Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Polis Tak Guna

If you think that the coppers in Malaysia are... urm, not up to par, wait till you see these guys. It's shocking. Enjoy laughing your ass off. I did. After I got over the initial shock, of course. =p

via FAIL Blog.

Flai Lais

This was tonight's no-fuss dinner:

Now, I shall close with 3 important statements:
  1. Whoever created luncheon meat deserves a Nobel Prize.
  2. "Fried egg never gets old," says the taste buds.
  3. I desperately need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Pam Song hungry, cold, tired, disappointed and lonely.



Just 4 hours ago, I left the house looking this excited.

But 5 bus rides (with 2 driver-instructed bus swaps in between), a missed stop, a lot of GPS-led bus-chasing, and a Harbour Town visit later, I came home looking this dejected.


No good news, peeps. No flatty booties I liked. I mean, I tried two that looked okay lah but... like I said lor, they were just OK. And I sure as hell ain't gonna cough up $50 AUD for 'just OK'. (I did see some super hot stiletto boots though! Rrrr!) Oh, and I officially wear kiddy Size 3 shoes. -_-'''

I dunno why but today's outing was just so, so very tiring! I felt like giving up halfway and just curling on the pavement for a quick snooze. My guess is it's this blasted weather we're having here. It drains the life out of me with each degree it gets closer to zero. -_-

Oh, and the weatherman tells me
it's going to be another cold night.

And I've been nursing a bad head
since the clock struck 5PM.


Dun wan talk liao la. Feddup only.

I'm just gonna go cook me another easy dinner, take a long, hot bath, turn on the heater, crawl into bed, hide under the covers, and cheer myself up with more FRIENDS Season 3. Laters.

It's Looking Promising!


Dear Sun in the Sky,

Please, please, please work overtime today? At least until I find my flatty booties that (I hope) are out there... somewhere in that concrete jungle filled with female beasts. I promise I will love you long time and will do my best to never complain about you ever again. Even when I'm back in Malaysia. Thankyous you!

At your mercy,
Pam Song

On The Hunt


(Last time I left the house was Sunday. -_-
Can you believe it??? It's Wednesday already!)


Cos today's the last day of the City Wide Sale!
Once we're done with June, it's oveerrr!

*hysterical crying*

*wipes snot off keyboard*

No, I'm kidding.

I'm actually not that big on sales.
(Yes, I'm one of those girls.)

I'm a spoilt shopper. I do it Goldilocks style – things have gotta be just right in-store. There's gotta be a moderate amount of shoppers. You know? With the perfect balance between the highs and lows in crowd numbers. Too few people and you get the stare-down from the sales staff. Too many, and it's a war zone. And I HATE women-filled war zones. Cos trust me, it ain't pretty. Sales make some women go crazy! They push and pull like their life depended on it! Ugh. Beh tahan.

Having said that, I'll have you know that as much as I hate fighting for clothes, I also hate digging through sales bins. And I hate lining up to pay for things. Oh, and I hate the mess a sale makes. Hello, if you pick it up, put it back where you found it! If it was folded, fold it! Don't make others skip all over your mess just cos you're too lazy and brainless to know that you've gotta pick up after yourself. >(

Funny thing is... here, the stores are very oddly laid out. So things are messy even when they're not on sale. *rolls eyes* And at any hour, there's always somebody waiting at the cashier. -_-''' So, that's why I'm going out. I might as well just hunt that 50% discount down cos I'm going to have to skirt over mess and wait in long lines anyways.

Ok, I'm done ranting.

Now, I really gotta get my butt off this chair and into the shower. Gotta get moving quick if I'm gonna catch that flatty bootie I'm on the hunt for. Wish me luck so that I may bring you good news at the end of the day! =D Toodles!

Bird Post, Part 1: Gulls At Sorrento Quay

I don't like hate birds so I don't think I'll be saying much in this post. Watching Bambi years ago taught me that if I ain't got nuttin' nice to say, then don't say nuttin' at all. So, I'll be quiet. (Unless I can't keep it in anymore. =p)

The gull of 19 June 2010.

