Thursday, December 01, 2011

The End Of Steve Jobs

When the unfortunate day arrived last week, I was surprised at the realisation that I had already arrived at the very last page of Steve Jobs. It felt like I was just getting sucked into his crazy, mixed-up world and then... The End. Sure, the final chapter of his biography offered some closure; yet, the story seemed to hang unfinished. But I guess that's what his life's work actually was – unfinished.

I don't know him – heck, I don't think I'm even six-degrees-of-separation close to knowing him or anyone who knows him – and already, I feel sad for the expected yet sudden and unbelievable loss of a man of his talent and vision. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like to have worked with and learnt from this revolutionary genius and to have lost him as a personal friend, partner or mentor. My heart goes out to those people. 

I mean, I was only at the last page of a book. And even then, I felt a certain kind of sadness. I didn't want his story to end so badly that I re-read the last few pages over and over again. To no avail, of course. Because the last page came again and again. As many times as I read, the book ended just as abruptly. So, yes. I was sad. Sad for some of what was, most of what wasn't and lots over who was no more. I don't know him; but now, I know his story. And his story is remarkable.

Definitely a read I couldn't put down.
Highly recommended.


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