Thursday, January 31, 2008

S for Sesame Street

S for Slog. S for Strained. S for Stretched.
S for Stressssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssed.


He Does No Work

So he litters the rest of our personal work spaces
with little cut-out anecdotes he thinks are 'us-like'.

Look what I got.


I am NOT obsessed with being tidy.
I'm just obsessed. With Grey's
...and with getting myself some scrubs.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who Cuts Your Apples?

As my loyal readers would know, I've been incredibly busy of late. Hence, it's been a great, long while since I've had the chance to document my conversations at work – the funny ones that I'd like to remember. Will drop one off today.

Pam Song: *excitedly* I bought an apple cutter!!!

Male Ah Lian: *gasp* It's so easy right!?!

Pam Song: Haha. Yeah. I like. Quite cool lah.

Ah Beng: *nastily* It's a waste of money.

Male Ah Lian: *eyes wide open* But it makes cutting apples so easy! *frowns* Have you even tried it???

Ah Beng: Excuuuussseeee me, I don't cut apples... I expect a special someone to do it for me.


Pam Song: *cough* That means he never eats apples. *grin*


IKEA sells apple cutters. They're real cool. Go get one.

p/s: Apples help you poop.

Do Not Waste Killed Trees

Instead, fold more useless table-top deco.

It's therapeutic... and cheaper than
lavender-scented aromatherapy candles. =p

No Matter How Stress, Got People Care Wan

Got to the office with a terrible headache that was probably caused by rushing from one place to another, and found this on my desk.

So sweet, hor?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Getting Into The Chinese New Year Mood

The lot of us who were stuck with an overload of Chinese New Year work to finish enjoyed communal lunch at the pantry with McDonald's delivery today. Fun. Lotsa fun. 11 sad-cases in total. And aside from having to wait a whole 2 hours and a half for our meal... yeah, it was fun. Looked like a mini McDonald's right there (even Big Man Boss said so!), minus the killer chili and ketchup dispenser. Haha.


I've digressed. Where was I?
Oh, yes. Getting that Chinese New Year mood.

So McDonald's gave us expensive-looking, sparkly-papered ang pow packets that were just totally un-ang (though very pretty, I must say) for our buys.

Proof that it's from McDonald's.
Branding is everything these days.

So just cos it's been awhile since I've put myself to work on any hands-on arts and craft (meaning art without the use of Photoshop), I went to work. Thus began my very own Chinese New Year project.



Nice, no?

There's Chinese New Year deco
in The Cu•bi•cle already! Wheee!

Now I penuh feeeeel untuk bekerja berkerja bekerja on my Chinese New Year assignments already. (Darn it, does that word come with an 'r' in ber or without an 'r', resulting in a be?! I can't remember my BM no more! Shit. Now I feel stupid. -_- Aargh, whatever lah.)

McDonald's, I owe you one.

Would You Like Your Water Hot Or Cold, Miss?

They heard me!!! Haha. They finally, finally, f-i-n-a-l-l-y heard me! Ever since we moved to the new place, I'd been hoping that they'd get us a proper water filtration-slash-purification dispenser and not keep the ancient water filter we've had since forever (I'm extremely particular about the water I drink)... and they did!

Meet my new best friend in the pantry,

So cool, right? It even comes with Hot and Cold water buttons that blink and tinkle when we push on them. Me likeys! Even makes my water bottle go all foggy.

And I like foggy bottles. =)

I'm Not The Only Addict

...but at least my addiction doesn't kill me.

Theirs does. Will. Eventually.

But really. You only know how addicted people actually are to the objects of their addiction till you see what they put themselves through. Like making sure they get their nicotine shots at regular intervals (e.g. after lunch).

It was raining today. And what you'll see next is a picture of a guy, standing outside, in the rain, as close to the wall as he can possibly get, with a McDonald's 1300-13-1300 delivery menu over his head (for pathetic shade), wearing soggy, rain-soaked canvas shoes... while holding a lighted cigarette in his hand.

*rolls eyes*


Prefer to be basah kuyup than healthy.
Me no understands such people.

It's not.


