Monday, February 28, 2011

Of Bling Things And Girly Dreams

Correction, babe. That's EVERY girl's girly dream. =p
Congrats on having it come true. You're living the dream!

Penang, The REAL Land Of The Free: Part II

On Saturday, horned beasts of the wild brought my journey to a complete stop when they stormed the streets I was on and stubbornly stood between me and my destination for a lot longer than I'd care to appreciate.

On Sunday, a long-tailed reptile with powerful claws attempted to do the same. But my experience the day before had made me wiser. Smarter. Faster. So this time, I sped up, swerved to avoid a cold-blooded collision, and left the scaly bugger standing in my dust. *lansi face*

Naturally, I had to stop to capture the moment.

Cannot see? I zoom for you.

Still cannot see? I zoom summore.

There. Now, kindly note the size of that terrestrial beast in comparison with the green road sign sitting in the shade just behind it. EQUAL. LENGTH. YO. @_@

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Penang, The REAL Land Of The Free

...and the home of the brave.

For those of us who dare venture out into the streets
and drive amongst horned beasts of the wild, of course.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Week End

It's been an extremely tiring and borderline depressing week.
Time to end things on a high note – LAUNDRY! =D


Back Row (L-R): Hacker in Blue, Jun-Jun in Green, Suki in Purple.
Front Row (L-R): Tiam Tiam in Pale Pink (his favourite colour
– so macho! =p), Hiyashi in Fuschia, and Yours Truly in Yellow.

Wah, so flow man, we all! =D



Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Runs In The Family: Part II

I'll be the first one to admit that I've got more than a few quirks when it comes to my eating habits. And, understandably, very few people get it. Thing is, you don't have to understand the hows and whys of what I do or don't do. But if you ever have to pleasure of dining with me, it'd be nice for me to be able to enjoy my meal without being judged for every since thing that goes on on my plate. I mean, come on, let's be fair. It's MY plate after all, right? So play nice and go prod and ponder over yours, thank you.

But I'm not the only one with quirks.

This morning, the folks and I went to a Chinese coffee shop for breakfast. We all ordered half-boiled eggs and buttered toast with sugar on the side. Yums. But at the end of breakfast, Dee noticed that Mee was done with her meal but had left a single lonely square of buttered toast behind.

Dee: *looks confused while pointing at Mee's plate* Eh, why you leave one piece liddat?

Mee: *matter of fact* I got no more egg.

Dee & Pam Song: @_@ *looks at each other* Bwahahahaha. So weird wan you!

Yup. And you thought I was weird.

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The insides of my handphone say, "Hi."


p/s: By the way, that is OBVIOUSLY not the original insides of my phone. The dude must have swapped it during the repairs earlier cos this one's impossibly dusty and dirty as hell, and is so not reflective of my barely-10-month-old iPhone. >( Rawr. Now I'm doubly unhappy.

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How Planning A Wedding Is Like Cooking A Meal

They say too many cooks spoil the broth. Well, what they missed out was: (1) too many recipes confuse the cook, and... (2) a single cook can't possibly feed a whole banquet hall of people on her own either! She needs help!


In recent days, I've had my bridesmaids and friends throw me a good number of random thoughts, ideas and suggestions for what can be done for the wedding. Unfortunately, a good majority of their suggestions also come with little or no head or tail or follow up. Everybody has a say about what they want or what they think is nice, but nobody's willing to roll up their sleeves to do anything to get things done. Heck, everybody wants to eat their fill but nobody's willing to get their hands dirty in the kitchen! All I keep getting are airy-fairy suggestions, and then, it all suddenly becomes my problem to – in the words of my ex-Small Boss – "make. it. work." It's like a hundred million people throwing me half-arsed recipes and expecting me to somehow whip something up in the kitchen that they'll all enjoy, and somehow manage to pull the whole shebang off on my own!

*Zen breath*

If you couldn't already tell from that extra long,
no-breath-in-between paragraph... that, my friend,
just sucks. It sucks big time. And it's tiring as hell, too.


I know I'm ranting and it does sounds like I'm being totally ungrateful toward the people around me. But do understand and bear in mind that I'm not only referring to suggestions offered by others with our benefits in mind. Like with regards to our ballroom decor. Or my wedding gown. Or our wedding cake.

No, I'm talking about suggestions that are – to some extent – selfishly suggested only for the sakes of those who brought it up. So they're more comfortable, so they look better, so they're less tired out, so there's less sacrifice on their parts. Suggestions, all for them. But still, it's me who's doing the running around.

