Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gaining? Thought So.

But apparently, I'm not. -_-'

You know that that's an intro
to a story, don't you? Well, here goes.

Duh Roads and I paid Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant a visit last week. The woman had a sudden craving for it so... ok lor. Go makan only lah. No big deal. Thing is, I had to pop by Pyramid for awhile to collect some stuff so Duh Roads went ahead in her own ride to chup place. (Damn kau kiasu wei we all. Haha.)

Guess what? In spite of it being dinner hour and all, she didn't have to wait! +1 point (If you didn't know, that never EVER happens.) They immediately gave her a table on the second floor. She went up, sat down and guess what? The chicken wings came out at the most perfect-est time! +1 point She was already where the food was cos she was taking stuff for our soup so she could grab us a whole plate of wings! +12 points (She took what looked like a dozen wings.) How amazing is that, I ask you?? (Like, super amazing lorrr.)

TOTAL SO FAR: +14 points
(Lookin' good.)

Anyhoo, overall, our dinner turned out pretty good lah. We ate, refilled, ate and refilled, then finished off with honeydew ice cream. +2 points (I indulged in two rounds of ice cream – yums!) The only bad part was that there was this irritating, Canto-speaking, cakap banyak woman sitting at the table next to ours. -5 points (She talked A. LOT.) Wah, I tell you... Terrible lah she. Non-stop complaining and ordering people around without doing anything herself. See also beh tahan. Duh Roads and I promptly decided that if we end up having friends like that, we'd stop hanging out with them.

TOTAL SO FAR: +11 points
(Whoops. Dropped a little there.)

We were the second last table to leave the place (haha, we also talked a lot) and upon going down to the cashier counter, we met the infamous English-speaking Steamboat Boi. He was manning the cashier counter lah. Well, guess what? He actually remembers me. +1 point (Pretty surprising considering this visit was only the 3rd time I'd been there since I first met him back in January.) Thing is... while I was settling the bill, he smiled and said, "Hey, you lost weight, huh?" -1,203,829 points

So, ladies and gentlemen, that brings us
to a grand total of -1,203,817 points
for Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant.
(Totally terkandas giler babi.)


I lost weight meh???


Been getting a lot of scary news of late.

LDL reads, forwarded cancer emails, H1N1 alert tweets – wah, bad times we're living in! I guess that automatically makes it time to start being proactive with things instead of just sitting down squirming.

That's dinner. RM9 for cooked leaves and grain. -_-

But whatever lah. No choice. Kiasi means liddat already lah, right? Anyways, the fibre overload can't possibly be bad for my system.

It's Still Just Paranoia... Right?

Shit liao la zhi bai.

A Suit just came over. We planned on freaking her out by telling her to stay away from the Creative Department cos the lot of us were at Urbanscapes last weekend. (Background: Creatives don't like it when Suits hang around. It usually means more work or more unnecessary changes.) Pakai hentam scare tactic. Haha. Well, we achieved what we wanted to do – freak her out. BUT THEN... she ended up freaking us out big time, too! -_-'''

(Hmmm. This backfire nonsense
is happening too often. Me no likes.)

You see, BOTH the Suits I met at Urbanscapes are now "down" with "something". One's got fever (he's still here working!!!) and the other's already gone home to rest cos she's "not feeling well". WTH!?! Scary wei! And as though it's not enough, here's where it gets good...

The dude sitting right next to me at work just got a call. To be on the swine flu alert. He's a part-time DJ and he happened to be spinning at Urbanscapes in the afternoon. You'd think he'd be facing the same risk as me, right? Well, not exactly.

A friend of his is now under suspect for H1N1. The reason? That friend shared a bottle of water with the H1N1 fella. The BIG problem? This friend was spinning right BEFORE him at the same booth, using the same DJ console and he's now got flu-like symptoms! ARGH!

I wanna go hooommmeeee! ='{

UPDATE AT 07:44PM on 30 June 2009: I forgot that there is another colleague of mine who's feeling ill. He went to Urbanscapes, too! I remember him leaving me a Facebook message about not feeling well earlier today. That makes THREE Suits. -_-''' Anyhoo, he just popped by my place and I realised... dang, it's tough holding your breath for more than a minute. -_-

Influenza A H1N1 At Urbanscapes

Click here to view from source.


Most of us at the office
were at Urbanscapes last weekend.


I don't mean to be paranoid but... I AM SO FREAKING PARANOID NOW LORRR!!! Actually, it's not just me lah. Paranoia has hit the lot of us hard. The peeps at The Office who were there have started asking me for Vitamin C. Haha. didjital's the worse! So bloody kiasi. Give him 1 tablet, he say must take 2. Haha. If go Skytrex, sure take Chicken Exit wan. Haha.

But seriously now...

I don't think this is a joke so... If any of you guys were at Urbanscapes last weekend and you're feeling under the weather, go get yourself checked out. Better safe than sorry, ok? Must learn from didjital. Kiasi a bit. Take care, y'all.

