Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Celebrating A Really LOVE-ly November

About a week ago, Facebook notified me that a couple of friends from my church in KL just got engaged. To each other. I.e. one couple, two individuals, one soon-to-arrive wedding. I thought it was great news and wished the couple well. Went to bed with happy thoughts that night, and thought that that was that. But tonight... oh, tonight! I just found out that THREE couples I know just got engaged! On the very same night! Two from my church, and one from Nuffnang!

Gosh, I'm feeling so, so very happy to see
so much love floating around in Cyber-air. <3

Wheee! =D


That, I am. Totally smitten and wonderstruck
by Taylor Swift's dress in her Wonderstruck ad.

 So dreamy, so pretty. I totally wouldn't have minded wearing an evening gown like this if I knew that going over the top was going to look this good. Haha.

Fabric Tissue Paper Pack Cum iPhone Pouch

I will sew this myself one day. You mark my words, I will.
All I (still) need is a brand new, working sewing machine. -_-'''

Monday, November 28, 2011

Copywriter Frustrations

It's amazing how some clients often want to keep their writers (a.k.a THEIR ADVERTISING PARTNERS) in the dark about the specifics regarding their projects, products and services... yet want those very same BLUR, in-the-dark writers to somehow magically write BRILLIANT copy that produces results.

"You don't have to understand. Just write in general."

What the heck does that even mean!?
Pisses me the hell off every time. >(

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes Fresh From The Mailbox!

Yesterday, Mr Postman delivered to me my one and only birthday card this year. It also happened to be my first ever snail mail in the new house I moved into! Yay!

*cartwheels all around*

Dear Friend First, Cousin-in-Law Second,

Thanks so much for the lovely, perfumed card! It was very thoughtful of you. You really hit my sweet spot this time. No, not with the cupcakes on the cover, but with the card itself – snail mail has always been my greatest weakness. Haha. And yessss... I shall have some real cupcakes soon. When you're back to have them with me, that is. =) See you real soon, babe. Make sure you come visit. Until then, you take care, be happy, and drink kickapoo... with me in mind. =p

Pam Song

p/s: Go graduate with a bang, bay-beh!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

S For Saturday, S For Siri

It's finally Saturrrdaaayyyy!!! =D The Saturday
I jumped from one S to another, to be exact. =p

Oh Siri, I am so ready for you to rock my world.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tickled Down Memory Lane

I've always known that music had the powerful ability to bring me back in time – to revisit forgotten moments and past emotions like they were no further from memory than Yesterday's tales and stories of fails and glories. I just never realised that nail polish could do the same for me. Until today.

Decided to paint my nails on a whim after work today. Called a nail salon - one that's located on my way back from work and close to home - to check if they were still open at 7PM. Thankfully, they were. So I made me an immediate appointment and was comfortably seated in the pedicurist's chair, picking OPI nail colours in under 15 minutes. I picked this one:

Tickle My France-y F16 from OPI La Collection De France.

Well, I didn't know it at the time – swatches aren't always that accurate and neither is liquid nail polish in a bottle – but I happened to pick the very same colour I used for my pre-wedding mani and pedi! The one I indulged in the day before our pre-wedding shots were taken, the one I put on the day before we signed our singlehood away with a ROM, and the one I decided I liked and fell in love with the day before Wedding Banquet 1.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, that also turned out to be the very same pedicure (FYI, I re-manicured my fingers before the actual wedding day but decided not to waste money on another pedicure so soon) that lasted me all the way to Wedding Banquet 2, past our honeymoon and shockingly, was still surviving about a month-and-a-half after! Haha. It only came off when I next pedi-ed! =p

My post-wedding toes with my pre-wedding nail colour. =)

Yup, I think I shall keep to this subtle OPI colour from now on whenever I pedi. It looks pretty good on the outside, and it sure makes me feel good on the inside. <3

Make Way. Creatives Crossing.

Picture taken after lunch today at Gurney Drive.

Q: Why did the Creatives cross the road?
A: To get to the other side (before their ride drives off without them)! =p

From L-R: Hacker, Tiam Tiam, Hiyashi and Suki.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wedding In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The Husband isn't the most romantic man on Earth. Sure, he's got his moments of corny omantic glory but... those are rare, few and far in between. I know that; he knows that. Even so, I'm glad – and thankful, and very grateful – that he didn't suggest any sort of geeky goofing off for our wedding. Unlike this dude from Singapore who went all Darth Vader on his bride:

Lining up the troops in preparation for battle.

Ready and raring to go!

 Star Wars... ATTACK!!!

The frontliners under attack.

Darth Vader swoops in on the sly.

 And strikes a deal to win the hand of his fair maiden.

Behold... DARTH VADERRRR!!! With a pretty little bouquet
of white roses and a luminous pink light saber. -_-'''

Hahaha. Check out the chest salute his troops are giving them.

Normal girls, Star Wars men.

Mr and Mrs Darth Vader.