The same gull of 19 June 2010.

The same gull of 19 June 2010, closer up.

Are you bored yet? =p

Haha. Okay, fine. I'll do more than just caption pictures. Just cos I care for you guys. And I wouldn't want you to say that I'm being a lazy blogger who just plasters pictures on her page and calls it a post. But remember. I'm talking... because of you. For your sake. Just cos I'm nice that way. *evil glint in eye*

I can't stop laughing each time I look
at this next picture I caught of the gull.

Stupid face.

Damn funny, right, the expression??

(Don't give me the look. If anything,
YOU brought out the evil in me.)


One more time! One more time! Close up!

Bigger stupid face.

Hahaha. I like this picture, man. I thought the seagull's face looked so bodo in it! HAHA. Like the gulls in Finding Nemo, right?? Can so imagine it going, "MINE. MINE. MINE." then flying straight into a sail and getting its beak stuck there. Hahahaha. Bodo.

Ok, I'm done dissing the poor creature.

*cough cough*

*serious face*

I took this next picture the second time I went to Sorrento. The time I ate the crazy-fantastic steak at Hippo Creek African Grill. (GO READ THAT POST IF YOU HAVEN'T! SURE LAU NUA UNTIL KEYBOARD SHORT-CIRCUIT!) It was fine weather then (though still freezing cold), hence the better, brighter, happier picture. =)

The gull of 25 June 2010.

And since I don't want to end up having nightmares about birds, I'm going to stop bird-blogging now so I can watch FRIENDS Season 3 and have a good laugh before bedtime. Nights, y'all! Mid-week's over! Just 2 more days till the weekend! =D Not that it makes a difference to me. Heh heh. =p

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Older You Get, The Faster It Flies!

Today, I got to Facebook messaging two girlfriends who, at one point in time, were possibly the closest two girl pals to me. Why? Well, I just read that one just recently got engaged. And she, in turn, told me that the other was on her way back from the UK for good even as we were speaking typing! (Yeah, it takes real big life changes for me to get active on Facebook. =p) Wowza!

Oh, how time flies.

You know, I still remember the time when we were all young, single and in high school... just like it was yesterday. But it's not. It's been a whole decade since then. And over the years, we've grown up and grown apart. I can't say I know present-day them very well anymore. But when we do meet up to hang out and catch up... well, there's still something there.

Anyway, this post wasn't purposed
for reminiscence so let's not go there.

Bottom line is this: We're all growing up.

Boy, it's scary how quickly statuses change these days. I can't hardly keep track even with the help of Facebook! Single one day, engaged the next. Married one day, pregnant the next. It's scary, alright. But it's crazy-exciting, too! One by one, my friends have gone on to get attached, engaged and then married. Some have even become Mummies and Daddies! And they're my age!


So, yes. Time waits for no one. Not even if you're the only one amongst you peers without a boy, without a ring, without a marriage certificate or without another heart beating in your womb. Life goes on, growing-up happens, people age, and... like CuiLin says, "we are getting old now =((("

I guess that makes it time for us
to get serious about our health considering
we're not getting any younger.

Because men and women are different.
And because we're all getting old.

The Calvin & Hobbes Without Calvin & Hobbes

It's nice having nice things. =)

Like high-tech gadgets, fancy cars and big mansions – for you, guys; and pretty jewellery pieces, expensive clothes and killer shoes – for us, girls. But having all of these things isn't everything, is it?

Because like Calvin's mom says, when it really comes down to it, things don't matter much. It's people who do. And yes, too often, we forget.

One-Person One-Stop-Shop Dinner

Tau Ewe Bak (except without Bak but with Chicken
cos I don't fancy pork =p) with Hard Boiled Egg.

Senang lagi sedap. Yum!

UPDATE at 7:18PM on 29 June 2010: Hahaha. I just realised that that last line was the exact same thing I said in my food post last night except that this time, it's in BM and not in English! Haha. =p Talk about a kreativity kekurangan, yo!

Can't. Fall. Asleep.

