Monday, August 30, 2010

And They All (Don't) Fall Down

I haven't bowled since I was in mid-primary. And even then, I probably went like, 5 times max. Haha. So, when I heard that KRPG (my future agency) was organising a bowling challenge this September, I thought: Die lah. How to make good first impression with the peeps if always cuci longkang and bring my team's score down?? They're so going to kill me before my first month is up! -_-'''

But I didn't really worry about it much while I was in Australia. But now I'm pissing my pants wet just thinking about it. -_-' Cos on my first night back, Dee and Mee organised a bowling night out for the family. Just the 3 of us. And OMG, now know for sure that I officially suck at it!! T_T

 I'm the first one on the board, Mee's second and Dee's third.

Ok in my defence, as you can see, we all kinda suck together-gether lah. Haha. But between the three of us, I scored the lowest and sucked BEST! HARHAR. So. Not. Funny. Please kill me now. Anyway, Mee says that when I bowl, I got gaya. Dee says ada gaya tak ada mutu tak guna. So... yeah. Shit liao.

I hope my colleagues look at me while I bowl,
and not focus their eyes on the pins or the scoreboard.


And it didn't help that we had like, semi-pros or something in the two lanes beside us. The kind that are so pro, they bring their own colourful bowling balls, bet on their scores and strike every other time they throw. *sweat* Wah, I tell you... when cuci longkang, so malu-fying, man. Mai ee liao laaa. -_-


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