Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Silver Lining

He's right.

Come tomorrow, I'll have a 2-day week
...just like I did last week. (Kinda sorta.)

Wheee! High 5! =)

Kita berdua
deceive sama
kita sendiri loh!

Stabbed 8x + ±25x... And Still Alive

So as most of you would have known (or guessed) by now, my back's been giving me problems since my return from Singapore. Lifted my luggage wrong and got stuck with an ache that somehow just refused to let up.

First stop in an attempt to tackle the problem? SJMC. Ang mor doctor – FAIL! Had to eventually resort to some old-fashioned Chinese therapy. But... although EASTERN DOCTOR #1 – PASS, it was just too much pain to bear! That's why I'm now on Eastern Doctor #2 and #3 – a set of VERY EXPENSIVE Taiwanese brothers who're currently based in a Chinese Therapy Centre in Taipan, USJ.

During my first visit, I made a special request to the people there to not work their acupuncture magic on me. (I takut jarum, you jangan ketawa.) But over the week, some friends somehow managed to convince me to go ahead with the treatment, saying that it wouldn't hurt as badly as my head tells me it would.

So, last weekend, during my second visit
to the centre... I kena cucuk.

8 acupuncture needles. 4 on my upper back (THROUGH MY T-SHIRT, CAN YOU BELIEVE THE KANG-HU???) and another 4 at my lower back. Like everybody assured me it wouldn't, the needles didn't really hurt going in. But after while, the 'sour' feeling in my bones just about paralysed me.

Don't ask me why there's a half-naked man in the background
with his underwear halfway down his arse. I dunno also.

Actually bones 'sour' until wanna die already
but still trying to buat macho. Haha. Fail.

I was actually still SMS-ing at the time those pictures were taken. Right up to the point when I couldn't hold my mobile right or press the keys without feeling like my arms were going to drop off like sour mangoes from a tree. -_-'

Nah. Show you close-up of the needles
that were pierced into my lower back.

The red light is crazy hot. Works like heat treatment.
Think my back is officially sunburnt now. -_-'

Damn deep, okayyy. Dun play play. The length of the part of the needle that was pierced into my body was about the same length as the handle.

I feel so macho now. Haha.

But that wasn't it. He started to perform Tui Na (Chinese: 推拏 or 推拿; pinyin: tuī ná) on me. Bones cracking all over. Then... I apparently had some stuff the doc needed to deal with around my neck, too. So the man had a ball of a time ruining my neck with Gua Sha (Chinese: 刮痧; pinyin: guā shā).

That's it lah. No more strappies;
only high-collared tops from now on. T_T

As you can see, I was back to SMS-ing at the time. Haha. But the doctor gave me the evil eye soon after, so I stopped after awhile. Haha. Better obey lest he cucuk me again. Nanti kena cucuk until cannot move like those pressure point kung fu masters I used to see in Wong Fei Hung and Fong Sai Yuk. Haha.

Think that's it? Think again!

After he was done with Gua Sha, he started STABBING ME *faints* with a tiny penknife-ish tool. WITHOUT WARNING ME! And like, over and over and over! No joke! I'd say I got stabbed about ±25 times in total, in that one session. Why? Cos he needed to do this:

Walauuu... can die. That was, without a doubt, the most painful part of the entire procedure. More so than the acupuncture session I had with him earlier. But... since I'M SO TOUGH, MACHO AND COURAGEOUS... *cough cough* ...I could take it. Heh.

Round 3 after work, one of these nights. Sigh. There goes another RM80 in exchange for more pain. Darn it, I feel like a masochist. -_-'

p/s: Oh, and the doc promised me that my 'battle scars' would go away in a maximum of 3-4 days. He lied. It's been more than 4 days and they're STILL THERE. T_T He obviously doesn't know how my skin reacts to abuse. It used to be a joke that if I ever got manhandled or mistreated, the guy wouldn't ever get away with it. The bruises would show his fingerprints on them. Haha.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Sunshine

Received a sunshiny bouquet of flowers today.

A sweet attempt to brighten my day.

I really can't wait for things to get better. Guess I've just gotta keep the faith and believe that the Big Man's working on the things I can't handle from way down here.

