Friday, August 31, 2007

Killer Bites

Sometimes, I get bite cravings.

I have urges that draw me towards fresh meat. Sometimes even against my will. It's odd but I've come to understand that not all things should be questioned. So when I feel called to sink my teeth into human flesh, I go on the hunt. I prowl. I search. I sweep the area for all things tasty and delish. Yes, I'd do all that for a taste of red meat. And when I don't get a good bite, I get frustrated.

I'm frustrated.

Where Do You Place What Matters To You?

The general rule of thumb is this: Whatever matters most is always placed in the safest of hands and whatever doesn't,... well, it doesn't really matter where it's placed if it doesn't matter much, now, does it? So, yeah. It's that simple. With precious gold and with fragile eggs, alike - right? Right.

So let's talk about that precious gold first, yah?
It's this case, we're talking moolah in Ringgit Malaysia.

The sub-rule of the general rule of thumb is this:
A little becomes much when placed in the Master's hands.

No bluff you wan. I did it and the following day (pretty instant stuff, huh?), I received news - straight from the horse's mouth and not through the grapevine - that I would reap 12 times more than what I sowed just the day before. 12 TIMES!!! In less than 24 hours, wei. How amazing is that?! Truly, God will never shortchange you. Anyway, I've digressed. What I meant to focus upon was the fact that whatever little, if placed in the right hands, can go further than anything you ever thought possible.

Got it? Good. Moving on to fragile eggs.
And when I say egg, I really mean heart.
Please flow. I don't entertain laggards.

You wouldn't place something that fragile in the hands of a goofball right outta highschool - though in monetary terms, it's something that costs close to nothing - right? Even with his I-stayed-up-all-night-to-memorise-this speech and from-my-mummy's-garden flowers, can you guarantee that that dude will never ever EVER crush your heart? I highly doubt it. There is no guarantee. Guys may promise their girls the world. Some even throw in an eye, a lung and a liver to sweeten the deal but when push comes to shove, how many actually step up to the plate? Few. Too few.

Come on. In this world we live in, who can we really trust to take care of the parts of us that are unseen but bruise the most easily? No one. Everybody's out to save themselves and nobody looks out for anybody else. It's MY skin I'm looking after and I'm not sharing my ultra-hydrating moisturiser or super-radiance-boosting essence with nobody. N-O-B-O-D-Y. Oh, how narcissistic a world we live in and how self-absorbed we have become. Sigh.

Ugh, I sound so jaded.

Thank God there's... well,... God, right? Haha. No matter what, I know my heart is safe in His hands. He's never made me doubt His love for me and His hand over my heart is a promise I'm not about to let Him wriggle His way out off... not that He would, of course.



Steady steady You and me.

So Off Lah The Colour


Thursday, August 30, 2007

She Says; He Says

pamsong: Boy, you suck.
Colleague: Pam, you swallow.

*blink blink*

Oh-kay. I wasn't expecting that...
...and I wasn't expecting this either.

I can't believe I work with people like these.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

I'm on a roll, yo!

Tell me if you get this one.

I Kinda Got Carried Away

Love my new wallpaper.


p/s: Don't miss out that shy sentence that's been placed right next to my left butt cheek, alright? It's there for a reason. =)

Mr Just Right

Tinki Talks holds its first auction today.

What's up for grabs?

Well, none other than Mr Just Right.

Yes, ladies. Clap away. Your beady eyes don't deceive you this time. No, siree. Bring out your little coin pouches and rummage through your drawers for that hidden stash for it's time to splurge on pure male meat. Believe me, the returns of this one are a hell of a lot more worth your time than what comes your way this Merdeka Sale Carnival, I can promise you that.

You ready? Here goes.

