Friday, October 30, 2009

Top 5 Reasons I Rock As A Girl

1. I pretty up pretty well for a girl who doesn't pretty up often. I may not dress up often and I may not know how to put on falsies like a pro but at least I know the basics when it comes to doing my hair and putting on eye colour. Guess what I write about at work pays off somehow. Haha.

2. I can launder and iron my way out of anything. If this writing thing I'm doing fails (Choi! Choi! Choi!), I'mma start a laundry service. =p With my skills, sure can make money. Hahaha. But since I'm so anal, I'll take ages to finish ironing so I'll probably have to charge RM10/piece, which would then cause my customer base to shrink, which would then lower my income, which would then cause me to have to close shop cos I'm not making enough money to make ends meet. T_T

3. I'm amongst the dying breed of women who can sew. Hey, some girls cook, some girls clean, I sew lah! Fair wat. Different people got different skills lah wth! You think all guys know how to fix things ah? Some guys can't even change a light bulb, I tell you. Which brings me to my next point...

4. I'm not a total tech noobie. I know the basics when it comes to sound systems and set-ups. Got my dad to thank for that. He once bought me an SONY system / Hi-Fi set which he refused to set up for me so I had to go it on my own with the manual. It was a good experience and now... I'm proud to say that I'm not a hopeless case when it comes to such things. Oh, and I change my own light bulbs, too – even if it means I've got some climbing to do.

5. I... I... Uh, I... am stuck again. Maybe this whole list thing should have been a Top 4 instead of a Top 5. -_-''' Ahh, I shall expand this when something comes to me lah. Stay tuned and practice patience.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hot Choc

There are days that call for Hot Choc. Today's one of them. But even when I can't go for Hot Choc myself, I feel blessed to have people who'd care enough to bring Hot Choc to me.

"Awww... bless." =)

Top 5 Reasons I Fail As A Girl

1. I can't for the life of me stick on a false eyelash properly. Sure, I fake it with darker liners to compensate for the sloppy work so people don't zoom in on the mistakes but in truth, it always ends up too far from my original lash line. In my defense, I've only DIY-ed twice (once was on my flight back to KL summore – on the road, yo, dun mess!) but still... can consider quite fail lah. -_-'

2. I suck at making people feel better. I practice tough love. And I'm too matter-of-fact for my own good. I speak my mind. If the person coming to me for comfort is in the wrong, I tell them they're wrong. No layering it thick with the sympathy, pity and all. Go at it band-aid style. Just let 'er rip. Quite heartless, I am. -_-

3. I can't cook to save my life. Sure, I can whip up a mean mushroom soup that would make Campbell proud but Maggi mee and simple Chinese dishes aside, I'm pretty useless in the kitchen. I can't bring myself to hold or even touch raw meats so... how to cook?! (FYI, I'm scared of raw meat... especially chicken.) Haih.

4. I hate, hate, hate mopping. Like, the I-think-it's-the-worst-house-chore-to-ever-come-into-existence kind of hate. Like, the Japanese-should-have-used-this-to-torture-their-prisoners kind of hate. Like, the super-hate-until-loathe kind of hate. Like, the... aiyah, you get the idea lah, right?

5. I... I... Urm, I... I'll, uh... get back to you later with a No.5. *grin*

The End Is Near

Tene nene. Tene nene.

Haha. Check out it, check out it.
Damn kau drama lah my post title.
Beh tahan. I write also I wanna laugh. =p

Anyhoo, it's trueee! The Got X, Got Friends competition is drawing to a close. The contest period was extended and now... things are finally running in the final stages. Grand Prize looming, yo. Woot woot! And just cos I screwed up my chances at RM6,000 by forgetting the Slurpeelicious Moments voting period *slaps forehead / slams head into wall / mocks self silly* I promised myself that I shan't make the same bimbotic mistake with this one. *snorts*

If you want a shot at winning any one of the amazing prizes being offered by the great peeps at Got X, Got It All by Celcom XPax, you better get-get quick before time runs out. Check out the website for more details on the goodies that are up for grabs ---> As for you people who are too lazy to find out what's up for grabs but are so kiasu that you'd want to win just about anything, I leave you with these submission details. =p

All the best, guys!

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One. More. Day. Till. The. Weekend.

Had to find me some office humour to help me make it through the day. Am sharing it so you'll come out of Thursday alive and kickin' too.

Ugh. I somehow feel so totally unmotivated today. No mood. Went in for recording feeling and looking like a dead fish. Now, look at the pile of JRs sitting on my table also sien. No feel at all to start thinking or writing. Wonder what's the point anyways. Nothing's coming. Nothing will. Not while I'm in the mood I'm in. The only thing in my head right now is this:

One day to the weekend.
One day to the weekend.
One day to the weekend.
One day to the weekend.
One day to the weekend.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We're A Creative Agency

That means EVERYBODY's creative.

We're making a difference. Shaking things up. Breaking the mould. Turning things around. Ladies and gentlemen, where I work, there's no need for no Creative team to come up with ideas no more. Traffic's pretty good at getting creative, too! All that's needed to ignite burning passions and fire up creativity are...
  1. a banana
  2. a couple of eggs, and
  3. the Halloween deco 4YRS2ABD put up on Monday =p

Tee hee. Halloween deco gone very wrong.

Here's the culprit.

The one laughing. He did it. He's Jeremy.

And yes, that's his "bit" you see in the middle pumpkin. =p FYI, he actually stuffed tissue into the middle pumpkin cos he said the banana looked too short and he wanted to make it look taller/longer.

*rolls eyes*

So tak halal.


p/s: I can't wait for Friday to come along. We're playing dress-up sempena Halloween (and Kancils 2009 – *snore*)! Wheee! I'm thinking I'll be going black. After all, I've gotta find me something that'll match that witch's hat I've got. =p

Next Year's V-Day Must-Watch

The director of Pretty Woman makes a comeback!

“Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day.”

Friday, February 12, 2010.

