Googling high and low for the longest time. The one that has also been causing me to resurface empty handed every time. (Stupid Amazon expects me to pay for my music. How ridiculous is that, I ask you??? *grin*)

REASON 2: Pastor Kev just called. At 4:08PM, to be exact. Though the reason for it was the oddest one ever, it turned my day around. Made me a happy girl. =)

REASON 3: Talking Bear (I've blogged about him before but right now, I can't for the life of me remember what I called him last he appeared) and I just had the most ridiculous 3-line conversation ever.

Okay, maybe I was the one who turned
it around and made it silly... but still! Haha.

REASON 4: MEL0dramatic just told me that he could get me colourful drinks. Hahaha. Long story. But yeah, who wouldn't smile at colourful drinks, eh? I'm all for putting some colour into my drinks. Except for blue. I don't do blue water. Not pink either – reminds me of antibiotics. Green's out – been said to be bad for foodstuff cos it doesn't appeal to the appetite. And although black's cool, it's a no cos well... it's black.

Oh, and no overly sweet, diabetic-inducing stuff. Drinks that make my toes curl aren't going to go down easy. Haha. And although I don't mind cold shakes, I'd rather have my drinks hot. Cos my office is a freaking refrigerator.

Proof! And no, he wasn't working. The dude was on Twitter.

FYI, I'm not mafan, I just have a lot of PREFERENCES. (MEL0dramatic said so himself – HAH!)

REASON 5: I just went for my afternoon pee. Looked myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. MY SKIN SO NICE TODAY! (Of late, it's been crap.) I like! Got glow glow summore man. Dun play play. =p

I think I may end up reusing this for Project 365. =p

Haha. I tell you, sleep really does wonders lah. If everybody had 8 hours of sleep a night, there'd be no ugly people in the world.

8.5 Hours In The System – CHECK!

Record breaking, wei. Haha.
I'm so very proud of myself.



Am finally tucked in bed with the covers up to my waist. The lights are off and my white Macbook's slowly spreading her warmth through the comforter I'm under. Mmmm, you know, that actually feels kinda nice. My silk-covered upper legs seem happy they're being kept toasty. Even if only by accident.

But every part of me is jumping for joy because the day's over. (Minus the actual jumping bit lah, of course. Because, to be honest with you, I'm actually so tired that even the simple act of lifting my fingers to type, feels like too much effort. -_-' I'd possibly die from just thinking about jumping, actually.)

It's been a terribly long and tiring day lah. So long and tiring like you wouldn't believe. The lack of sleep last night really took its own, sweet time in taking its toll on me. Spread its torture sessions thoughout my day by sending my thoughts in frenzied flurries every other minute and causing me to drift in and out of alertness, as the tides of tiredness dragged me everywhere but to my Queen-sized bed. T_T

Work? Heh. My grand plan for today got totally screwed-up. So much for getting more than what was assigned to me, done today so I'd have an early Friday night. Guess that plan's out the window now. =(

Let's see... All I did was attend an early morning PPM, and get the work that was due today checked, edited, approved and sent out. Couldn't do much of anything else. Was totally zonked and zombiefied! You could have fried my brains with sausages and baked beans in my own skull and I probably wouldn't have noticed anything but my growling tummy. -_-'

Writing a proper sentence was terribly hard work. Words seemed to be on Muhibbah mode so every one of them were kongsi raya-ing all the way. Couldn't tell one word from the other, much less link them together in a comprehensible sentence that even remotely means something.

Keeping my eyes focused on my comp screen was another problem. Stupid screen kept playing hide and seek with me. @_@ Hello, goodbye. Hello, goodbye. Whoops, I'mma gonna do it again! Hello, goodbye. Urgh! And with the amount of swimming the stuff on screen were doing, you'd think that they were training with Michael Phelps for the Olympics.

Anyways, what matters now is that I'm in bed, it's midnight, and I'm actually already sleepy. Yay, me. =) Goodnight, y'all. Catch ya when the sun comes up. Zzz...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Ugly Retarded Short Dude (Not),

I don't know who you are but you totally made my night. =)

Click here to view from source.

Thankyew yew for saying such
nice things about li'l ol' me! Haha.

See, now I shy already.


