Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Hounding Continues...

On Facebook.


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Nah. Are ya happy now?

*grumble grumble grumble*

The Tuesday After Christmas

It ain't Monday but I feel the blues already.


Waking up this morning was hell, I tell ya. Hell. Got the weekend plus Monday off sempena some Melayu holiday (I think) and now, it's back to the work mill. Sigh. I'm feeling very blah. I hope today ends early.

Monday, December 29, 2008

We Are Family – Father, Mother, Bimmer & Me!

She said STRAIGHT; I said RIGHT.
...and he turned LEFT. -_- Go figure.

No wonder I'm so messed up. Haha.

New Toy!

No time to really say much these past couple of days. Haih. Been busy busy busy lah. Lots to tell and heaps to say though. But... it's all gotta wait, alrights? Storytime soon. What matters is that right now, I'm blogging. From home. For free. Tee hee. (Curi line dari kawan-kawan berdekatan yang tidak kunci WiFi mereka. Syok. *grin*)

ANYHEW, what I wanted to show off say was this:
I got me a new toy for Christmas! My pressie from Mummy!
(I'm assuming lah. She never said it was specifically.)

So nice!


I know, I know. You haven't seen it yet.
I'm just syok sendiri-ing right now. Haha.

But what matters is not what it is.
What matters is what it does.
And what it does, is this:

Tried it out as soon as I got home. SO EASY! Haha.

But every good story needs some history so... here goes: Been eyeing curlers for the longest time and now... I finally have my own! Wheee! And the best part is this: Not only does it create curls, I get to create 9 other styles, too!

This thingamajig's a 10-in-1 curler, straightener, ringlet-er, waver-er and goodness knows what other -er there is!!! Haven't snapped a pic yet so I can't show you what this super hair contraption looks like. And I can't for the life of me remember the brand, nor the 10 styles so... it's just gotta wait, okay? Will write a separate post for that when I discover the secret to stealing time. =p But for now...


Not too bad for a first try lah, right? Curled the front to frame my face only. If you look closely, you'll see that the bottom strands are still straight and boring. Haha. Just don't come and tell me that the curls are too tight and all that nonsense, alrights? Of course it is. Duh. That's cos I snapped this pic right after I had the hair curled, remember? I haven't yet loosened it.

Oh, did I mention that I did all that in under 5 minutes? Really bring new meaning to the words 'quick' and 'easy' lah. Always thought it would be a real bother having to work on hair before leaving the house but... NO! Not with this baby! (Tell you the baby's real name when it comes to mind when I blog about it, okay?) AARRGHHH!!! I'm so happy with this baby!!!

*cartwheels all around*

Come to think about it, I blame Photobooth and Studio 54 (an event that I have yet to blog, I know -_-') for this craze for curls and ringlets. Seriously. If not for that night, I probably wouldn't have rediscovered my love for sexay, curlay hair. Now? Semakin hair, semakin gatal already.

Haih. Photobooth's fault.
All Photobooth's fault.

*grumble grumble grumble*

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After Christmas

I can't decide if I want to be happy for coming in for work today – there's hardly anything to do... or to be sad for having done so – I could have had a 5-day weekend instead.

Home to the Suits from 9 to 5 on Mondays through to Fridays.

I shall be happy.

The lack of Suits breathing down my neck the day after a public holiday can never be a bad thing. =p (If you're not a Creative, you'll probably never get how much of a relief this is. Haha.)

Funniest One-Line Retort I Heard All Week

This is one for the books. Haha.

The Housemate: _ON__ L__

Pam Song: WRONG! You wanna die ah? It's _ON__ L_U.

The Housemate: -_- It's _ON__ L_USY.


This laugh was so, so worth
the tea up my nose. Haha.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Wishes From The US of A

So many sweetnesssss!!!

And there's an e-card from her, too! It actually arrived a couple of days before this JPG did. (So free lah, this woman!) I'd publish it here but I'm too lazy (and busy -_-') to edit the pic now. Haha. Maybe later, okay? Be good now! It's Christmas! Wheee! XOXO

I Won A Free SONY DVD Player!

I did! I did! See! See! See!

My free SONY DVD player, courtesy of
McCann Erickson (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Won it at Studio 54 last Friday.
Took a dip and got it right. Haha.

