Sunday, July 31, 2011

You Don't Need The Rain To Get A Rainbow

Today, the most amazing sight astounded me this afternoon. I saw the most brilliant rainbow! Displaying the most vivid colours! Indoors! And right on my living room floor! Look at it!

I didn't think of checking out the source at the time – too excited about grabbing my GF2 and taking pictures that it totally didn't cross my mind – but it was just one square patch of bright and beautiful colours that kept moving. Yes, MOVING! Like lapping waves or curtains blowing with the breeze. I was so odd but so captivating. I couldn't stop starring, ooh-ing and ahh-ing!

Believe me when I say that the colours were even more brilliantly contrasted in reality than what you see here cos I'm not kidding. Anyway, I'll try to remember to capture it on video for you guys the next time I see it. Mama – my MIL – tells me it visits our living room every evening. =)

I Did Not Take This Picture

Found this picture of Miss Kana in my GF2's SD card when I downloaded my latest pictures today. Am baffled by two things. First, what the heck was it doing there??? And second, who took it!? @_@

London-Cambridge-London-Paris-London, July '11: Getting To London

So we had our Curry Laksa, mad-dashed our way to Gate A5, and realised... dang, we shouldn't have bothered running at all. The queue for boarding the flight was a million miles long! -_-'''

Passengers waiting in line to board flight SQ322 to London.

(Yes, I exaggerate. It adds a dash of drama to my story.)

As you can see from the picture above, there are two doors leading to two separate decks – upper deck and main deck – in the plane we were to be on. The upper one is for high-flying business class passengers, and the main deck serves regular folk like us who fly economy. :-/

Economy seats on the main deck.

Whateverrr... economy looks pretty okay to me!

We got the first row that was situated
right behind the airline staff's serving area
and the leg room was simply awesome.

Look at that, man... I could stretch my legs fully
and still not touch the panneling before me!

At first, I relished the extra space. Freedom of movement on long-haul flights is important. And that was something this seat allowed me. Only problem was... I was sitting next to a kid. *slaps forehead* On a 13h 23m flight. @_@ Noooo... But yes, as fate would have it, I ended up sitting next to a kid. This kid.


An ill-behaved brat who seemed intent on making my flight from Singapore to London the worst flight I've ever taken in my LIFE! Don't let that angelic mop of brown hair fool you, dear friends. For that child is evil! Pure evil! He was kicking me and smacking me with his toy bear throughout the flight, okay!! THROUGHOUT! Except for that glorious half hour when he ter-fell asleep. -_-''''

6 hours into the flight, my patience had run out and I was ready to belasah the boy halfway to stupid. But I tahan. Control. And did what any self-respecting adult would do. I jeling-ed him every 2 seconds in my mind. And decided to distract myself with laugh-worthy How I Met Your Mother episodes to take the edge off my irritation and growing annoyance.

All this while, The Husband slept. Not knowing that his new wife was being battered by a 2-year-old right next to him. T_T Seriously speaking, I don't know how I did it but by some miracle, I managed to make it through 13 hours without raising my hand and smacking his little brown-haired head.

Unfortunately, by the time the pilot started talking about London and about how we were landing in a half hour, I was worn out and jet-lagged from not having slept through the night. My panties were already up in a billion knots. So, when that boy whacked me one more time with that stupid brown bear he had with him, I ouch-ed loudly and tossed him and his mom a stare.

The Husband, who was awake by then, looked at me like he just married a psycho who hated kids and growled, "HE'S JUST A KID LAH," at me. @_@ Like wth??? That kid tortures me for 13 hours while he sleeps like a pig on Xanax and he gives me a look when I toss my very first stare their way? Too much. I dun care lah. Next time, HE will be the one sitting next to strangers. Grrrr... >(


Ok, I need to talk about happier things.

*Zen breath*

Like free hot towels before we took off. =)

They're such a nice welcome-on-board service. Would have been nice if they gave us one just before we landed, too. Especially after a long-haul flight, a hot towel would definitely be nice. =) Oh, and the other thing that makes me happy is food. Yeah, let's talk about food now.