I'm so going to be hitting the sack with quirky dreams of myself updating Tinki Talks four times a day with my regular nonsense, and snapping portraits of myself (hey, that sounds a gazillion times better than camwhoring!) with my mobile. Haha. Thanks again. You didn't have to look like Daniel Wu to rock in my books. =)

Pam Song

p/s: Oh, look at that! Because of this post, you can now say that I'm nice (for telling you you made my night) and polite (for conveying my thanks), too! HAHA. =p (Narcissism knows no shame. Gotta love it.)

Sleep Deprived Pam Song Is So Annoying!

Was dying to release some pent up frustration – a result of my inability to concentrate or write – so I "attacked" the nearest homosapien in sight. Directly in my line of fire was didjital. Haha. (Poor thing, the fella always kena. Cos Duh Roads is off limits. The girl damn serious. Dun play play. Nanti kena pancung kepala.)

Pam Song: Take one million, or no need to work for the rest of your life. Which one you want?

didjital: No need to work. Like, right now.

Pam Song: But I never tell you what kind of life you get! Haha. Who said you get to lounge and enjoy life?

didjital: Oh... Hmmm. Like that I take the one million.

Pam Song: Cannot! Too late di! You signed on the dotted line before you read the terms. HAH!

didjital: O.O No, no, change! I take the one million.

Pam Song: Sigh. Ok, fine. I never specified currency. You get Rupiah. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

didjital: -_-'''

Haha. My brain isn't working, my mind's all over the place, I can't think straight, but I still haven't lost my "gift" of twisting people into pretzels with confusing mind games and meaningless quizzes.


I Was Wrong. But Damn, I'm Good. =p

Remember how I told you guys that I'd been on Twitter for 1.5 years, almost 2 years now in my somewhat shameless Pimp-My-Own Twitter post earlier? Well, I was wrong. I've been on Twitter longer – 2 years, 2 months and 18 days, to be exact.

Check out my very first virgin twit!

Click here to view from source.

Haha. I think I was getting pissy with it
cos it refused to work on Tinki Talks. =p

You Know Your Brain's As Good As Gone When... start publishing your Twitter messages
and think they make pretty good blog posts.

In case you haven't noticed, The Brain's still on strike. My thoughts are jumbled, concentration's screwed, ideas aren't coming, words aren't flowing and work's piling up. -_-' Perfect. Just perfect. Sigh. I hope you're having a better Wednesday than I am.

Blogger Movie Meet 3 – The Story (Finally) Unfolds

It happened! BMM3 actually happened! And guess what? We had a pretty impressive number to boast, too! A total of 36 people showed up. (All of whom were bloggers, minus one who had a DGMB girlfriend so we decided to close one eye and gave him a free pass. Tee hee.)

The tickets.

Me working my magic with the tickets. (Yeah, right.
I think that was when I almost dropped the whole stack. HAHA.)

Thomas, Joshua and I with the tickets.

But wait till you see this next pic.

36 tickets and 1 not-so-tall Pam Song.

THAN I AM, MAN! -_-'

(I am not short. I am not short. I am not short. T_T)

And the result?

Well, whole lot of bloggers
in a cinema, of course! Haha.

We're all so small until I also cannot see who's who. Haha.

Check that out, yo. That's PROOF!

35 poser bloggers in total, minus the
female DGMB-ian's boyfriend mentioned earlier
who simply refused to get into the picture.


So shy lah he.

No, wait a minute. In fact, come to think of it, I have reason to believe that he's in none of the pictures! @_@ Cos he and Miss DGMB-ian girlfriend came late! *smacks bum* They didn't even make it for our first group photo of the day – our customary group pic at the entrance of the cinema.

BMM3's photography session:

BMM2's group pic:

BMM1's group pic:

Awww – DGMB-ians, I love this pic of us!

Urgh, I think my paragraphing sucks
and my thoughts are all over the place.
-_-' Blogging at 7:23AM is NOT good.

Programme resumes.

So after the customary photography session was over and done with, we rushed through the entrance. (Late already, cinema hall numbers blinking like crazy, panic giler babi... but normal lah. =p) But before you think us disorganised and unruly, I tell you, we all damn civilised okayyy. Look!



Che wah, I feel like
a proud parent. HAHA.


As planned, we watched He’s Just Not That Into You. Though this next picture just says "Into You", which actually doesn't quite make sense.

Right outside the hall.