He ain't too tall and he sure hasn't reached the six-foot mark just yet, but I wouldn't exactly call him short. He's just right. He's young enough to still love the thrill of adventure but old enough to have safely passed IHaveBrains Beta and is on his way to Maturity 2.0. He's just right. He's oh-so-smart but he sure ain't what I'd call a nerd or classify as Geek either so that's one worry you can safely flush down the poo bin. He's just right. He's a Christian, but he's no Mr Holier Than Thou (and we all know what a "blessing" that can turn out to be, right?). He's just right. He's sporty and highly athletic with muscles to spare but he's nowhere near becoming Michelin Man's second cousin. He's just right. He's nice and tanned, and sun-kissed to the bone, but you wouldn't need a flashlight to find him in the dark. He's just right. He's a good boy with a good heart but he's definitely no goody two shoes. He's just right. He loves to annoy and he's got a cheeky streak for sure, but deep down, he's no Nasty Joe. He's just right. He's quiet at times and he puts on a shy front with the not-so-close; but, no, I wouldn't consider him a Boring Ben. He's just right. He's Chinese educated with a good tongue for the English Language so worry not, he's all yellow on the inside but nicely sprinkled with icing sugar on the outside. He's just right.

All in all, he's a good breed with a good balance of brain and brawn mashed together then roasted to golden perfection with a great personality. Mm mmm. Yum-mmyyy! (Okay, now that felt really sick considering our age difference and my "relationship" – for lack of a better, slightly more appropriate word – with Mr Just Right.)

I know, I know. I'm so breaking The Code with this pic.
Just this once, alright? And only cos it's sooo worth it. =p

See? He's just right.

Prime male meat right here, girls.

Start your bids. RM10, anybody?

New Highlights

It isn't difficult to see why I love my job.

Really. It ain't rocket science.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You're Not Alone Tonight

Artist: Keith Urban
Song Title: You're Not Alone Tonight

We all drink to forget, some of us more than most
When reality gets too real and the fires of hell too close
But I'm here to let you know that you can make it through
If you believe that someone's watchin' over you

And call it an angel, call it a muse
And call it karma that you've got comin' to you
What's the difference, what's in a name
What matters most is never ever losin' faith
'Cause it's gonna be alright
You're not alone tonight

We all have our days when nothing goes as planned
Not a soul in the world seems to understand
And for someone to talk to, you'd give anything
Well go on and cry out loud 'cause someone's listenin'

Yeah, call it an angel, call it a muse
And call it karma that you've got comin' to you
What's the difference, what's in a name
What matters most is never ever losin' faith
'Cause it's gonna be alright
You're not alone tonight

Keep your faith alive
You're not the only one

Yeah, and call it an angel, call it a muse
And call it karma that you've got comin' to you
What's the difference, what's in a name
What matters most is never ever losin' faith
Yeah, you're gonna be alright
You're not alone tonight

Oh, you can cry if you want to, go on

You're not alone tonight.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Some people have the most terrible sounding sneezes.
You know, the kind that sounds... well, wet and slimy.

Yuck. Don't you think?

It's less disgusting when people with silent sneezes sneeze without closing their mouths than when those with wet-sounding sneezes sneeze with their hands fully covering their gaps. Whether or not saliva comes flying out of their mouths, people tend to think it sprays all ways anyways just cos of the way it sounds. Ugh. Gag.

Sure, I know it's all in my head and purely psychological but I still find myself automatically holding my breath to halt any form of CO2 (and H20) exchange that is set to take place. And yeah, I know silent sneezes are supposed to be the worst of sneezes for your inbuilt ENT system but they sure sound a lot better than the said former. Bleh. Those just make me cringe and squirm; they make my toes curl.


2 Hours

It was crazy jammed this morning.

It took me a whole 2 hours to get to work. TWO FREAKING HOURS!? I could have made my way to Ipoh for salty chicken already, man. Sigh. And there I was thinking I'd head off for work early and surprise the bosses with a nice good-morning-how-are-you-today greeting. Pfft. No such luck. Looks like the stars are not aligned in my favour and sucking up isn't my thing after all.