The paper I picked out of a box that won me my freebie.


Come, come! I show off again!

Me pulling the Wheel of Fortune pose for good measure.

Thing is... the SONY DVD player was only mine for about 15 minutes. Cos I sold it. Haha. To didjital. For a grand total of RM120. *grin* (Original price was slightly over RM180.)

didjital's MY cold hard cash.

The bugger kept haggling!!! El cheapo. -_- But anyways, I could do with the money right now so... it's sold. And that's that. Sigh.

There should always be an official handover.
It's for the DVD player's own good. That way,
the it always knows who its owner is.

Thing is, in this one particular case, what's awesome isn't the money. It's this *points below* face. It could come in handy in the near future. (Think: blackmail. Tee hee.)



Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Live On Cyberworld News: Brand Executive Beats Doctor In Christmas Art Project

It ain't easy being creative these days.

Especially not when Cyberworld's littered
with Brand Executives who know the
long lost secret of Copying & Pasting.


And a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, too, babe!

Haha. Looks like the MSN Christmas Art Project is turning out to be a tiny, little mini series on its own. Funny how these things happen sometimes, eh? Click on the links below to see this self-made project's humble beginnings.

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Sweet-Smelling Christmas Blooms

Big time uh-oh. Before I even successfully finish catching up with my super-duper-uber delayed birthday posts, Christmas begins to hit. How lah now? How???


But enough with the whining. Cos today,
Wheee! And that's more than enough reason
not to whine if you ask me. Haha.

(Though I think the company receptionist
has started looking at me funny. Hmmm.)

6 pink roses and 3 lilies in pink and purple tissue. So nice!

And as always, the flowers came
with a printed card and a message.

I think I'm beginning to recognise Love.com.my's style. Haha.

But since you guys aren't privy to what the card says... (duh) Here! Enjoy looking at the flowers instead. Haha.

So pretty, no???

And not only does it look good, it smells really good, too! Like, really, really, really good. Totally reminds me of a wedding I attended in Penang sometime last year (or the year before – I can't remember). The hall was filled with hundreds and hundreds of lilies. And the smell in the banquet hall? *sigh* Just wonderful. Totally set the stage for the perfect wedding. =)

Anyhew, I've kept the bouquet diagonally in front of me at work and somehow, I keep catching myself subconsciously sneaking in deep breaths. Haha. Funny. Looks like my brain insists that my nose steal quick whiffs of the lilies' sweet scent. Haha. (Not that I'm complaining, of course. =p)

Ol' Faithful, thank you for
giving me a breath from heaven. =)

2 days from Christmas. A little early, but of all days, today turned out to be just the right day for the bouquet to arrive. Totally made Sucky Tuesday better. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

0401 Hours

I have weird friends who SMS me early in the morning to tell me they're pooping (read: the very-gross, now-infamous Ah Beng), and other equally as weird friends who SMS in the middle of the night to tell me that they're hungry.

CincauHangus: Boo.

Pam Song: Apa mau? I'm online.

CincauHangus: Nothing. Just wanted to tell you I'm hungry.



Mother-Daughter Talk

If you think I'm crazy, wait till you meet my mother.
(And FYI, I say that with all the love I have to give.)

Mother: (Out of the blue. Very seriously thim.) I think I need a career change.

Pam Song: @_@ Why!?

Mother: Well...

Pam Song: But but but... *confused* WHY!? Being Media Director not fulfilling meh? Then what you wanna do? What you wanna be?

Mother: (Without skipping a beat.) Grandmother.

Pam Song: @_@ WHAT!? -_-'''

Hmmm. Looks like I'm not the only one
who wants some new blood in the family.


SOME People

Today, I came to realise that some people never change, some never grow up, and some others are a just good mix of both. How pathetic.

Featured A Second Time

Hey Dillon,

Say "hello" to your second feature. =p

Pam Song

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Award For Best (Art) Student Of The Class

I don't even know if she reads my blog but... LOOK!

Super terror plain text art on MSN! How the heck did she get the tree looking the way it did!? Power giler! And when do I get this? (Mind you, I haven't heard from this woman in AGES!) Just a few hours after I posted Art Classes, Right Here On Tinki Talks. Hmmm.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

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The Evolution of Photoshop

I'm a Photoshop addict. Seriously. I pride myself in good editing and I'm willing to stay up all night in order to get an effect just the way I want it. Photoshop 5.5 was when I jumped onto the Photoshop bandwagon. Today, it's the era of Photoshop CS3.