How to get married like that ah? I mean, it's fun and a real good laugh to check out and giggle about from a third-party's point of view lah but... how can you have wedding pictures with your husband in a mask!? Dun even know if you're marrying the right guy under all that gear, man. Haha. But fun lah. That is one liberal bride. Maybe it would have been better if she just dressed up as Princess Leia in a gold bikini, with buns in her hair instead. =p

NOTE: All pictures were taken from One Eye Click's Facebook Album and are definitely not mine. Haha.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday Purse To Go

Yesterday, I received my very first (and only) birthday present this year. A pretty, lavender Purse To Go purse organiser from the US, courtesy of my sister-in-law. =)

Pretty and practical – I likes! And my sister-in-law is right.
It'll be purse-fect in my pocket-deprived Longchamp. =)

Green Green Grass By The River

Yup, I grew up watching that sad-sob Chinese drama all through primary school. But that's not what this post is about. So, what is, you ask? Well, this is:

Friday, 18 November 2011.

That big bomb of green you see on your screen was last Friday's tea. Haha. A Chicken Ham Sandwich with a massive overdose of Fresh Curly Lettuce, Salted Butter and Cream Cheese – YUMS! =p I had that from Wednesday through Friday.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011.

Me and my Wednesday sandwich.

Thursday, 17 November 2011.

NOTE: Picture from Friday already shown above. =p

Hiyashi exclaimed in surprise. As did Suki. Then Nana had the time of her life laughing at me and saying that I "ciak chau" – that's Hokkien for "eat grass". She also "moos" when I'm sandwiching. *snorts*

This week, I changed the formula. TADAAAA!!!

Hahahahaha. I know it looks no different in pictures but this week, I had Tuna, Mayo, Cream Cheese and Salted Butter in the mix instead of Chicken Sandwich Ham. No diff at work though. Nana still laughs and goes, "Moo." Wth. -_-'''

Baby's Back And Beautiful

So after the unfortunate midnight crash of October the 29th, I brought and left Baby at my dad's usual car workshop for some knock-and-spray work along her side. The workshop dude offered a quote to repair the damage (this amount was reimbursed to me by my friend who was driving during the accident) but added that there would definitely be a slight difference in colour no thanks to the time difference in between which the original layer of paint and the new coat of paint are put on. (The additional sun exposure fades the original paint.) -_-'''

Damn. I immediately had flashbacks to when Baby was bumped into 3.5 years ago at that very same friend's house when I was bunking there. (Her dad reversed his car into mine! =p) They handled the repair work for me but Baby came back with some pretty obvious colour differences between her bum and her door. Well, I didn't want the same problem this time around so we asked what else could be done to minimise the possibility of that happening again and he suggested that we just suck it up, cough up the difference in price, and spray the whole car instead.

So we did.

And this is how she returned to me
...all bright, shiny and new. =)

Knocked-out door.

Even colour throughout.

So, in hindsight, I guess some good did come out of this unfortunate accident after all. #positivethinking Baby got herself a brand, spankin' new coat of paint. (Yay, her!) And I finally got myself a looks-almost-as-good-as-new car to drive around. (Yay, me!) =)

p/s: Of course the journey wasn't quite so simple lah. It is my life after all. And nothing about my life is ever simple or straightforward, right? -_-' I first brought Baby back a little over a week after I sent her in but found that they didn't fix up my right-front speakers or my reverse sensor. So I had to send her in again. After collecting her a second time around, her speakers were working but my reverse sensor is still going disco on me but... aiya, whatever lah. Bo lat to run here run there go car workshop liao. Disco also disco only lah. Wth.

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Woe Is Me

Yesterday, I turned 27 in Penang. But just two days before that, I was a 26+++-year-old up in Genting Highlands. (The Husband had a pre-birthday weekend away planned for me so, off to Genting we went.) While we were there, we visited the casino. And as I was going to walk in, The Husband reminded me, "Eh, they're going to ask you to take out and show your I.C. again. Get it ready." But guess what?? This time – for the very first time – THEY DIDN'T!!! @_@




OMG, do you know what that means!?!

It means that I've finally begun to LOOK old!!



So, I made up my mind to go for an emergency post-birthday facial today to remove whatever signs of ageing I could possibly reverse before it got too late for me to rectify the downward spiral my youth had begun its journey on, no thanks to the ticking of the clock. But then... THIS HAPPENED:

ARGH! I made it for that emergency facial and now,
it looks like a bomb just went off on my face. Wth. -_-'''

Monday, November 21, 2011

Never Too Late (Or Too Old) For Ang Pow

I thought that getting married would kill the supreme reign of my glorious ang pow-receiving singleton days. Well, thankfully, I thought wrong. =p

Me and my birthday ang pow getting friendly on PhotoBooth.

Hip hip HOORAY!! =D

Birthday Lunch With Lima Sekawan Tambah Dua

Just like last year, the five members of The Studio (plus two add-ons from the land downstairs) brought me to Gurney Plaza for my birthday lunch. But unlike last year, this time around, we ended up at BAR-B-Q Plaza. Haha. Not by choice though. Unfortunately, Kim Gary was closed for renovations. Boo.

