Saturday, December 31, 2011

11:59PM, 31 December, Year 2011

Time for my final camwhore shot of the year!!!

Yours Truly before heading out the door
for New Year's Eve dinner at
Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine, Island Plaza.


Happy New Year, folks!!

2011 has been a good year with lots to be thankful for. Even so, I can't wait for 2012 to hit me with all its glorious promises. =p Catch you on the other side!!! =D

Friday, December 30, 2011

Belated Birthday Presents Rock!

Especially when they come from the people
you never would have expected to even bother.

Like my facialist-turn-friend, Jess! Haha.

DONASHI™(Donut + Sushi) from Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Can you believe that I never knew these even existed??
Man, how out of touch with Cool Food can one be?? -_-'''


 Jess and I with my belated birthday DONASHI™.

I think it's nice that the people I meet along the way become more than just my service providers. They become my friends, too! People like Jess. And my wedding MUA. And the Assistant Branch Manager of a bridal house who sold me one of my evening gowns. People I never thought I'd meet again. Or text with for fun. Or meet up with for lunch. Haha. But I think it's a good thing. After all, having an extra friend in life never killed anyone. =)

Oh, and guess what my reaction was after she gleefully said, "Lai! Hip siao eng!" (Hokkien for, "Come! Take picture!") with a big big smile. Haha. I went, "WAHHH! Lu tuk ka wa eh bin ci khang ci khang liao ka lai hip???" (Hokkien for, "WAHHH! You poke until my face got holes all over already then only wanna take picture??") Hahaha. So yes. What you see in this post is my make-up-free, badly punctured, post-facial face. Coupled with flat, oily post-facial hair. Gah! The horror! -_-'''

Thank goodness married liao. =p

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


One thick slice of Fresh Chicken Ham. Eight crunchy Butterhead Lettuce leaves. Two slices of Massimo Bread with Wheat Germ, both with a generous spread of butter to cover their insides. YUMS!!! (But it would have been better with some Cream Cheese though. =p)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post-Christmas Blues

I can't believe that the long weekend is over. T_T I mean, where the heck did Christmas go?? T__T The season totally flew by in the blink of an eye! T____T

Now, I've only got New Year's weekend to look forward to.
Thank goodness that's just 3 days away. Wheee! =D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Change #1 – ACTION!

We're trying something new at KRPG this week. Trying to get used to something new, I mean. What, you ask? SKYPE WORKING! That's what! =p Thing is... it's a roller coaster ride, this Skype journey we're on.

Sometimes it feels normal...

Sometimes it feels awkward...

Sometimes it's all fun and laughter...

And sometimes, we even have people spying on us
and eavesdropping on our conversations while we work. =p

 Suki caught with her hand in the cookie jar face in the screenshot! =p

Whatever the case, we all know that Surfer Dude's
prosperous behind is always a welcomed distraction
and we'll always make time for it. Haha.

And what about the creative work process itself? Especially considering this tech-dependent change we're currently undergoing. Well, to be honest with you, it's only semi working right now. But I guess that's to be expected at the start of any transition, right? I'm sure this teething period will pass soon and we'll be right on track with fitting Skype into our work flow. Yay, us! =)

Facebook Timeline On iPhone

Loves! =D

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Creative People... UNITE!


(or your parents).

ART ≠ enjoyment from CHILDHOOD, for fun
ART = my time, effort, job and what I make for a LIVING"



*standing ovation*

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comparing Bad To Worse

After reading Tinki Talks, it should come as no surprise to you that I'm an iPhone fan. But what you may not know is that, The Husband? Well, he's a big BlackBerry advocate. (Oh the horror! Sleeping with the enemy!) Needless to say, conversations do get ugly whenever our phone preferences meet. And clash. =p

The Husband: Eh, which one nicer ah? This one? *points to a BlackBerry Curve 9360* Or this? *points to a BlackBerry Bold 9650*

Pam Song: You ask me to answer this type of question very difficult lah. It's like asking me who's more handsome: Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler.

The Husband: *pause* *smile slowly creeps across his face* Good one la you... Good one.

Pam Song: *big grin* Thank you. =p

Monday, December 19, 2011

You Can Only Feel Loss For Something You Love

"For every physical adventure, Pam,
there's the possibility of loss.
That's what makes it an adventure."

– The Universe, 19 December 2011

Getting In The Mood For Christmas

...with a little bit of red, a little bit of white
and little iddy-biddy bits of falling snow. =)

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Facebook Timeline

I usually hate change but when
it comes to the new Facebook Timeline... 


...I love it! =D

It's clean, bold and easy to navigate – just the way I like my networking sites (and friendships) to be. Want it? Go to the Official Facebook Timeline page  and click on "Get Timeline" (this is the easiest way to do it without having to mess with settings) to get your profile timeline-ed now!

Incestuous Compliments Are The Best Ones

I was walking around Gurney Plaza with The Husband, his younger brother (I shall refer to him as KJ on Tinki Talks from now on) and Mama last weekend, when Mama bumped into a friend. Well, that friend of hers? She's now my new best friend. Haha.