In-flight menu.

I checked this little booklet out as soon as I got onboard and took
the following shots of what we had coming to fill our tummies.


Hmmm... Not very promising for a first page. There's waaay too much alcohol in that list... and no food whatsoever!! Thank goodness the facing page made up for it in the form of some Indian Fish Curry with Spicy Vegetables and Basmati Rice.


Indian Fish Curry, Spicy Vegetables and Basmati Rice.

This dish was just so-so for me. Even so, it looked a whole lot better than The Husband's Wok Fried Sliced Beef. I don't remember him enjoy it much. Haha.

Light Bites.

I was probably too taken over by the grumps caused by the little kid's kicking to notice any food going around cos I certainly don't remember eating anything between the in-flight supper and breakfast. :-/ Haiya... rugi liao la. If I was in my right mind, I would have taken the peanuts or the fruit. Nevermind. I did not make the same mistake on the flight back. =p


I throughly enjoyed breakfast. Maybe cos all that seething on the inside zapped me of all my energy already. Haha. Fuel tank was running on empty and I badly needed a recharge. The sausage was so-so. The hash browns were mushy. The mushrooms were hard. The bread was cold. So what was so enjoyable about breakfast, you ask? THIS!

Rumbler's Cornflakes with Long Life Milk!

This is cereal magic in plastic, I tell you. Look!

What you see right there, is cornflakes with milk... but oh-oh look! It's pre-packed! And oh-oh cornflakes are still crispy, and the milk is still cold! =D

Separate packing for milk and cornflakes doubled up in one pack!

Dry (in a good way!), crispy cornflakes on one side.

Cold milk with an easily opened packaging on the other side.

Just open and pour!

And before you know it... TADAAA!!!

Cornflakes with cold milk! =D

Ahh, such brilliance in breakfast.
It can only be Rumbers.

If only they sold this stuff here in Malaysia. =(

Anyway... since all that food talk has taken my mind off that nasty kid, I'll go back to talking about the flight. Considering it was my first time on the Airbus A380, I figured I should read the safety information leaflet. You know... just in case. 

So I read it. A half hour before we landed. =p 

Ok la. Overall, I personally think there's no real big difference between an Airbus A380 and a Boeing 747. Lavatories were pretty much the same on the inside and so were the seat sizes – same-same only. Entertainment-wise, also not much difference. So... maybe only the Upper Deck fellows got the good stuff. I dunno. From what I saw, it all looked the same to me. With just a little less turbulence during the flight.

...on the other hand, that realisation
could just have been my imagination. Haha.

Next post? London, bay-beh! =p

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Friday, July 29, 2011

London-Cambridge-London-Paris-London, July '11: The Honeymoon Begins

Barely 48 hours after the wedding and there we were – flying off for our honeymoon! Wheee! Our flight was set to take off from Penang International Airport at 9.15PM the Monday after the wedding and would bring us down South to Singapore before bringing us back up North and straight on till morning toward our honeymoon destination – London.

As always, things happen when I fly. -_-''' We left the house much later than planned and ended up getting stuck in a massive jam all the way toward the airport. We were so late that when we arrived, we had to split up in order to divide and conquer. The Husband made a gold-medal-worthy 200m dash to check us in while I gave proper goodbyes to Mee and Dee (they gave us a ride to the airport) and handled the luggage bags.

Thank goodness, we managed to
check ourselves in on time and
so... the journey begins. =)

This first leg of the journey wasn't very eventful or memorable for me cos we were superbly late and boarding was like, NOW, NOW, NOW by the time we arrived at the gate. So before I knew it, I was walking through the gates with my fair-sized trolley bag, getting all buckled up in my seat, and headed for Singapore with my two-day-old husband by my side.


Our transit in Singapore gave us a grand total of 40 minutes between touchdown and our next take-off. But with all the taxiing on the runway, we ended up with only 20-minutes between arrival at Terminal 2 of Singapore's Changi International Airport, and boarding at Gate A5 of Terminal 3.