UPDATE AT 03:55PM on 30 June 2009: Duh Roads just read from another site that 36 people who attended Urbanscapes have been admitted already. Dunno whether true or not lah. JUST BE SURE TO SEE THE DOC IF YOU'RE NOT FEELING WELL!

Looking Forward To...

* NOTE: This list was compiled no particular order.

1. Special night sessions with Pastor A.R. Bernard at CHCKL. (Read about this remarkable man of God here.) I love, love, love his messages! They totally work for a left-brainer like me. Cos Christianity isn't a load of falala nonsense going on and on about having blind faith in things unseen. It's about knowing what you believe in and in about studying The Word and making sense of it. Totally awesome stuff! Lotsa meat from a very smart man whose views I respect.

2. The screening of Disney/Pixar's Wall-E. I'm supposed to expect a pleasant evening starting with a home-cooked dinner, followed by a heart-warming tale of romance on a brand new 32" Samsung LCD TV.

3. My trip back to Penang. It's been too long. Waaay too long. By the time I fly back again, it would have been 2 months since my last weekend back (Mother's Day). I'm a terrible daughter, I know. =_=

4. A wedding in my family! It's been awhile. The last one of my generation took place about... I dunno, 3 years ago? Possibly even before that. Can't for the life of me remember right now. Yes, it's been THAT long. WHY AREN'T PEOPLE GETTING HITCHED!? Rawr!

5. My upcoming vacation. It's my chance to eat more than I should, talk endlessly, go shutter crazy, and relax, refresh and unwind away from home/KL/Malaysia, in the company of friends. Yay! Totally looking forward to it. And that's even in spite of the fact that I'll have to shave an extra 2 days off my annual leave – *grumble grumble* so wth – due to my company's newly announced Influenza A H1N1 quarantine policy. *grunt*

Monday, June 29, 2009


Centralised air-conditioning system shuts off...

Pam Song 1: YEESSSSS!!! *punches fist in air and does a little dance*

Pam Song 2: Eh. What you yes yes all? Stupid ah? Sit down before boss fire you lah.

Pam Song 1: 5:30PM already mah... Happy lah!

Pam Song 2: Happy your head! You going back meh? Still sitting here, right??

Pam Song 1: Ya, but...

Pam Song 2: Backside still on chair, right??

Pam Song 1: I know, but...

Pam Song 2: Comp still on, right??

Pam Song 1: WOAI! Enough lah! Why you so potong wan? Do work also must happy a bit ma.

Pam Song 2: Not potong. It's being REALISTIC.

Pam Song 1: Pfft. More like being totally DEPRESSING. -_-'

Pam Song 2: Yeah, yeah. Whateverrrr...

Pam Song 1: So how now??? If 5:30PM cannot be happy, cannot dance, cannot go home but no more semangat do work... then what?! Sit here buat bodoh ah?

Pam Song 2: Sit here, pretend do work then wallow in self pity lah, summore what??

Pam Song 1: -_-'

Good Girls Eat Breakfast

Remember the Ferrero Rocher chocolates I had
on hand last night? Well, it's breakfast today.

When the person who gives it to you tells you
it's breakfast, you have it as breakfast lah.

Playing with it while talking last night
killed it aesthetically though. Haha.


That's her name. Not mine. The sunnies
sitting on the bridge of my nose my cheeks.

I know my Project 365 like totally hangus already
but... this is today's photo of the day. Haha.

Question is... Should I get her?

104.4 In Penang

I can't remember the frequency in KL and I'm not bothered enough to do a Google search. All I know is that Lite.FM has been rocking my socks all night. Awesome tunes. Totally rockin'. Except with jazz, swing, blues and the like. Not rock. Haha.

Highlights of my day:

Superbly late lunch held back by a pathetic attempt at shopping. Wanted to get sunnies from Bangsar but the plan kinda got thwarted. -_- Got home, rested for a half hour, then rushed over to Moxie at Damansara Heights for a dinner. Awesome food. Go try the Chicken Kiev. Made it home before 11PM and had a nice chat over iced lemon tea. And now, I'm blogging with Ferrero Rocher chocolates on hand. Will probably leave the lot for tomorrow but... yums all the same.

Thing is, Right Now feels... perfect.

The aircon's got the room all nice and chilly, the lights are turned down low, I'm all washed up and comfy in my jammies, and dear ol' Barbra and Frank are crooning I've Got A Crush On You to each other over the radio.

Ahh, this really is the life.

I just kinda wish I wasn't stressing over work right now. -_- (Working on Sunday – the price you pay for slacking off all Saturday. T_T) Otherwise, this moment would just be perfect.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Am done with Urbanscapes.

From Left to Right: Yours Truly, Rockstar, Duh Roads and Bulat.

Am totally beat because of Urbanscapes. -_-'

Here's the gist of what went down
in the 8-and-a-half hours I was there.