Sigh. This Merdeka Day Parade had better be worth the two hours I spent on the road this morning or I'm so gonna mogok right there in front of my TV screen. Four days from now, Malaysia. You've got four days from now to whip it all together.


What in the world happened in my house over the weekend!? Goodness. Did some all-out-crazy booze-filled teenage party take place while I was gone? Goodness. Did the mice come out to play while the cat was away (I ain't no cat)? Goodness. Imagination going wild. Goodness. Brain running on overdrive. Goodness. Tensions running high. Goodness. Heart rate going up. FOR GOODNESS SAKES!

How long was I actually away for!?

Mummy, Mummy! Got Helicopter!

Was hitching a ride back from a work lunch
when I caught this on my trusty W810i.
(Ooo, my love for camera phones just grows and grows!)

Psychos on the loose, yo! The chopper was sooo close to where I was. With absolutely zero exaggeration on my part, it was barely 50m away, okay. Talk about trees swaying in the breeze, I wound down the power window (no, it wasn't a Proton) for a little snappy-snappy and got a full blast of copter wind and KL dirt in the face. And all it did was head towards green grass, hover about 6 feet above ground level, turn around and disappear from sight. Bleh. So potong steam.

*chop chop chop*

This is your cue to say, "Siao eh."

Hmmm. My spider-sense tells me that they've got something real big planned this Merdeka. 50 years; The Gold Anniversary. Dun play play. We've come a long way since Merdeka!Merdeka!Merdeka!, haven't we? A few car honks, an F1 circuit, a set of twin peaks and some highly adulterated English later, we can proudly say that Malaysia's finally turned 50. It's time and we deserve to par-tay! Woo hoo!

Long weekend up ahead. YES YES YES!
The Merdeka countdown begins tomorrow.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Pam, who?

Pam, your daughter!



*blink blink*

Funny, funny, so funny.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Friskies

The week has come to an end! Wheeee! Day's up!
Friday's here and it's already dark outside!

My colleagues and I sneaked in a short
timeout session before daylight ran out.

Our latest invention? The Tele-Puppy.

Haha. Don't come talking about
animal abuse with me now, alright?

It's real simple to make so I won't bother with instructions cos it sure ain't rocket science. Paling paling, I'll flip the Tele Puppy over for you to sneak a peak at its underside. That's all you're gonna get.

Materials: (1) Toy puppy, (2) Masking tape & (3) Telephone

Easy, no?

Put 'em all together in the right order and wha-lah!
Congratulations, you've got yourself a Tele Puppy!


Haha. Woof woof. Have a great weekend, guys!

Stinky Boys

A house that reeks of sweat and goodness-knows-how-many-days-old male odour isn't exactly my idea of a home. In fact, it doesn't even come close. I need to get outta here, and I so need to get outta here FAST. Does ASAP2 mean anything to you?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Say It To My Face

...or forget about saying it at all.

I hate it when people talk behind my back. If you wanna say anything, at least have the guts to come right out with it and say it to my face. It doesn't help that your topic of conversation concerns me and you're LITERALLY behind my back.

Forget Breakfast

It's 9.59am and I already don't know if I'll be able to get through lunch. Am dreading it despite the splash of good food that has been promised to be provided. Drag my feet, I will.

Simply Irresistible

Had a pretty good day today (given the circumstances) with plenty of time to catch up on my reading. Thank goodness I popped by Border's book sale at The Curve for some bargain book-shopping last weekend or I'd have died of boredom and not any infection. First up for company was this one – Simply Irresistible – and I have to say, I certainly chose a good book. Haha. Finished all 313 pages and wished there were more to flip. It's right up there with my other all time fave – I've Got You, Babe.

NOTE: Spoilers up ahead. Skip to next paragraph
if you intend to get the book and read it for yourself.

This is one of your typical love-hate relationship tales between a wannabe-nice-but-unbelievably-lust-filled-formerly-jaded male stud, and a tough-cookie-but-longing-to-be-loved-single-mother chick that, of course, ends happily ever after. But wait. Before you cross this out as another Mills & Boons, there's a 6-year-old kid entangled in the storyline so that kinda makes things a tad more interesting than the regular she-meets-him-and-they-fall-in-love romance novel. Nice!