Meet the Photoshop evolution table.

CS and CS2's missing. Hmmm. I wonder why.
FFFFound & PantherHouse.)

My, oh my, how things have changed.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Art Classes, Right Here On Tinki Talks

Remember this?

*points below*

Well, right after that, I got this:

Hahaha. Men are so kiasu! Always must win!

Haha. Kiddin'.

I applaud the man for his effort. I do, I do.

p/s: I know lah, the date on the chat is like, 10 days ago already wan. No choice lah, ok? Just close one eye and ignore. Been crazy busy of late. Everything at work's a mad rush cos clients are itching to go off on Christmas leave already. (Bleh.) At least I haven't given up on trying to catch up on my IOU posts, right? See? I so nice.

The Monday I Missed A Butt Crack

Time flies.

And since I've established that,
let me tell you just how fast.

You see, I received (and screenshot-ed) that chat a couple of weeks back when Butt Crack first got news that his visa had been approved by the embassy. And so quickly, that Day-To-Come became Today – Monday, 22 December 2008. The day that officially became the first work day without Butt Crack. The very first one since his arrival from The Agency Downstairs 2 months back.


Who's gonna suka-suka swap-glasses-with-me-for-no-reason now? Who's gonna tell me dreamy stories of far away lands now? Who's gonna tell me horror stories of dropping toe nails now? Who's gonna intro cool webbies and widgets to me now? Who's gonna make me YouTube female drifters and male cyclists now? Who's gonna anti the emo with me now? Who's gonna work till morning with me now? Who's gonna moan and groan and complain about crashing comps and self-quitting programmes to me now? Who's gonna make me talk nonsense online now? WHO???

*blink blink*

Ok, fine. I think we can still do that last one.

Haih. I think I'm gonna miss my
mid-day-slash-late-night chat buddy.

Boo hoo.

London. London. London. London. London. London. London. London. London. London.


Christmas came early this year.

Like, a whole 9 days early. And boy, oh boy, did I this pressie catch my eye. In fact, it was so wunnerful that it stopped my heart, too.

That's not even a flattering picture of me!!!
I should really sue for defamation. -_-

I think that this last spirit-fingers pose
ala Bring It On will end up traumatising me for life.

p/s: Click *here* to stream file (and laugh your head off). It'll only be online till 15 January 2009. (I'm too kiam siap to pay for a legal download of the file.) To be honest, I think that Nicholas looked most elfish out of the lot of us. Oh oh! And Simon Seow's a natural with the boob jiggy. HAHA. My elf, on the other hand, did a damn good cartwheel mid-dance. Ahem ahem. Ooo... yeah!


Click on image to create your own dancing elves' video.

Random Phantom

I steal pens for a living.

Just kidding! =p

Sorry I've been MIA, darlings. Been playing Busy Bee all weekend. Went party-party Studio 54-style last Friday night. Attended DGMB's Christmas dinner on Saturday night. Then had a blast watching Mamma Mia! at Istana Budaya yesterday night. Phew. As for the days? Well, I spent the mornings struggling to get up, then spent the rest of the day zipping here and there getting things done. SO TIREDZZZ!!!

But enough about me.



Mine's going swell. (Surprisingly.)
I think it's the writer tee I'm in.

"I like words." Got it when I was out shopping
with The Art Guy a couple of months back. Haha.

It's giving off some pretty good vibes. Just groovy. Haha. As you probably can already tell, I'm in a good mood. A VERY good mood, actually. Haha. Wonder why that is. Have a good week, guys! We're just 3 days from Christmas! (And I still haven't done my Christmas shopping – SHIT!) Wowza!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Three Take To Tim Tam's Tiny Tree

I've always been a Christmas girl. Always. I love the season. I love the twinkly lights. I love songs. I love the presents. And most of all, I love the mood it puts me in. But this Christmas... really no feel.


Dunno why also. I haven't been playing my jingle-bells or white-christmases. I haven't done any of my Christmas shopping. I haven't even stepped foot into Mid Valley Megamall for my regular Christmas-deco-oo-ah-buat-suaku-tangkap-gambar-beramai-ramai session. Haih.