Shopped some – 3 maxis for RM120 + 1 pink and black skull notebook for RM9. Saw a little – Yasmin Ahmad's Sepet, Yuna and some other performers whose names/band names I can't for the life of me remember right now. Met more people than I expected to – colleagues/bloggers/friends/friends of friends/friends of friends of friends/people whose faces I cannot put a name to. Haha.

But that's what Urbanscapes is about, I guess.
A Big Bang set to house the coming together of
anything, everything and anyone artsy/artsy-ish.

Sucks that the weather was crap during the first half of the day though. It was SO. FREAKING. HOT. that I involuntarily started imagining people getting sunstroke/heatstroke and just fainting (or dying) in the middle of the KLPAC parking lot. It was just crazy lah. Thank goodness I don't perspire much or else I'm sure I'd have been soaked in sweat from all the walking around in the sun I did all afternoon. (Yuck.)

And dah lah I burn easily, kan? (If you didn't know, I tend to look like I don't produce melanin.) Well, after a full 4 hours walking about in the sun today, my skin feels uncomfortably tight (uh oh, that means Peeling's coming tomorrow or the day after) and is unbearably hot (still! Almost like my skin absorbed the heat from my time out in the sun -_-'''). Beh tahan. Am so going to pay for that in the days to come. Sigh.

That aside, my head's aching. The bad part is, the ache's having a real ball gnawing at my patience. The pain started a little after Sepet did. Which was early in the night. About 7PM. Thought it was cos the seat in KLPAC's main hall was a little uncomfortable for me, is all. Well, it's 1:32AM and the pain still hasn't let up though I've already been fed, watered and washed. Sigh.

Show you all more pictures some other time lah, ok?
Right now, I've got a badly misbehaving head to nurse.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dropping Like Flies

Today damn suey.

Everybody and everything's dying.

First to go was Farrah Fawcett (whose passing from anal cancer somehow got overshadowed by the death of this next icon -_-). After that came (or went, rather) Michael Jackson – the King of Pop himself. And just 5 minutes ago, Google Reader flashed me Scamp's last post. (Simon Veksner a.k.a Scamp a.k.a kick-ass Copywriter at BBH in London, announced that Scamp blog shall be no more. T_T)

THREE endings in 24 hours.
How can??? Despressing sial!

Any other person/celebrity/blog personality who plans to die/"die" today, can you please not ah? Tunda to another day can?? My heart can't take so many endings in one day lah.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Get As Good As I Give

Remember how I said that Duh Roads was leaving the office to watch Transformers without me? Well, I had to make her pay for it, right? How can let her go just liddat? So... I sent her this SMS during what I thought would be the middle of her movie. Tee hee.

Pam Song to Duh Roads: Hi, Miss XXXX XXX XXX. (That's her real name lah.) This is Pam. My surname is Song. I just effectively caused you to miss 5 seconds of this year's biggest blockbuster movie, Transformers. Thank you for your kind attention. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


It would have been great lah but
mana tau, her movie started late. -_-'''

Totally terkandas. Plan fail. Sienz.

Thing is, MEL0dramatic was with me at the time I sent Duh Roads that message so I told him about it. We shared a laugh, left it at that, and forgot about it. Or rather I did. Cos last night I went to watch Transformers...

MEL0dramatic to Pam Song: Thank you for reading this. ;p


*stab stab stab*

This incident teaches me to
NEVER. EVER. share my tactics
of irritating people with anybody.

Not Over Him

Every one of his slow songs make me want to cry.
How to get through the day like that???


MJ, Always The King Of Pop

I couldn't possibly write enough or even well enough to do this master songwriter/singer/dancer/performer/artist justice. Heck, I couldn't even find the words to complete that first line! And I still think the post title doesn't cut it. I mean, how could it possibly? To sum up all that is the King Of Pop into one post? How does one do that? Much less condense it all into a 6-word post title? Impossible.

TIME magazine did it beautifully here but even then,
I think it barely scratched the MJ surface.

Should I eventually find a way to put the thoughts in my head onto paper/on screen, I'll write again. Till then, R.I.P., MJ. Your death marks the end of an incredible era of music.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Than Meets The Eye

This came in the mail last Tuesday.

Colour of the invite so sissy but... diss not.
It's my ticket to some hardcore CG action.

This is gonna be good.


He Knows The Song In My Heart

The Male Ah Lian and I haven't been very diligent in performing our I-call-you-you-call-me-we-hang-out-talk-nonsense-and-bitch-all-night friend duties. In fact, ever since he left, we've probably only met up... I don't know... once? -_-'''

Even then, I was stuck at the office so he had to come visit with Umberraerra and Ah Beng. (They'd all left by then. T_T) The sweethearts even cared enough to bring me a sinful Secret Recipe cake. AWWW.

*eyes well up, heart melts*

Anyhoo, check out today's conversation.
(The first in a very, very, VERY long time.)

That was us talking about Urbanscapes tickets
I had him purchase on my behalf from KLPAC.

Then... I burst into song. Secara random.

The amazing bit?