Thank you.

I think I'm beginning to feel the sun
on my shoulders already. =)

Thanks, Guys

Okay, so I think I might have freaked you guys out two posts ago with some of my thoughts and feelings of the moment. I'm sorry for causing you worry. Sorry for getting some of you messed up with my mess. It was late, I was sad, feeling lost and confused, and I needed to clear my head. But...

Just so you know, I'm better. =)

I'm nowhere near being out of the valley yet.
But I'm getting there. Slowly but surely.

To those of you who've called or SMS-ed in concern, thank you. Your kind words have touched me in more ways than one. Thank you for showing me that there's someone out there who cares enough to worry if my world crashes. Thank you for trying to catch me when all that was under me gave way.

To those who've been asking incessantly even before Messed Up, no, I'm not seeing anyone exclusively. No, I've not regained access to Coupledom. And no, I'm not depressed about love or the lack of it. It's something else. Something bigger. Something more significant at this point in time. Something I'm not too comfortable sharing here.

I apologise for not being able to be honest with you guys (cos I know you care) but this is something I need to deal with on my own. Relax knowing that my parents are aware of my status and that I've got the people closest to me take care of me now.

Again, thank you for showering me with love and care in recent days. You've shown me that I'm not alone in all this and it touches me beyond words to know that Tinki Talks isn't just a place for me to share my joys and fire off my rants anymore. It's also evolved to become my source of support. And you guys are the ones who have made that possible.

Eternally grateful and always thankful
that I have you guys,
Pam Song

Chill Pill Moment

Time to just go with the flow and not sweat the iddy biddy stuff. Tough though. The just-let-it-go part, that is. Always easier said than done when things aren't yet resolved. Plus, the stresses I have right now aren't exactly iddy biddy. Sigh.

I think I was going with the flow, actually. Living each day at a time. Taking things as they come. Before I got caught in a riptide and found myself under the surface, trashing under crashing waves. And then after awhile, I guess I just came to a point where I got tired of fighting for my life and just allowed myself to feel every sensation there was.

The cold. The push and pull of the tide.
The swirling and churning of choppy seas.

If stress is such a powerful force,
why can't love be the same?

I'd like to drown in love someday. The come-up-spluttering-eyes-blurry-nose-runny-gasping-for-air-desperately-reaching-upwards-to-catch-my breath-before-going-under-again kind of love. It's that forget-all-and-get-a-little-crazy-in-the-moment love that just catches you off-guard, you know? The kind that sweeps you off your feet then catches you before you hit the ground and never lets you go after.

Sure, ups and downs are sure to come but with every wave that crashes, another will rise. So if the highs are worth the lows, I guess I'm in for the ride. That's how surfers do it, too, right? Wait for a big wave, get on it, then hope to come out standing. And if it takes a trillion falls and a hundred million gallons of sea water in the mouth before successfully making it out of one good rip curl wave, so be it.

So be it.

They say that people who really fall in love fall madly in love. I get little glimpses of the love poets speak of sometimes, but I can't help but wonder if I'll see the 'mad', too, someday. Spontaneous, unpredictable, impulsive, always exciting – that kind of 'mad'. No over-thinking, no over-analysing, no games, no hots-and-colds, no grey areas, no emotional outbursts, no screaming matches, no unnecessary drama.

That's rocket science.
And I wasn't made for rocket science love.

I've only got enough fight in me to last the battles I have with what I can only refer to as my 'solo stresses'. (Issues where there are no other parties involved but myself, and only I can deal with them.) Only enough brain power and emotional charge for that. I can't go all out in a fight for the other stuff, too. At least not right now.

No rocket science nonsense this time.
If you'll do the sweeping, I'll do the falling.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Messed Up

I can't really describe how I feel this very moment. Can't pin-point the emotion. But I guess that this is as close as it's about to get:

I feel lost.

And it sucks because I don't know why I feel this way. Not exactly, at least. Sure, I've got my guesses and hunches. But that's all that they are. Guesses and hunches. The jumble of emotional clues offer me nothing concrete. No certainty.

I feel like I've got a dark cloud
hanging over my head.