After reading, I wonder: How anybody would ever not want to get married is beyond me. To have and to hold the one person who thinks the world of you for an entire lifetime... what's there not to want!? Heck, I'm all for it! I think marriage is such a beautiful thing is you find yourself walking down the aisle with the right person.

Any woman who says she doesn't wanna get married is either (1) 6 years old and punching smelly boys at playgrounds, (2) grown up but out of her mind, (3) throughly jaded in a previous relationship that she's sworn off men with garlic and a wooden stake, or (3) simply lying through her teeth in a lame attempt to deceive herself into believing that she doesn't want someone to love her.

Now, I need to stop thinking about weddings, bridesmaids,
rings, floral arrangements,... and get my butt off to bed.
Tomorrow's gonna be a loooooong day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Green Hunt

Nearing sundown, my eyes started hurting and tearing. Remembering how the older folks always say that looking at all things green helps, I decided to ditch EyeMo. I tried the age-old, traditional method through... uh, a little less traditional means.

It's surprising it even worked.
It's so pathetic living in a concrete jungle.

The Love Doctor Speaks

A colleague of mine was trying his hand at teaching me (kononnya-lah) the secrets to loving with all I've got and truly falling in love. Heh. Yep, I was skeptical, alright. And rightly so. It all turned out to be a full-fledged royal freak show in the end.

It all started out well and actually, the stuff he said during the 5-minute session kinda made sense and was pretty easy to absorb so there I sat, soaking it all in... thinking, "Wow. This will definitely help make me a better girlfriend."

Till I heard this quote...

"I promise... I will love you till the end of the road.
But if we reach a fork, I might have to choose."


I think my Love Theology's a little more accurate than this bugger's. Lotsa psycho love tutors around, I tell you. Psycho ones with zero Love Telepathy abilities. Watch who speaks into your ears, friends. Not everyone's as straight as they appear to be. No pun intended.


Artist: Mandy Moore
Song Title: Umbrella (Originally by Rihanna)

You have my heart and we'll never be worlds apart
May be in magazines
But you'll still be my star
Baby cause in the dark
You can't see shiny cars
That's when you need me there
With you I'll always share

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'd always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Told you we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella eh eh)

These fancy things, will never come in between
You're part of my entity, here for infinity
When the war has took its part
When the world has dealt its cards
And if the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I'd be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Told you we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella

Oh, you can run into my arms
That's okay don't be alarmed
Come into me
(There's no distance in between our love)
Gonna and let the rain pour
I'll be all you need and more
Whoa, because

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'd always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Told you we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella ella eh eh)

It's raining, ooh, baby it's raining
Baby come into me, come into me
It's raining, ooh, baby it's raining
Come into me, come into me

You know, I used to hate this song to the max. Thought that it was such a we-share-nothing-but-bimbo-love kinda song. I mean, what's up with ella ella ella? (I still don't really like that part, actually.) The whole equating-love-to-sharing-umbrellas thing just seemed so far from anything even remotely serious. Sharing an umbrella isn't enough to show love, okayyy.

...till I heard Mandy's version of the song.
An umbrella is so very enough now, man...


It's all about the delivery. I'm not really a fan of her voice but there's something hypnotic about Ms Moore's voice this time. It seems more powerful than it used to be, too! I mean, I like some of her other songs and I do sing along to them... but I never thought that her voice was that fantastic. You know? She's no Mariah, Whitney or Christina. But this time, the woman nailed the song. Her rendition just carries the song to a whole other level and she obviously sings it better than Rihanna does. O.B.V.I.O.U.S.L.Y. No harm stating the obvious, right? It's called 'stressing my point'. Also, it's interesting to note how different the song sounds without actually having many melody or tune changes to it. This version is a masterpiece.