You see, Mama was just casually telling the lady that The Husband and I were married now, when that aunty suddenly gasped in shock. She then proceeded to explain that she couldn't believe I was married since I looked "so young". So I confessed that I was 27. And then... she totally straight-face-tagged me at 17 or 18! =D =D =D Wowza!

But she didn't stop there. After that, she pointed to KJ and announced that we looked like we could be dating instead of me being married to his older brother of 5 years – The Husband. Haha. Oh, then there's the punchline: Before we parted ways, she added that The Husband looked like he could be...

*drum roll please* DAD.

 *cymbals crash*

Bwahahaha. Yup. That's what
he gets for not shaving. Apek. =p

The Other Shirt

Remember how I said I bought TWO shirts during MNG's Member's Day Sale? (Of course you do. *flips hair*) I published a picture of me wearing a super tiny checkered one while camwhoring in the changing room in that post, right? Well, this is the other more casual checkered shirt:

Yes, I wore it to work today. And yes,
it is just as comfy-lazy-logs as it looks. =)

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Le Sigh

"Sometimes I write ‘sigh’ to express my annoyance,
but when I want to express deeper, harder annoyance,
I make the sigh French, and write Le sigh."

My Kind Of Friday

...begins with (more) gifts on the table. =p 

More Christmas presents from my colleagues,
Jun-Jun, Wongi and Hacker.

And the fun just keeps on coming! Wheee! =D

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Splurging On A Memory

Bought a bottle of O.P.I nail polish today. If you think it was an impulse buy, think again. Cos unlike many other things girls buy when they shop, I actually went looking for this particular colour. First place I asked no longer had it in stock. But thankfully, this one manicure shop at Queensbay Mall still had one bottle left. Needless to say, I bought it in a hurry. Yup, I snagged me the very last one. =)


RM59 for a 15ml bottle of nail polish is pretty steep, if you ask me.
But I'd like to think that RM59 for a memory is fairly cheap. =)

The exact nail colour I used during my wedding. =)

p/s: The colour pictured here isn't very accurate. (Looks most accurate in the upside-down-bottle picture #2.) It appears very Barbie Doll Pink in the pictures *shiver* but it's actually a lot less primary-school-girl in real life. Kinda like a Rosy Nude with a side of sexy-mature, not boring-old. (@_@ Wth.) Not your average nude at all!

p/p/s: This shade was first launched in the Fall of 2008 under the La Collection De France so I was a little worried that I would be buying old nail polish that has been sitting on the shelf, gathering dust, for the last 3+ years. Thankfully, the label tells me that this bottle was manufactured on AUG '10 – just 1+ years ago. I could live with that. =)

p/p/p/s: I hardly buy nail polish but I'm an O.P.I girl through and through. I think it’s the benchmark for all nail polishes out there because of its brush, finish and wear. Sally Hansen no fight at all.

"What Is The Meaning Of Life?"

Hahaha. If Siri had hands,
I think she'd slap me in frustration. =p

"How Many Songs Do I Have In This iPhone?"

Haha. So right but soooo wrong. =p

Good Time To Blog

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hahaha. That's a good one, Tim Tams.
It rocked my geek socks off! =p

If You're Sitting In A Jam At This Very Moment...

...put down your smart phone, keep your hands
on the wheel and think happy thoughts! =p 

I Love Siri

But I don't think The Husband feels
the same way I do about her. =p

Robin Williams

I wish I could have him as my MVO option.
Too bad he doesn't do advertising. =(

NOTE: He only agreed to do this Olympics series because it was pro bono.

The Beauty Of Giving At Christmas


A bag of Chupa Chups from me to my colleagues this Christmas.

...and you shall receive.

The crazy amount of presents sitting on my desk
when I walked in to work this morning.

My gifts from my colleagues at KRPG, without their wrappers.

Pressed down, shaken together and running over. =)

LUKE 6:38 (NLT)
 38 Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full – pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.

Wearing Yesterday's Outfit Today

Since the outfit I planned for yesterday got scrapped
before I even left the house, I decided to wear it today.

Hmmm... Macam different feeeeel lah.
I'm a lot less enthused about it today. -_-'

Delicious Supper With Chatty Lass

Who dat gurl, you ask?

Nah. Ini mia perempuan: 

Chatty Lass and I at Delicious, Straits Quay on 29 November 2011.

It was a good night of good food,
good company and good goss.

 Some cake with ice cream she ordered, my Tiramisu,
and a hot pot of Peppermint Tea for sharing.

Much more fun to photograph than it is to eat. =p

We've just gotta make sure we
open our eyes big big and pay extra attention
to our environment the next time we hang out. =p

Post delayed by a good 2.5 weeks but... hey, better late than never, right?? See, Chatty Lass. Told you I'd publish this post s-o-m-e-d-a-y. Hahaha. So, yay, me! Oh, and by the way, I think we look better in black and white. Like so:

Too bad Life doesn't play itself out in monochrome
otherwise we could look this good every day. Haha.