And trust me, it's ugly. The part I don't get is why it's there in the first place. There was no trigger for the sullen expression that has overtaken my face. No catalyst for the negativity in my gut. No reason for my emotions to rebel against me, my heart and my brain.

I feel stuck.

Like Life boxed me up and stuffed me in a corner. Don't see a way out. Can't escape. Just gotta sit down, hold on tight and ride out the waves. But this box I'm in, it wasn't made to take on the water I've been thrown in. It's crumbling. Dissolving.

I feel exposed.

I need protection I know I can't get. I want to be rescued but I also know that nobody's coming. I look around. There's no one out to get me... but there's also nothing to keep me from clear view of the evils I run from. The issues I refuse to confront. The things I just can't bring myself to face.

I feel tired.

I'm tired of fighting the fall... but I'm also tired out by the thought of running from it. Lift not a finger, move not a muscle. But that just leaves me stagnant, stationary, sedentary. Exactly where I am – where I was to begin with. And that's not good either. Cos I'm getting nowhere.

I feel frustrated.

The way out I see before me is a path I am forbidden to tread. Access denied. Exit closed. So near, yet so impossible to reach. I stretch myself across the divide. But the closer I get to my desire, the further my feet stray from solid ground. My position becomes precarious. My footing, uncertain.

I feel weary from the fight.

My fight with the invisible enemy is draining me. I'm physically spent. Emotionally bankrupt. No more does the cell I'm in imprison. Instead, I'm beginning to grow fond of the by-protection it offers me. Keep me in, keep others out. I am safe within these walls I've built.

I feel like this is getting nowhere.

I know I'm just writing right now out of habit. Only because it's what I'm used to doing. The words that flow usually help pull the frustrations in my head and heart out onto screen so my brain forgets and my body relaxes. But tonight, it's not working. So, I'm stopping.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


NOTE: This post was written at 3:42PM on Friday, 25 September 2009.

Yesterday was the first day of the week for me and today, it's Friday! How awessum is that??? I could do with more weeks like these. Haha. Anyhoo, I just found the perfect song to sum up my equally-as-perfect-ish week. =)

Artist: Uncle Kracker
Song Title: Smile

You're better then the best
I'm lucky just to linger in your light
Cooler then the flip side of my pillow, that's right
Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where you send me
Lets me know that it's ok, yeah, it's ok
And the moments where my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile

Even when you're gone
Somehow you come along
Just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack
And just like that
You steal away the rain
And just like that

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile

Don't know how I lived without you
Cuz every time that I get around you
I see the best of me inside your eyes
You make me smile

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make me smile (Ohh, you make me smile)
Ohh, you make me smile (Ohh, you make me smile)
Ohh, you make me smile


Another Reason To Smile

It's been too long since I've taken time out at the end of the day just to enjoy the beauty and wonder of God's creation. Tonight, I did. For just about a minute before my brain kicked in and told me to get indoors because it was late, of course. But even those 60 seconds were enough to plaster a smile to my face throughout the night.

The stars finally came out to play.
Mine even gave me a wink. ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

IT Goes 18SX

NOTE: This post was written at 11:42AM on Friday, 25 September 2009.

This conversation took place at The Office
just before I took off on Thursday night.

Pam Song: Eh, come lah!

didjital: Wait. *sighs* So long.

Pam Song: What size wor?

didjital: 1GB.

Pam Song: Wah. So big. No wonder lah long. Ok ok. I wait for you.

Haha. So salah.

Money Sucks... If You Don't Have Enough Of It

NOTE: This post was written at 2:42AM on Friday, 25 September 2009.

This month's expenses have just been crazy. I tell you, once my online CC statement is ready for download (don't print, save the planet!), I'm going to check it out, have a good look-see... and commit harakiri. T_T I think about it now also I sket, ok. And because the status of my bank account is sucking big time, I've noticed that I've also become highly irritable. Ugh. Nobody likes grumpy Pam and I can pretty much say that I've turned into a walking Grump. -_-'''

You see ah... I spent RM711 on supplements I'm 'supposed' to take and 'have' to purchase before the 25th of September. Then there was the RM325 from my recent trip to the Chinese Doctor's office for chiro. Oh, and the RM100 from the two earlier sessions I had with another Chinese Doctor who just about killed my back and leg muscles. Oh oh, and that one-time, absolutely-useless visit to SJMC before turning toward the East for help, that cost me RM150. And not forgetting the two mobile chargers I was forced to purchase for a total of RM130 cos the airport somehow lost/took/misplaced/stole mine. (Long story. I shan't bother.)

