Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', Hey!

I'm P.

Not too bad for a second try lah, right?
At least got hope a bit. Harhar. =p

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Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka!

It's about freedom! It's about independence!
It's about liberty! It's about autonomy!

...But I know you're all just celebrating the fact
that you're not slaving away at work. =p

Ain't No White Water Around Here

It's taking us awhile to come to conclusions on things. But that's ok. Big plans aren't a one conversation thing. Having said that, this one tiny, little, but very important detail I know for sure:

I'm gonna find me a killer mermaid evening gown (train optional)
even if it means I've gotta kidnap/kill/bribe Triton for it.


*determined face*

Worth The While

I started blogging back in May 2005. That means that it's been 5 years and 4 months since I first stepped into Cyber Turf. Wow. Time flies. Cos it sure doesn't feel like it's been that long. Haha.

My journey started at Friendster Blogs. But I jumped ship to Blogger just a year and 9 months after that cos of photo uploading issues and other miscellaneous technical problems that cropped up, and I've been here ever since.

Through my blogging on Tinki Talks, I've met new friends, exchanged points of views and learned a thing or two. I've also received a couple of gadgets FOC, seen bits of the world on advertiser's dime, and earned some extra pocket money. (Amongst many other awesome things I can't seem to recall right now.)

But those are nothing compared to the fact
that my memories are all now stored away;
safe from Time, Old Age and Forgetfulness.

I don't just blog when I've got something to say. I blog when there's something to remember. And because every day presents Life a brand new canvas to doodle on, I try to make sure I keep up and doodle along with her. Because of that, I blog often. As often as I can, at least. In fact, this is my 10th post in 24 hours. Haha.

Click here to view from source.

I guess I wasn't called the Queen of Multiple Posts 
by David Cheong (a.k.a Royalshortness) for nothing. =p

Sure, some days it's tough finding the time to mould my thoughts into posts. (Especially not with my timetable back when I was working at MCKL. -_-) And it sucks to have to keep things a little less than specific at times. (For privacy purposes and all that.) But on a whole, it's been a rewarding journey I could never regret embarking on.

Click here to jump to HEPBURNCo's Facebook page.

I do it cos the time I spend updating Tinki Talks
is worth the memories I keep.

I embarked on this journey a pretty long time ago, and I've never looked back since. Don't think I ever will. From May 2005 to August 2010 and beyond. 5 years, 4 months, and counting. =)

Monday, August 30, 2010

How To Know If You're In An Authentic Korean Restaurant

REAL Korean restaurants always have
tiny Korean dolls to guard their tip bowls...

...and scary Korean heads on the walls behind glass.


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Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant + Cafe, Perth City

I remembered having the most amazing Korean BBQ the first time I visited Perth back in 2005. And it was at this place in the city called Arirang. Thing was, Arirang was undergoing some renovations during my recent trip. So it wasn't until my very last week there that I got to enjoy the taste of the perfectly marinated then BBQ-ed beef strips I remembered so well.

The Fiancé was skeptical about the place. But I remembered it very distinctly so we went ahead and asked for a table after checking out the menu outside the store window. We both ordered the BBQ beef set in different marinades – he picked the chilli beef while I opted for original.

And then we waited.

Random picture of one part of the menu while we waited.

The side dishes arrived soon enough
and was cause for much excitement for me.

I tucked in as soon as I was done with the photo-taking
while The Fiancé continued to sit and wait for his meat.

The cucumber on the right tasted like fried, shredded wintermelon. The kimchi on the left was surprisingly tasty. (Maybe I was just very hungry cos I usually don't like kimchi. Haha. I have no appreciation for its taste and smell. *gag*) I didn't eat the taugeh behind it. But I walloped the sliced potatoes next to it. Yums! So before I knew it, I was out of food. Again!

So I went back to waiting with The Fiancé.

After awhile, the red hot coals arrived!

Unfortunately, it came without our meat.
So we still couldn't eat. -_-

So, we just sat, clutched our growling tummies,
and watched the coals glow from under the grill.