Sitting down with our tickets to London and waiting for the
inter-terminal Skytrain to bring us from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3.

Terminal 3 at Singapore's Changi International Airport.

Same spot, different orientation.

Upon arriving at Terminal 3, we made a mad dash to the airport money changer to get us some Singapore Dollars. Like, just $5 SGD. Yes, $5 SGD. Hahaha. Wondering why? Well, don't laugh just yet. Cos this was a very important step that was necessary for what we planned to do next...

The Husband, changing MYR into SGD.

The Husband, waiting in line to get what we came here for.

Taking a seat and capturing a picture of it while waiting for The Husband.


Airport Curry Laksa! Hahahaha. I know, I know. 20 minutes between flights and we can go through the trouble of changing money just to stop and eat hawker food. Penangites really Penangites lah, I tell you. Non-stop thinking about food only. =p

Gobbled that down in less than 5-minutes (it wasn't as nice as I remembered -_-) and started running like mad donkeys toward Gate A5 with our carry-on luggage in tow. Haha. More on the flight in my next post. Stay tuned! =D

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Ok, I'll Admit It

I miss my long hair. ='(

Wedding Bands

Nope, not the musical kind. =p

From L-R: The Husband's wedding band,
my wedding band, and my engagement ring.

FYI, these shots are not from our official photographer. I DIY-ed last weekend when I officially grew tired of waiting for pictures. Haha. Imma shoot my own! =p

p/s: I wouldn't talk about our wedding band (the musical kind) during the first wedding banquet with such glee. It was a total fiasco! Read about that story here.

My Wedding Speech(es)


Hi, everybody! Thank you for making the time and effort to join us here today. Even Ky-Shen feels blessed and honoured, I’m sure. Although I think he probably hasn’t even personally met half of you. =p

Today is a very rare and very special occasion for me. But I’m probably not talking about what you think I am. I mean, sure, getting married is special. So is a wedding dinner to celebrate the marriage. Once in a lifetime and all that, right? But no. That’s not why this occasion means so much to me.

It’s special because today, every single person that I love and hold close to my heart are in the same room – Ky-Shen, my family, his family – OUR families. They’re all here. Two families, worlds apart, brought together by our love for each other.

Ky-Shen, I want to say thank you for being the man you are to me and have been to me these past 10 years. It’s been a long journey and sometimes, it still feels surreal that we’re actually here – married! You are my lover, my confidante, my friend. And I know I speak the truth when I say I’m looking forward to many more decades with you.

But a marriage is not just about two people. It’s about parents and family, too. Because of that, I'd like to thank my in-laws for being here today and for so graciously accepting me into the family as one of their own. I consider myself blessed to be a part of your family.

I'd also like to express my eternal gratitude to my parents for always having given me nothing less than their very best. 26++ years, Mee and Dee! You’ve raised me, cared for me and loved me beyond anyone ever has. Thank you for making me the person I am today. I am who I am because of who you have moulded me to be. I may technically belong to someone else from this day forth but know and remember this: I will always be your baby. And I love you very much. Thank you for everything.

And again, to all of you, thank you for coming.



Hi everybody! Like Ky-Shen said earlier, it’s so good to have all of you here with us today. Family and friends who have travelled far and wide – from Singapore, Australia, India, and all across Peninsular Malaysia – we are greatly honoured by your presence.

You know, up until 1am last night, friends of mine from KL were calling and texting me to inform me that they had to cancel their trips up at the very last minute. Roadblocks across KL and worried parents stood between them and Penang.

I texted Ky-Shen to inform him each time my end of the guest list shrank. And instead of getting upset about the empty seats like I expected he would be, he just asked, "You sad they not coming?" "A bit," I replied. And he said, "Don’t be sad. I’ll be there for sure."

And that was exactly what I needed to hear on the eve of our wedding day – the night before my "cha bo peng" of chi muis were to give him and his heng tais a hard time for winning their way into my room.