All I have is this:

The Senior Writer, Yours Truly, Tiny Tree and Tim Tams
– three writers (and one tree), goofin' off in the middle of the night.

But I have to say... from the looks of it, it's still gonna be a pretty rockin' Christmas. All it takes is a silver mirror-ed baubble, glow-in-the-dark frames, a red party blowout, a bite-sized Christmas tree, and the right group of friends. Wheee!


From this:

To this:

This is but Part 2. More to come. Keep them eyes open.

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Powering Up For A Grand Win

Okay, this is my final attempt
at winning *this* darn thing.
And this time, I’m going all out.

ARGH, HOW CAN I POSSIBLY BE THIS DESPERATE FOR A FREE PARTY!? I mean, it’s just a party, right? WRONG! It’s going to be THE party of the year. THE party of my life. THE party that’s going to make up for my lack of a real birthday party this year. THE party that’s going to make up for all the parties I never had. THE party that will make up for all the times I was disappointed on my birthday. It. Is. THE. Party! I must wiiiinnnnnn!!!

So… NAH!

My collection of entry forms and EXTRA can tabs so far.
*beams* I am awesome. (Got extra tabs cos I got no time
to get extra photocopies lah. You think what? I every day
sit down goyang kaki ah?! Sheesh. *grumble grumble*)

Check that out, wei. Hahaha. This time dun win also quite impossible, right? (Please tell me I’m right.) Mailbox also cannot masuk all my entries. Haha.

Okay, fine. I exaggerated. Can masuk. But drama’s what sells these days, right? Just take a look at Grey’s Anatomy! It’s proof. Drama. Sells. So, DARN IT, F&N, BUY MY STORY!!! I went through great lengths to find those tabs with the F&N branding, okayyy!

F&N branded tabs. *rolls eyes* BRANDED. Can tabs!
Everything also got branding nowadays, man.
What is becoming of this world we live in?

To be honest with you, I’m somewhat worried. No, wait. That’s the wrong word to use. What I am is that I’m anxious. With the end date being just around the corner, I wonder if I’ve done enough to win this thing. Competition’s pretty steep right now. No kidding. Run a search on Google and you’ll see how many people have actually been game enough to take part in this competition. And surprisingly, most people who’ve submitted entries have blogged about doing it some time or another. Thing is, they all seem like pros. Contest-joining pros. -_-

I never bluff you. Those people exist. I used to have this one colleague who was a contest-joining pro. She joined ANY and EVERY contest there was to join. RM19 hairdryer as Grand Prize also join. Then, end up wining keychain also happy. Seriously! And these people are willing to INVEST lots and lots of money into collecting bar codes, can tabs, product packaging and other such proof-of-purchase nonsense. Me? I wouldn’t lah.

  • I blame Penang.
  • I blame my Penangite blood.
  • And I blame my Penang kia upbringing.


But I’m also too kiasu to not want to try
and win in spite of my lack of investment. -_-

Haiyo, there are many ways you can collect can tabs ma. No need to raid hypermarkets like TESCO also can get wan. *cough cough* Siapa yang makan cili dia yang rasa pedas, kan, SixthSeal? *grin* All it takes is a little bit of creativity. =p (Please don’t hentam me on your blog, can? You got so many readers, I think all your readers throw their phi sai – that’s Hokkien for “booger” – at me I can also suffocate and drown in it already.)

ANYHOO, I guess that makes me a non-hardcore contest-joining person. Haha. And the thing is, I usually won’t join also. Not unless I’m really into the prize that’s up for grabs. So that kinda makes this whole experience new to me. The feelings that are coming on to me, the thoughts that are running through my head – dunno lah. So confuse-ness! I think that by the time 31 December hits, I’m gonna be hyperventilating while the rest of the world counts down to the new year, man! Hahaha.

OR NOT, F&N??? Gimmie laaaaa!

*imagine Puss In Boots’ puppy dog eyes here*

p/s: Eh, anybody else join this contest ah? Tell me cos I want to scope out the competition and sabotage you. I, uh, just want to know so that I know who’s interested in coming for the party next year, when F&N officially announces that I’ve finally won it. =)


On a separate note, I'm working on
a Down With SixthSeal.com project.