And we continued to wait, and wait, and wait. -_-

Gosh, the wait was so e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y long that The Fiancé almost died of hunger! Me, too! And it didn't help that the whole place smelt wonderful cos of the BBQ-ing that was going on at almost every table. Wah. Torture max max, man.

Then finally, dawn breaks!
Light appears at the end of the tunnel!
Marinated meat arrives!

 Chilli beef on the left, original beef on the right.

So we started laying them onto the BBQ grill along with some random pieces of vege we were given, and just stared at the bloody strips in hopes that they'd cook faster under our fiery glare. HAHA.

Looks unappetising but, trust me, it's AWESOME!

The meat was really, really tender. You hardly need to chew. Haha. And you don't really taste the fat cos it's thoroughly marbled. Or at least that's what it looked like to my untrained eye. =p By the time we were done, this was what was left:

We finished EVERYTHING else.

Unfortunately, it's one of those meals that are expensive but you makan tak puas wan. The Fiancé and I were barely half-full when we walked out of the shop and back into the cold Winter streets of Perth City. -_- But it's good lah. Very good. So if you're ever there, you should definitely pay Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant + Cafe a visit. Just make sure you go on a day when you're not too hungry. =p

Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant + Cafe
91-93 Barrack Street, Perth
(04) 9225 4855

A Buttery Death

My tummy usually wakes up a good 3 hours after I do. So, I'm not really one who's big on breakfast. (Ya, I know it's healthy but I find it really difficult to wolf down a whole meal in the AMs. A bit a bit ok lah.) But when I'm home, I don't have a choice. Even being lazy doesn't help cos breakfast gets prepared anyway.

So the other day – on the day I was supposed to drive down to KL, I woke up, got dressed and did some last-minute packing while Mee had her first meal of the day. No probs with that. But after she was done, she took it unto herself to make me eat my first meal of the day. We finally agreed with butter on toast. So, while I busied myself with the packing, she got to work in the kitchen.

Now, here's where it gets interesting.

You see, I usually like lots of melted butter on my toast. (I take after Dee when it comes to food. =p) And since she only had wholemeal bread at home, I knew that more butter was needed to ensure that I actually taste it. So I yelled from my room: "MORE BUTTER YAH, MEE!" and got back to packing. Well, wrong move. Cos this is what arrived:


OMG, my mother is trying to kill me!

And They All (Don't) Fall Down

I haven't bowled since I was in mid-primary. And even then, I probably went like, 5 times max. Haha. So, when I heard that KRPG (my future agency) was organising a bowling challenge this September, I thought: Die lah. How to make good first impression with the peeps if always cuci longkang and bring my team's score down?? They're so going to kill me before my first month is up! -_-'''

But I didn't really worry about it much while I was in Australia. But now I'm pissing my pants wet just thinking about it. -_-' Cos on my first night back, Dee and Mee organised a bowling night out for the family. Just the 3 of us. And OMG, now know for sure that I officially suck at it!! T_T

 I'm the first one on the board, Mee's second and Dee's third.

Ok in my defence, as you can see, we all kinda suck together-gether lah. Haha. But between the three of us, I scored the lowest and sucked BEST! HARHAR. So. Not. Funny. Please kill me now. Anyway, Mee says that when I bowl, I got gaya. Dee says ada gaya tak ada mutu tak guna. So... yeah. Shit liao.

I hope my colleagues look at me while I bowl,
and not focus their eyes on the pins or the scoreboard.


And it didn't help that we had like, semi-pros or something in the two lanes beside us. The kind that are so pro, they bring their own colourful bowling balls, bet on their scores and strike every other time they throw. *sweat* Wah, I tell you... when cuci longkang, so malu-fying, man. Mai ee liao laaa. -_-

No Corica's Apple Strudels

See? I went all the way there. And in this case, the means so justifies the end. Cos the bottom line is that I didn't forget and I tried. (Even my parents and future in-laws had none, okayyy.) Now, show me some lurve, Okui Ming!

Going Gown Gaga

NOTE: This happened during my last week in Perth.

I was walking hand in hand with The Fiancé after dinner one night, along one of the alleyway malls in Perth City (can't remember which one liao) when I suddenly stopped short and gasped.