Anyways, good movie. I was sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time. GUYS AND GIRLS, YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH THIS! It's good insight to the male and female psyche! Definitely a movie couples should watch together. (How fortunate for that female DGMB-ian who brought her boyfriend along. Haha.) I'd watch it again, actually. But at home with a downloaded/pirated version lah. Haha. Cheapskate Penang kia just cannot change.

Now, for stories on the friendship-building that day!

Me being me, I felt it necessary that I do my rounds to ensure that the non-DGMB-ians felt comfortable with us. (Don't you all just love me??? Don't you? Don't you!?) Lunch hour before the movie was spent jumping from table to table. Tiring sial! Because, to tell you honestly, I'm not a PR girl. I can't do it and stay perky doing it. It drainsss me. I will koyak and my semangat just pancit on the inside after awhile.


I S-A-C-R-I-F-I-C-E!

(Somebody, please give me a Nobel Prize!)


Jumping again.

There was more jumping lah but the paparazzi
with the killer cams weren't doing their job.


And might I remind you that all that's
even BEFORE we went for the movie.


AFTER the movie, we adjourned to Laundry Bar for our regular after-movie-yamcha-session. A lot of photo-taking was conducted here. Problem is, if I'm to post up all the pictures, I'd die from (1) editing the pictures, and/or (2) from waiting for the pictures to upload. So... here are a few that come with stories of sorts. =)

Kelz and I at "Movie World".

Kelz decided that I should be at
"Movie World" alone. Damn sad case.

And because Tock kept pulling pan cool James Bond looks anytime anyone tried snapping a picture of him...

Like this:

Check out the pan cool look on Tock the duuuuddeeeee lah. Haha.

...I just couldn't resist but go all out
on my own attempt at pulling a Tock.


And another!

Hahah. Wth, I look as pale as sheet (and sh*t) here, wei. And ekspresi a bit the fail this time around. But nevermind lah. ASALKAN CUBA! Jangan hilang harapan untuk maju ke hadapan! Wawasan 2020, kamulah tujuanku-uuu! Malaysia, negaraku yang tercinta, semoga maju jaya!

*blink blink*

Ok. Confirm siao liao.

Can't help it lah guys. It's 7:54AM, I'm hungry, and I'm thinking of the donuts Aaron brought for the DGMB-ians on BMM3 day.

Krispy Kreme Donuts! Don't see what's
so special about them actually. (Sorry, Aaron!)

The darlings actually left me one that day (cos I eat so slow that dinosaurs would have returned to roam the Earth again before I got to touch the donut what the hell am I talking about I also dunno so tired can die brain not concentrating di -_-').

So sweet hor? =)

The thought; not the donut.
The donut was just nice.

ANYHOO... This is us:

The entire BMM3 group minus Lin and BF who came late.

And since bloggers can never take
too many pictures, here's the lot of us again
during our Laundry Bar yamcha session:

The group seems to have shrunk cos
some people left already by this time.
(Yes, Jamie, I'mma lookin' atcha!)

And a pic of the DGMB-ians who made if for BMM3. =)

The lot of us minus Linora who cabut lari. *grunt*

For kicks, I'm gonna end this with a cute pic of Jan-E
who looked totally smokin' in her yellow shoes. =)

...which, of course, you can't see in this picture, but since I'm the one posting, you can't say nothing to what I'm doing. HAHA. Syok. (Tapi syok sendiri. -_-' Takpe. Masih geli hati.)

Anyhoo, it was a good run, y'all.
See you at the next one – BMM4, bay-beh!

p/s: I've got more pictures and more stories but I'll do a follow-up another day when my brain returns from strike, ok? I gotta go get ready for work now. T_T SEE WHAT I DO FOR YOU GUYS??? And you say I don't care. *sniffle*

  1. Pam Song -
  2. Thomas Yap -
  3. Goh Kel Li -
  4. Nigel Sia -
  5. Aaron Ho -
  6. David Cheong -
  7. Jen -
  8. Joshua Ong -
  9. Linora Low - + 1 (Mister G!)
  10. Jenkin Yatz -
  11. Stanley -
  12. Dillon -
  13. Melvin -
  14. Tim Chan -
  15. Chung Lern -
  16. Steph -
  17. Andrew -
  18. Jeffro -
  19. Sin Yee
  20. Jamie Chin -
  21. Jan-E -
  22. Tallen -
  23. Yi Shan -
  24. Jessica -
  25. Jess -
  26. Chris -
  27. Mike -
  28. Stephenie -
  29. Jack -
  30. Ewin -
  31. Nigel Tee -
  32. Suresh -
  33. Alvin -
  34. Simon -
  35. Alex -

  1. Pam Song -
  2. Goh Kel Li -
  3. Nigel Sia -
  4. Joshua Ong -
  5. Nigel Tee -
  6. Jeffro -


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blogging With Style

I'm sure you've noticed this by now.