Cu•bi•cle Resolution

From this moment forward, The Cu•bi•cle is
an official zero lovey-dovey-emo-talk zone.

Please abide by the rules.

The sign is up. We'll see if banned talk stops.
First person to break the rules buys lunch.

I Did It Again

Scrubs rule!!!

No Scrubs

I need your help again, guys. I'm looking for a pair of scrubs. I'm desperate for a pair of scrubs. I'm DYING for a pair of scrubs. You know? The kind that doctors wear when they're on duty at the hospital. The kind that look like these: -

I don't care what colour they come in (preferably light blue), I don't care if they've been worn by some doc during her first neuro surgery as an intern (preferably new), I don't care what size they come in (preferably XS)... I just want them.

Can you guys help me find a pair? Please? Heck, if they come in all three of my preferences (i.e. look like the scrubs in the picture above), I might even consider buying them off you. Please, please, pleeeaassseeee? Leave me a comment if you're as connected as I hope you are. Thanks!

p/s: I know. Grey's got me bad. =(

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm A Google Doodle Addict

Look at today's Google doodle!

So cool, right? Brings back so many fond memories of my childhood. My dad was my personal LEGO brick hero. He made me real cool cars and tankers when I was still a puny, little LEGO fan (and when you're a kid, that's a BIG deal). Ahh, good times.

Will do a recap of all my favourite Google doodles one of these days, okay? Just because I LOVE THEM FUNKY GOOGLE DOODLES so much!

Innit Screwed Up

Pinged Innit after I published my second post of the day. It went as it always went – well. Everything ran as it should. And then... I realised I forgot to ping an earlier post I wrote. (I'm not getting any younger.) So what to do? Go back into Innit and ping only loh! Sounds easy, right? Wrong. When I tried doing that, this error message came up...


Apa ni deh?

Went back out to the main page to check if
my earlier ping got through and it did! Look!

See? So dengan semangat tak mati-mati,
I tried again and again and again, and finally...


Why Innit so bad to me wan?


Going Zen

Been pretty stressed out of late. Lots of work, lots of thinking to do, lots of standards to meet. STRESSSSS. =( Sigh. It's been crazy lah. Let's just put it that way – crazy. So, in an attempt to clear my already-empty head and renew my fully-drained mind, I made a mad-dash to IKEA one night after work to do some aimless walking around. (I find relaxation in looking at furniture and house-fittings I won't buy. Don't bother asking why. I don't know.)

But mana tau, the power of Zen took over!!! I totally lost control of myself, and ended up going home with these.

ROTERA Tealight Lantern (Black) – RM19.90.

TINDRA Purple/Lavender Tealights – RM11.90.

As you can see, I grabbed me a very-affordable black tealight lantern and a bunch of lavender-scented aromatherapy tealights. There were other colours there in terms of the tealight lanterns actually.

But I only found myself torn between white and black. (I'm very fond of neutral colours. They match any thing, in any room, with any decor.) In the end, I settled on the black. No regrets. Black is the way to go. But, uh... you already know that. Moving on.

There were other tealight scents on the shelves in the TINDRA range, too. Settled on Purple/Lavender after sniffing through the lot – namely Assorted/Cinnamon/Orangey, Green/Pear, Red/Strawberry, Natural/Vanilla and of course, Purple/Lavender. I had a ball of a time deciding on my scent... and then left the tealight aisle feeling slightly nauseous. Phew!

No harm in that, though. Cos my night in with Dr Grey – in my lavender-scented, yellow-glow room – was just lovely after the rough day I had.

Nice, right? So so nice, right?
So very Zen, right? Right! I like!!!

Glowing glowing summore. Tee hee hee.

Been lighting a tealight a day for almost a week now. Every morning when I wake up till when I leave the house,... and every night right after I enter my room right after I get home from work. Surprisingly, it lasts long enough for me to even have time to catch up on Grey's and then fall asleep with a calming glow in my room.

I've found that, effectively, one tealight lasts me one day of use. Not too bad considering it's RM11.90 for a pack of 42 tealights. Only RM0.28 a day!!! How ridiculous is that? RM0.28 to Zen myself and Chi up my room with a light scent and that ever-calming yellow-glow. Not bad, right? Very cost effective. It was a good buy. Again I say, no regrets.