One thing about Mandy that I have to commend is that she acknowledged Rihanna in the intro to the song. I really respect her for that. She even screened Rihanna's original video clip in the background. That's more than some tribute to the original singer, right? It's only courteous to do so, actually... but how many artists actually do it?

So penuh feeeel, huh? Haha.

Question: Why does she stuff the mic up her nose
when she sings? So tak sedap tengok.

Anyhew, I used to think Rihanna's version of Umbrella was cheap and tacky but now, I KNOW for sure that it was. Mandy's got my vote. Good girls don't win at things as much as they should but they always come out on top when it really counts. Go, Mandy!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Brand New Toy

Not many things excite entire families as much as do new born babies. These little "toys" seem to keep the adults happily entertained for hours on end. They deliriously giggle over the weakest attempt at a crawl and exclaim loudly over the tiniest fake yawn. It's funny just watching them. But of course, I'd do it, too... if I only had a toy.

The thing about these adults that irk me no end is the fact that they make funny faces that make them look as silly as Dumbo on marijuana and talk in the weirdest of accents. Like, HELLO! Goo-chee-goo-chee-goo's only cute when it comes a baby's mouth, okay. When it comes from a full grown adult, it's just plain stupid.

Okay, I know. I sound like a bitter gourd pickled in vinegar. Sigh. It sure stinks when your family has babies but they don't grow up where you live. I think I need to befriend parents who are willing to take in another child who wants to mother their child. Heh. If you guys know of any, please let me know. I'll be eternally grateful.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Camerama-Cameroo: Part 3

NOTE: This post comes not-so-hot on the heels of
Camerama-Cameroo: Part 1 and Camerama-Cameroo: Part 2*.

* The earlier problem with the no-show pictures
have already been looked into and rectified.


True to my Land-of-the-Good-Food roots, every holiday destination is painstakingly scoured for tasty bites, scrumptious meals and mouthwatering delicacies. Cameron Highlands was not spared. These are some of the makan spots you HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO take time out to visit.

1. Boh Tea Plantation Café. Their shortbread's to die for. Really. They also serve an assortment of teas (duh) that are simply delightful. Oh, and did I mention? The view from up there is crazy beautiful! The café sits on a hilltop that overlooks the entire Boh plantation. The breeze is so strong up there that it feels about a million times colder than the temperature says it is. So much so that without a hot cuppa tea in your hands, your face and digits numb up. Ouch, but I love it! You know, before they upgraded to mechanical tea leave plucking methods, you'd often be able to catch sight of women with baskets on their backs, scattered all over the hills. It's a far cry from what we so often see in the city.

2. Ye Olde Smokehouse. This is a site not to be missed. It's got textured whitewashed walls, beams in the ceiling, real chimneys and creepers climbing up the walls. It's one of those old British cottages that's probably been there since, like, forever. Very picturesque when all the flowers are in bloom. This old cottage is oddly romantic, too. Gives me a warm tingly feeling every time I'm there. I almost feel like waltzing around in puffed sleeves and flowy skirts, topped with a tiara in my hair. *giggle*

3. Brinchang steamboat. It's really nice having warm soup on cold nights. But beware for all of them conn the shit out of tourists. Off-peak rates can be as low as RM6 per person but it goes up to RM25 during peak periods. Crazy. Honestly, I don't think the steamboat there tastes fantastic but it's just one of those novelty stops visitors tend to make. So if you're a visitor, go ahead and behave like one. Get conned with a smile. Just don't go to this one particular store at Brinchang. You'll know which one I'm referring to once you're there cos there's an Indian-looking dude with a limp taking orders. The soup's terrible, there's hardly anything to eat, and the tomyam doesn't taste anything like tomyam. Sorry, no pictures for this one cos the food sucked big time.