Ky-Shen, you always know what to say and do to make me feel better. Even though sometimes you bully me as if to make up for all the niceness you provide when it’s us against the world. I know you’re someone I can count on. For sure. During the good times, and the bad. And we’ve been through plenty of both so you know, I know, you know it’s true.

I'd also like to thank my new in-laws for being so graciously accepting of me, my quirks and my flaws. For, believe me when I say I have many.

Mama, thank you for all the love, care and kindness you've shown me throughout all these years. I appreciate the time we've spent together, the healthy relationship we share, and the many one to one heart to heart talks we’ve had. I may have married Ky-Shen, but I could never stand a chance against you. In managing the home, in the kitchen and in caring for him. Your maggi mee with egg will always be No.1 in his eyes.

Papa, thank you for the importance you've placed on family and ingrained in Ky-Shen, as well as the little bits of wisdom you've always so freely offered. I value your advice and the little but meaningful talks we've had about work, news, tech, life... and on how the iPhone is so much better than the Blackberry.

But having a new family doesn’t mean forgetting the very one that has raised me to become the person I am today. Having said that, I'd like to express my eternal gratitude to my parents for always having given me nothing less than their very best in all things.

Dee, thank you for your guidance, love and your influence in my life. Because of you, I can change a light bulb, I can paint doors and I can fix things. No sweat. I may be a girl, but being a girl doesn’t mean being soft and sissy. Because of you, I know I have the ability to do it all by myself, too. Just like boys can. But now that I have found a man to call my own, maybe I won’t have to anymore. =p

Mee, you have been my greatest pillar of support, my most faithful cheerleader and my very best girlfriend. I know you’ll miss me. But this time, you will lose. Because I will miss you more. Mee, don’t go into my room and smell what’s left of me after I’ve moved out ok? (I know you did that when I left for KL.) I will just be 5 minutes away.

Mee and Dee, I love you. I always will. Papa and Mama, over the years, I have grown to love you, too. And I didn’t even have to try. Thank you all for everything, and for what’s to come.

And a big thank you once again to all of you who have made the time and effort to be here.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OD At Red Box Gurney

Nope, not on singing this time.
(Unlike the other times. =p)
But on FOOOOOD!!! =D

Who took – AND ATE – all that food, you ask?

These two:

 Chatty Lass and Yours Truly...

 ...with our stash of food before us.

But that's not all of it. Somehow, we were just so super kiasu last night. We ended up taking more and MORE food in after to satiate our buffet-line greed. More of what we liked to feast on, and lots of dessert to end our dinner on a sweet note. Oh, such gluttons we were! =p

 All the food we had yet to eat!

 I liked this so much I had an extra plateful of it!

After we were done with proper dinner food,
we moved on to the fun stuff – dessert!

 Gwai Leng Gou! Good for skin!
Unfortunately, this was bitter as hell.

Colourful food! I like!

 Nicer to look at than to eat. =p

 Super sour strawberry. Yuck. Jelly was ok though.
But that cup thingy in the background was diabetes-inducing.
Steer clear if you value your life and health.

 The cake was good. Everything else was just so-so.

Lots of fruits to balance out all the
unhealthy rubbish we consumed earlier.

Unfortunately, we ate so slow and talked so long that the buffet line outside closed and we ended up not getting to eat the ice cream we were looking forward to indulging in. =( But if you were wondering if we finished everything that we managed to take in? Well, wonder no more, my friends. Cos WE DID! =p

Dun mess. But we felt and sang like crap after cos we were so full our lungs and diaphragm had no more room to expand inside us. HAHA. Seriously! So full until totally cannot sing, man! So... the moral of this story is... when you got to Red Box, SING! DON'T EAT! Hahaha.

Songstress Chatty Lass,

We shall do this again when you next return!
And please lah... This time, SING! DON'T EAT!
Hahaha. Then we can actually do supper after. =p

Pam Song