It's been ages since someone last completed a song for me. And this was totally unexpected cos it was in a CHAT! No tune, nothing! Summore I didn't start at the beginning of a sentence. I started like, mid-sentence. Haha. Feels... kinda nice. =)

But, wow. This is friendship, right? Imagine how it'd feel to eventually find that special someone who knows exactly what you intend to say before it even escapes your mouth. It must be... magical.


Note to self:
This post is about friendship,
not love. FOCUS!

And in this particular case, that song I was singing was a freaking rare song lorrr. Broadway tune from Wicked, The Musical called For Good and it was sung by two witches – one green and one normal-looking. Haha. Sounds like a riot but the songs are really, really nice. Very clear vocals, too! (Lyrics at the end of this post.)

How could I not tell The Male Ah Lian
how much that one line from him meant to me?

Dear Male Ah Lian,
my ex-partner,

You and me, we've still got it.
And for that, I'm glad. =)

Pam Song


"A friend knows the song in my heart
and sings it to me when my memory fails."

– Donna Roberts


Artists: Idina Menzel [Elphaba] & Kristin Chenoweth [Glinda]
Song Title: For Good (Soundtrack from the Broadway Musical, "Wicked." Click here for Wicked The Musical's official site.)

I'm limited
Just look at me, I'm limited
And just look at you, you can do all I couldn't do, Glinda
So now it's up to you
For both of us, now it's up to you

I've heard it said that people come into our lives
For a reason – bringing something we must learn
And we are led to those who help us most to grow
If we let them and we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today because I knew you

Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder halfway through the wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
Because I knew you, I have been changed for good

It well may be that we will never meet again
In this lifetime, so let me say before we part
So much of me is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me like a hand print on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine by being my friend

Like a ship blown from its mooring by a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird in a distant wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you

Because I knew you

[Glinda & Elphaba]
I have been changed for good

And just to clear the air, I ask forgiveness
For the things I've done you blame me for

But then, I guess we know there's blame to share

[Glinda & Elphaba]
And none of it seems to matter anymore

[Glinda] (Elphaba)
Like a comet pulled from orbit (Like a ship blown off its mooring)
As it passes a sun (By a wind off the sea)
Like a stream that meets a boulder (Like a seed dropped by)
Half-way through the wood (A bird in the wood)

[Glinda & Elphaba]
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
I do believe I have been changed for the better

And because I knew you

Because I knew you

[Glinda & Elphaba]
Because I knew you, I have been changed for good

Hannah Montana Meets Brainless Bimbos

Used another Advertiser's Pass last weekend
to watch Hannah Montana: The Movie.

That was last Sunday, I believe. And the
only thing I have to say about the movie is...

Thank goodness it was free, man. If I had to pay for that, I'd have totally hung myself. With my own hair. Upside down. -_-'

17 Again totally whooped Hannah Montana's arse. (Which reminds me, I have yet to publish that movie's post. Started writing but didn't finish it. -_-) Too many things cacat lah. In the end, enjoyment low, so the movie also kaput.

  • Storyline tak berapa boleh – waaay too predictable.
  • Climax also dun really have. Build up already then pancit. -_-
  • Acting also a bit lame. OA all the way only.
  • Jokes also very slapstick. No need brain also can laugh.
  • Baju also nothing really nice. Totally cannot fight GG.
  • Drool-worthy boys also tak de – haih!

Like that how to enjoy, I ask you???

The only part of the movie I kinda liked was the Original Soundtrack by Miley Cirus called The Climb. But even then, I think some other singer could have totally rocked that song harder than she did. Like, say... Taylor Swift? WHO LIKE, TOTALLY MADE AN APPEARANCE IN THE MOVIE LOR! And Rascal Flatts, too! (I love their songs no end! Taylor AND Flatts. Country rocks my socks.)

Wanna know the other reason the movie sucked?
It was because of these three idiots in the cinema.

Managed to grab a pic of them
while we were all leaving the hall.

These 3 Malay girls just kept talking throughout the movie. Like, REALLY LOUDLY summore. It's like running commentary wei! Beh tahan. About the lead male, about the subtitles, about the script. -_-' Not like they were intelligent comments also. Just saja nak buat lawak bodoh.

And the worst part was they already kan no brains, no manners and no consideration for the other movie patrons... one of them even had the cheek to tell a girl behind her off for kicking her chair. o_O HELLO, YOU GOT LOOK INTO THE MIRROR OR NOT??? You're like 2,303,093 times worse lor! You wanna be pot or kettle now??? Sheesh.

I tell you where they sat lah. Mid Valley Megamall, Hall 10, second row from the back, on the right side of the screen – if you're looking at it. Sunday, 20 June 2009, 4-something PM movie. One wore white top, black shorts. Another wore a jeng jeng peach-coloured sleeveless top and black pants. Then I think the final one wore a grey top and shorts.

Freak of nature:
All three confirm no brains.

1 Bullet

It's not easy being a good daughter these days. Morning morning, buta buta kena shoot. And all cos I wished my mom a good morning.