And in case you were wondering, it's because Playful's passé. Time to bring Classy back into the Tinki Talks scene. It's been too long since she's reared her elegant, perfectly coiffured head of hair.

Cries over mine. T_T

*big, wet eyes*

*sniffle sniffle sob sob*

Bye bye, Playful.

We'll meet again someday.
I don't see me growing up so soon.

What's The Deal With This New Twitter Hype Anyways?

Not that Twitter's new. At all.

*rolls eyes, brushes shoulders,
flicks fringe out of eyes (T_T)
and hair over left shoulder*

But that the hype about it seems to be.

Hmmm. Funny how that is.

You see, I've never considered myself a very forward person when it comes to tech. But I must say, my online tech patterns tell me I'm not that much of a laggard after all. Haha.

I've been on Twitter for 1.5 years, almost 2 years now. (Twitter doesn't say exactly when I joined and I don't remember – you know me and my funky memory. Bleh.) And when I first blogged about my lack of activity on Twitter in February 2008, I had 10 followers. A bit the sad case then.

But a mere 15 months later, I find myself with a total of 150 followers. (And only 170 updates in total. Hahaha. The updating bit still a bit the fail.) Quite the jump in numbers if you ask me. Very surprising. Especially since I still slack terribly when it comes to the updating part of the equation.

Guess the rest of the world's finally jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, huh? And Malaysians are finally picking up on the trend. Heh. About time. Feels like Facebook. If you don't have an account, you ain't cool, you ain't "in", and you sure as hell ain't connected.

But I guess that although shooting out a twit does deliver a teeny tiny ounce of hear-me-now orgasmic satisfaction, I'd still much rather blog than twit. I am a woman of many words. And I like pretty pictures. So Twitter's words-only platform just doesn't quite cut it for me. But...

If you'd like to hear what I have to say
(in less than 140 characters), follow me.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Don't Know These People

* But this
*`* has got
*`*`* to be
*`*`*`* the coolest
*`*`*`*`* wedding
*`*`*`*`*`* theme
*`*`*`*`*`*`* everrrrr!

p/s: If you're too lazy to click through all the links, just make sure you visit the last two. Cos those two are the coolest ones of all.

3-Second Pick-Up Line With A Machu Picchu Flair For Drama

Doktor Lurve: 13 celsius is hot. -_- and then, there's you. i so need the fire brigade now wei. and lots of skin grafts for my burns.

Pam Song: hahahahhahaha. how long have you waited to throw me that line? =p

Doktor Lurve: er... since 3 seconds ago?

Pam Song: hahah. not too shabby.

Doktor Lurve: i'm good, just accept that pam. haha.

Pam Song: HAHAHAHAHAH. ok i'll keep that in mind. =p

Looks like my Monday's pickin' up already.

Sunday, Da Monday Killa

Plonked my butt at The Office for the better part of yesterday. Had research to do and things to work out with Duh Roads. By 8pm, we were both so tired and brain dead from storming that all talking and moving were kept to a minimum so as to conserve energy.

We left, went dinner hunting (long story), gave my car a shampoo on the way (another long story), finally sat down for dinner, talked of work, boys, love, the past, the future and a whole lot of other girly nonsense, stole magazine time at a convenience store, then parted ways. That was the end of work for me that Sunday.

Woke up to my world going round in circles.

Monday morning was getting sexy with swing and I hadn't had my dancing shoes on. It's 6:30PM. 8 hours since the swinging began. Somebody, please stop the music. I'd like to get off the dance floor.

Nov 2007 Vs. May 2009

A week ago, Tim Tams showed me this picture of us from way back that he'd found. It was taken while The Office was still situated in the heart of KL City. Just a month-and-a-half before we left for PJ, actually. And just look at how formal we both were! It's hilarious!