This vision in white caught my eye.

The one on the RIGHT and not the one on the left, thank you.
(That one's gonna make me look like a layer cake on legs. -_-)

Isn't it preddy??? I mean, I'm not big on the idea of having a shoulder full of flowers. But that little bit on the bodice is sweet. And I liked how the cloth folded in such narrow, neat lines from the tube top to the empire waist. Here's a grainy close-up so you know what I mean.

*dreamily* Nice hor?? *sighs*
As I walked away, I turned to The Fiancé...

Pam Song: *gushes* So nice right???

The Fiancé: Ya.

Pam Song: The flowy skirt so dreamy!

The Fiancé: Ya.

Pam Song: And I especially liked the bodice!

*2-second pause*

The Fiancé: But not suitable for you also.

Pam Song: @_@ *demands* WHYYY??

The Fiancé: That wan for people with big breast, right?

Pam Song: -______-'''

Wth. Too much liao la, I tell you.

Luckily for him, I'm not planning on getting
a wedding gown like that. OR ELSE! Hmmph!

*mutters under breath*

Seriously though, I looove dreamy dresses. But they're just too every-day for a wedding. And I'm not planning to go down that road when it comes to my once-in-a-lifetime day. And especially not with my once-in-a-lifetime gown. So, big boobs or not, my white gown will be BIG! Haha! I've tried on a few and I think they work for my body type so... yeah. Big, it is. =)

Random, Pointless Camwhoring

Me in the church toilet yesterday while waiting for Mee.

...just cos it's been awhile. =)

Satisfying The Craving

Sour mangoes are my secret fruity indulgence. My friends in KL used to think me mad for eating them before/after lunch. I guess it's rarer there. Haha. But here, it's the norm! Especially with all them rojak stalls around and along Gurney Drive. =p So after craving it for the looongest time (even since I was in Australia – don't believe me, ask The Fiancé), I finally got my fix.

Sour Mangoes from Gurney Drive for RM3.
Ignore the rojak sauce. The RIGHT way to eat it is with salt. =p


Bought them on my way back from a bridal fair at PISA. First thing to note about bridal fairs in Penang: They're very small scale. Second thing: Nobody speaks English. -_- Oh, and bridal gowns available in Penang bridal houses are worse, I tell you. All old, worn out, and badly trashed. I did, however, get drawn to an evening gown I saw by D&L. Gotta try that one day. =)

Advanced Booking

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the world's worst friend to have.

In the last few years, my time has grown so impossibly scarce that squeezing in hangout hours feels like an impossible feat. That's why my friends tend to organise our meet-ups in advance so I've got plenty of time to pen them into my calendar. With that system, I've miraculously kept an astonishing percentage of the friends I've made. And I've gotten by on barely cactus-watering my many friendship pots.

It's worked for me so far. But it's bad. Reaaally bad. And it should change. I should change. Especially now that I'm back in Penang where life supposedly runs at a slower pace. (*skeptical* We'll see that's true after I'm neck deep in work. Har har.) Because today, I received two sound reminders of how badly I've been neglecting my friendships:

Via SMS...

 "Must book you first."

 ...and via Facebook.

"I need to book u for a week before."


Time to change.

*says with conviction*

Especially since we're no longer talking zoom-zoom weekends. I've now got 52 weeks a year in slow-town. With the rumoured pace in Penang, a kind/understanding/considerate boss *cough cough*, and less (unpaid) OT hours, I believe that squeezing in some Friendship Time between work and family is doable. Either that, or I just need more hours in my day. -_-

The Old In The New And The New In The Old

It's funny but in Penang – my HOMEtown,
I sometimes feel a little out of my element.

I've not forgotten my roots and I'm definitely not trying to act all big-city girl. Cos to be fair, I've not yet re-familiarised myself with the city, I haven't fully settled in or unpacked, I've got lots of roads and routes to learn up, and I'm still trying to get used to that little something by something space they call my room. But oh, that room.