*evil glint in eye*

Stay tuned for that.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fancy Talk

Remember how I told you that Ah Beng's conversation with me this morning got me all wonky? Well, I'm a woman of my word. This is the conversation I promised you. Haha.

Well, here's where it all began:

And then it just didn't stop.
Till later. Till much much later.

Ah Beng: From below I will swallow you into my depths. And rescue you from the turmoil in heaven. Where Gabriel's sword cannot bring you harm. Into the deep my love, come into the deepest darkest depths of my world.

Pam Song: The fear overwhelms. My thoughts grow darker with every passing breath. Spiraling out of control. Into the deep. Drowning. Save me, Dark Lord.

Ah Beng: Hold my hand. Don't let go. And do not look up. For it will be just a fragment of the past. Live in the present of my caress.

Pam Song: Do me no harm. But take me and surround me with swirls of black. Hide me in the shadows. Cover me. Kill the light.

Ah Beng: Harm will not befall you. Just place your hand in mine. Leave your inhibitions and fears at the door. You will experience a world like never before. You will rule the shadows, not merely hide. Power overwhelming.

Pam Song: I feel it. That power you speak of. It runs through my blood, killing the light. Dimming the glow that once was mine.

Ah Beng: Light has no stronghold where you will go. No dominion over you. Sever the bond with the light.

Pam Song: Why? Why does thou doeth me this harm? Why art thou not releasing me from the deep?

Ah Beng: It is just merely a different way of seeing things. Dark is not the mere absence of light. It is the opposite of light, a dark illuminating gloom.

Pam Song: That accent you have lost. Respect for you, I shall no longer give. Because the Lord himself is losing dominion. Losing power. Killing the spirit. No more, no more.

Ah Beng: Hahahah. So free today. You need big hugs. I can feel it. I kasi sama you on friday nite k. Haha.


I LOVE our conversations!

PC's Budgeting For Advertising

Apple strikes again.

Ooo... yeah. Long live Mac. =)

I Is Penang Char Boh

It is said that Penang girls
have this thing about them.


No, seriously. I do. HAHA.

*cough cough*

Ok ok. No more jokes.
In all seriousness now.

*clears throat*

Yeah, we've got a thang.
So much fun to syok sendiri!!! =p

*blink blink*

Oh, I can't believe I'm being so lame on a Thursday. Haha. =p I blame Ah Beng. My conversation with him earlier today got me all wonky. (Will post it later. Stay tuned.)

Anyhew, where was I? Oh yes. Penang girls.
Look at what hit my MSN screen earlier this week:

As you can see,
I entered the super-thick-skin-styled
-fishing-for-compliments mode. Haha.

And ooo, look at that. It worked!


I awesome possum-ly rock.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He-She Nonsense

He's not pleased.
She's not pleased.
I'm not pleased cos they're not pleased.
And well, this no-pleasing thingy really sucks.

He’s the boss.
But she thinks he's stupid.
So, she's playing the rebel.
And well, that's stupid, too.

She refuses to listen and obey.
He no longer wants to speak to her.
He speaks to me.
And well, that's irritating as hell.

We’re a team.
But nobody understands “Team Spirit”.
Nobody believes in success through teamwork.
And well, that’s not gonna be good for any of us.

I ranted.
And then I listened.
It was said that they’re behaving like kids.
And well, I think I agree.

You see, we survived Monday.
And all day yesterday.
But the night was bad.
And well, today doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any better.

I’d say, “Yeah, well, that’s advertising.”
But I don’t think it always is.
It doesn’t have to be.
But with SOME people – yeah, well, that’s advertising.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I posted an update at 10:49AM yesterday.
6 hours and 2 minutes later, I got this:

No updates also kena. 1 update also kena.
This blogging thing stress or not I ask you???


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Persaingan Sengit!

Remember that free F&N party-with-friends thingy I wanted to win? Well, now I stress. Persaingan to win is like so the very sengit lorrrr!!! ROAR! You see this fella! → *click* SO KIASUUU! And he’s not even from Penang, wei. Me, Penang kia sure cannot lose to him. AI PIA KA EH EIA LAH ZHI PAI!!! (That’s Hokkien for “Need to strive then only can win lah this time!!!”)

This is the game.

I need a game plan.
I need a strategy.