It's been 1 Chuck-Bass-got-shot-in-the-back cliffhanger and 5 episodes of FRIENDS Season 3 since I crawled into bed... and I'm still awake. Drats. I'm so going to pay for this when tomorrow comes. -_- Oh wait. It's already tomorrow. Sigh.

And Down With Oral-B, Too!

That's it, Oral-B.

You and I are THROUGH!

I've had it with you and your wimpy bristles. I believed in you for years. YEARS! Since I was a kid! Ever since I could remember, in fact! And even when Dee said you were no good no more and moved on to other competitor brands, I backed your sorry indicators up no end and said you were the best of the best – now, forever and for always. Just cos I'm brand loyal that way. And cos I believed in advertising and that you had to be good cos your tagline says that most dentists use you. Pfft. Lies, I tell you! All lies! Cos look at you now!

BAH! Just 2 weeks on the job and already, you're out of shape like a pathetic lump of spiky lard. Useless in the mouth and desperately in need of replacement. But only after TWO PATHETIC WEEKS OF USE?! What nonsense! That. Is. It. I'm calling it quits! You mark my words, there is no more us! This is the end of you and I! Cos Oral-B, our journey ends here! No more, I tell you. You shall fool me into buying you NO MORE! From now on, it's Colgate for me. >(

Monday, June 28, 2010

Down With Football!

...cos Tinki Talks wins this round. =p

p/s: That picture was attached in an email that came from The (Ex-)Owner earlier tonight. Haha. Not bad, huh? Gooo, Tinki Talks! =D

Top 5 Reasons It Rocks To Be In Australia

1. 4 seasons. Sure, I'm only here for one season but hey, at least I saw the leaves brown and fall off toward the end of Autumn; before we moved into cold, cold Winter that proudly shows off naked branches like so:

But... Be fooled not by the bright sun and blue skies, folks. Although there isn't a snowflake in sight (yet? – a girl can wish), it's freezing down here! Highest temperature recorded all day today (sometime around noon) was just slightly over 15ºC! -_-' And at night, it really dips to freezing. Sigh. If only it snowed. Then at least I'd feel like it'd at least be worth my frozen toes.

2. Winter wear! I just looove getting all bundled up in winter attire – the jackets, the boots, the leather gloves... LOVE! IT! It's like playing dress-up except that it's real and not just for playtime! Hahaha. Now, all I need are flatty black booties and I'm good! =D

On a side note, I went to Target in the city and stumbled upon a nice black suede pair for just $40 AUD. And they fit me perfectly! What a steal! But I didn't get them. Cos, urm... they were just too cheap for a person of my standard. Ahem ahem. *proud* *blink blink* *shifty eyes* Ok fine, I'll tell you the truth. Sigh. I didn't end up getting them cos they were just a teensy weensy too big for me. But wait. Here's the punchline: They were tagged Girls, Age 3. -_-

3. Clean air. Every breath I take in here is a joy to be had cos it's so fresh. I could even feel the difference when I went to Melbourne cos it was definitely a lot less fresh there than it is right here in Western Australia! Imagine that! Gosh, I can't imagine what it'll be like when I get back to Malaysia, man. Sure cough and choke on all that contaminated air as soon as the cabin de-pressurises. Haha.

4. Gorgeous views. I think my pictures speak for themselves. And this set is still by far, my favourite since I touched down on Aussie soil. =) Oh, and the last two pictures in this post are a close second to that favourite.

5. Amazing public transportation around the city. The local bus is free, clean, free, dependable (they're hardly ever late; and even if they are, it's still no more than a few minutes later than promised), free, and the drivers all behave themselves on the road. No hooligan-slash-road-bully nonsense.

And did I already mention that it is FREE??? I just hop on and hop off as I please! In fact, I've taken the bus just to see the sights around the city (I call it self-touring) and I didn't have to fork out a cent to go around and around all day. Ahh, this is my kind of city. =D

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AMA: What Camera Do You Use And Would You Recommend It Or Another Model?