Think I'll make it my 'thing'. You know?
Everybody's got a 'thing'. This shall be my 'thing'


I have officially been converted into
an emo-lovin', drama-cravin',
love-hungry, MD-wannabe.

I'm soooo into Grey's Anatomy lah. I totally wiped out my entire collection of Season 2 episodes over the weekend – on top of having to go in for work on Saturday and Sunday – and even managed to start breezing through Season 1 to catch up on what I missed. (Season 2 was the first season I ever watched.) I watched a total of 17 episodes last weekend. *beams*

I'm now unbelievably sleep deprived – a walking zombie. I've started hallucinating and zoning out at increasingly short intervals. But it's all worth it. Why? Cos I know who's slept with who, who's into who, and who's got bigger attachment issues than who.


Anyway, I've started taking notes and copying interesting bits of their script. No joke. Total addiction. I'm pathetic, I know. I'm only telling you that bit cos I really wanna blog about the lines that caught my interest. It's not cos I feel an affinity towards you, and it's definitely not cos I like telling you embarrassing stuff about me. So, get over yourself, alright?



Boundaries don't keep other people out.
They fence you in.

– Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo),
Season 1, Episode 2: The First Cut Is The Deepest

. . .

Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?
Because it feels so good when I stop.

– Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo),
Season 1, Episode 7: The Self-Distruct Button

. . .

Liz, uh... Liz was my wife. And when she died... you do this thing, you know... where you stop making plans. Because you had plans but then there was a car crash and your plans disappeared. So you just... (sigh) I just try to get from sun-up to sundown. That's as far into the future as I can handle. And I've been fine with that. I have.

– Dr Finn Dandridge a.k.a McVet (played by Chris O'donnell),
Season 2, Episode 27: Losing My Religion


I know what it's like to stop making plans. I stopped making them once. And I was happy then... without a plan. You know? It made life easy. To plan for today and leave Tomorrow to worry for itself till I eventually got around to it. Working through things in bite-sized chunks at my own time. No excessive thinking to do, nobody to worry about, and no consequences to consider. But plan-less-ness isn't always rosy. We end up reaching for nothing, aiming for nothing... and getting nothing.

I wanna make plans. If only the thought
of making them didn't scare me as much.

Out, In And Out Again

I've been so busy I haven't even had time to hog the comp for a good post. Sigh. Sorry, guys. Will be back to post soon, okay? (I like the word 'soon'. *grin*) Keep holdin' those horses till I get back. See ya!

Friday, January 25, 2008

I. Need. To. Go. Home

I've been spending too much time at the office.

It's time to go home. Ciao.

Bleeding Love

Artist: Leona Lewis
Song Title: Bleeding Love
Closed off from love, I didn’t need the pain
Once or twice was enough and it was all in vain
Time starts to pass, before you know it you’re frozen

But something happened for the very first time with you
My heart melts into the ground, found something true
And everyone’s looking round, thinking I’m going crazy

But I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away but they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open

Trying hard not to hear but they talk so loud
Their piercing sounds fill my ears, try to fill me with doubt
Yet I know that the goal is to keep me from falling

But nothing’s greater than the rush that comes with your embrace
And in this world of loneliness, I see your face
Yet everyone around me thinks that I’m going crazy, maybe, maybe

But I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away but they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open

And it’s draining all of me
Oh, they find it hard to believe
I’ll be wearing these scars
For everyone to see

I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away but they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein that I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open and I
Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love

You know you've listened to a good song one too many times when the people around you start pasting lyric sheets to your cubicle wall... with funky-font song titles and two-colour print.

And you find yourself on the receiving end of girlie
hand-art, at no cost, for no good reason at all.

"And it’s draining all of me
Oh, they find it hard to believe
I’ll be wearing these scars
For everyone to see"

If You Want Something Done Just The Way You Want It, Do It Yourself

It's true. Went in search of a super-Chinky font for my Chinese New Year header but came up with stuff I just wasn't really gung-ho about. See also no feel. Nothing made the cut. So... if you can't find a font with just the right look and feel you're going for, grab a pencil and start creating your own.