Heh. It's no wonder I turned out the way I did.

Duh Roads And I Are In For A Hell Of A Thursday

This conversation ensued at approximately 9:15PM on 24 June 2009. (Before the babi of a woman left The Office to watch Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen without me. >.< *stab stab stab*)

Pam Song: Eh, cannot already. Too many things liao. We need MO wei. Or else tomorrow sure die. Ok, so here's the plan. Tonight, I go home, I settle Copy A first, I finish, I email you tonight.

Duh Roads: Ok.

Pam Song: We come in early tomorrow morning, I start writing Copy B, you quickly do Visual A.

Duh Roads: Ok.

Pam Song: Before and after lunch, we can sit down and talk about Job C. Talk finish, I do Copy C, you do Visual B.

Duh Roads: Ok.

Pam Song: After I finish, I email over, you do Visual C. Deal?

Duh Roads: Ok.

Pam Song: Ok. Settle. (Talking-wise only settle lah. B and C never even touch yet. Haih.)


How to face this kind of Thursday lah, I ask you??
Especially since it's already 5:39AM. ON. THURS. DAY.


And Duh Roads is giving me a wake-up call at 7:30AM.


Beware! You Can Get Hurt Just By Turning Off The Lights Before Hitting The Sack At Night.

I killed my own left foot last night while walking
toward the light switch without my glasses.


Now do you see why Lasik
is such an enticing thought?

It hurt like hell when it happened lah, but I never figured it'd cause a bleed. Only found out after I started leaving messy stains on my bathroom floor. Like little red, not-so-round polka dots on tiles. -_-'

The culprit?

My measuring tape.


Looks like sewing is turning out
to be quite a dangerous sport after all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Us Advertising Folk, We're Always So Busy

Wait a minute. Did I say "so busy"?

Sorry, my bad.

What I meant to say was that
we're all so very, VERY, VERY busy. =p

My Mom Obviously Watches Too Much TV

Pam Song in email No.7: *rant rant rant* Argh, I want CS4!

18 hours later...

Mee in email No.8: What is CS4? I only know CSI.

Pam Song in email No.9: -_-'

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How Come People Care For Me More Than I Care For Myself?


Meet "supper".

Chicken McNuggets Value Meal, delivered right to my office.
And psst... that's not even Coke. It's Ribena.

Funny how it makes all this seem more bearable somehow. Not because I'm hungry and it's food. But more cos it makes me feel like a child being pampered after a hard day's work. Much like how a kid would feel when she's rewarded with a sponge butterfly for sitting still throughout her dental appointment.

p/s: Thank you. For this and for Thursday.

Totally Hardcore

I tell you, some people will do just about anything to win a competition. (Can win RM8,000 wor. Who dun wan?? 2nd place get RM5,000; 3rd place also get RM2,000. Not too bad wat!) Thing is... I think that these guys (and girl) just might end up walking home with the grand prize. Watch.

Is it wrong that my eyes were on the girl
a majority of the time rather than on the boys?


Anyhoo... SO. FREAKING. COOL. RIIIGGGHHTT??? The fight scenes are even better than those in Blood: The Last Vampire, man! (Shame on Corey Yuen and his kononnya seasoned Chinese stunt crew.) I was very, very impressed. Am guessing that they're from the same Karate club or Wushu school. Haha. No way do people naturally move like that without professional training. I tell you, if these fellas don't win, there's no justice. Winner sure pay under-table money. Confirm-firm.

But they're not perfect either. (Nobody is lah, bodo.) Should you not have noticed, there was a slight error with their video submission. In the first scene where they were sitting down chilling on court, the girl actually drinks water and before the scene changes, she proceeds to screw on the bottle cap. In the next cut where we see their heads turn after the boy brings out the packet of Corntoz, it shows her still drinking water. Heh. Blooper kau kau.

Think you can do better? Join the Corntoz Express Yourself contest here. But be prepared to settle for 2nd or 3rd prize. =p

Entertaining The Thought

Lasik. Yes? No? Maybe? Dunno. Hmmm. Tough decision, this one. Sket but itchy. How? Also dunno. Expensive but worth it. Issit? Maybe.

Friends say, "DO! Sure no regret wan! I never regret also. In fact, it was the best decision I ever made." Wallet say, "Fergeddit lah. Just save the money for a rainy day or go on a long holiday far, far away." Heart say, "Shopping better! What you thinking wei!?" Brain say, "YOU SIAO AH??? You want people to use metal claws and open your eye then shoot your eyeball with laser??? GILA!"

I think Brain's winning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tailor Tales

Was altering a belt I wore to work (first time wear, mana tau, loose wan -_-) when didjital (who's back, by the way. FROM MELBOURNE! GAH! Flying pigs! I sket! Wa kia si!) just had to buat pandai.

didjital: *cari pasal style* What do you think you're doing?

Pam Song: Sewing.

didjital: You think you're a tailor? Huh? HUH??? This is not a tailor... ... ... Swift.