QUESTION: hi Pam. This has nothing to do with the bog. I just want to know your recommendations for a digital camera. I am planning to go overseas next year and I want to get a camera to document my trip there. What camera do you use and would you recommend it or another model? Thanks! lydiascl


I initially answered lydiascl comment *here* but since there may be others who could be wondering what I use, I decided to turn this into an AMA post. =)


ANSWER: The pictures you see on my blog were taken with the Panasonic Lumix G1. It's easy to use and it takes good shots with DSLR quality. I'd totally recommend it for your holiday. =)

Having said that, because it's a DSLR (albeit a little slimmer than the normal ones because it's a Micro Four Thirds camera), it's still a HUGE hunk of a gadget for a girl to lug around in her handbag. If you don't mind slinging it over your shoulder or around your neck, it's the perfect camera for a holiday because you can bet on the quality of the pictures you'll be getting from it. (Reviews tell me it's even better than the Olympus PEN.)

But if you're like me and you like stuffing it into your bag, it's a big pain to whip in and out while on-the-go. Tougher still when you're on-the-go in a foreign land, rushing to catch a flight with your luggages, and are carrying a gazillion other fidgety things like... oh, I dunno, a map? Haha. So, that could be the biggest (no pun intended) downside to this camera.

It's a good camera for pretty pictures and offers you lots of detail with relatively low noise levels. One thing to note: I sometimes find the pictures a little underexposed for my liking. But since I'm pretty OK with Photoshop, I adjust the levels when the need arises. No biggie. It can be time consuming though. (Hence my consistently delayed posts. -_-)

And... *Bimbo Mode ON!* IT'S PERFECT FOR CAMWHORING! The LCD screen can be swivelled around – they call it the Tilt-Swivel, Articulating LCD Monitor – so you always know exactly how you look when you camwhore. This in turn results in the best of the best camwhore pictures you'll ever get. *Bimbo Mode OFF!*

Focusing is quick (except in the dark of night – like, pitch black – whereby it's totally hopeless) and shutter speed is commendable. Oh, and I like the shutter sound (totally makes me feel like a pro behind the lens! =p) though some may find it a little loud compared to some other models. Haha.

There are lots of settings and functions you can choose from – and they're pretty easy to access even while shooting because of their superb placement – but you'll do better reading reviews from the experts than hearing about them from me. (E.g. Panasonic Lumix G1 Review on

But although this camera's good and has served me well on various occasions, I'm actually looking at getting a smaller, more compact one. You may end up reading about it if and when I finally decide on getting one and actually make a purchase. Haha. But if all remains quiet on the camera front... I probably decided to keep using the monster I've got. =p

My only worry is if I find myself having to just settle with pictures of lesser quality when I use a compact. You know, especially if I find myself faced with to-die-for scenery coupled with the opportunity for a really good shot... and all I have with me is a less than par camera. -_- That would really stink.

Plus, I won my G1 in a 5-selected-bloggers-only competition awhile back so it comes with a lot of sentimental value. (Hey, I went through lots of brain drain and too much body aching to win it!) Thus, making it a little hard to let go. =)

Let me know if you want to buy mine off me after you've thought about what you want. =p

Also, what do you – and the rest of you readers out there – think of the new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5? (Review 1. Review 2.)

Good buy? I'm looking for something that offers me good pictures (especially in low-light) without the bulk. And with this one, the panorama and underwater functions sound pretty fun. So, speak up, you photography enthusiasts! I'd love to hear what you have to say. Cos Audrey – who already owns one of these babies – tells me, "its the best camera ive ever owned actually." @_@ Wow.

Well, while lydiascl does her thinking,
it looks like I've got some thinking
of my own to do. Hmmm...

Got a question for me? Go ahead. Ask Me Anything.

Being Lazy Is OK When You're Cooking For One

Luncheon Meat and Rice.

So easy and so very yummy!

No Wonder Lah 10.5 Million Views And Counting!

I never heard of him before this
but Eddie Izzard totally won me over with
his comedy piece on the Death Star Canteen.

Click that link if you wanna watch the original clip with the comedian looking totally... well, comedic in high-heeled boots and lots of not-so-manly make-up. Haha. So very boomz. (That ori only got slightly over a million hits though.)

