Monday, August 30, 2010

Satisfying The Craving

Sour mangoes are my secret fruity indulgence. My friends in KL used to think me mad for eating them before/after lunch. I guess it's rarer there. Haha. But here, it's the norm! Especially with all them rojak stalls around and along Gurney Drive. =p So after craving it for the looongest time (even since I was in Australia – don't believe me, ask The FiancĂ©), I finally got my fix.

Sour Mangoes from Gurney Drive for RM3.
Ignore the rojak sauce. The RIGHT way to eat it is with salt. =p


Bought them on my way back from a bridal fair at PISA. First thing to note about bridal fairs in Penang: They're very small scale. Second thing: Nobody speaks English. -_- Oh, and bridal gowns available in Penang bridal houses are worse, I tell you. All old, worn out, and badly trashed. I did, however, get drawn to an evening gown I saw by D&L. Gotta try that one day. =)


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