Garry Marshall returns to the big screen in 2010 with yet another very-promising-looking romantic comedy – Valentine’s Day. The film brings together 10 different stories that surround the lives of 10 different people/couples (I'm not sure which yet), on Valentine's Day in Los Angeles. Best part is...

...these people, they're all
interconnected in some way.

Haha. Jeng jeng jeng moment.

That spells 'uh-oh' to me. Cos we all know that the words 'Love' and 'Interconnected' hardly ever come together without mess, right? But ah, a messy plot – I like. Especially when it's Rom Com. I see great, big, fancy, multi-coloured saliva charts in my head already. =p

Ah, but the promise of a colourful saliva chart
isn't the fanciest part of this movie.

Check out the uber-impressive cast!

Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Shirley MacLaine, Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, George Lopez, Queen Latifah, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner and Carter Jenkins.

Whoa, that's a lot of big / semi-big
celebrity names right there, yo!

Looks like this crazy, messed-up Rom Com is going to be one hell of a ride. Haha. Four whole months away from its release and already, I can't wait. =) Check it out on the Apple website, too, if you wanna. *click* Hmmm... wonder what's in it for them though. *shrugs*

Officially Missing You (Tamia Cover) By Jayesslee

When you've got twins, it's double the talent.

These two – Janice and Sonia (J and S = JS = JayEss – geddit?) – have got me totally addicted to the song Officially Missing You, originally sung by Tamia. It's been on an endless loop since late yesterday actually. Haha. Yes, I like it that much cos they're that good. In fact, I think their rendition of the song is waaay better than the original piece by Tamia. No kidding with that one. Enjoy!

Artists: Jayesslee
Song Title: Officially Missing You (Tamia Cover)

All I hear is raindrops falling on the rooftop
Oh baby, tell me why’d you have to go
‘Cause this pain I feel it won’t go away
And today I’m officially missin’ you

I thought that from this heartache, I could escape
But I’ve had it long enough to know
There ain’t no way
And today I’m officially missing you

Ooh... can’t nobody do it like you
Said every little thing you do, hey, baby
Said it stays on my mind
And I’m officially

All I do is lay around, two years full of tears
From looking at your face on the wall
Just a week ago you were my baby
Now I don’t even know you at all
I don’t know you at all

And I wish that you would call me right now
So that I could get through to you somehow
But I guess it’s safe to say, baby
It's safe to say that I, I’m officially missin’ you

Ooh... can’t nobody do it like you
Said every little thing you do, hey, baby
Said it stays on my mind
And I’m officially

Well, I thought I could just get over you, baby
But I see there’s something I just can’t do
From the way you would hold me
To the sweet things you told me
I just can’t find a way to let go of you

Ooh... can’t nobody do it like you
Said every little thing you do
Oh it stays on my mind
And I’m officially missin' you, yeah, yeah, yeah
All I hear is raindrops, oh, yeah
And I’m officially missin’ you

Mid-week's Here

Sometimes, all you need to make it through the week
is a good cuppa hot choc* on a late Tuesday night.

That, value-packed, then served with a dash well-meaning Witt and Sarcasm, a generous helping of TLC, a healthy sprinkling of Honest Conversation, a pinch of Good Humour, lots of Hearty Laughter, and more than enough Good Company to last till the weekend comes along.

* Don't forget the whipped cream! =)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Classical Conditioning

Was talking to Duh Roads on the way back from lunch and somehow, the topic of conversation landed on OTJ-ish territory. Uh oh. I think she released the devil in me cos... I started going at it OTJ style. Except that it was OTB – Operasi Train Betina – this time. Haha. Told her what I thought about men and their habits, then shared with her my belief that not all things are set in stone. Especially the bad ones.

Some things are just a matter
of Classical Conditioning.

If a man was raised with the idea that it's ok to leave pee stains on a toilet seat cover, you need to TELL HIM that it's NOT ok to do so. If he thinks that having garlic before kisses is ok and you're NOT ok with that, you need to TELL HIM. If Man thinks it's ok to get friendly with Colleague and you're NOT ok with that, you've got to TELL HIM. If he thinks that prioritising the ASTRO remote control above you is ok and you're NOT cool with that, just TELL HIM.

...or he'll never know how you feel about the things
he does that you can't and won't live with.

And if he doesn't know, he'll never learn.
If he doesn't learn, he'll never change.
If he doesn't change, you'll never be happy.

(Wah, slippery slope kau kau wei. Haha.)

Sometimes, it's just about being open to expressing your likes and dislikes. You don't have to rant, rave, complain or throw a hissy fit. All you've got to do is be honest. Tackle the issue then solve the problem. (Never attack the person.) Approach it hate-the-sin-love-the-sinner style. A good man with good character and a healthy dose of self-esteem within will hear you out, digest what you have to say, and work at it together with you.

All you have to do is practice patience.
Understand that old habits die hard.
Change takes time. =)

You know, in hindsight, this kinda works for both, OTJ and OTB. Haha. Kill two birds with one stone. =p After all, we're all by-products of our environments, right? So don't go thinking I'm indulging in some mid-afternoon male-bashing here. I'm not. We, women, have lots we need to change about ourselves, too. You, men have just gotta be honest with us. And then proceed to practice patience while we work on improving ourselves based on your male insight. =)


If you can train a dog to salivate
at the ring of a bell... can train a man.
– Pam Song, 27 October 2009

Two Is Better Than One

Artists: Boys Like Girls (feat. Taylor Swift)
Song Title: Two Is Better Than One

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought, hey
You know this could be something

'Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing

So maybe it's true that I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember every look upon your face
The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste
You make it hard for breathing

'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
And finally now, we're leaving

And maybe it's true that I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought, hey

Maybe it's true that I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking

Ooh I can't live without you
'Cause baby, two is better than one
There's so much time to figure out the rest of my life
And I've figured out with all that's said and done
Two is better than one

Heard this song over the airwaves on the day of its release a week and a half ago and fell instantly in love with it. (Official release date: October 19, 2009). I think it's beautiful. The simplicity of lyric, the childlikeness of thought, the innocence in tone – so unsuspicious and so eager to believe that as good as is seen, the best is yet to come. And that Time, there always is, aplenty.