I personally think that it's funnier when depicted in Lego by YouTube user, Thorn2200. (That's why it's the one with 10.5+ million hits!) Just close one eye ear when he goes foul-mouthed, okay? Enjoy!

Haha. I can't stop laughing.
Penne all'arrabbiata. Hahaha.

AMA: What's Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour? :D Do You Have Any Specifics When It Comes To Different Places, Like Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins, Etc.?

QUESTION: What's your favourite ice cream flavour? :D Do you have any specifics when it comes to different places, like Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins, etc.? >.> Just curious. *whistles* Lissa

ANSWER: Ooo, I like this question cos I like ice cream! And yes, I do have a favourite flavour. But it'll cost me a LOT of cool points to tell you so I don't know if I should talk about it here. Hahahaha. Ok fineeee... I'll tell you.

I like Jagung ice cream. *shifty eyes* I used to eat them by the TUBS while watching FRIENDS in the middle of the night back in high school. Haha. (Seriously. Ask my mom if you don't believe me.) It's not cool. But it's heaven. And Heaven beats Cool's ass any day. =D

BUT... that's only when I eat el cheapo ice cream that's sold at the back of Indian men's motorbikes or at supermarkets. When I eat 'atas' ice cream *rolls eyes*, I usually go for Vanilla. Boring, I know. But I like it. =) No specifics with the different places I go to but I do have a preference when it comes to brands.

To me, the best choice would definitely be Häagen-Dazs cos the ice cream is just sooo smooth. It's also probably sooo smooth cos it's sooo expensive. -_- So I usually just settle for Vanilla from Baskin-Robbins cos I'm unwilling to spend the extra money on something as frivolous, temporal and unsubstantial as ice cream. They say second best is first loser – so what? Eat already then all come out looking the same in the end, right?

Oh, but when it comes to home made ice cream
DAISO-style, Ribena is only the way to go. =)

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AMA: What Was Your Hardest Decision?

QUESTION: what makes you pam song? :)

what was your hardest decision?
well you can answer that like your whole life, or the past 6 months or the past 1 year :)

what are you looking forward to the most?

(pick one) sphyrez

ANSWER: Firstly, I like pick-one questions. Haha. Secondly, I'm picking your second question: "What was your hardest decision?" =)

I think my most difficult series of decisions to make in recent times was to quit my job, buy a ticket for a long holiday abroad, then up and leave PJ/KL for good.

I think of the three, the flight ticket was the simplest decision to make. Picking dates and scouring websites for the cheapest flights (I'm from Penang lah – we like cheap stuff) was a headache but it was a piece of cake compared to the other two decisions. Plus, the pain kinda leaves to make way for excitement once you're done paying off your credit card bills from that online purchase. Haha.

Next toughie, was throwing in the towel on MCKL. You see, I'd resigned once back in 2008 but 3 months notice, 3 'let's chat' meetings with Big Man Boss of Words, and 1 extra month 'to think' later, I decided to stay. And I really didn't regret staying at the time. But after 3+ years at the agency... well, it was time.

It wasn't just me though. Others in my batch had long gone off to greener pastures. So, staying the extra year and a half made me the 2nd last to leave. (The last one's leaving this month, I believe! Haha.) Our heydays at MCKL had come to an end.

Good thing for me, I got to freelance for MCKL for 2 weeks after I left so it wasn't really quit cold turkey for me and I didn't really feel jobless till I got fully settled in on my holiday in Australia. So that was good. =) In fact, I was told I'm a workaholic cos I got excited whenever I got work emails coming in while on holiday but... I guess the whole freelance thing helped with the transition into holiday mode for me.

But I think the most painful result from deciding to leave MCKL was knowing that I'd be saying 'goodbye' to PJ/KL, too – my toughest, most painful decision yet. ='( I moved down to pursue my college degree just months after I graduated high school – early January 2002. I left at the end of May 2010. That's 8.5 defining years – more than a third of my lifetime, man! Come to think of it, I even started driving in KL. Haha. (That's why I know the roads in KL better than I know the roads in Penang. -_- Fail, I know.)