Actually, there's another Chinese restaurant at Tanah Rata that's really nice but the name's sorta left me so... too bad. No free promo for them. Anyhew, that's all for this episode of Camerama-Cameroo. One last one coming up so, hang in there. Your pain and agony of looking at greens and reading travel tales will soon over. =)

Bra Sizes Defined

Yes, yes, you curious hounds, I know you're dying to know how the sizing system goes for bras. It just so confusing, isn't it? And I'll bet it's just one of those female-related questions you've always wanted to ask but never gathered enough guts to, or never found a girl who was willing to let it all out and give you a straight answer. So here I am, doing you this favour by passing along some information that found its way into my Inbox.

Ever wondered why there are always tiny alphabets next to the comparatively-more-famed 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40s on bras? Well, A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, H are letters that actually determine the cup sizes of a woman's northern assets a.k.a her breasts. Any letter smaller than it should be on her then, er... she's a lucky one for her cup runneth over. Any bigger than it is, and you've definitely got a glass-half-full on your hands.

So, boys... enjoy.

Did you check out the facial expressions of the guys in the pictures? HAHA. (See? I'm normal. I don't check out other women's boobs.) What a laugh. Go through them one by one if you weren't aware. I don't blame you for it. (I understand that your eyes were feasted on more "interesting" visuals. *wink*) It's hilarious.

I Know Who You Are

My theme song for the week – Friday to Friday.

Artist: Ginny Owens
Song Title: I Know Who You Are

Some people hear my words
And think I'm wise beyond my years
And others wonder if I am sincere
Some might think I'm foolish
To put my faith in You
And some might think I'm wise because I do
As I consider all of this
All that really matters is

I know, I know who You are
By the way You make the wind blow
And the way You stir my heart
And I have only made it through so far
'Cause I know, I know who You are

Some say You are the only truth
And some say You're a fraud
Some think that I invented You
Some call you God
Some say You were a noble man
Very kind and good
Some think You were a prophet, just misunderstood
But I'm content to always be
A witness to Your mystery

Oh, I know, I know who You are
By the way You make the wind blow
And the way You stir my heart
And I have only made it through so far
'Cause I know, I know who You are

And even though I've never seen Your face
I have heard You calling out my name

Oh, I know, I know who You are
By the way You make the wind blow
And the way You stir my heart
And I have only made it through so far
'Cause I know, I know who You are

This song has amazing calming properties.

Almost every day's borderline crazy where I work. But yesterday, things went from that (which, to me, happens to be bad enough already) to full-fledged psychotic, shoot-the-loony-in-the-forehead madness. I hope slower days make an effort to come around for a visit soon. I need them.

Work aside, I know that many judge me for the things I do... and don't do. Even people who tell me that they care – they supposedly care. Well, I don't care. I shouldn't care. It's not their take on me that matters. It's His. And I know, I know who He is.

I know, I know who You are
By the way You make the wind blow
And the way You stir my heart
And I have only made it through so far
'Cause I know, I know who You are

Each time I stand atop that balcony and feel the wind as it gusts past the tall buildings that surround me, I remember – I know, I know who You are. Each time I head out to grab a quick dinner and I feel tiny drops of cool water hit my heated skin as it drizzles, I remember – I know, I know who You are. Each time I look up into the night sky and see the stars peek at me behind those thin clouds, I remember – I know, I know who You are.

I'm glad I've got You or I'd never have made it this far. You help me see the beauty in all there is around me. You've made me realise that I'm not alone in this crazy, mixed-up world. And You help me see that although others have abandoned me, You never will.


After the stressful day we've had (yes, when I'm overworked, my comp's overworked, too), we unwound by enjoying ourselves with a little post-midnight just-my-comp-and-I playtime.

So much fun to main matching-matching!

It's like playing masak-masak, actually... minus the sand, twigs and leaves in fake pots and pans. I shall revamp my icons again someday. I'd be missing out on too much self-amusement if I didn't. It won't be soon, though. I'm liking my silver-granite makeover waaay too much to wipe it off my Finder just yet.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Scratch These

Things you don't have time for when rushing to meet
9 copy deadlines in a single working day: -

EatDrink PeeChatBlog

New Sparklies

Officially launched yesterday.