That's ±RM1,500 gone in just 20 days!!!
How to not be irritable, I ask you?? T_T

Sigh. This is bad lah. Bad, bad, bad. These were all un-planned, non-budgeted expenses. T_T The only chunk of money that was supposed to fly out of my bank account was for my recent trip to Singapore. And I was being so good about it, too! I changed SGD300 (±RM750) came back with a quarter of that money left! Bravo me! *pats self on back* It's just too bad that trip ultimately cost me: (1) the value of the money I changed + (2) all that other money spent on my screwed up back + (3) the cost of replacing my two missing/stolen/lost/misplaced chargers.

Trip Money + Back Money + Charger Money
= RM750 + (RM325 + RM100 + RM150) + RM130
= RM1455
= T_T

Somebody, just kill me now.


Project 365: 11/09/2009 [The False Crop]

2 days down! Curfew's over! Wheee!
Time to let those scheduled posts rip.

*evil glint in eye*

Those 48 hours of silence on my part will turn out to be very rewarding for you, as you will soon see. So, go grab popcorn or something. Haha. A bunch of posts have already been scheduled and will appear at random intervals after this. Enjoy!


NOTE: This post was written at 1:30AM on Friday, 25 September 2009.

Somehow, this picture came out with me looking like I'd just snipped 5 inches off my hair. Haha. A very tempting thought, actually. Been itching to pay my stylist a visit. Just haven't found the time to. Maybe I should. Rid myself of the old and pull a 180º with, I dunno, blue hair. Or maybe red. Hmmm. See how first.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gettin’ Frisky With Me Slurpee For Slurpeelicious Moments!

I remember the time I used to beg my mom for Slurpees. What colour also nevermind. As long as it was bright and icy, I wanted it. Way back in the day when I used to get 50sen pocket money a day lah.

You see, I grew up in this area on Penang Island called Island Glades. Jalan Delima, to be exact. And in my housing area, there was only one 7-Eleven. ONE. SATU. ICHI. YI. YAT. UNE. SorryIdunnoanymoresocannotcontinue. Wah, whenever walk in, right… it was like walking on sacred ground lor.

And always, my eyes will be drawn to this corner in the shop. The corner where I see the Slurpee machine sitting, with its lights shining above like beams from the heavens… humming, calling out my name… Pammm… Paam… Paaammmm…

-_-' Why am I so drama I also dunno. -_-'

Anyhoo… whenever my mom agrees to buy me a Slurpee (usually the small one), it was always like heavens opened up and gifted me with colourful ice. Can almost hear the chorus of angels singing wei. Haha. Wth. But yeah… that’s how wunnerful Slurpee was to me when I was little.

Now that I’m all grown up (che-wah, adult sial), I can walk into any 7-Eleven I want and buy a Slurpee of any size I want. (Action giler babi. Haha.) Small (RM1.20), Medium (RM1.80), Large (RM2.20)… King Kong size also I can buy, man! IF King Kong size existed lah. Haha. That would probably cost… what? RM3, maybe? Wah… eat until lausai, man. Haha.

Ok, sorry. Tak halal conversation
for a consumption post. Moving on…

So why am I telling you all this grandmother stories of my past? Well, cos my Slurpee craze is BACK! Why? Cos 7-Eleven’s holding a contest! If you guys follow Nuffnang’s blog, you’d have gotten whiff of it. If you haven’t been following Nuffnang (@_@ who doesn’t follow Nuffnang?!?)… Nah. Here’s what the page looks like.


RM6,000 in cash!?

And all I’ve gotta do to win is take pictures
of myself slurping Slurpee and enjoying it!?