Gosh the pain from saying 'goodbye' to my friends. T_T And the thought of not having my favourite foodstuff anymore – my Klang Dry Bak Kut Teh, my SS2 Porridge with Salted Fish, my Concorde Bamboo Rice... wah, torture! (Dammit, I'm so hungry now. Better wrap this up so I can make me some breakfast. =p) Ahh, I'm gonna miss that place and its people.

If you've got any other queries, go ahead. Ask Me Anything.

Monday Dos: Shoo The Blues!

This is so freaking funny
you can't afford not to watch it.

Via PD

I couldn't stop laughing my head off. Especially when the polar bear came into view! And the music?? HAHA. Gotta give it to the peeps who worked on this; they sure know how to use sound effects. Haha. Love it. I hope that clip brightened your Monday. Have a great week ahead! =D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hippo Creek African Grill At Hillarys Boat Harbour

Remember how I went to Sorrento and I said I wanted to go back again to enjoy some of that famous steak from Hippo Creek African Grill? Well, I did. Last Friday. And OMG, it was THE BEST STEAK I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. (No, I'm not exaggerating.) It was really awe-mazing!

But wait. In no way shall this story begin with the main point up-front. Cos I'm long-winded that way. Let's begin with some sights of my drive there cos this time around, we got brilliant sunshine all the way! Wheee!

Driving along the coast.

After turning into Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Back at Sorrento Quay. No more touristy thing this time.

Walking past expensive boats to reach the restaurant.

The patch of water right next to the boat you see above.

Another one of the same patch.

Just cos I liked how clear the water was and how much greener it looked in pictures than it did in real life. It was less murky and a little bluer.

Anyhoo, enough about the scenery and the water and all that other unnecessary blah. The intro ends here. Back to the good stuff that is MEAT! PURE MEAT! ROAR!

The logo on the drinks menu looked a lot cooler
and more rugged
than the one on the food menu
so that's the picture you're getting.

I ordered the fillet beef steak something something with a side of mushroom sauce. *shifty eyes* Ok fine, I'm bad with food names lah. But you really can't go wrong with this if you just look out for anything beef in the menu that's sold fillet-style. If I'm not mistaken, it was the only one. Anyways, since steak here is SO good, just close eye and point at anything also will come out ok wan lah, I think.

But good stuff takes time.

So while waiting, I started taking pictures of
anything on the table that caught my eye.

Love the fact that salt here's not all the powder sisa only. =)

Lemon, lime and bitters – BEST DRINK ON THE PLANET.

And then after what seemed like forever, the food came! (Ok, it wasn't really THAT long – less than half an hour, I think – but I was hungry and the place smelt so good that I got even hungrier while waiting. -_-)

Me and my fillet!

The chips were sodium-free so I got to use the salt shakers. Yay, me! =D And I was pleasantly surprised that my steak didn't come drowned in sauce. I read once that the best way to know if steak's good is if it tastes as good with the sauce as it tastes without. And gosh, my fillet was a-m-a-z-i-n-g even without the also-very-amazing mushroom sauce that was rich and creamy (but not jelak-ing) and it even had yummy mushroom bits in it. Mm-mmm! Oh, and as you can see, they were really generous with the sauce, too!

First cut.

My steak wasn't at all bloody cos – don't crucify me upside down for doing this – I ordered my fillet Well Done. What?? Stop thinking I'm a freak. Is it wrong that I don't like to eat like a cannibal? What's wrong with being civilised?! Anyway, as you can see, they're so good with steaks here that Well Done still came pink. And oh my goodness, it was so, so very tender and juicy!

11 minutes later...

My very last bit of steak.

Those who've had the pleasure of having meals with me will know that I eat damn slowly (but not as slowly as Rebel – HAHA) cos I pick things out all the time. Fat, skin, tendons and such. So in my books, 11 minutes for a slab of beef is super! (Ask Tim Tams and The Senior Writer. They'll tell you how terribly picky I can be with my beef. =p)

All done in just 11 minutes. I even wiped out the sauce. =p

Now, let's talk money.

