Monday, August 16, 2010

Colour Boards: The Revision

The Fiancé and I had a realisation yesterday. Considering our wedding will be held in Malaysia and we're gonna have to settle for flowers available there, going with purple blooms will probably result in us to ending up with something like this:

And there's only one way
to describe that board:

Yuck – Sissy. As. Hell.

Even I would feel like a wimp walking down the aisle
with a bouquet in that shade of purple.


I also know for a fact that at least one of my bridesmaids will kill me if I make her put on a lilac dress. Haha. And I don't intend to die on my wedding day. So, unless – by some miracle – we manage to land us a super florist who is magically able to find us darker, more daring purple blooms like those seen in Colour Board 1...

This is Colour Board 1.

...we may just end up tweaking
the colour board a little.

Or a lot. -_-

You know what, it really depends on how things go once we know what flowers will be available to us at the time of the wedding. Which... we will continue not to know when that will be exactly until we book our venue. *headache* Real chicken and egg story lah this one. Makes me want to kill a chicken or boil an egg just to prove a point.


Maybe The Fiancé's right.
Maybe I'm not superwoman and
we do need a wedding planner. T_T

Whatever the case, not all that's been done will go to waste. The previous flower colour board will work as a back-up should we still want to work with purple and green without having to settle for sissy lilac/lavender flowers. I believe the local florists will be able to manage it. Looks doable enough, duncha think?

Colour Board 2 – the doable (IMHO) flower colour board.


If tak jadi, we may have to go
with this colour board instead:

Colour Board 3.

I've fallen hard for the yellow-tinted
peony bouquet on the bottom-left corner.

But to be honest, that bouquet aside, the rest of this board is taking me awhile to fall in love with. :-/ I guess it's cos, looking at it now, I can't be sure if The Fiancé and I will just end up blending into everything. We're pasty kids who weren't exactly blessed with lots of colour. Boo hoo.

But that (major) concern aside, I think yellow has the potential to look happy happy joy joy enough for a wedding. And pastel yellow's always pleasing to the eye. Plus, every one of my bridesmaids have a slight tan so with the contrast, I'm sure they'd look just as good as the olive-skinned bride and bridesmaids looked in Colour Board 3.

You know, maybe after all this back and forth between shades, we'll end up going for what one of my bridesmaids suggested – rich purple contrasted with the lightest of yellows. Purple and yellow are complimentary colours anyways. So, that plan could work if put together by a florist/planner with a good eye. Hmmm... Looks like it's time to mull some more. 

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陳一豪 said...

Not sure if you've came up with your to-do list yet. If you have we can swap and share, if no I can pass you the one I came up for my brother.

Gtalk me ok?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: 陳一豪
– Ooo. Yeah we have our to-do list already but I could sure do with an actual workable to-do list. Haha. Mine was inspired by Martha Stewart so it's a bit angmor-fied. =p

Ok, will gtalk you. =)

Melsong said...

Don't forget that too many pale colours may result in washed out photos.

Pam Song said...

Ya, so have to be purple and yellow, I guess. I got the "yes and amen" from two bridesmaids so... it's looking good. =)

陳一豪 said...

Eh I realised that mine is damn chinese-fied. Lemme know if you need me to translate before I resend it to you ok wtf.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: 陳一豪
– Exactly!!! Yours is like hardcore Cina wei. Hahaha. We'll also have all the Chinese stuff like picking the bride and ragging the groomsmen but I dunno what else. Haha.

min said...

hey babe...
i think you can for dark purple calla lilies.... :)

purple tulips

Pam Song said...

ATTN: min
- Oh wow, that's BEAUTIFUL! (I'm referring to the picture in the link you left.) It'd be perfect for our dark purple palette!!! You're a lifesaver! Thank you, Min! =D

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