Pam Song: -_-''' Damn fail lah you.

Oh yeah, didjital's back alright.
But I don't care. I got pink belt. =p

The belt. What once was loose, now is fitting.

p/s: Eh, do you guys know where a tailor works ah? My guess is that he works in a tailoring house. But I'm guessing only lah. Don't hold me against it if I'm salahs. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Headache

But my brain – bottom-left, near the base of the skull – is aching.

I Could Do With A Little Bit Of Support Here

This is Round 2. Urgh. Beh tahan. The sket-ness many strong feeling. Well, am going to be heading out for my medical check-up now. WISH ME LUCK! And I'm gonna be going with only 2 hours of sleep. -_-

Perfect. My results are screwed. T_T

The Man I Love Is...

Loving. Affectionate. Thoughtful. Understanding. Selfless. Kind. Caring. Gentle. But Firm. Yet merciful. Fair. Just. Discerning. Righteous. Respectable. Dependable. Trustworthy. Honest. Honorable. Decent. Virtuous. Noble. Principled. Ethical. Knowledgeable. Intelligent. Smart. Bright. Quick. Witty. Funny. Good-natured. Gifted. Able. Talented. A master of creativity. A king on court. A jester at home. A disciplinarian when need be. A provider. A protector. An examplary leader. A man of reason. A man of good repute. A man of character. A one woman man. An amazing father.

Yes, he's all that and more.

Dee, YOU are all that and more.

That awessum jambu we loved
from Shilin Night Market, Taipei.

This post is for you.



All I learned about how a man is to treat his woman, I learned from you. Only 25 but it feels like I've done it all. I've fallen in love, had my heart broken, tried love a second time with the same guy, given up on trying to make the impossible work, picked up and left, and now, it finally... finally... finally feels like I've (re)discovered happiness. Dee, I am contented.

With just being your Babee.

When it comes to men, you've been my only constant. The one who's never left me, allowed me to leave you, nor ever let me down. Middle-of-the-night I-just-broke-up calls, you took them all. Middle-of-the-day please-send-me-this-mp3 SMSes, you answered and delivered every one of them. Anything I thought you could do, you did better. Anything you couldn't do (which is pretty rare), you found a solution to.

How can I possibly not be impressed over and over again?
And how can your love for me not leave an impression?

You have impressed in my heart the desire to only settle for a man who can, at the very least, love me like you love Mee. A man who can be the kind of father to my children as you have been to me. A man who is able to play both, the friend and teacher, and do it all in perfect harmony.

What amazes me is this: You have one daughter. One chance to do it right. Only one chance to be the dad you want to be with your first try. Well Dee, I think you did it right. Cos you're just the dad I think I'd have wished I had if I didn't have you. Happy Father's Day.



I only found nice pictures of us
from our trip to Taiwan last year.


You holding that snack we didn't know how to order,
me holding that tadpole drink I couldn't finish, and us
with the fishes you were so fascinated with.

Mee will know where
this next picture was taken.

Us sitting by the pond in a garden,
in some dead dude's old house in Taiwan.

Me? I forget.
You? Sure same same.


But we both know that pic's for her anyways lah.
Us? We like the cooler, non-posey pics she hates.

Duck head + neck (YUCK) sold at Shilin Night Market
as Taiwanese hawker food. Beh tahan. See also can vomit.


Again, Happy Father's Day, Dee!

p/s: We need to take more pictures. -_-'

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Same Same But Different

Most people outside my industry can't really tell the difference between Advertising and its siblings – Marketing, Public Relations and Branding. What I have here is a really simple example of how they all "sell" 1 person (i.e. a brand) in 4 slightly differing ways.

And finally...

*blink blink*

HAHA! No wonder the result of my
personality test tells me I'm crude.

Now, I've got the perfect excuse:
"I'm in advertising waaat!"



Friday, June 19, 2009

It's Still Today!

We survived the week! And today will be the first time this week that Duh Roads and I find ourselves leaving the office while it's still "Today". Whoopie! That's more than enough reason to celebrate.

With silly pictures of us
holding up meaningless props
in an empty Creative department. =p

Four happy faces. =)


Have a good weekend, y'all!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


You know how there's "kinda big". And then there's "big". And then there's "so big". And then there's "freaking big". And finally there's "So. Freaking. BIG"? Well, this totally falls into that last category.

Giler babi besar wei!

I tell you, ini mia berlian,
tengok pun boleh jadi buta.

*blink blink*

That, my friends, is a 1 carat, look-like-almost-zero inclusion, super-putih diamond engagement ring from Bvlgari. It sank the Titanic. On a more serious note...

Congratulations, CTBel!

Pam Song


Come to think of it, in recent months, quite a few people I know seem to have found their own little (and not-so-little *cough cough*) reasons for celebration. Look at this list I made off the top of my head! (These are just the ones I remember.)