It's an amazing place for steak (like I said, it was the BEST steak I had EVER eaten) but it's not very affordable if you're Ringgit-ing your way through Australia. My 220gm steak cost $39 AUD. So with the current exchange, that comes up to about...


I'm so grateful my meal was fully covered.

Or I'd be washing dishes in China Town
for the rest of my time here. -_-'''

I took a picture of the tipping dish on my way out
cos there was a cute hippo on it.

The sun was still high in the sky when we left so I'd say that lunch was perfect right down to the last unpredictable detail – the weather. =)

A stuffed girl is a happy girl.


If you're even in Western Australia, you just have to, have to, HAVE TO pay Hippo Creek a visit. If Sorrento's too far for you, you can also try their other outlet at Scarborough Beach. If both are far, believe me, the steak's worth the drive. =)

Click on image to jump to site.

After-Party Thoughts

Ang mor parties are weird.

Everybody just stands around with a beer in hand (or a plastic cup filled with too-much-vodka punch in my case -_-) and kinda-sorta talks to one another. I say kinda-sorta cos nobody really has anything really productive to talk about. People just rack their brains for any random topic under the sun that seems remotely interesting, everybody jumps on the bandwagon and talks about it, too... then after awhile, it gets old, people run out of steam, and somebody else racks their brains for another topic.

Best part is, they do this OUTDOORS. At the patio.
When it's 2 freaking degrees Celsius out! TWO!


Thank goodness tonight's birthday boy had the smarts to invest in – get this: not one, but TWO heaters (one was industrial-sized, I tell ya!) to help keep us toasty through the night. But trust me when I say, the lot of us were still feeling far from warm. (See??? It wasn't just me!!) I swear that by 8PM, it felt like I my fingers and toes had frozen over already. I seriously lost feeling in my feet. And I was even after I was wearing boots that reached just below my knees! *faints*

In the end, we were all just huddled in groups
by the heaters and talked to whoever stood nearby.


They say alcohol makes friends of us all.
Well, after tonight, I'd say it's shared heat.


Oh, but thanks to that industrial-sized heater,
I met some pretty nice people. =)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Road Trip To Sorrento

Last Saturday, I was taken on a drive to a not-so-nearby suburb. All I knew before departing was that it was called Sorrento but I had no idea what would be waiting for me at the end of the journey. Well, 40 minutes and 1 wrong turn later, the mystery ended.

It was the seaside!

Crazy people canoeing in the cold.

It started out real sunny. But the sun here plays hide-and-seek a lot. So, when I turned the camera on myself to take a picture, all I got was gloom-doom skies and dark waters. -_-'''


Anyway, it's not just the seaside that's nice here.
There's a Sorrento Quay at Hillarys Boat Harbour, too!

It's a beautiful marina equipped with restaurants, shopping and even a leisure park. Much like Fremantle except without the excitement of the yuppie lifestyle. Very chilled-out in comparison. Oh, you'll also find plenty of ridiculously priced boats and lots of gulls here. -_-''' (A fully dedicated bird post later. I've got pictures.)

I took some pictures but they came out looking weird
cos the sun and the clouds were fooling around.


Weird huh?

But in an oddly pretty way.
I think I kinda like it. =)

Anyhoo, back to the harbour...


Elevated walkway onto Breakwater
that's next to a safe swimming beach.

Random shot just because.

There was a famous steak place there called Hippo Creek African Grill (one of the top 5 steakhouses in Western Australia or something) so we said we'd go back there again one day when we're really hungry or else bo tat. =p Haha.

Hippo Creek African Grill.

Anyway, we did go back there and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I'll blog about that meal with pictures another day when I've the time to spare. Right now, I've gotta go wrap a present for a birthday party I'm attending tonight. Yep, it'll be my first party in Australia! Wheee! Am excited but am also ridiculously nervous cos I know I won't know anybody there. -_- And I'm hoping they won't make me drink. -_-'''

The view of Sorrento Quay from the outside.