Tim Tams & Pam Song, 30 November 2007

That was, of course, waaay before we started goofing off together and annoying each other no end lah. Haha. Ahhh, I miss those times when we were well-behaved, courteous and civil toward one another. Cos... just look at how we are with each other now!

Tim Tams & Pam Song, 2 May 2009


I see also I myself beh tahan. HAHA. One of us is already annoying as hell (to the other). But two of us together?? That's just too much to take. I pity the peeps around us. But I guess this comparison just shows how much a year and a half can change a friendship. Fortunately, in the case of Tim Tams and I, it's for the better. =)

And dang, I seem to have aged. T_T
And lost weight. T______T

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bring Out The Stars And I'll Show You A Happy Girl

When I first started dating, stargazing used to be the highlight of my dates. The men – boys, at the time, and no, there weren't all that many (only two) – I went out with knew my fascination of them so they always always ensured that it was part of the programme. Haha. Which was kind of like cheating in an open book test to me lah. But very thoughtful and endearing all the same. =p

In the year 2001 (or was it 2000? Hmmm), I fell in love with a particular star and started calling it mine. The guy I was seeing then had his own. Mine became my favourite cos it was the most unique one in the bunch; his was cos it was the one that was right smack in the middle of the bunch.

Tells a lot about what's important to us, huh? Haha. I want to be special. He's just... wants to constantly be at the centre of attention. HAHA. And in case you were wondering – no, we didn't go mush enough to start choosing a couple star. No sharing is caring when it comes to stars ok! Territorial sial! Haha.

Then one day, a guy I attended tuition with told me about a place he knew of where the stars shone brighter there than at any other spot in Penang. I was skeptical about it at first but... upon getting there and looking up towards the night sky, I realised – it's true!

So when I started dating again, I introduced the place to the guy I was seeing. And for a long time, it served as our relax-after-a-date-look-at-the-stars-talk-nonsense-and-dream-about-the-future place. No hanky-panky, mind you. Just a place to enjoy each other's company under and awe-inspiring expanse of starry sky.

Until the khalwat police started
giving us problems. HAHA.

With that place being out of the question, no thanks to one exceptionally bad incident with the cops, my stargazing days took a break. The guy I was seeing went off to study abroad so the going-out-on-physical-dates thing just didn't happen no more. That, and I was in KL most of the time, too, anyways.

So, at most, a childhood friend of mine who also happened to go to the same college as I did (let's call her Cucumber) and I used to sit at the playground at SS15 and talk till the wee hours of morning. (That time no sket die wan. Daring giler babi.) The stars eventually became a by-the-way I enjoyed but failed to pay full attention to.

And then I started working.

Things between me and Starry Skies just went downhill after that. I hardly had time to chill and do nothing but enjoy Mother Nature and her sparkly little diamonds. Soon, I stopped looking up altogether. Which was bad. I mean, I never forgot her beauty and the good times we shared. But I never acted on my impulse to catch another twinkle or two either.

The next time I had a chance to really enjoy her company was when I flew to Perth on a holiday. My most recent holiday to Perth, actually. (Which, come to think about it, actually isn't all that recent. It's been a year now. Wow, time really flies!) Was there for a good number of days so I had time to really unwind, play the stay-at-home wife who did the laundry and watched SYTYCD while she ironed the clothes, and... look at stars that twinkle in the clear Perth sky, of course.

And then, that was it. Sigh.
Wonder when Next Time will be.

It's been too long since I've gone stargazing.

I think it's time Starry Skies and I
rekindled our love for each other.

McDonald's Piccadilly Circus

This is beyond cool.

Especially for click crazy, trigger happy, shutter addicts such as myself who fail to associate Shame to public camwhoring.

Photos of McDonald's Piccadilly Circus
on their Flickr page.
*click* [Source]

McDonald's recently launched a new interactive sign on a giant LED screen situated at one of London's most photographed locations. It allows passers-by to interact secara syok sendiri with the images displayed. So cool. I so need to move to London, man. I'm missing out on too much! First, it was T-mobile Sing-along and now this??? T_T

What The Hell Is That... That... THING Doing On My Forehead!?!

For the first time since I started going to him, my hair stylist – the only person I allow close to my hair with a scissor in hand – screwed up. And I tell you, by my books, the man screwed up in big, killer whale-, mammoth-, Titanic-sized, QE2-kind-of-royal proportions. T_T

Look lah!