CAN! I want RM6,000, I lurvee slurpee and I can camwhore in my sleep. Set lah! Sure win. (Better dun say or else later I jinx it. Haha.) But dun talk so much first. Think mechanics and modus operandi before thinking about how I’m going to spend all that cash. (Logical brain kicks in.)

There are steps to winning
the Slurpeelicious Moments contest
and the 3 simple steps are…

Looks simple enough, right?

So… off to 7-Eleven I went!

Bought me a nice LARGE Slurpee…

They dun have King Kong size. Large is the biggest. I checked. =p

Got semi-frustrated with the way my Slurpee cup wasn’t full, jam-packed and padat with my fluorescent green Slurpee – Tutti Frutti flavour.

Frown. A Penangite never changes her spots. Always want
the biggest and the best at the cheapest price wan. HAHA.

Then, once I was ready and my cup was loaded,
I brushed my hair out of my face…

…and camwhored like I’d never camwhored before.

*insert Terminator music here*

But even when I’m in Competition Mode,
I still make sure I have fun.

You should, too!

(No, I’m not trying to distract you
so you lose and I win. *innocent face*)

Ok lah ok. Dun so kiasu can? Learn from me. I show you my entry. After all, I so nice, right? So so nice, right? Right. You’re so right. Thank you. Now, stop it. I paiseh already. *grin*

So I completed Step 1 by buying a Large Slurpee.
Then, this *points below* is the picture I liked best.

Don’t laugh. Very difficult to shoot, ok.
Need skill wan.
Salah angle means
whole face kena Slurpee already.

So picture take already, right? Next…

Step 3: Upload it to
before 18 October… and before you know it, you’re done!

Easy peasy Slurpee squeezy!

So easy to join, I must submit more.
Haha. Kiasu-ism rulessss. =p

You know, I think I’ll submit this one, too. Haha.

And this one.

Oh, and this one.

Oh oh oh! Must submit this wan also!

Haha. Ok, I’m getting out of hand.

Aiyah, this is the purr-fect competition for camwhores lah, I tell you. Cos all you’ve gotta do is camwhore like crazy and get rewarded for it! You’ve got from 21 September to 18 October 2009 to submit your entries to After that, get your friends to vote you throughout voting week. That’s from 19-25 October 2009.

Aiyah, you all go and read the T&Cs here ok?


All the details are there.

Oh and before I forget. It’s not just the RM6,000 that you can win. ALL the rewards for every tier are geng geng chau chau wan lorrr. See also lau hau sui (that’s Cantonese for “saliva dripping”). Check this out:

FIRST PRIZE: RM6,000 cash + RM100 7-Eleven Gift Certificate
SECOND PRIZE: RM3,000 cash + RM100 7-Eleven Gift Certificate
THIRD PRIZE: RM1,000 cash + RM100 7-Eleven Gift Certificate
CONSOLATION PRIZE X3: RM100 7-Eleven Gift Certificate

As you can see, that means that there are three (3) top prizes and three (3) consolation prizes will be given out. That’s six (6) prizes worth more than RM10,000 in total!

Arrrghhhh, siao liaoooo!
Must! Go! Camwhore! More! Now!

*blink blink*

Haha. Sorry lah. Island girls all kiasu wan lah. Deal with it. =p At least I was nice enough to tell you about it and not keep the contest details to myself. Ok, dun talk already. See ya at 7-Eleven!

p/s: Just so you know, Slurpee machines turn off at midnight so you better go before the clock strikes 12. All the best! =) Oh, and if you’re there and you don’t know what other face to pull for the camera, think: What Would PAMSONG Do?


Tee hee.

*blink blink*



Balance: A Desirable Point Between Two Or More Opposite Forces

I have a confession to make:
I'm a little karat when it comes to dating.

I think I'm pretty sound theoretically. But when it comes to real life, hands-on execution, I gabra. Haha. When does tarik harga-ing get tiring for the other party? When does pro-activeness border on bossiness? How do you know for sure if the other person feels the same way? Who gets in touch with who first? How friendly is too friendly? Look before you leap? Or jump first and think later?

I honestly don't know. Haha.