It's so very different from the space I used to rent in KL. It's much, much smaller (about half size); I no longer have that matching, all-black furniture set I loved so much; I share a bathroom/toilet with the help and a very messy dog; and, unlike that old rental in KL, this bathroom/toilet doesn't connect to my room so I've gotta run and duck each time I head in for a bath. -_-

And in place of all that I've given up to come home, I've now got the musty smell of an old room (my rooms always smell good; don't believe me, ask anybody who's been there), a wardrobe that's bursting with clothes and more clothes *faints*, thin curtains that do nothing to keep out the morning sun *grumble grumble grumble*, and a blasted air conditioning system that always keeps me awake with its humming and buzzing that continues throughout the night. Sigh.

BUT... there's one part of my room
I'm pretty ok-comfy with. Almost happy even.

And that's cos of my portable workspace.

From Left to Right: X-mini speakers, 500GB HDD, Macbook Pro,
iPhone 3GS and a box of zero preservative, low sugar Chrysanthemum Tea.

Ahh, it's this that makes all the difference. =)

I'm sitting there, writing this post this very moment! =p

It's not the best place to get work done but it works.
And right now, it's my favourite part of this new-old room. =)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

One, Two, Breathe!

Very important dinner tonight.

Unfortunately, my brain and body
can't decide how to feel about it.


You see, I'm excited. Very much so. Yet, I'm skittish. And then, I'm happy! But also oh-so-nervous! Gosh, I feel like a crazy person! Haha. I really hope this dissonance doesn't show when I'm in the presence of some of my life's VVIPs tonight. =p

Having said that, I also think that it's funny I feel this way. Cos I knew this day would come. And to be really honest, I've been looking forward to it. But now that it's finally arrived, I feel so... unprepared! I really need to suck in some chill-out air before I pass out from an adrenaline overdose. -_-


Update at 10:03AM on 29 August 2010: Dinner didn't happen. Other stuff popped up and got in the way so now I'm feeling both, disappointed and relieved. Hmmm.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bridal Shop Hop

I'm back!

And here's a summary of my 3-day trip to KL:

Wedding gown hunting is an e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y
physically exhausting process! -_-'''

In the last 3 days, I tried on more dresses than I can remember, in more shapes and sizes than I care to count. And to tell you the truth, after the first 10, they all started to look alike. Haha. Details got blurry, embellishments looked fuzzy, and whatever the cut, they seemed one and the same. But... I did, however, find one that I'm keeping my eye on, and one that I'm definitely getting. So that's 1½ done (out of a minimum of 4 gowns), another 2½ to go. HAHA. Yay, me! =D

But it's not all yay, yay, yay
when it comes to bridal houses.

The 'No Photography' rule was a tough one to follow. (For me, at least. That's why I didn't bother being obedient when I could get away with being naughty. =p) But childish rebellion aside, I think the toughest bit of all for me having a sales lady follow me into the changing room each time I changed. (Not all bridal studios insisted on that, but most did.) Very discomforting. Very embarrassing. I didn't like that experience one bit. So that sucked.

ANYWAY... like I said,
I've decided on one of my gowns.
(Nope, not the white one.)

I tried it on at one of the bridal houses and immediately fell in love. *hearts all around* But it was a 2-year-old rental piece with more wear and tear than I'd like so... I didn't commit. But I did ask who the designer was. And I'm glad I did! Cos, with the help of Google, I'm now having it custom-made to fit by the designer himself. TAADAAAA! And, since I went direct, I'll be getting it at about half the price the bridal house quoted me for! Yay!

But the designer gave me a month to confirm,
I'm gonna take that month to mull some more.

Just for the sake of it
cos I doubt I'll change my mind. =p

That's one of the things with me. I can't tell you exactly what I want (sketchy cannot-be-verbalised ideas don't count) but when I see the perfect gown, I know. Something's gotta capture my attention, win over my head or touch my heart in order for me to fall in love and not look back. That's how it was with my choice in high school (I picked the one with a landscaped garden), and that's how it was with my choice in college/university (I picked the one with the soft-spoken Dean). So for tradition's sake, that's how it will be with my wedding gowns. Haha.