I'm amazed at the way the song is so simply wide-eyed and ingenuous in its plain-speaking lyrics that capture the very essence of new love. Like seeing the beauty in having a better half for the very first time, loving everything that comes with it, and still not knowing what to really expect from it all. The only Certainty is a Beautiful Possibility – that maybe it's true. Maybe two is better than one.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween's Comin'!

Hi guys! Got my butt into The Office all bright and early today only to be greeted by a black witch's hat on my table and a pretty row of orange Jack O'Lanterns right before me. Quite a pleasant surprise on a bluesy Monday, actually. Courtesy of Miss 4YRS2ABD who let herself loose at Toys"R"Us last weekend. =p

Snapped that pic of myself, gave it a once-over and figured... "Eh, witches are supposed to be evil kan? How can smile smile act kiuts liddat? Must masuk character a bit lah!"

So this is me. In character.


I think a bit the fail.

BUT... when I go down,

Haha. Fail kali dua.

Dream Team's playing dress up on Friday. Theme colour: Black – to match our witchy hats. Stay tuned for that. Think I'mma gonna wear one of the LBDs I bought when I was last in Penang. Haha. Maybe. Perhaps. See how first. I pakai tengok ikut feel Jumaat nanti.

Three Things We Can't Live Without

  1. Food
  2. Love
  3. Sleep

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Operation Parachute... Now, In Action!

REMEMBER! I'm the lower chute. If we're going to crash, I'll be the one landing with a splat first. So unless I'm a splat, you can't give up.

Happiness In All Its Shapes And Sizes

Blue skies. White sand. Fluffy clouds. Cool breezes. Rainy days. Pretty rainbows. Golden rays of sunshine. Twinkling stars. City lights. Hill-top views. Morning mist. Late mornings. Lazy Sundays. Sufficient rest. 8 hours of sleep. Days out. Fun activities. Good games. Sweet sweat. Lollies. Ice cream. Chocolates. Marshmallows. Fresh cherries. Green tea and honey. Hot peppermint tea. Nice restaurants. Commendable service. Good food. Hearty meals. Live bands. Cool tunes. Good music. Scented candles. Quiet nights. Happy times. Celebrations. Engagements. Weddings. Anniversaries. Birthdays. Christmas time. Carols. Christmas trees. Warm glow of Christmas lights. Presents. Reindeer. Newborn puppies. Baby bunnies. Babies. Tiny tots. Miniatures. Dragonflies. Baby grasshoppers. Butterflies. Flowers. Spring time. Autumn. Falling leaves. Fiery trees. Winter. Snowflakes. Rosy cheeks. Big eyes. Curly lashes. Good skin. Good hair days. Good days. Saturdays. Time to waste. More leave days than can be used. Vacations and holidays. Relaxing getaways. Sleepovers. Chill-out sessions. Time outs. Me Time. Cosy nights in. Happening nights out. Friendly outings. Cheap thrills. Comedy nights. Lots of laughter. Girly giggles. Girlfriends. Friends. Good times. Great company. Deep conversations. Touching tales. Moving stories. Heartfelt moments. Chick flicks. Romance novels. Love stories. Loved ones present. Weekends away. Precious moments. Fond memories. Pats on the back. Kind words. Piggyback rides. Pet names. Butterfly kisses. Tight hugs. Warm embraces. Togetherness.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogging The FB Status Msg Style

Pam Song... is going to watch people chase balls in cages.


Hopefully there'll be no need for flying rotten tomatoes lah. *snorts* Cos I didn't prepare any. Haha. And I didn't work on my aiming either. Hahaha. All I've got on hand is an evil eye for an evil opponent – if Evil chooses to reveal herself today. Guess that'll have to do for now. Bah. *scratch scratch*

Expectation a scary thing.

Because with Expectation comes
the possibility of Disappointment.

Friday, October 23, 2009


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Uh oh. Die.

Can't believe I went to all that trouble
only to forget about making
the most of it during voting period.

*slaps self silly*

Guys, I urgently need your help! Remember the picture I showed you in my post for the Slurpeelicious Moments contest? This one:

Well, I need you to start voting for it like, ASAP! Voting period lasts a week (19-25 October 2009) and it's already on Day 5 but I've been so dense caught up with work that I haven't realised that I've already lost 5 precious voting days! Argh!!!

to vote!

(Wah, damn kau big. So bloody kiasu. Haha.)

It's real easy wan. All you have to do is submit your email address on the site (submit all your email addresses also can!!!), then check your email Inbox and click on the link to verify. Very lemon squeasy. =)

I'm on the second row, on the right column. And if you didn't notice, my entry's on Page 49 – the page second to last. *grumble grumble grumble* It's cos I uploaded the pic too early lah. Bad move on my part. So tak strategik. Planning fail. Sigh sigh sigh.

Anyhoo, please vote?

*puppy dog eyes*

I went through a lot of trouble to get that picture taken. Had to beg the 7-eleven staff to restart the machine. (I went at 3AM – haha – machine stops running at midnight. =p) Had to kneel down on the floor, dirty my tracks and make a fool of myself. Had to time that shot perfectly or I'd have a face full of green Slurpee. So, please please pretty please vote me?

Many pleases with icing sugar
and strawberries on top? =)

p/s: Thanks for reminding me, goingkookies! You rock my socks.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Fun Theory: Piano Staircase

This project is way beyond cool.
This is fun, with purpose... and results!


"Fun can obviously change behaviour for the better."

I totally agree. A little bit of fun goes a long way. And Fun is exactly what we have not enough of these days. I want this here!

An Apple A Day

Look what I had this morning!

A de-skinned/skin-free (what's the word to use ah?) apple!