We ordered the set lunch and played with lard
while we waited for the food to arrive.

Or at least that's what Hacker did as Tiam Tiam looked on.
The girls talked and had our pictures candidly taken.

Except these two on the other side.



And then our food arrived. Raw.

 My beef set.

Needless to say, the rest of our lunch hour
was spent playing masak-masak. =p

 Cooking our own lunch!

And of course, we need a customary
group picture before all the food
disappeared into our tummies. =)

From L-R: Tiam Tiam, Poser Queen, Hacker,
Soya Legs, Suki, Hiyashi and Yours Truly.

Thanks for belanja-ing me, you guys!
I'm smelling like BBQ and I love it! =D

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THERE IS NO VAMPIRE DIARIES THIS WEEK!!! WHYYYYY???? I've checked all my usual streaming and downloading sites. Nada. No upload, no update, no NOTHING. What is happening?! Are they on some kind of mid-season break?? Don't they know they have a RESPONSIBILITY toward us viewers?? HUH? HUH??? How can they go on break just like that and not tell us?!? And how long is this inhumane break supposed to last?! A week? Two?? Maybe more?! NOOO!!! T_T

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Ship, Sri Bahari Road

I first enjoyed The Ship's Tenderloin Sizzling Steak with The Husband my in-laws last Sunday. And then, because I just couldn't stop my brain and belly from thinking about it day and night, I managed to persuade my parents to go steak-ing with me again two days later –  on Tuesday. And yesterday night – on Thursday – The Husband brought me for yet another (and my final) round of steak in a long, long, loooong time. Phew! I think I'm all steak-ed out right now. Haha. But then again... yay for meat, yay for me! Finally, success to overflowing in my tummy! =D

NOTE: The pictures featured in this post were from Visit #2 – the one where I went to The Ship, Sri Bahari Road with Mee and Dee this Tuesday past. No diff to you though. I order the same thing each and every time. HAHA.

The place with "The Best Steak In Town."

If you haven't ever been to The Ship, the seating area is disguised to make it feel like you're sitting in the belly of a ship, with wooden beams to hold up the ceiling, round windows with steel reinforcement to keep the water out, and steering wheels on the backs of chairs for you to... urm... steer the boat. @_@

I knew exactly what I wanted and so did Mee and Dee so it really didn't take us long to order. We all ordered the same thing! Hahaha. Cream of Mushroom soup for starters, and Tenderloin Sizzling Steak that comes with a bowl of salad to complete the meal.

Cream of Mushroom soup.

Tenderloin Sizzling Steak with a bowl of salad.

We didn't order any drinks to go with our meal
so we had a cup of warm water each.

Warm water in The Ship cup.

Pipping hot Bread and Salted Butter on the house to keep
our mouths busy (and our tummies happy) while we wait. =)

The salad arrived soon after and we were given a choice of three dressings. Mee picked the French Salad Dressing – yuck, I picked Thousand Island, and Dee had an odd mix of both – double yuck.

Mee's salad, drenched in French Salad Dressing.

My salad, covered in two generous spoonfuls of Thousand Island.

My salad after Operation Remove Stuff I Don't Eat. =p

It looks boring and colourless in that last picture cos I tossed the pineapple, cherry tomatoes, green pepper and onions Mee's way. Haha. Even The Husband later complained, "Where got people put onions into salad wan??" Hahaha. See! It's not just me! =p

And then, the Cream of Mushroom arrived.

And it wasn't great. The mushroom soup was canned – presumably Campbell's – but that wouldn't have been a problem for me if it was a little thicker than what was served. Unfortunately, what we got was diluted canned soup. -_-''' I'm sure my made-at-home Campbell's version would have been better.

But the highlight of dinner was, of course, the steak.
And boy oh boy, did we get all dressed up for it. =p

Rolled up adult bib.

Dee wearing his adult bib.

Mee wearing her adult bib.

And before I managed to pass my camera to Mee to have my adult bib picture taken, my sizzling steak arrived. And yes, it was sizzling and bubbling away! =D

Doesn't that just look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-G-G???


Mee and I with our adult bibs while waiting for our steaks to stop sizzling.

Me and my steak.

I wiped that hot plate clean and enjoyed every single bite of beef. YUMS! And it tasted just as good second time around. (As it did the third time around, too. =p)

After dinner, Dee felt we needed something sweet to end the night so we shared a classic Banana Split. Three scoops, three ways, between three people. =)

It was a real good and satisfying week of steak-filled dinners. Haha. And once I've worked out all the beef in me, I'm sure I'll be back for more. Someday not too soon. =p

 The Ship, Sri Bahari Road
46, Sri Bahari Road,
10050 Penang.

TEL : +604 263 3551 / +604 263 9532
FAX: +604 263 0054
BUSINESS HOURS: 11.30AM to 12.00AM, Monday to Sunday