Having said that, as of now, I still haven't put on a white gown that I just must must must have. So we'll see how it goes on that front. I'm not too worried about that (yet) cos I've got a-m-p-l-e time to hunt some more. As for now, I'm looking forward to expanding my search and hitting more stores. But... I'm also tired out with the thought of all the putting on and taking off I'll be doing in the presence of a total stranger. Ugh. Somebody's reaaally gotta change that rule. -_-'''

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogging Out Of Kiasuness

Today, I parted ways with RM20 for 24 hours worth of WiFi that can be used over the span of 3 days. (Yes, I'm that desperate and Internet dependent. -_-) And you're reading about it here cos I just felt like I had to make it known to Cyberworld. And I'm blogging about it cos it means that I'm actively using the bytes I'm paying for, and I'll actually have something to show for it at the end of my stay. Heh.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Would You Like To Work At Google?

It's every online addict's dream to work with Google. And to be amongst the select 22,000 employees who receive their daily bread from the world's first 100 billion dollar company, is a wonder in itself. Especially if you've got a seat in the Googleplex at Mountain View.


But although this recruitment is for a more local position – Malaysia/Singapore – the invite sent by the Google recruiter still rocked my socks. It was a very shocking but very pleasant kind of surprise. =) You should have seen my expression – wide eyes and open mouth included – when I shoved my phone into my dad's face and said, "EH! Look! Google people ask me to apply for job!" Haha.

Unfortunately for me, I've already committed myself to a position elsewhere so I won't be applying for the position this Google recruiter has so kindly invited me for. And, to kill the idea (before it kills me on the inside), I have formally informed her of my unavailability at this point in time and declined the invite via email and via Facebook Message. T_T

Aih. If only they were looking
for an off-site freelancer instead. =(

Go Big


"The thing about weddings is it's the one time in your life that you actually get to wear a big, poofy dress. Unless you're getting an Academy Award, you really don't have opportunities like that, so you might as well take advantage of it. I say, 'Go big! This is your wedding. Go big!' "

– Katharine McPhee in American Bridal,
InStyle Weddings (Spring 2008)


Yes, ma'am!

I'll definitely keep that in mind
when bridal shop hopping over the next 2 days. =)

Vanilla Twilight

Artist: Owl City
Song Title: Vanilla Twilight

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
Cause I wish you were here

I'll watch the night turn light blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn't so bad
Till I look at my hands and feel sad
Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in thought because when
I think of you I don't feel so alone
I don't feel so alone
I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you
Oh, if my voice could reach back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear, "Oh darling, I wish you were here"


It's been two days since our very last long-term goodbye;
too bad the nights alone don't seem to be getting any easier.


"Oh darling, I wish you were here"
– Adam Young of Owl City

It's Never About What Other People Say

 Click here to view from source.

 Ok, fine. I lied. Sometimes it is. =)

I just discovered that sweet tweet from SandraPixie today. But it's not new. It was actually published a whole 4 days ago! Gosh, I guess that's what 4 days of almost-zero surf time does to you – you start lagging behind on things. Haha. Anyway, that tweet's here cos I thought it was worth a memory. This blogger's definitely going to bed with a smile on her face. =)


To know individuals who'd so willingly go the extra mile to perfect our wedding day, is by far, the greatest blessing we could have. Esther Lau is one such blessing. And I can't wait to call her Family. =)


Yup, I'm back.

And I blame the recent online MIA-ness to
the heat and humidity of Malaysian weather.



I've just been busy unpacking the bags I brought home from Australia. Although I didn't do much shopping, I ended up leaving with a little more than what I expected, and definitely more than what I went with. Harhar.

I've also been busy throwing out old books, clothes and memories from my room here at home. All that effort in hopes of making space for the massive amounts of nonsense I lugged home from KL 3 months ago that have been sitting in the living room, gathering dust and dog hair. -_-

I also spent the better part of tonight packing for a super-quick, zoom-zoom trip down to KL I'm making tomorrow with Mee. (Yay!) Lots to do there like bridal shop hop and, uh... bridal shop hop. Haha. That and I'll probably meet some friends up for a quick catch-up before I disappear again.