Greatly softened the blow of 20-pain day.
Shall be called "Lucky Sparkly" from this day forth.

Camerama-Cameroo: Part 2

So, enough about illegal races. We're here to talk about Cameron's and not speeding cars so let's stay focused, shall we? I'll try to make it as short and as sweet as I can but I tend to get carried away so don't hold me to this if I do. =)

In Cameron's...

1. They're into making stuff really big. Exaggeration's probably the "in" thing here. Found a gigantor pencil that helped me rediscover my love for writing, and almost died choking on a killer block of ice that came in my limau ais.

These people don't abide by the Law of Proportion.
And that, of course, leads me into #2.

2. They're into really small, absolutely teeny-tiny stuff. It's crazy! It's one extreme or the other in Cameron's. No such thing as moderation. But me being me, I luurrrvvveee teeny-tiny stuff so that's the extreme that I'm all for. It gets my vote – both hands and two feet in the air. Bought a tiny, red marketing basket that could possibly be entirely useless in the real world... but what the heck, I liked it. I like it so many manys!

3. They're into realistic-looking, life-sized fake pets.
The heavy, wooden, carved kind. Workmanship's pretty good, I must say. Everything's quite detailed. It looks really, really... well, realistic. But do you really want a pet that only has ONE pose... and does nothing else? Sien lah. I suggest you only go with this one if your other option is getting a cat. Pfft. Now, that one's totally good for nothing. *snicker*

4. Everything blooms. And they bloom like big, big, big! And so many, many, manys! So nice lah. I like. If only everything flowered as well as they do up there, they wouldn't have to replant the flowers alongside our highways as often as they do, if at all. I blame the temperature down here. With an average daily temperature of 34ºC, it's no wonder everything shrivels up and dies. Flowers already do. And believe you me, if we keep living the way we do and exploiting the Earth as terribly as we do, we're next. Do your part today and say "NO" to global warming!

5. There's waaay too much vegetation. They come in rows – ENDLESS rows. On the slopes of Cameron Highlands and in tourist stops all the way up and down the mountain. It's like a flora fest there any day, every day, everywhere! No exaggeration needed.

6. The pathways look unusually good. Even though they're old, misshapen, uneven and badly cracked. Maybe it's just cos here, there are nice greens lining both sides of the concrete rather than even more raised concrete. It just looks better that way, you know? Very pleasing to the eye. Nice.

7. They've got grammar problems they need to look into. Right now, their grammarizing like not so many fantasic, you know? Based on what they have now, Mr Shoplifting-the-Action would be sitting in jail for the crimes of other itchy-fingered criminals, and restaurants would be perfectly roasted till golden brown. Blur? You'll probably have to click on the images to read, understand, and catch my drift. Click! Click! Click!

8. They've mastered the art of imitation goods. Forget Petaling Street. The ultimate destination for fake-goods shopping is now Cameron Highlands. Check out Kang Li and you'll see. Sigh. Poor Buncho. I've had such an affinity with it since I grew up doodling on art block with those messy little paper wrapped oil pastels. You know, I swear my kids will draw with the original stuff. None of this Kang Li fakes for them.

9. They've got tolerable birdies. Even had one on the palm of my hand while it flapped its wings. You could buy one. They're pretty cheap. Very affordable. They cost less than RM10 so... go nuts.

10. They have Spiderman. The ultimate highlight of my trip. This particular set of pictures required my Hidden Camera Technique. It's been awhile since I last used it. =p Anyway, back to Spidey. He was really short and his head was slightly deformed. And oddly enough, the superhero was hunched over and shivering in the cool breeze. But, oh well... this sure brings new meaning to "Heroes live among us" for me. I call it Fate. Call me Mary Jane Watson, please.

Alright, that's enough about Cameron Highlands for one morning.
More to come in the next Camerama-Cameroo! Ta!