Cannot play play already. Need to work out a super power modus operandi in order to win this thing lah. Haih. Kiasu-ism is, as of now, the order for the day.

So, dear readers of Tinki Talks, I hereby present you my Win-A-Fully-Sponsored-Personally-Selected-Themed-2009-Birthday-Party-For-25-Friends-And-I grand plan. (Whoa. That turned out to be a real mouthful! Haha.)

1. Drink more F&N. (I need the sugar anyways.)

F&N Fun Flavours – so colourful!

2. Get my friends to drink more F&N and do my best to ensure that they DON’T THROW THE CANS AWAY ALONG WITH THE TABS. (Yes, Tim Tams, you know who I’m talking about, don’t you? >[)

Who says fathers get to escape the coercion? *grin* I didn’t
graduate with a major in Persuasive Comm for nothing. =p

3. Love the peeps I know who drink F&N and suck up to them kau kau so that they will gimmie their can tabs.

It is vital that those can tabs come with the F&N branding.

4. Hang around F&N can drink dispensers 24/7. (My office has one. And since I’m at the office so much of the time, I think this will turn out to be my most feasible MO.)

The dispenser I'm planning to sleep next to tonight.

So, yeah. That’s that.

I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win,
I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win,
I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win,
I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win,
I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win,
I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win,
I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win… I! Hope! I! Win!


I have a medical condition that requires that I consume a lot of sugar. Doctor’s orders. So, where better to get massive doses of sugar than from carbonated drinks??? I WILL TURN OUT TO BE ONE OF YOUR MOST LOYAL END CONSUMERS! Lemmie win and I will drink soft drinks from no other manufacturer but you for the rest of my life. Deal or not??? ROARRRR!!!

*blink blink*

You know, I think I just hit a new low with the
the begging and the pathetic barter-trade offers. -_-

It’s time to change topic.

Have I told you about the first entry form I sent out over lunch earlier this week??? Not yet right??? (Terror or not? So smooth, right, my skill in changing topic? *grin*) Well, that’s what I did lor. I sent it out with lots of pecks and prayers. Haha. Even had my fingers crossed and eyes closed when I slipped it into the mailbox. =p

Me mailing the entry form.

Doing all I can to boost my chances at winning.

Stop judging me!

I need to do all I can in order to win lah!

If anything, I’m doing this
for 25 of YOU also okayyy.

*grumble grumble grumble*

You’d better be rooting for my win.

Oh, and if any of you got connections to the peeps in F&N, HELP ME OUT, ok? Put in a good word, buy them donuts and coffee (I’ll pay you back lah, kiam siap! Just make sure you buy cheapo Maxim donut enough, ok? No branded J.Co or Big Apple nonsense. I a bit the pokai now.), ASK THEM TO PULL THE RIGHT ENTRY FORM OUT OF THE DRAW BUCKET! I’d be eternally grateful. And you’d get to sit right next to me next year when we’re attending the free, themed birthday party we’ve won. =D

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Monday, Can't Trust That Day


It's Monday already???



Pam Song, this Monday, you...

(1) Had a flood of green lights all the way to work. That's 12 green lights in total. Not too shabby for a Monday morning, if you ask me.

(2) Got free valet service and a mud-free spot (which is pretty rare), at a public parking lot.

(3) Didn't have to wait for the lift. And trust me when I say that with this lift at the new place, it's usually a very long wait.


I think it's gonna be a good week. =)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reader Reader Pumpkin Eater

Blogging isn't always sunshine and roses. And, take my word for it, it isn't always freebies and invites to events either. That's what it only seems like when you're standing on the outside looking in. Get past the V-Kool and you'll realise that maintaining a blog is actually a lot of hard work!

You see, over time, the readers of Tinki Talks have somehow grown accustomed to having me blog as frequently as I do. (At least it seems that way to me lah. Cos there have been times when I've published up to 6 - 7 posts a day, I guess.) And because of that, they've started taking me for granted got expectations of me and of how often posts should appear here. Like this dude, for example.

Haha. I've even gotten "reminder" sms-es from him at 3 or 4 in the morning before, okayyy. Hard work or not, I ask you now? Heh.

But then again, there are, of course, situations that turn things around, put them into perspective, and make this "hounding" seem more than worth it. Times when I get pleasantly surprised by MSN status messages like this one:

Thanks for makin' my week, all last week with
your ego-boosting status messages, CincauHangus.