1. 4YRS2ABD got engaged a couple of months ago. That wan also another rock that's super bling – so clear and shiny! Never fails to catch my eye when we talk and she makes hand gestures. Maybe I'll take a pic of her ring tomorrow. Haha. Show you all. Gotta give these men with a good eye for diamonds some credit.

2. Another colleague got engaged a little before that. Quite big also, that rock. But like not so bling. Hmmm. But maybe it's cos I'm also not close enough to her to look-see so clearly lah. Haha. Not sure if it's a 1 carat either. *shrugs*

3. FOTH got married early last month. According to her, marriage is "highly recommended". Haha. You don't say. But of course lah. Her marriage is probably made up of a series of endless surprises. Haha. After all, she married the man whose proposal has yet to be outdone by any other man I know.

4. I recently found out that Mrs Anoti's got Lil' Sunshine on the way. ONE MORE BABY TO LOVE IN THE WORLD!!! WHEEE!!!

5. And last Sunday, CTBel got engaged. She said that she was totally taken by surprise cos there was never any talk of marriage or anything of the sort prior to the proposal. Haha. So sweet lah. Main surprise surprise summore.

Actually hor... (BOYS, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE!) ...surprise is such an important element of the whole proposal plan lah. It really is. Even if you've talked about it before, the actual proposal has to be a surprise. Going down on one knee isn't compulsory, 999-rose bouquets aren't necessary, and the perfect place is debatable. What matters is that you sweep us off our feet one last time before we say "YES" to being yours from now until forever.

Wah. Suddenly go into OTJ mode. Haha.

Anyhoo, there's definitely lots of good news going around in my circle these days and good news is always... well, good. =)

p/s: Eh, my photography not bad, right??? Hahaha. Used the Omnia's built-in camera only. Added a dash of Photoshop magic though. =p

Gotta Look Forward

...or I'm going to end up dying of stress/depression/anxiety (pick one) from dealing with Today. *Zen breath* Saturday's just 34 hours away. Gotta remember that. 34 hours. I can do 34 hours. No sweat, right?


33 hours and 59 minutes to go.

Wildfire Woman

I'm an online quiz addict. There; I said it.

And since my whole day was wasted spent just churning stuff out at the office, I felt an urgent need for an online quiz fix upon reaching home. Even when my watch showed 3:28AM when I stepped out of the car and into the house. Well, where better to find a short online quiz these days than at Facebook.

Picked a quiz, put in my answers, skipped the tags,
ignored the ads, and finally got to my results.

England a bit the fail.


*blink blink*

Sure bo???

Chei, make me seem so rarr rarr. Eh, I tell you, I damn tame wan lor. Seriously! I pretend buat macho on the outside only. I'm actually yellow jell-O on the inside. *innocent smile* I'mma gonna break it down now. Into parts that are to be presented in point form. Gotta rescue my reputation. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Operasi Selamatkan Muka.

1. CRUDE. I so am not crude lor! Choi! What a bad word to use on a lady. Tsk tsk. My extent of vulgarity is "shit" and "damn", okayyy! RAWR! I mean, I'd say that I'm blunt lah. And I'll admit that I can be brutally honest at times. And very direct. And frank. And straighforward. Very no-holds-barred. I'd call a spade a spade but hey, at least you know that also means that I'm honest in my communication and candid in my interaction with others.

2. DANCING BY HERSELF. This part totally makes me seem pathetic but it's actually quite true. Most people seem to think that I'm the kinda girl who likes big events and fancy meet-and-greets. But really, I prefer one-to-one hangouts. The kind that include heart-to-heart sharing sessions and lots of laughs (tears also ok). I generally dislike big crowds lah. They just tire and drain me no end. I mean, I'd keep up with everything lah. And I may even participate and seem like I'm enjoying the hype. But actually, my energy's being sapped with every tick of the clock. That's just the way I am.

3. A LOST AM RADIO. Walauuu... Got better way to explain my personality or not??? Just say that I'm a gem waiting to be discovered or something can? *cough cough* *grin*

4. WILDFIRE COMES, WILDFIRE GOES; HERE ONE DAY, GONE THE NEXT. Actually, I've been told that it's true. (Which isn't exactly something for me to be proud of. -_-) A friend noticed it and expressed how there would eventually come a day when he'd soon be "forgotten" once I "move on" to "other friendships" after getting "bored" with ours. My argument is this: If so... how did I end up staying in a longterm relationship for as long as I did? Theory fail!

So there.

Shan't go into detail with the others cos I think I'd be silly to turn down praise (kinda sorta) after a long, hard day. =p Anyways, I think I actually wouldn't mind being remembered for the wind in my hair and the music I sway to. After all, today's good hair day and heck, my taste in music kicks butt big time. =)

Take the "What Kind Of Girl Are You?" quiz here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Enough Time For A Quickie

No time to tell you long grandmother story right now. Show you picture first, tell you more about Strawberry powder later.

Photobooth-ed this one. Hence, the bad quality.

Ok. Back to work.


The Make Pam Fat Programme Is Going Swell

Plenty of pun intended for that one. Haha.