All I know is I'm banging on Balance to get me through the confusion. You can't quite go wrong if you're working with Equilibrium – the condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced [source] – in mind, right? (Haha. Totally brought me back to my days in College/Uni when Economics class ran at 8AM. =p) Just gotta find that middle ground that doesn't sit too close to the edge of Too Bad or Too Good.

I guess an example of how this works is this: It's kinda like how they always say men tend to go for good girls with a little bit of kinky in them or like how women always fall for bad boys with a gentlemanly streak. Guess what that says is that too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing for both sexes. That, and that we all think it's nice to be unexpectedly surprised (so redundant cos a surprise is unexpected -_-) every once in awhile.

Problem is, we're all such complicated beings.
So confused yet so certain about the things we want.

Take going out in groups, for instance. We rarely ever position ourselves right next to the people we're interested in (although we'd like to) for fear of being too forward. Too available. Too easy. And because of that, we'd rather be thrillingly close to and sickeningly far from our objects of desire at the same time. Self-inflicted frustration attributed to fear and/or pride. Haha. Sick.

Over the long weekend, I shared a conversation that
gave me insight to what the problem could possibly be.

Maybe what we need are obvious signs.

That, and a clearly defined status
of the relationship between the two parties.


Hmmm. Okayyy, I think I can do that. I'm pretty direct a person by nature anyways. But... how obvious is too obvious? If one becomes too forward and forthright, it gets scary, doesn't it? What if it freaks the other person out? Or what if I get freaked out cos the other person is moving faster than I'd like him to? Hmmm. Tough. But at least the signs are obvious so there's no unnecessary (and dangerous) guessing games to be played, right? So, that's good. It's healthy.

When it comes to the difference in speed of dating, however, I guess that's where pacing comes in. But what's deemed a comfortable pace varies with the individual. Some take months upon months to warm up to others while some others just take minutes. If the difference becomes to jarring, one person needs to speed up, the other needs to slow down... or both parties may just as well forget about getting together at all cos the relationship will definitely topple over.


This would definitely clear up a lot of the confusion associated with dating. If you're friends, you're friends. If you're seeing each other, you're just seeing each other to get to know each other better. No strings attached, no obligation. If you're exclusive, you're exclusive with one another and nobody else. There are no Maybes about it. It already sucks to occasionally wonder if you'll both last the distance. It'd suck even more if you have to even wonder if you're together in the first place.

Argh, but having said all that, I admit that it's never easy putting yourself on the line by giving out obvious signs. It isn't easy stepping into the commitment zone with "Hi, I like you. Would you like to date me exclusively?" either so, I guess we're back at square one:

Confused and looking for perfect balance
in the give-and-take, and show-and-tell of dating.



You know, this just came to mind: I think this whole balance thing is a lot like playing dress up before a date. Layer on too much cloth and you're a prude. Too little and you're a skank. It's gotta be just right. Gotta show a little bit of skin and leave the rest to the imagination. And oh, trust me, achieving that balance is tough sometimes. Equilibrium sounds easy but it really isn't.

So... if something as trivial as dressing up can be tough, can you imagine how much more difficult it gets when it comes to love and relationships? It could drive a person to insanity just thinking about it. Because the effects of a wrong move is far more detrimental than a petty little fashion faux pas.

It's The Simple Things

  1. Hot peppermint tea
  2. Dinners where good food meets better company
  3. Light-hearted conversations sprinkled with laughter
  4. Friendly banter
  5. A kind word in an SMS
  6. Pleasant surprises
  7. One-to-one D&M sessions
  8. Girly time and sleepovers
  9. Clear highways with fast-moving traffic
  10. Long weekends and 2-day weeks

Just some of the simple things I could do with more of.

These Things Turn Me On

I have a confession to make.

I think I may have a serious case of hand fetish.


I'm sorry lah but nice hands with long slender fingers and clean-cut nails just make me go weak in the knees. More so than nice feet or, urm... chest hair, for example. (Yuck, I know. But I can't think of anything else to give you as an example right now.) Better still if those hands come smooth and sweat-free with little hair. Mmm... yum. Pam Song likes many many.