I don't get it. Is this how
it always works with weddings?

I mean, when I was asked to be a bridesmaid last year, I helped my bride write her Save The Date and wedding card. I visited the florist with her. I helped her pick out a gown at the bridal house. And offered her my comments on things when I was asked. Most of all, I at least had the courtesy to be okay with whatever the bride wanted me to wear, no matter how much it would make me look like pink bubble gum on a cotton candy high.

Is it too much of me to expect the same
of my bridesmaids and friends?

And if by some cruel twist of fate, the roles just have to be reversed and it becomes totally impossible for me to get any help from my assigned helpers (how ironic... -_-'''), I'd expect a little gratefulness or at least a simple pat on the back for all the running around I'm doing on behalf of those people who were, in fact, brought on board to ease my burden, and not add to the load I'm already carrying.

Arati Vilas, Tanjung Bungah

I hate it when my roti canai comes soft and soggy. It's just... wrong. You know? Wrong. Instead, I like my roti crisp and light. But crispy roti canai doesn't come along every day. Not unless you're digging into it at Arati Vilas, Tanjung Bungah. =)

Yesterday's breakfast.


Arati Vilas is situated along the slightly uphill road directly opposite Tanjung Bungah Hotel. It sits two doors away from a laundromat, in a residential area.

The Perfect Half-Boiled Egg a three-quarter boiled egg. =)

Falling Leaves

23 February 2011

Feelin' Fuzzy On The Inside =)

I recently jumped on the eBay bandwagon – made two purchases so far – and I must say... I've come to really look forward to receiving seller feedbacks after my purchases have gone through. Haha. Funny huh?

They're pretty much like the Friendster testimonials of yesterday, only these are limited to a grand total of 80 characters max. No grandmother stories allowed. Haha. But gosh! Who would have thought that 80 characters from an total stranger could make this eBay noobie such a happy shopper! Cos they totally do!

Looks like May Zhee was right:
"There is no better love in the world,
than to be loved by strangers. :)"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1, 2, Panic!


Young Mummy: Hey, Pam. I actually have a friend who had her gown tailored and it came out really nicely. I can pass you the web address if you want. So... you want? 

Pam Song: Yeah, sure. Thanks! I'll check it out. =)



Young Mummy: Hey, Pam. I can actually help you get Zang Toi to design your gown if you want. My cousin's best friend is his niece and her gown was tailored by him, too. So... you want?

Pam Song: Oh really? I don't really know his style. Let me check out his work then get back to you, ok? Thanks! =)



Young Mummy: Hey, Pam. I really need to ask you. It's so close to your wedding and you still haven't found your wedding gown... you not panicking meh??

Pam Song: *crickets chirping*

Hmmm... The woman's right.
I think it's time to panic.

Vamp Repellent

Saw this in the parents' bathroom.

Hmmm... I think the universe is trying to tell me
to start catching up on The Vampire Diaries.

The Moon And The Stars

 Quote via Miss VU (edited, of course); picture found here.

Totally Rad Stuff For Tea Lovers

I may be into Starbucks Coffee mugs and tumblers but I'm actually a tea girl through and through. Chinese tea, green tea, peppermint tea, darjeeling tea, medicinal tea, – you name it, I love it. (As long as it doesn't come with milk – just another one of my quirks. Don't judge.)

Anyway, I was browsing the net earlier today when I stumbled across this bunch of tea-related trinkets I'd love to have to call my own. Pretty, pretty cute (see what I did there?) and totally practical. I like!

Tie Tea Cup by George Lee

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back In Action

Collected my iPhone last Friday night but just got it whipped back into shape inside and out today. As usual, the dudes just had to wipe out my info and apps in order to get things done. *snorts* And I just had to have not synced my app purchases the few days before sending it in so that meant re-downloading it all again. *smacks self* Anyway, like I said, Crackers is back in action. But... she feels different somehow. Pam Song is not happy. Time to start saving for the iPhone 5.

A Little Cheap, A Little In Denial; Also, A Lot Smart, And A Whole Lot More Practical

Just minutes after I published that post about Starbucks' new uber-ugly logo, The Senior Writer wrote me in GTalk and our conversation went like this...

We're both writers but I think it's pretty clear
who's the more "honest" one. HAHA. =p

Technically, You Asked For It

It's nobody else's fault if you did something nobody made you do,
even if you only did it cos you thought they'd want you to.

– Pam Song, 22 February 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Starbucks Changes Its Logo

Stuff's been going down – literally – in the branding world this past couple of months. Why? Cos international coffee giant, Starbucks Coffee says it no longer wants "Starbucks" or "Coffee" in its logo. (Click here to read news from source.)