Line art? That's it?! What now???

Easy! Outline the text, modify it
to your liking and fill with colour.

Wha-lah! Your own font.

The Chinese New Year '08 Header Is Up!



Just applied for my Chinese New Year leave today and decided that it was about time that the Chinese New Year header went up, too. Been procrastinating like crazy though it's been ready for awhile now. No time to tinkle around with blog templates lah. You think what? No need to work ah?

Sigh. Work's been crazy of late... no thanks to the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. (Coincidence? I think not.) Have had many late nights over the past few days and honestly, I foresee even more in the coming days. -_-

Thank goodness I know how to work Photoshop to my advantage. Heh heh. At least my Chinese New Year pictures will be eyebag and dark ring-free. (A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Please understand. You'd do it too if you knew how to. Just admit it. *grin*)

Anyways, this is waaaay late but I know no shame
so I'm not gonna apologise for the delay.



The Birthday '07 Header is back
in hibernating mode for now.

So kasihan. =(


It looks like the blogging year has enjoyed a good start here on Tinki Talks. It's barely been a whole 26 days into 2008 and I'm already writing my hundredth post of the month!

*clap clap!*

I don't know how I do it, actually. Do I really have that much to say? Do I really talk that much? Do I? Do I??? No laaaaaa. I blame the change. It's very... uh, inspiring to feel something else caressing my bum and supporting my elbows when I write. Haha.

Anyway, enough about that. There are more important things to talk about. Like this being MY HUNDREDTH POST OF THE YEAR! Wheee!

...and I've still got 6 days to go till the 31st.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Buka Mulut

Was so, so very busy running around town (and out of town) for work the whole day today that my shoes just decided to give up on me and just call it quits. Look lah!


So suey! This just tells me never to buy shoes from Vincci lah. Stupid investment on my part. Lousy, useless, ciplak, good-for-nothing, cheapo, crummy, velvetish, not-even-real-suede shoes!!!

I'm. Not. Happy.


Hygieia Got An Upgrade

Why? Cos I found a DYMO.

Heh heh. It fell into the wrong hands – MINE! Wahahaha.
And then I did what I had to do... and got to work.


So very much coolness, no???

And FYI, it really takes a real DYMO pro to be able to punch out words in nice straight lines, okay. Really. Never bluff you. Ah Beng tried and his letters went uphill and downhill. *rolls eyes* So ugliness!!! In the end, it was the Goddess of Health, Cleanliness and Sanitation... and later the Moon, who had to run to his rescue. Haih. Fail.

Anyways, take a look at this comparison
of what was and what is...

So cool right, my cubicle wall? I love it lah.

And I am still the Goddess of Health,
Cleanliness and Sanitation... and later the Moon.


You Can Only Eat Chicken Rice With The Right People

Eating chicken rice isn't as easy as you may think it is. It's an art. And when it comes to art, you always, always, ALWAYS hang with artists with the same style as you have. If you're a rocker, you don't hang with crooners. You ONLY hang with other rockers. And if you're a crooner, you don't hang with punks. You ONLY hang with other crooners. That's just the way it is.

And that's the same way it is with chicken rice.

Breast meat people should ONLY
eat with other breast meat eaters.

Roast chicken people should ONLY
eat with other roast chicken eaters.

Or else... sure suffer.

I happened to have lunch with every-other-part, white-mix-roast chicken eaters last week. Regret, sia. Even after eat still hungry. Why? Cos there wasn't enough of my kinda chicken to go around. And then summore super suey. They ordered white and roast, half chicken. Seemed quite okay, right? Mana tau, THE BREAST AND THE ROAST MEAT HAPPENED TO BE ON OPPOSITE SIDES!!! -_- So that means all the breast meat ended up being white chicken and the glorious roast chicken was all thigh and backside. SUEY AHHHH!!!

So after picking through the roast chicken and nudging the white chicken for whatever lean meat I could find, I settled on this Rice vs. Cucumber vs. Chicken ratio.

Pathetic but... if close one eye, can eat lah.
And then I ran outta lean roast chicken meat.


Si liao.

Nevermind. Eat cucumber and rice enough.