Ok. Background: Was at Duh Roads' house this morning, leeching on DONT-STEAL! again. (Haha. Still funny.) Heard her rummaging around in the kitchen but didn't give it much thought till she came out, handed me the apple mid-run (like passing baton in 4 x 100m liddat) and said, "We got to go!" And mind you, she didn't just throw me an apple. She even took off the skin for me! Awww. I suddenly felt warm and fuzzy inside. =)

Duh Roads and I in her car with our apples.

Went to bed last night feeling good about life, and woke up to even more reasons to smile. Pam Song is a happy girl. =)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Singapore, September '09: Girls' Day Out!

So I know that this post comes superrrr delayed but hey, at least I didn't buat tak tau altogether and pretend dunno anything, right? I have one tiny confession to make though. The details of the day are somewhat fuzzy now so all I'll drop you guys are pictures. Haha.

The Lauder One's wearing sunnies that were on sale at the store.

That's me and the girls at Far East Plaza,
my favourite plaza in Singapore. =)

We found PROPS!!! Haha.
But oh, such fashion failures, we were.

I brought the G1 along that day so beL went paparazzi crazy with it. Haha. Damn random, all her shots. Haha. Look back also can laugh. But we had lotsa fun camwhoring. Until we got a telling off at one of the stores. =p But... at that particular shop where we took the pictures you saw earlier (the one with the sunnies), we were given free reign to snap away. (Hey, we deserve the shots. I bought a dress from that store! Rawr!)

The Lauder One went DIY with her self portrait.

Then beL took over.

(See? I'm not the only one who makes faces.)

Ahh, but what's a girls' day out without the compulsory
group-camwhore-into-the-mirror shot, yeah?

beL, The Lauder One and Yours Truly.

Tee hee.

Ladies, I miss yeeewwww! I had lotsa fun that day. We should do it again the next time I head down South! (Or you guys come up!) =) I dunno if this weekend will happen or not already ya. Don't think it will. Things aren't looking up. I've got stuff to catch up with at work. Sigh. Tickets burn, pocket pain, heart ache. T_T

beL and I in the cab on the way to my aunt's church
where I received the awesome prophesy.

And... that's a wrap, folks! =)

p/s: I tell you, the stuff at Far East is just so crazy cheap affordable. (If you're earning in SGD lah, that is.) If my memory serves me right, everything I bought that trip, I bought from Far East. Picture of my buys in another post, ok? Keep a lookout for that one. =)

Thank You, Lord

Artist: Hillsong
Song Title: Thank You, Lord

For all that You've done, I will thank You
For all the You're going to do
For all that You've promised
And all that You are
Is all that has carried me through
Jesus I thank You

And I thank You, thank You, Lord
And I thank You, thank You, Lord

Thank You for loving and setting me free
Thank You for giving Your life just for me
How I thank You, Jesus, I thank You
Gracefully thank You, thank You

Life's been treating me kindly of late. Maybe the Big Man up there's making up for all the Bad I've had to endure over the years. Haha. I don't know. What I do know is that... things. are. good. =) I'm happy. I really am! Even when work's sucking big. Haha. Imagine that.

I've learned to set aside time for friends, family and loved ones. I've begun a nutrition plan that has been proven to work. I've begun regulating my sleep hours and now, I get a minimum of 6 hours of shut-eye a day on average. (I slept at 11:30PM last night, yo! *beams*) I feel healthier, I feel better about myself and I'm rosy-cheeks-on-sunny-days every day.

Ahh, I feel the blush
of Good Times coming on.
(Haha. As if it hasn't arrived yet. =p)

All this makes me feel warm,
fuzzy... and thankful.

I thank God for bringing me into the lives of my parents 24++ years ago. (Haha. Living in denial. =p But technically, it's true! I'm still 24!) Not one time have they let me down or left me to fight off my personal demons all by myself. Always there to shower me with love, care and support, I'm glad it's this wonderful couple that I call "Mee" and "Dee". Cos I really couldn't have asked for a better set of maxi-mes.

I thank God for bringing wonderful people into my life whom I know care for me even though there isn't a trickle of blood within us from the same bloodlines. People who will stand up for me and stand by me through thick and thin – doubling the good times and sharing the bad. They more than make up for the fact that I'm living away from home and away from the warm embrace of family. If anything, they have become the family I have chosen for myself. And vice versa.

I thank God for opening doors for me to get back to serving in church in spite of my schedule. I may grunt, rant and groan about certain "high profile" stuff I'm being thrown into but... I have to admit that it does feel nice being back in the thick of things with the family of God. It's been too long since my church life has seen any action. Solo prayer doesn't always cut it, if you know what I mean.

Today, I look at where I am
and I must say that I'm grateful
for the blessings that have
been poured upon me thus far.

And even as I close with this last paragraph, I'm sure there's more for me to be thankful for. But considering it's now lunch hour, I'm just going to leave that for later and go get healthy with a hearty meal with my two best girls. =) (Oh, did I forget to mention that I'm planning to start eating better, too? Haha.) Good girl friends don't come easy. So when you find them, you never let them go. Even if there are others you've grown to start caring for.

The World Is Made Out Of Funny People

Am online at Duh Roads' house now. No car so I've resorted to hitching a ride with NB to Duh Roads' house at 7:30AM then waiting to go to work with Duh Roads at 9:45AM. T_T To kill waiting time, I'm now shamelessly leaching on her neighbour's un-password-protected WiFi. Check out what it's named:

Haha. What a laugh. Too late for that now. =p

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The aircon was blowing too strongly at Balala's place earlier when I was there for a quick (but not very productive) brainstorm session. Air flow was weird so my hair ended up flying all over the place and into my eyes. Didn't have a band on me so I grabbed a yellow pencil off his desk and improvised. =p

I Like It Short

If you think I've been giving blogging
the back seat of late, I think you're right.


All one-liners of late hor? Haha. So slack. Sorry lah. No time. Really, really no time. Things are just crazy at work. That and also, I happen to like the fact that I'm now rediscovering some semblance of life outside of Cyberspace. So... that's nice for a change, too. =)

But don't you worry.