All Dressed Up Before Dressing Down

I hardly slept a wink last night no thanks to a sudden attack of insomnia. -_-''' Because of that, it was pretty surprising that I somehow managed to wake up feeling relatively good about today. So, I decided to put in a little extra effort when it came to picking my outfit of the day. I eventually settled on this one:

Unfortunately, just 2 heartbeats before I stepped out of the front door, I received a text reminding me that my meeting today would include a site visit and that I should dress appropriately with comfortable shoes. NoooOooOoOOooOoo!!! There goes my outfit plan! T_T So I trudged back to my room and changed. Into this:

Ugh. How blah.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Super Suey

and got its screen smashed into a million splinters?

My post-accident 3Gs. Click here to read original post.

Well, yesterday, the same thing happened
to YapThomas' Samsung Galaxy, too. :-/

And much to my surprise... today, I read
on Facebook that Sin Yee's HTC kena pula!


What's up with this, man??

And by the way, how come everybody kicked up such a big fuss with the non-impact-resistant iPhone screens but nobody ever made a big hooha outta other phone manufacturers' equally shatter-able designs? Freaking biased. >(

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Pre-Meal Ritual

Mee and Dee take their time checking-in on foursquare, updating their Facebook statuses, then logging their meals on various food channels like Evernote Food before I get to touch the food. -_-''' You'd think that it would naturally be the yuppie in the family who would be doing such things but... nooo... turns out, it's the older folk who are so in with things these days. *snort*

Change coming.

Today, two things that would greatly affect my near future – both of which are very much the same and intertwined yet somehow vastly different from each other – were determined. Made clear, wrapped up and decided upon to aid my moving forward. Signalling to me that my time in limbo is finally up. 

Ahh, I so thankful to be free from the worry that has plagued me for months now. To be free from the stresses that have inevitably piled up from being faced with a future that is unknown and uncertain, day after day after day. Finally, I know what will happen; I know what's in store; I know what to expect.

I hate change. But I'm looking forward to this one.
And as I live through it, I pray that all goes well. =)

MNG Member's Day


And if you didn't get an invite,

Just kidding. Not. =p

But seriously. If you didn't go, the joke's on you cos the sale was ker-ray-zeh! Stacks upon stacks of folded clothes, hangers heavy with dresses and pants of every kind, slashed prices that would make any shopaholic who shopped yesterday blush – OH MAI KOT! Be still my beating heart before you burst from my chest and into the mound of women's wear lying in piles before me!

 Yours Truly taking her own sweet time in the changing room
while others impatiently wait their turn outside. =p

I bought that shirt you see up there, by the way. It was incredibly comfortable, not at all warm for a shirt, and I liked the way it fit me. =) That black skirt in the picture, on the other hand, was my own, bought a year or two ago. Probably at another MNG sale. Haha.

I also splurged on another more casual checkered shirt, a black and slightly dressy sleeveless top, and a striped black and gold cross-backed spaghetti. I'll be altering the last two a little before wearing them though. The sleeveless one could do with a slightly better fit, while I would very much prefer if the cross-back didn't... well, cross. :-/ Not a fan of those.

On a more serious note, the MNG outlet at Gurney Plaza is so much more organised during Member's Day Sales than the one at Queensbay Mall. The clothes were less messed up and there were a lot more changing rooms available so there was little need to wait. It was also much better in terms of ventilation. (VERY IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION!!)

I almost suffocated and died in MNG, Queensbay Mall earlier. BO damn kau. It pretty much smelled like a gym. A very old one that hasn't been aired in a long time. *faints* And now, I feel like I've got a cotton ball in my right lung from breathing in all that flying lint in the air. Pooh! -_-'''

Fashion Passion To Fashion Lesson

Put on a skirt this morning and instantly felt like a happy bunny on a cotton candy high. Why? Well, not cos of the way it made me look. (Although I hope I did look good wearing it. :-/) Instead, I felt happy cos it had a pretty inner waistband that caught my eye as I was flipping through my wardrobe for Miss Outfit Of The Day.

My skirt's inner waistband.

Isn't that just so very pretty??

*happy sigh*

And it's for nobody's eyes but mine! Wheee!

*cartwheels all around*

It really is the little things that count, huh?
In fashion, in life, in love – it's the little things that count.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Minute Rush To Place Gifts Under The Tree

At KRPG, there's a Secret Santa-styled Christmas gift exchange programme held every year. But before that, we put up and decorate our Christmas Tree...

Click here to view picture from its original post.

We draw names from a box...

We put up an official wish-list...

Click on image to enlarge.

We buy and wrap gifts...

 (No picture of the gift I wrapped
lest I reveal who I picked. =p)

And we stuff them under the tree by a certain deadline.

Posted on FB earlier today.

And then from drawing names to Christmas, we lie our asses off day after day to make sure that nobody knows who picked who cos the loser who gets found out has to go down the street to a neighbour's house to carol come gift-unwrapping day when the truth is revealed. Haha. Yup. At KRPG, we take Christmas very seriously. =p