It's always been the case with me lah. Ever since I was young. A pleasant face and an amazing personality aside, my heart goes gooey for nice hands (belonging to guys and girls alike – except that with girls, I don't get turned on lah, of course -_-) Dunno why also. Maybe cos my grandpa and my dad were blessed with nice hands. Haha. Maybe not. I can't give you a logical reason for my preference so I'm not even going to bother with one. =)

Anyways, I know I said "things" in the post title but... the hand bit, that's it. I'm out of ammo. Haha. (Cut me some slack, it's already 2:42AM.) Plus, I can't think of anything else that I haven't already mentioned here so... you might as well just read that for a refresher course. =p Me? I'm hitting the sack. Nights!

p/s: FYI, an advertorial's going up tomorrow. Probably by noon or slightly after. You know the drill after that. See you in 48 hours from time of publishing. Don't worry. I'll be sure to schedule. *winks*

No Choice Also Complain; Got Choice Also Susah

Should I go for this... or be in the mosh for BEP?

I just realised that I've got free tickets to both events. Problem is, they fall on the same day. -_- I really don't know how I always seem to get myself into such fixes. My mind wasn't made to choose between awesome and awesome-ER. Give me good vs. bad and I'll tell you my choice in a heartbeat. But awesome vs. awesome-ER stuff... totally tak jadi. Otak langsung tak berfungsi. Konfius giler. -_-'

Going East Is Ex

Visited a Chinese Therapy Centre this morning. Waited a whole hour-and-a-half to see the doctor, only to have my 'issues' discovered, listed and discussed right in the presence of a close friend, a colleague, and three other strangers. -_-' Very disconcerting.

I mean, nobody wants to have others know the intimate details of their bowel movement and menstrual cycle, or their sleeping position, right? Well, too bad for me, the doc didn't quite care to be discreet or to give two hoots about patient privacy. So, intimate or not, anything was asked and everything had to be revealed. T_T

Cannot show face already lah liddat.


Waiting for treatment to begin.

That's me on the Chiropractor's table, by the way. The doc sent me there after checking me out (in a legitimate doctor-patient way, of course). I somehow survived the heat treatment and 15 minutes of bone tug-of-war with a sweaty Chiropractor. (Yuck! Totally grossed me out and caused me goosebumps throughout the treatment. Think it was psychologically more traumatic than the physical pain I felt.) Then, I walked out and got bombed with a bill of RM324.


  1. Registration Fee: RM20
  2. Spinal Cord Treatment: RM80
  3. Bitter Powders (21 sachets): RM224

Triple ouch.

Back pain, pocket also pain. Bo pien.


I can see my left brain jiving with the idea of paying for pleasure. But paying for pain!? Not so much. Think my bank account agrees. T_T

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I love silly little syok sendiri bets like these.

Ignore the picture. It was win-win.

She gets dinner and drinks – WIN.
I get smiles all around – WIN.

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Is 'Fun' Plural... Or Singular?

Everybody likes a little bit of fun sometimes.
The good, clean kind, that is.

But playing with others isn't necessarily always fun. Sometimes, you screw up and you get flack for it. Sometimes, the people closest to you mess up but you get the boot and pay the price for their mistakes. And sometimes, when the sh*t hits the fan, fingers start pointing and fists start flying. So you think to yourself:

Pfft. I don't need you.
I can have fun all. by. myself.

And with that thought in your head, you do just that. You decide on the game, you make your own rules, and it's all great cos nobody says anything when you break them. Having fun by yourself is really turning out to be an awesome idea. And as all good solo games go, it's all nice and dandy. Right up to the point when you realise:

Having fun all by yourself
isn't all it's cut out to be, either.

So, now what? Play with the other kids and risk being caught in an uncomfortable situation? Or go it on your own. Play solo. Stay single.

RM1 x 20 = RM20

My wallet is fat now. Not cos I stumbled on hidden treasure, gold ingots or anything. But cos I accumulated this over the weekend.

Some other treasures I found didn't
quite come in the form of moolah.

I story you later.

Crazy Wednesday

Things will be busy busy busy for me from now till the evening. But ahhh, who am I to complain? I'm still on holiday. YOU'RE NOT! Tee hee. (Unless you're working where I do or have taken annual leave lah, of course. In which case, you can sit next to me and laugh at the people who're indoors, working this lovely Wednesday away. =p)

Done Deal

Woman, you're goin' dooowwwnnnn...