Tinki Talks has seen me through the worst,
it'll see me through my best, too.

I'll be back! Let's not forget that I still owe you posts from my trip to Singapore last month, my vacation away at Surabaya, my night out with my girls and boys for BEP, the Grand Finale of Simply Fabulous, as well as the too-high-profile-for-my-liking "activity" I got conned (kinda sorta) into taking part in last Sunday afternoon.

Lots to say, too many pictures to edit, no time to publish.
Boo me, I know. Haha. Ok. Change topic. Haha.

It's the end of Tuesday, guys! Golden-ray moments galore! If you're still sitting at a desk in your office, it's time to jet. If you're getting updated on the go through your smartphone, good on ya! I shall be following your lead in just a bit. Haha. If all goes well, that is. Wish me luck with that. Only 3 days till the weekend now. I'mma feelin' it already. And what I feel, I like. =) Wheee!

Beep Beep, Beep Beep

You don't need a million reasons to smile.
Sometimes, all you need is one. =)

Monday, October 19, 2009

"miss you baby"

One's gone for 10 days. =(
Another just "arrived" today. =)

– Monday, 19 October 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tick Tock Stop The Clock

It doesn't take a lot to impress me
...but it also doesn't take a lot to tick me off.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do To Feel Better About Working While On Holiday

Was hunting around the house for snacks to munch on while I slaved the night away on more campaigns than I can count. Hunted high and low, and found nothing. Not even in the freezer. -_-'

Then suddenly... HOPE!

I spied a tall canister sitting at one corner of the fridge. Reached for it and BINGO! I found me perfect feel-good food to tide me through this long, lonely night. All's not lost. I needn't go hungry or snack-free. Wheee! =)

Whipped light cream.
Due Date: May 2009.


Key Learnings From Penang

1. A girl can never have too many LBDs. My self control ran out today so I ended up buying two. Tee hee. Picture you later if I feel like it. Otherwise, if you're lucky, you'll catch me in it someday. =p

2. Kampung people drive damn kau slow. Can grow old just getting from Green Lane to Gurney Drive, man. No need step on gas wan. Just cruise on Drive and press break when need to stop. Super beh tahan.

3. Never give your boss your mobile number. He makes you do work even when you're home on holiday. SMS come in only means bye bye R&R, hello heartache, headache and pain.

Ok. Enough nonsense. I've gotta run.
Penang girl's gotta do work now. T_T

In Sanity – Not

Today has just been a crazy blur of concepts, ideas, campaign lines, brainstorms, writing, briefings, more brainstorms, changed campaign lines, missed briefings, more writing... and lots of headache and pain. It's ridiculous! The workload is just insane, I tell you!

*rips out hair*

And between all that, I also had to rush off to the police station to get a copy of my police report for insurance purposes. T_T Then I proceeded to hunt down the nearest panel workshop in PJ I was allowed to use. Found one, made it there with the help of Google Maps, then discovered that I didn't actually have all the necessary documentation needed for work to begin on Baby.

*slams head into wall*

Had my insurance guy to fax some stuff over, got a list of all the other documentation I need for work to begin on Baby, waited for a claim form, then rushed back to work. Was lunch-less cos of the rush so Duh Roads and I ended up tapau-ing a pathetic 4PM lunch on the way. -_-' So tak kool.

Made it back only to be greeted by
a heart attack inducing announcement:
"Girls, I need the work in 10 minutes.
Presso's in a half hour ya."


Cannot. Do. This.

...but did it anyways.


Managed to churn the work out on time (more or less lah, give or take 15 mins or so – haha) and then proceeded to shoo CTBel away so we could get back to other pressing matters we needed to deal with before Time's Up arrived. (I had a flight to catch, remember?)

Continued with the work thingy (refer to Paragraph 1) till a couple of minutes past 7.00PM (the plan was to leave at 6:30PM – plan fail -_-') then sped off home to drop Baby off. My ride was already waiting so I hopped out of my car, transferred my baggage over to the other car, jumped in, and rushed off to the airport that was thankfully just 20 minutes away during peak hour.

Seriously, I can't do another day like this again lah. I really can't. It's just too much for one person to take. That feeling like you're drowning under a burden you're incapable of lifting on your own is just so massively overwhelming that I want out from it all. Too bad for me, Out ain't coming any time soon. Why? Cos I'll be working over the weekend. From home. In Penang. Whoopie. >(

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Is Why You Only Got One Post Yesterday

The Grand Finale of Maybelline Simply Fabulous,
held at MOS, Sunway. Hosts: Sarah Lian and Henry Golding.

Story you later ok? Gotta pick up on some in-office work cos I was running around MOS like a headless chicken, shooting the 10 Maybelline Simply Fabulous finalists behind the scenes. And trust me, last night was just the beginning of my pain. T_T Post-editing's gonna be real a b*tch, I can tell ya that. T_______T

Doesn't help that I'm gonna have to shoop-shoop-shoop my way out of The Office early today cos I'mma flying back to Penang for Dee's birthday bash, really. Argh! Pure madness! This Thursday's gonna fly with my butt on the line. *dies* Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mind. Over. Matter.

It's time to go mind over matter.


It's going to be a good Wednesday.
It's going to be a good Wednesday.
It's going to be a good Wednesday.
It's going to be a good Wednesday.
It's going to be a good Wednesday.
It's going to be a good Wednesday.
It's going to be a good Wednesday.
It's going to be a good Wednesday.


Can't go wrong with a rainbow, right?
It's. Going. To. Be. A. Good. Wednesday.


Never Trust People Who'd Make You Pay Them To Put Drills Into Your Mouth

They'll also refuse to pay when they put
the right-front bumpers of their cars into
the left sides of your cars at roundabouts.

A moron (who happens to be a Doctor Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS) at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by the way *rolls eyes* and based on personal experience, is also a very ungentlemanly, no-morals, untruthful man) rammed his silver Toyota Camry right into the side of my car at the Rothmans Roundabout at approximately 11:30PM tonight.