I've also got some Singaporean bridal magazines to pick up when I'm in KL. Can't forget that, now can we? No, no. After all the effort my bridesmaid has put into buying those magazines and including her own comments and notes, I'd be cruel to forget. (Mental note to self: COLLECT MAGAZINES! You know she'll kill you if you forget!)

Packing, unpacking and repacking aside, since I got back, I've also managed to squeeze in a quick visit to a local boutique to check out some bridal gowns. Pathetic collection, though. Hopefully I'll be more impressed with what I see in KL. (SS2, anyone?) I remember the window displays being pretty impressive and that Duh Roads and I would gape at them whenever we drive by together. Haha.

I also visited MPH Gurney Plaza with Mee to pick up some bridal magazines. (Bride-to-be, very lost. -_- Inspiration needed. Directional instructions appreciated. Ended up walking out with two bridal mags on one hand, and Jeremy Clarkson's latest book – "Driven to Distraction" – in the other.

Photo captured at Borders, Perth City.

This one first caught my eye about a month back while I was browsing in Borders, Perth City. But since the price tag didn't have the letters "R" and "M" on it, I gave it a miss and told myself I'd make sure I own a copy later on, if I ever find selling in a currency I earn. Well, today, I did. =) Clarkson sarcasm, here I comeee!!

Oh, and another really exciting thing I did since I've been back was to sync the contacts on my Omnia II with Google Contacts. =D Spent the whole of last night working on it – gosh, I didn't know my online contacts were in such a mess! – and ended up sleeping at 5AM. -_- Oh, but it was sooo worth it. No more guessing numbers, and no more forgetting email addresses now. I've got everything sorted and synced to my iPhone! Yay!

But after that late night, I must say: I'm beat. This girl ain't 16 no more. No, she isn't. (Haha. Which reminds me... The Fiancé and I were just talking about how old and forgetful we're becoming nowadays. =p) And since she'll be the one behind the wheel tomorrow, she shouldn't catch her Zs to late.

Anyway, that's pretty much what I've been up to and will be up to over the next couple of days. I hope to write more while on the road but Maxis has been playing up big time (my data line hasn't been working since I returned – grrr) so... no promises. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll do the same with mine. =)

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ugh, I hate goodbyes. :'(

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hurted ---> :'(

Stop looking at my hand hair laaaa.

Pam Song: 0  |  Evil Clothes Dryer: 1

Saliva Chart Extraordinaire

Was thinking about my relationship with The Fiancé when I started thinking about some friends and how much more complicated their saliva charts were compared to ours. Thoughts soon turned into doodles and those in turn eventually became a nothing-better-to-do Photoshop project. Check it out:

Relationship links pixelated for character anonymity.

Ah Beng, you lose. This saliva chart
beats the ones you used to draw me any day.
Yours is amateur compared to this one! =p

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do, Do, Do, Stop To Breathe, Then Do Some More

I've had an incredibly productive day.

And all I can say about it is that working on freelance projects and planning a wedding at the same time is no joke. I can only imagine what my days (and nights) will be like once I actually start working full-time at KRPG. Crayyy-zee!

But... day's over, and I'm now comfortably jammied up in La Senza pants and an oversized T-shirt. The Fiancé's sitting right next to me on the couch, singing along to Mercy Me's All Of Creation. And me? I've got my MBP on my lap and the heater warming up my cold, cold feet. Ahh, bliss. =)

So let me tell you about
the better part of my day:

I started working on our wedding website. =D

And I'm proud to say that design-wise, it's all done and ready to launch! Except that I'm not gonna do any launching just yet. Not until we've got our dates sorted. And not until my Lorem Ipsum paragraphs morph into actual stories in English. Haha. I've got bits left to write, The Fiancé has his bits to write, and a select group of friends and family have yet to contribute to the site. So until all that's penned down, the blog's for Blog Authors only – i.e. me. =p

Having said that, the site address won't be made public so... sorry, Cyberworld. Unless you're invited to the wedding, you won't be notified of where to go for the inside scoop. Privacy issues and all that, ya know? =p So, all I can present you with is the header that's on now, that may be subject to change as we go along.

Adorable font people edited from here.