Sad case. Look at what went to waste.

Eeyer. Got blood summore.

Haih. I don't understand how people eat this crap. Yuck.
No artist quality lah these people. No standard. Yuck.


Tired Talk

You know how they say that when two people fall in love, life gets that much sweeter? That when two people get together, Life somehow starts feeding them smaller, bite-sized irritants rather than the usual chomp of full-fledged Trouble they always get. Tiny, negligible hiccups as opposed to what they should have found on their plate... you know?

Well, I blame The Feeling.
You know? That feeling.

The feeling that makes us dance hand in hand, with our bums showing... just like pre-school kids do. The feeling that makes us sing like Cameron in My Best Friend's Wedding and not care that the people around us have started cringing. The feeling that keeps us cheering our better half on with goofy smiles although you know they're nowhere near the Finish line. That feeling. And we all love that feeling, don't we? Cos it's what makes the grass seem greener and the sky seem bluer. It's what we think causes the birds to start chirping and the rainbows to start appearing.

At least that's what we want to believe... but
that doesn't always happen all the time, now, does it?

Not here, not anywhere else,
and definitely not all the time.

It's just what we say to pretend
that things are easier than they are.

So I guess that kinda means that I blame the fact that we're all great pretenders, too. Pretenders – that, we are. We pretend that we're happy with things we're not happy with. We pretend that we're fine though we're nowhere near Fine at all. We pretend that we're okay with things although, on the inside, we're really not. But is pretending really all that bad? I don't know. Maybe. Okay, I guess it is. But we do it anyways. And we'd do it all over again if we had a chance to do it all over again... wouldn't we?

And they lie, you know? Those pretend feelings I was talking about... they lie. Technically, they're from us... but they also lie to us. They tell us that things will get better... in time. That we'll be happier... eventually. That things will get easier... as they days go by.

Except that they don't.

And we say that we won't believe in those feelings anymore, after we realise that everything's nothing more than a sham. Nothing more than a ploy to keep us smiling and moving in sync with everybody else. But then we turn our backs against what we say on the inside and continue to place our trusts in what those feelings say anyway. Today and every other day. Do we really enjoy that pain? The pain of knowing what we believe to be true isn't real? I don't. But I do it anyways... although things don't get easier, they don't get better, and they don't get any less complicated.

Sigh. I'm rambling. And I really think that since I've got an unbelievably long and stressful day all planned out for tomorrow, I should just stop going at it in my head and just go to bed.

But I can't stop. I don't want to stop.
I'm too tired to stop. I'm too tired to stop thinking.
Sigh. I'm too tired. I'm just too tired.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The One-Time Model Scores Some Nangs!

Look what I just found out...

1 hour after posting.

1 hour, 5 minutes after posting.

1 hour, 16 minutes after posting.

2 hours, 6 minutes after posting.

Look at that, lah. A mere 2 hours, 6 minutes after posting and I Became A Model For A Day! (a Tinki Talks' post entitled The Shoot) has already cinched the top spot on the Innit Most Popular list. Not bad, right? And since I've been so narcissistic all month, I might as well just continue my streak of self-absorption. Right right? So let's do one last check to boost my ego before I head home to crash.

2 hours, 41 minutes after posting.

Ahh, I feel very lightheaded. =p

Okay, enough fun for the night. I need to go home. Thank goodness tomorrow's a holiday or else I'd look n-o-t-h-i-n-g even remotely like a model by the time I greet the sun tomorrow.

Oh, and that's it lah. If you're not a model, nobody cares about you. Even if you've been a model for ONE pathetic day, you can bet your bottom Ringgit that the Innit world will start paying attention and giving you some good, hearty Nangs. Confirm-firm.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Am Online!!!

Finally resurrected my MSN account today. And really... you only know how long its been since you've been online when you get messages like these: -

So I cabut-ed. Ran for my life and just didn't look back. Haha. I even fooled myself into believing that I'd somehow managed to escape them all. Until I got hounded while checking my Gmail account, too.


I guess what they say is true...
You can run but you can't hide.


The way the Internet gives people chances to encroach on other people's personal space and privacy just scares the hell outta me.

I sket.