Thing is, he jets from the scene, avoids going to the police station with the lame excuse that he left his mobile phone at his sister's home, ignores all calls from my friends and I, then has the cheek to SMS a couple of hours later saying he will be claiming MY insurance. (After which, he conveniently ignores all calls again.) What rubbish. The only MY he's going to get from me is followed by "arse". >(

He's got 24 hours to make his report.
That's till 11:30PM tonight (14 October 2009).

I'm counting.

And if a man of his stature and reputation
refuses to take responsibility for his faults,
I tell you, he really no shame.

p/s: If you're sampat, he's in this list of 'distinguished speakers'. *click* Knock yourselves out guessing who. It ain't that tough.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sizzlin' Hot BEYONCÉ's Hotlink Exclusive Pre-Party!

I was offered invites! YAY! =)

But I can't go! BOO! ='(

Why? Cos I'll be back in Penang over the long weekend to celebrate Dee's 50th birthday! Double wheee! Think it'll be one heck of a party back home really. Cos from what I can see now, Mee's going totally OTT with the itinerary. Ha. Ha. Ha. Not. Funny. (Yours truly has been COMMANDED/ORDERED/SUMMONED to give a speech over dinner. After the fourth course. Si liao lah. Ciak beh lok liao zhi bai. T_T)

Anyhoo, again, I've digressed.
We're talking Beyoncé here.

*cough cough*

Well, guys and gals, if you're in town this Thursday night, go register here to get your exclusive invites to the pre-party NOW. They'll even give every 100th registrant a pair of concert tickets worth RM383 each! (Once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't say I didn't tell ya!)

See? Fill in blanks only. Sap sap water.

So easy to be in line to boogie woogie with Beyoncé at her "I Am..." World Tour Live in Malaysia 2009. Although it's no pre-party for me (wow, I'm such a filial daughter – haha) but hey, at least I was also offered free tickets to the real deal so I feel a little better about missing out on the pre-party. Haha. Imma watchin' the woman do her thing in leotards and stilettos liveeee, yo yo! Tene nene! Tene nene!

If you're going for the concert, see ya there!
We to-the-left-to-the-left together-gether. HAHA.


*psychotic grin*

And as for you guys who'll be around town
this Thursday night, enjoy the pre-party!

God's Will?

Hmmm... Maybe. Only time will tell.
But right now, it's miracle after miracle.

I'm impressed, G! =)

Perfect Time To Catch Some Zs

At night.
When it rains at night.
When the air-conditioner is turned on as it rains at night.

When you're under the covers and the air-conditioner is turned on as it rains at night.

When you're buried deep under the covers and the air-conditioner is turned on as it rains at night.

When you're snuggled warm as toast, buried deep under the covers and the air-conditioner is turned on as it rains at night.

When there's somebody else in bed with you, snuggled warm as toast, buried deep under the covers and the air-conditioner is turned on as it rains at night.

Realisation, 3 Hours Too Late

Gosh, I just realised two minutes ago that
didjital and Dee share the same birth date!

And that's a full 12 hours after the time I got didjital his after-lunch black ball cake and called Dee to wish him a Happy Birthday later that same evening. Damn slack. How fail is my brain, I ask you? -_-'

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Looks Like My Monday's Pickin' Up =)

1. I got a virtual hug all the way from Singapore. *hearts*

2. I had lunch a good lunch with an even better friend. *hearts*

3. I gave didjital a birthday ball (don't ask how it ended up that way, it just did) and sang him a birthday song. (OLD MAN ALREADY! Please behave! Tee hee.)

4. MY CLAIMS FROM THE OFFICE CAME THROUGH! And a whole month before I thought they would, too! PTL, God is good!

5. I got to pick my own sugar bunni wabbit from Duh Roads' stash of bunni sweets. (I picked green but no, it's not my favourite colour. Don't have one.)

6. I'm having good conversation with friends via email and Gtalk. (While doing work, of course. *cough cough*)

7. Work's going good. It's moving; thoughts are flowing. So, yeah, that's always good. =)

8. I'm going to church tonight! Yay!

Firefox Main Mogok Lagi

Hmmph. Tau pun nak malu.

Doing My Bit For Charity

Bought this lacy top at the McCann Charity Bazaar last Friday. FOR! ONLY! RM20! Siao or not? Steeeaaallll!!! Got me Crabtree & Evelyn's 50ml Lavender Hand Therapy + Lavender Glycerine Soap for RM35, as well as their Rose Hand Therapy (Set of 3) for RM20. ONLY! Oh, and a very nice toiletry bag for RM5. Haha. That's RM80 for a whole lot of stuff! (Pictures of my buys when and if I have the time lah, ok?)

Why can't doing charity always feel this good? =p


Theme song of the week.


Artist: The Saturdays
Song Title: Issues

Oooh, yeah

Sometimes, I feel like I'm going out of my mind
Boy, the way you do me is a damn crime
But then you smile at me and it's alright
With you there ain't no in between

Every time that I walk out the door
I tell myself I can't take it no more
There's a part of me won't let you go
I keep saying "yes" when my mind's saying "no"

Me and my heart we got issues
Don't know if I should hate you or miss you
Damn, I wish that I could resist you
Can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you
Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues
We got issues, issues, issues

It's so hard; boy, you leave me hangin' for so long
You empty out my love until it's all gone
You change the words but still it's the same song
I'm tired of the melody

Change my number and throw out your clothes
But my feelings for you, it still shows
I keep building a wall round my heart
But then I see you it all falls apart

Me and my heart we got issues
Don't know if I should hate you or miss you
(Damn, I wish) Damn, I wish that I could resist you
(Can't decide) Can't decide if I should leave you or kiss you
(Me and my heart) Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues
We got issues, issues, issues

Why fight it, can't hide it
Truth is I think I like it
Confusion, illusions
Still I don't know which way to go

Me and my heart we got issues
Don't know if I should hate you or miss you
Damn, I wish that I could resist you
Can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you
(Me and my heart) Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues
(We got to work this thing out)
Don't know if I should hate you or miss you
(I don't know) Damn, I wish that I could resist you
(Can't decide if I) Can't decide if I should leave you or kiss you
Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues (issues)
We got issues, issues, issues
We got issues, issues, issues
(Me and my heart) We got issues, issues, issues
Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues
(We got to know which way to go)
Don't know if I should hate you or miss you (I don't know)

I like this song because it speaks the truth of people in love. It's only human to feel this confused when emotions run high. After all, Love is the one force has the ability to swing us up to the highest peaks and drag us through the deepest valleys in the shortest amount of time.