So, yep. That's what I did today.
What did YOU do all day?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When The Body Leads The Head

Panoramic view from Kings Park.

It's gone. I know.

But don't you like this new one better??
(Say, "Yes," thank you.)

I know I haven't had the panaroma header on for very long. But since the new template went up, there's been a slowdown in Tinki Talks' loading time. And I hate blogs that take forever to load. So, rather than live with the lag (read: grumble and do nothing), I decided to whip up a super quick, super simple header that would suit my blog's brand spanking new look, and help the page load in a jiffy.

So? Whaddaya think? Better?

Or should I have gone with this
white text option *points below* instead?

Update at 5:11PM on 18 August 2010: Ok, I changed my mind. The header with the floating white text is now up in place of the short-lived grounded black text one. The poor thing only had a half hour's worth of blog header glory.

Blogger's New Post Editor

I love it.

I love the fact that it allows vertical resizing of the work area so I no longer have to scroll up and down and up and down and up and down whenever I'm writing a post. I just have to drag the resize handle at the lower right corner and my window's size follows suit. Best part is, I only have to do this ONCE cos the size is saved online based on a per-user, per-blog preference.

I love the new toolbar. It's a lot more comprehensive and they've finally added undo and redo buttons. Also, I'm loving the fact that there's now a strike-through button so I no longer have to code it in manually. Colour palettes are looking good, too. The shades work perfectly with my new template. Not as well with my old one but... that's no longer a problem for me now, is it? Haha.

I love how easy it is to change hyperlinks now. (This applies to Compose Mode only.) All I need to do is click on the linked text and a box pops up. That box allows me to view, change and remove the URL, even if it's an email address. It's so, so very simple! No more moving back and forth from Edit HTML to Compose just to see the link. It's perfect!

I love the revised image handling format best. Now, I get to upload multiple files at once (same style as Facebook) and they don't just appear in the post all at once after uploading. Instead, I get to select and place individual pictures exactly where I want to. This works so much better than the old format that just dumps all the uploaded images right at the top of the post all at once. Better still, I get to pick old pictures from my previous posts so I don't have to upload them again or look through my old posts for the codes if I want to have them appear on a new post. I also get to resize and drag-and-drop images with the new image size "bubble." No more messing with codes. I love it!

Click here to view the post those images appeared on.

See? So nice! I love it, I love it, I love it!

The other new functions didn't resonate with me quite as much so I'm gonna stop here. Go read up on it yourself if you want to know what else is new with the New Post Editor. I'll be nice and leave you a link. *click* If you're game and just wanna enable the New Post Editor on your Blogger account, do this:

Go to Settings > Basic > Global Settings > Select Post Editor and select Updated Editor – the first of the three options available. Once you're done with that, make sure you click Save.

That's it! You're done! Now, stop reading blogs
and go have fun with your new post editor. =)

Cicerello's, Fremantle

I finally had my Fremantle Fish & Chips.
By fluke. -_- (I'll tell that other story another day.)
But the bottom line is that I had my Freo Fish & Chips.

After work last Friday, The Fiancé took me on a drive to Fremantle to check out some beer place he's been meaning to bring me to. Apparently the ambience is great so it's still worth the visit even if we both don't drink. Haha. But shit happened and we ended up not getting entry to the place – tell you why in another post – so we opted for the next best thing in Freo: Fish & Chips.

It looked like there were two or three big Fish & Chips players in the area. One was Kailis' Fish Market Cafe (does anybody know if this is a branch of Kailis Bros. Fish Markets and Fish Cafe, Leederville??), another was Cicerello's, and a third, I can't remember. Haha. But it doesn't matter cos I got sold by the advertising and went with Cicerello's cos it had a billboard outside that read:

"WA's No.1 Fish and Chips."

As you can see, that No.1 message is also on the receipt.

Well, unless WA's No.1 means "the first to open shop" and not "the best", they're lie-free. Otherwise, no matter what anybody says, those people have got their pants on fire. The Fish & Chips were terrible! Even the ones The Fiancé and I had at this tiny take-away shop next to Broadway's Domino's Pizza was much, much, MUCH better. (Best I've had in Perth, actually. Go try!)