Why the heck is that ugly tuft there???
I mean, really lah. LOOK AGAIN!

What in the world is THAT
supposed to be, I ask you???

I told him, "Eh, Daniel. (That's his name, btw.) Remember last time I told you I wanted that 'accidental fringe'? Can cut for me again ah? I kinda miss it." Yeah, I miss it alright. The IT now being THE REST OF MY HAIR! ARRGHHH!!! Go away, leave me be, let me crawl under a rock, hide for all eternity and die alone. T_T

What I wanted was THIS:

Click here to read original post.


Click here to read original post.

But what I got is THIS:

KNS, cut until so bloody short.
Like super the y-u-c-k lorrr!


And you know what? As he was snipping my hair off, I sim-ed. (English translation: Ducked in an effort to avoid.) But... too late. Cut already. And you know what's worse??? What's worse is what he said after he realised he made a mistake. The man said, "Oh." *insert pause while realisation kicks in as I blink blink and recover from my sim-ing effort* "Whoops." And. Then. He. Laughs. HE LAUGHS!


Kill me now lah.
Or find me somebody to kill.
A little bit of pain relief would be nice.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Kissed A(nother) Girl

And this kiss totally swept me off my feet and blew me away. (I'm uncertain if it's possible to get swept off and blown away at the same time but... nehmind. You act dunno, I act dunno, nobody know.)

Thing is, this singer-guitarist boy just talks too freaking much. -_- So do me a favour and refrain from writing it off on account of time-wasting video introductions. Make it past the first 36 seconds (of meaningless singer-guitarist boy chatter -_-') and you'll see what I mean. The 3 minutes and 41 seconds that follow are simply delish.

Artist: Gabe Bondoc | Music Style: Acoustic
Song Title: I Kissed A Girl (Originally by Katy Perry)


*licks lips*

I Kissed A Girl (and I really,
really, really liked it) – YEAH!

p/s: His version of Rihanna's Take A Bow also very nice. But don't stop there. Go check out all his videos here.

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No more split ends by tomorrow. Wheee!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Project 365: 18/04/2009 [Listen To Che Che Pam And Keep Your Choppers Clean, Kids!]

That's me on the dentist's chair. Them hands you see closing in on me? Well, they belong to the nurse who eventually got me to stop taking pictures long enough for her to put the "adult bib" on me. HAHA.

Kidding lah.

I not so gila camwhore wan, okayyy.


Aku Anti Rasuah!

Tapi bila kena rasuah, seronok juga. HAHA.

Came in to work and found the red choc bunny on my desk yesterday morning. It was courtesy of CTBel. Again. Haha. Probably leftover gifts from when she gave me chocolate eggs for Easter. The bunny was Cadbury's dark choc summore. Dun mess. Macho giler babi.


I wasn't the only one who got bribed.
Duh Roads kena also. HAHA.

CTBel definitely needs us for something lah. Probably something big, considering the nature of this bribe. So fishy. I smell it already. Think it's time for Duh Roads and I to hold our breaths. Work's going to come piling in soon. -_-

Our bunnies.

CopyChecker Needs A Copy Check

Was looking for copywriting-slash-proofreading aids when I found this site. *points to image below* Then closed the window and failed to relocate it so I can't leave you a link but let's move on and forget about that little boo boo thank you very much your kind cooperation is very much appreciated I should really stop talking. -_-'''

Anyways, I found it somewhat funny
and somehow, oddly ironic.

Check it out.'s Index page. And no, I'm not delusional.
I know the url's here (I'm not blind either)
but the link's dead. Trust me.
Don't believe?
You try and see. Error message sure come out.

Their Index displayed typo errors. Jeng jeng! And because of that, I didn't bother with any other hyperlink on the page. Instead, I pulled a Command+Shift+4 on them. Haha. Can you believe that these people actually specialise in going through copy so as to ensure that it's error-free? I mean, they get paid to do it!

Amazing. Cyberworld truly is a wondeful place.

Shooting In The Dark


Click on image to enlarge.

Ever so often, Creatives are expected to magically transmogrify the meaningless messes on hand (often referred to as WIP advertorials) into terrorising Pterodactyls, too. Even when they don't quite know what's really expected of them, or how Pterodactyl advertorials look like in the first place. -_-'

Whatever. I gotta run.
Got me some zappin' to do. Bleh.

p/s: Gee, I so sound like I love my job.