Having said that, know this: It doesn't always have to be this confusing or complicated. When Heart and Mind are at odds with each other, Mind always wins. So easy for me hor? Haha. Well, but of course. Mind over matter. Works every time. =)

On a separate note... I think I shall keep this Theme-Song-Of-The-Week thing up. It's kinda rockin', duncha think? =p

Day One Of The Week

It's Monday. Again.

*grunt groan moan*

This sucks. Green Tea & Honey weekend just totally flew by, leaving me feeling a little blue-er than I'd like to be this Monday morning. Didn't help that it rained on my way to work. Drip drop, pitter patter, wet wet wet../ 7fy76tgfytgytgyyyt7ytf (This mess of jumbled text happened when I cleaned my keyboard mid-post. I'm just gonna leave it there.)

Why can't every day be a weekend? Or why can't every week be a 2-day week? I'd choose any one of those two above what we now have any day of the week, I'll tell you that. Sigh. Maybe I should just quit my job, fly off somewhere far away and waitress my way through life. Earn my keep day by day.

They say time flies when you're having fun. I don't know if it's because I enjoy the life I'm living so much more today than I did before, that it feels like time just... well, flies! Or maybe it's just because I'm ageing (nOoooOOoOoOOoo!!!) and relative to the days I've lived, the time I have left just seems shorter than before.

I need longer weekends!!!

Or maybe I just really need a break from KL. Like, take a real holiday with my girl. Run off somewhere. Hide. Play the hermit. Hibernate. Recuperate. Rediscover Purpose. Heal hurts. Find joy. Gotta start to sandpaper away the rough edges Life's thrown at me, you know? Fill in the cracks. Cover the chips. Then rebuild from scratch.

Wait a minute.


Dang, I've digressed.
It's them Monday Blues talking.

*sigh sigh sigh*

Anyhoo, what I can say,
Calvin and Hobbes can say better:

There's never enough Weekend
to do all the Nothing I want.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tears Are Words The Heart Cannot Express

Two weekends ago, I dreamt I lost my mom.

Woke up and shot her an SMS. At like, 5 or 6 in the morning. Didn't get a reply. (That's not normal she usually replies no matter the time.) Shot my dad a panic SMS telling him I dreamt of her death and asking him if she was okay. He responded almost immediately. Said that she was okay. And that she was sleeping. (Smiley included in said SMS for good relax-that-worried-mind-my-child measure.) So I relaxed. And started sobbing uncontrollably into my pillow.

That whole episode got me thinking.

I'm an only child. And after my parents go, that's it. It'll just be me. Alone, perhaps. Lonely, for sure. And gauging from my response to my dream, I think I'd never stop crying if (when, actually – sigh) that day really came along.

What would I do? Who will I turn to? Who will I have by my side? Will there even be anybody at all to begin with? People who aren't church members, colleagues or acquaintances who're merely there for formalities. I'm talking about friends and loved ones – mine. Who will be there FOR ME when I lose the flesh and blood who gave me life?

Didn't help that the guy I used to see used to constantly drill it into my head that there's nobody out there who would vouch for me, look out for me and sacrifice all for me. No one but Mee, Dee... and him. (Yes, the painful things people say may have been forgiven but not always forgotten.) Well, now that he's out of the picture, all I've got is them and nobody else, right?


He was wrong.
And I'm glad that he was.

I look around, and I smile at this realisation: I'm not alone. Somehow, I've been fortunate enough to have people around me who genuinely care for me. People who want to see me happy. People who double my joys and share my tears. People whom I know will be there for me when emotional waves come crashing. No matter what. No matter how late the hour. No matter how weary the situation.

These friends and loved ones (parents not included in current equation) I have by my side today, have willingly (and I'm sure will continue to) brought me lunch when I was ill, held my hair up when I puked my teochew porridge out, made me laugh when I was down, called me when I was stressed, dissected my thoughts and feelings with me into the wee hours of the night when I was emotionally confused.

And in the L&R Department, I know I'll find love, security and happiness with a man who will care for me like I've never been cared for before. If not today, if not tomorrow, then at some point on some beautiful day. I'm sure of it. =) And aside from those aforementioned people standing next to me as I mourn the loss of the people who mean the world to me, I know he too, will be by my side, holding my hand and sharing my pain.


This site is worth your time:

Friday, October 09, 2009

How Good Are You At Being Bad?

Watterson's right. It's only fun being bad if there's a risk of being found out. Cos if you're doing something bad while others think you're being good, you're not reeeallly bad. You know? You're just being chicken bad. Or fake bad. (Trust me, both are equally as pathetic and I can't possibly decide which is worse.)

I guess what gives them baddies a kick is the excitement that comes with doing what they shouldn't. The thrill of possibly having to pay the price for being gutsy. Playing with fire at the risk of getting burnt. Nice. It's been awhile since I've been bad. Sigh. (Haha. I make that sound like a bad thing.) Like, reeeaaallyyy bad. Been playing it too safe for much too long.

*blink blink*

Dammit, I'm feelin' cheeky.

Thank goodness the weekend's coming. Perfect timing, really. Cos I feel an itch. Gotta do me some bad girl stuff to shake it off. Gotta get get. Gonna get get.

Mama Says, "If You Keep Making Faces, It'll Stay That Way Someday."

I don't think Calvin agrees with her.
Or minds if she's right, for that matter. Haha.

Looks like I'm not the only one
who likes ruining pictures. =p

Project 365: 09/09/2009 [I Didn't Forget!]