Say what!?

Yeah, you heard me right the first time. No more Starbucks Coffee, my friends. In its place, you an ugly-as-hell, twin-tailed, green-eyed, wannabe-queen mermaid with frizzy hair. Like so:

And all together now...


Haha. I dunno about you lah but I personally think they went a step backward with this revamp of their logo. But then again, I'm terribly resistant to change.


Now, I'm suddenly incredibly thankful I bought my own Starbucks tumbler on a whim last month. One with the familiar, old logo we all know so well, of course. Haha. Call it female intuition or psychic precognition, I don't care. But it made me think: Maybe I do have secret powers after all. =p

Whale You Please Help Me Grab A Tissue Paper?

100% handmade and too cute for words.

Easy To Please

Free kacang that's handed out to passengers on Firefly flights.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm
TOO easy to please. Hmmm...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wedding To-Do

We're 4.5 months from the Big Day.


Why shit?

Here's why:

1. I still haven't found my white gown. @_@

2. I still haven't found a second evening gown.

3. I still haven't booked my make-up artist and hairstylist.

4. We still haven't bought our wedding rings.

5. We still haven't found a good band for the walk-in / wedding dinner.

6. We still haven't confirmed things with the florist.

7. We still haven't found our dinner emcee.

8. We still haven't found a worship team for the solemnisation.

9. We still haven't started PMC.

10. We still haven't locked down the details of our honeymoon – when, where, how long. That effectively means that we also haven't started booking any flight tickets or hotels either.

Uh oh. Time to buck up. -_-'''

Botanical Gardens, Penang

Pictures from my "exercise" session
at Botanical Gardens last weekend. =p

Wild monkeys!

Zoom out a little and you'll see that I took
the picture behind the safety of a tram. =p

 Moss on a dewy trunk.

Red leaves against a blue background.

Water droplets.

 Misty evening.

A hilly background overlooking open fields.

A couple of white trees against the greens.

The undulating landscape at dusk.

I think it's obvious that I exercised my trigger finger more than any other part of my body that day. Haha. But I'm not complaining. =p

Raining > Rain > Raindrop

I hate exercising with a vengeance. Why? Cos I super hate panting, sweating, getting hot, getting sticky, and getting tired. Because of that, I never ever EVER partake in any from of exercise unless I get my arm twisted into doing it. And if ever I'm invited, I always try worming my way out of it.

The Fiancé: Let's go exercise.

Pam Song: *groans inwardly* Cannot. It's urm... *finds excuse* ...raining!

The Fiancé: *narrows eyes at me* No, it's not.

Pam Song: Yes it is!! *points at one drop of rain that just landed on the windscreen*

The Fiancé: One drop only is not called raining.

Pam song: Oh yeah? Then??

The Fiancé: It's called rain.

Pam Song: @_@ Wth.

As you can see, The Fiancé, on the other hand,
always tries conning me into going anyways. -_-

Love Is Messy

The newly married Karaoke Queen popped by for a visit this morning and the lot of us got popcorn! (Sigh, that woman always spoils us rotten but we love it. <3)

Good stuff. Yummilicious max. Very rich and super tasty. But OBVIOUSLY I was more taken in by the tissue paper it sat on than the popcorn itself. Haha. =p

Girly Girl Stuff You Boys Will Never Understand

If I suddenly just had me a baby girl overnight who miraculously got conceived, impossibly grew outside my tummy and somehow managed to survive on nothing more than an unmarried 26-year-old's childish wishes and dreams for 9 missing months... She'd totally be prancing around in these right now.

He Gave It A Stroke!

OMG, instead of rescuing Crackers,
the dude ended up giving her a recurring stroke!


There's now a slight gap all around the screen, the screen is now awkwardly raised, the Menu button no longer clicks, and worst of all, the screen whites out if I press the Menu button, then starts flickering on and off till I restart the phone.


Noooo!!! But but but... she was
working perfectly fine before! Boo hoo...


And there I was thinking they looked so
professional with their production line workstations.

But I guess Dee was right.

It does look more like
a handphone graveyard
than it does a repair shop. =(

And my phone? Sigh. Still repairing lor.

In the end, the guys at the shop told us to stop waiting, go home, and leave it there overnight so they can work on it tomorrow. Pfft. Turns out it won't be ready in the ONE HOUR they promised me after all. Sigh. Now to wish, hope and pray for a little bit of repair man magic to revive Crackers. *fingers crossed*