Reader reader, thou rocketh! =)

1:23AM = Time To Smile

Going to bed with a smile
just cos I am where I am. =)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Leonardo Da Vinci

The dude was an ambidextrous genius. And no, I'm not exaggerating. He could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. Power gila sial. But as gifted as he was with his hands (and his brain), you'd be surprised to know that he took 12 whole years to finish painting Mona Lisa's lips. o_O


Will It Drop Off?

Stubbed my toe when I was in for work the Thursday I was supposed to have the day off. (Some Selangor public holiday, I believe. I don't know for sure. Public holidays don't mean as much anymore. -_-)

Haih. Damn suey. Sacrifice for company also have to sacrifice more than just a good night's sleep, lazy weekends, early nights and public holidays. No, no. Nowadays, have to give blood also. -_-

My right baby toe.

Look at that, wei. My nail's all screwy now with all those crack lines. Looks like I've got fungal infection or something. Yuck. Butt Crack tells me it's going to fall off. Boo! I want to keep my nail! I don't want no falling off. Sigh. Whaddaya think?

Will come off ah?

Please don't let it come off.
Please don't let it come off.
Please don't let it come off.

Please. Don't. Let. It. Come. Off.

Boo hoo. =(

I almost died when it happened. I think my heart skipped a couple of beats. And, mind you, it did not do any skipping in a good, I'm-in-love, oh-wonderful-little-blue-bird kinda way. More so in a OMG-just-kill-me-now-to-take-me-out-of-this-pain-and-misery kinda way. Seriously. So pain, can die. -_- And now?

AIYOOO, so ugly can dieeee!!!

Sigh. Still hurts when I walk. And when I curl my toes. And when I lie on my right to sleep at night. Oh, and it looks like crap, if you haven't yet noticed. C-R-A-P. ='(

Friday, December 12, 2008

We're Living Proof

Every good friendship that's founded on that which is solid and substantial, will find itself surviving the bad, no matter how badly the cookie crumbled. Last night was proof of that.

Jesus Loved Them, One And All

Talk of Christmas rarr rarr parties have started taking place. Too bad for me, Christmas still seems so very far away to me. My mailbox, on the other hand, has recently become more happening than I am nowadays. It's been getting the Christmas buzz.

Haiyah. It's that mess on my table that's distracting me from getting into the Christmas mood lah. It's that pile of JRs that's blocking my view of the mistletoe. Boo. This conversation *points below* is probably the closest I got to having a full-fleged Christmas-skewed conversation. Haha. Enjoy.

Pam Song: hahhaha. sounds like it's gonna be an awesome party. hahah. any theme?

Kelz: oh yaya. I WANTED to remind them of the theme. YAYA GOT. i tin they forgot. i said christmassy theme la. wear santa hat ker. reindeer horns or wat. colours red & green. well red or GREEN la : ) nice kan? i bringing santa hat.

Pam Song: ooo. uh.... hahaha. i have to go find then. hahahhaha. but yeah! sounds great!

Kelz: hahaha : ) angel wings also can. haha.

Pam Song: hahahaha. ok

Kelz: got halo halo? hahaa i dun have. hehehe. i wanted reinderr horns but never got to buy 'em. NO GIRAFFE DOESNT COUINT AH! *peeks at pam*

Pam Song: WHY???? you prejudiced against tall ppl!!!

Kelz: GIRAFFE IS NOT CHRISTMAS! MPHF! (What does this mean? MPH Fever? Haha.) HMPH!

Pam Song: WHY NOTTT???

Kelz: bcos u dun see GIRAFFE'S ON CHRSITMAS, storyy books, or anyting christmas! (My goodness her spelling!)

Pam Song: GOT!!! Jesus loved all animals equally! EQUALLY!

Kelz: ........ *mouth just dropped open*

Pam Song: YES! I WIN! hah!

Case closed. I win.
Giraffes are 'in' this Christmas.
Watch out for it. Woot woot.

Me Likes Malacca Peeps!

Me likes a lot a lot!

See? How to not like???
Heart also melt wei. Hahaha.

At least her art classes from Standard 1 - 6 and Form 1 - 5, as well as her comp art and design classes in college didn't go to waste. =p