Project 365: 10/09/2009 [Yerrow Currur]

I don't know why my hair looked wet in this picture. It wasn't. I think. And no, in spite of what it looks like, it wasn't oily/greasy either. I'm clean wan, okayyy. Hmmph. And in case you were wondering what that statement-T said (I know how curious you guys get with these things)... nah. No hide hide.

The tee was crumpled cos I just
got up from a pre-bedtime nap.
(Yeah, I do that sometimes. Don't ask.)

p/s: I forgot to Photobooth myself on 09/09/09. Too excited about the date to worry about looking good for it. (Pfft. Yeah, right.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tak Aci!

Getting anything less than 8 hours of sleep on a holiday officially negates that holiday. That line effectively suggests that I have not had a real day off since Raya hit. Think I need another round of holidays after this Raya break to make up for it. Take leave to sleep.


Her Fault

If you're wondering why I haven't blogged all day today, this spunky 53-year-old I have in the next few pictures with me is the reason:

Me and Mee. (Wrong England purplely wan lah.)

That's us first thing in the morning, right after getting ready to go out. I'm pretty surprised my eyes were present during our brief photobooth session. Especially considering it was barely an hour since I was dug up and out of bed. Heh.

It's weird but I find that I've recently developed an obsessive need to ruin pictures. Very itchy backside. Dunno why also. But it's just oh-so-satisfying when I yield to temptation. Mee is horrified by my bad habit though. Says I'll get wrinkles. Damn. Didn't think of that. =_=

She ♥ me many many. =)

I can't believe she's leaving in 8.5 hours. Sigh. Feels like she just arrived yesterday! (Oh, wait. She did. T_T) Sigh. The thought of it just makes me not want to sleep. Cos I know that if I do, the sooner she's gone. Or so it'll seem to my Mother-deprived heart and brain combo. Sigh. This sucks. ='(

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya?! Already???

I can't believe it's already been
a whole month since the fasting month began.


It has not been easy, I tell ya. Susah sial!

You have no idea how terrible it is to have to keep apologising for needing to snack at work in the middle of the day. T_T How terrible it is to have to go undercover and whisper, "Eh, where you wanna makan later?" like I have Hitler put a gun to my head instead of ask the question outright. T_T How terrible it is to feel crazy sleepy after a heavy lunch but not be able to complain about it. T_T Sufferrrr...

*grumble grumble grumble*

But you know what?
Now that it's gone, I'm gonna miss it.


I'm gonna miss the sneaking out at 5:30PM for good/cheap food at the Ramadan Bazaar at Seksyen 14. I'm gonna miss the awessum smell of food that always filled The Office at 7.00PM. I'm gonna miss the makan beramai-ramai sessions we used to have at The Pantry. I'm gonna miss my Kedah Laksa. *cue BIG BOO HOO here* And I'm gonna miss the conversations we had over Malay Popiah, Otak Otak and shared Roti John.

Ramadan Bazaar spoils on 2 September 2009:
Roti Jala, Laksa and Ikan Pari Panggang.
The Curry Puffs never made it back to The Office.


Selamat Hari Raya lah.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

If There's A Day For Nonsense, Friday's It!

Fancy headgear Friday!

Remember my kitten ears from the Nuffnang Wild Life Party last year? Well, here they are again, making their comeback.

K's wearing my other sweeter, classier headband.

K's got BJ mouth.

Brought these to work cos J needed me to help out with a shoot. Pictures from that shoot when it goes live lah, ok. Damn funny wan.

Hahahaha. Don't ask.

Going for the lansi look cos we beh tahan
A tying to look cool while we're pulling stupid faces.

Trying out something different.

Successful only after like, a gazillion attempts. Haha.


Have an awesome Saturday, guys! In spite of the busy day I've got ahead of me, I know I will. =) Decided last night that today, I'm gonna live it up and live it large before I get too old to do anything fun. You should, too. One life, live it! Toodles!

p/s: Single letter nicknames rock. No need to use brain. Hahaha.