Was sorting out my mess of pictures
when I stumbled upon this one:

It was the one I took on 09/09/09! How diligent of me! Hahaha. And there I was already thinking that I'd forgotten all about snapping a picture. Tsk tsk. Oh, how little faith I have in myself. So terrible.


No wonder I need you guys. =p

I Think These 2 Things Are Just Crazy Sexy

  1. When a man kisses his woman's bare shoulder or neck while holding his arms around her... from the back.
  2. When a woman rests her hand on the thigh of her man... while he drives.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tyra's Slow

Look what I managed to borrow
from Big Man Boss of Words today!!!

Haha. Life's sweet when BOTH
your male bosses are into girly stuff. =p

Small Boss borrowed it from Big Man Boss of Words. I spied it when he was going to return it. Haha. That's how I knew Big Man Boss of Words had it. Heh heh heh. Always had a sharp eye for things I shouldn't see. Sneaky me.

Anyways, check out this close-up
of Tyra Banks on the cover...

Totally reminds me of this:

Team Metamorphosis.

My lips were done in the exact same way! Haha.
Looks like Tyra's late by 3 years. Shame on her. =p

Way to go, Metamorphosis!
3 years down and we still rock socks!

Bouncing Off The Walls

Must have woken up on the extreme right side of the bed today cos I'm waaay happier than I should be on a Thursday morning. Haha.

I'm so happy it's ridiculous.

It ain't the weekend. Nothing big's happening. I've got nothing to look forward to (but the weekend – YAY!) so I really don't get why I'm bouncing off the walls. Haha. Maybe it's cos I had breakfast today. I don't know. Feels very much like a sugar high to me. Haha. Aaarrrghhh, I'm happpyyyyyyy!!! Hahaha.

Have an awessum awessum Thursday, guys!
2-day weekend just officially began! Woot woot!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tsunami At Haeundae

Caught this at The Gardens last weekend. Honestly, if not for the company I was with, I probably wouldn't have even bothered with it. What with Hollywood's 2012 coming up and all, right? Haha. It was between Tsunami At Haeundae and Gamer, actually. Couldn't decide so we asked the girl at the counter and she said Gamer sucked while Tsunami At Haeundae made her cry so... Tsunami At Haeundae it was!

In short, I'd say it was... ok only.

No hot girls to ogle, admire or b*tch about. DEFINITELY NO HOT GUYS – what kind of Korean movie is this, wei!? No never-done-before scenes. (In fact, there were quite a few done-before scenes. -_-) No mind-blowing special effects. Nada.

On the other hand, there was lots of water. (Duh.) Lots of mud. Lots of birds. And more than a lifetime's worth of out-of-tune screaming. Dunno why these Korean actors and actresses cannot talk properly wan. Always screaming and shouting at each other only. Old and young alike. So annoying.

Oddly though, the movie felt really old to me. The colour scheme and all that. Like it was filmed a long time ago. I even turned to my friend to ask if it was an old flick. Haha. No blockbuster feel at all.

Anyways, average acting. Boleh tahan plot. That's all it's got. All in all, like I said, it was ok. Not worth the RM20 we paid at GSC Signature though. Probably worth an RM4 DVD from Penang lah (shared out between the four people who went so it'd really be worth RM1 each. Hahaha.)

But don't just take my word for it. And don't let me ruin it for you if you're already planning on going. It wasn't THAT bad. Watch it lah. But only if you're interested in guessing which scene terrified me no end. Haha. (No brownie points for guessing which if you do.)

Bottom line is this:
No more sad movies the day before Monday.

Prayer Needed!

I just submitted my claims – FROM MAY!
(Procrastination is eeevviiilllll... T_T)

Please pray with me (or just keep your fingers crossed if you're not into "spiritual stuff like that") that the Big One in the Finance Room closes one eye, stamps her approval and gives me my $$$.

(and desperate)

Big hearts and many thanks!

wth iz diz?

Was reading my comments when a stream of html-looking, link-filled, gibberish text suddenly dropped from the top of my browser. What sucked most was that it wouldn't allow me to do anything so I had to Force Quit Firefox in order to get out.


Firefox mogok kat I.


It's Wednesday! Mid-week! That means "YAY!"

Kau tim today and we'll be 2 days from the weekend. Just 1 day from a 2-day week. Woot woot! Gotta get get now! Catch ya later, lovelies. This blogger's gotta work. Toodles!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Naked Eyes!

Remember how I told you I stayed over at a friend's place secara impromptu last night? Well, that kinda meant waking up and going to work without my usual dose of morning prep. I.e. no make-up.


Uh oh. Die.

No concealer, no foundation – nothing but my... uh, liquid eyeliner?! T_T Shaits. This can't be good. It can't possibly be good at all!

But then I looked at myself
2 minutes ago and thought...

NOTE: This picture was NOT Photoshopped.

Ok wat. Not that bad for a 25-year-old, right?

No eye cream, concealer or foundation also boleh tahan, cannot get heart attack die. Hahaha. Maybe I should just stop using all that junk altogether. Save money, age gracefully. =p

Hmmm... Will put some thought into it.

"Never Use White Type On A Black Background"

Been on the hunt for the book
with that title for the longest time.

Finally saw it at Borders, The Gardens last Sunday... only to walk out without it. Why? Cos they had two copies: one was terribly mangled at one corner, the other had stickers and scratches all over it – none of which I was too keen on making mine.

Tried getting them to call the other outlets but every other outlet either didn't have it in stock or had one they couldn't find. Or so the girl on the line told me. So... it was back to square one: Choose between (1) Mangled, or (2) Stickers & Scratches. Tough call. Very. But... I really wanted the book so... takpe lah. Close one eye, buy, go home, hold and sigh.

Was supposed to head back to Borders, The Gardens by tomorrow to get the book before it goes back on the shelves (reserved copy) but happy-happy-joy-joy, look what came by The Office today...

And I got it for cheaper, too!
Ahh, my day is made! =D