That was how Cicerello's Fish & Chips – with double fish, single chips order – arrived. (Minus the sauces, of course.) They didn't even bother separating the pack into two, instead, they just lumped it all together in a royal mess of battered fish and thick chips. Food Presentation: -1 point.

Then there was a section of the shop that smelt really, really bad. Like rotting fish kinda bad. No kidding. As soon as we entered that "area", The Fiancé and I immediately back-tracked to another less smelly part of the shop. That was not appetising at all. Shop Ambience & Cleanliness: -2 points.

But aesthetics aside, Cicerello's didn't win on the taste front either. In fact, we were pretty disappointed with what we had to put down our throats. The fish had a smell and the fries were rock-hard and tasteless. Like oily cardboard. So... Fish & Chips: -1,320,203 points.


The only good part of the meal
was our shared bottle of Ginger Beer.

I was really surprised with this one. The Fiancé told me I'd like it but to be honest with you, although I said OK to his choice of drink, I was sceptical. Haha. Dun call me sua ku lah but I've never had Ginger Beer in my life. I don't eat ginger and I don't like anything that even smells remotely ginger-ish so I just never picked it up. But this was awesome. I loved it! Haha. So, it's Ginger Beer ftw! =)

But I don't have to go back to Cicerello's for Ginger Beer. I can have it anywhere else. So, I think it's safe to say that I won't be paying "WA's No.1 Fish and Chips" anymore visits. And in case you need to know what it looks like on the outside so you can avoid it too, here's a picture.

Haih. You see that? Closed umbrellas and empty tables. Should have taken a clue from that and gone elsewhere for my Fremantle Fish & Chips fix. -_-

Cicerello's (Fremantle Outlet)
Fisherman's Wharf
44 Mews Road
Fremantle 6160
T: (08) 9335 1911
F: (08) 9335 1455
Email: info@cicerellos.com.au

Opening Hours: 10:00am to 9:00pm, 7 days a week

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Save The Date Like, Now, Now, Now!

Today, over rice with Kung Pow Chicken and Onion Omelette at Chinatown, The Fiancé suddenly came to realise that he needed to start inviting his Australian friends to our wedding like, now, now, now so they can quickly chup their days off before they all get sucked into next year's working timetable.

Naturally, with me being the only one of the two of us who's Photoshop-equipped, I was tasked with designing our Save The Date cards (also like, now, now, now) so I can get them printed and airmailed over to him as soon as they're ready to be sent out to our guests. Uh... all that once we've got our dates confirmed, of course. -_-'''

Gosh, The Fiancé and I have got
our priorities pretty screwed up, haven't we? =p

Anyway, I came home and immediately started tinkering away at the comp. 2 hours later, I was done. Or as done as I'm gonna be now since I'm designing a Save The Date card without a... urm, date. -_-''' (OMG, what the heck is wrong with us??) Nevertheless, I think I deserve a pat on the back.

*pats self on back*

Oddly though, it's not in any of the colours we're considering for the actual day. @_@ Royal purple and pale yellow just didn't come our very nicely on print. (Shit. Liao. La. Maybe I'll rework the colours later when we're more certain of our theme.) Instead, it's in red, black and white. Haha. I think the new blog template is rubbing off on me.

p/s: We also got our Wedding To-Do List ready over the weekend so... yay, us! =D

The Red Tree

You won't believe how amazing the sights can be around here when Spring decides to get creative with the trees. Take a look at this!

Yep, that's what The Fiancé and I saw while driving one day.

Such a show-stopper, duncha think?? Wow.

Best part was when The Fiancé suddenly offered to stop the car for me to take pictures. =D So while he eyed a Mazda RX-8 that was parked at the side of the road, I went ahead and got crazy with the camera. 

Just look at how it stands out amongst
the other boring just-green-no-red trees.

And it's not like it's maroon or any other dull shades of red, you know. It's bright red! Like bright BRIGHT red! The brightest of reds, really. Almost like the tree was on fire. Haha.

Doesn't it just look brilliant?

This picture was taken a day later
when the clouds weren't putting on a show.

Gah, I love it!