Finished the first batch of my regular protein mix yesterday so I'll be trying a new one today. This new one's actually sponsored by Mel0dramatic in aid of the Make Pam Fat programme. (THANK YOU!) It's from Universal Nutrition and from what I gather, it's called UniSyn™ MRP2. (It should be available at EGO Nutritions. They've got an outlet at The Curve.)

Ok. Tech talk time.

UniSyn™ MRP2 and is the complete performance shake that promotes daily fitness with 6 sources of protein, a good dose of 25 key nutrients, and no fructose/sucrose. The starter kit comes with a free MixBoy (FYI, that's what they call a shaker) and 7 packets, in 3 flavours – Creamy Vanilla (75g/packet), Rich Chocolate (79g/packet) and Strawberry (76g/packet).

It's supposed to work as a meal replacement powder but... I'm just going to ignore that part. Haha. I can't imagine drinking flavoured water and calling it a meal. =p (Eh, I from Penang lah, hello.) I just hope I don't look like a beached whale by the end of the week. (Gah! Instant weight gain is the stretch mark haven!)

Anyhoo, I'm grabbing Strawberry first cos that'll probably be the one I'll like least. I don't take to funky tastes well and this one looks pretty funky to me so... wish me luck! Will update with how it goes after.

Everybody Needs A Reason To Smile. I've Got Two!

1. Got stuck in a jam along Federal on my way to work. Pretty rare considering my hours but... I didn't mind. Cos today turned out to be good hair day. And me hearts good hair day many many! =p

2. Decided earlier in the week to give Pathlab another try this coming weekend. (Round 1 totally terkandas.) Today, I was told that I'd get to use coupons. And coupons mean discounts. Discounts mean paying less. Paying less means more shopping! saving money. And saving money is good.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ahh, But A Hint Of The Good Ol' Days

DAY: Sunday | TIME: 1PM – 6PM | VENUE: Sunway Pyramid
OCCASION: FOTH's "Replacement" Birthday

Had grand plans to meet since an entire fortnight ago but they kept getting shelved due to both our busy schedules. (Her job is probably as ridiculously demanding as mine.) Then, last Sunday, it finally happened. A day out. With just me and FOTH. Yay! Time to make up for lost time and missed birthdays.

First stop, TGV. (I know, I know. I kinda swore that I'd never go to that cinema again because of BBB but... cannot help it lah. It's too convenient a place for me to give up altogether.) Bought tickets for 17 Again then went to Dragon-i for lunch.

And. Ate. Like. Pigs.

Fried rice, eel, long beans and soup. The long beans damn nice.

You know, I'm still surprised at how we managed to keep everything down. Especially considering how we were stuffing our faces at the speed of light cos our movie was set to start in less than an hour.


These two seats are perfectly safe – bug-free.
Tried and tested di. Dicap halal oleh Pam Song.
This seat, on the other hand, is NOT.

Good movie. Will blog about it later. (Really wan. Not crying wolf. Never bluff you this time. I already started writing. Haha.)

We had time to spare before going back so after the movie, we went for ice-cream at Häagen-Dazs. (Yays!) The birthday girl chose the ice-cream flavours so I got to choose the coffee. Haha. So very the semangat keadilan. =p

Birthday girl with our ice-cream.

Birthday girl sipping our latte with her
"incomplete" birthday present in the foreground.

It's customary that we take pictures together
when we hang so... take pictures we did! Haha.

Rum & Raisins meet Strawberry in a frosted glass.

I look weird (think the camera angle a bit off) and she looks tired (told you her job's just as crazy as mine). But... ahh, who cares when it comes to good times spent with friends who matter, right? =)

p/s: Show you guys her birthday present another day in another post, ok? I've got some work to finish up before the night is over so... photo-editing and publishing will have to wait. ='(

Careful Now...

"1, 2, 3, 4, i love you
...said the radio."
– 11- or 12-something PM
on 20-something May 2009

"mm... you like love letters?
i mean the biskut variety.."
– 05:40PM on 16 June 2009

A Chat Has Nine Lives... But Then Again, Maybe Not.

MSN's dead – am waiting for a resurrection, a second coming. That's gonna take a big miracle though. Or a new MacBook. Heh. (Mine lags when I launch too many programmes so I try not to overwork her.) Yahoo! Messenger's so dead I don't think I even have her remains in my comp anymore. I'm still mourning the death of iChat's Jabber. Kinda sorta. But only cos she's part of the Mac-slash-Apple-slash-i-something-something family. Other than that, we have no relations whatsoever and I wouldn't have really minded if she self destructed.

That leaves me with nothing but GTalk
...and I'm totally living off her now.

(Gawd, that makes me a leech
of convenient add-ons. -_-)

On another note...

Facebook's dead – or rather it was never really alive to begin with. Never lived, how to die? Hmmm. Friendster's fully decomposed – apa skeleton also gone di. It's been yonks since I logged in. Can't even remember which password it was that I used. (But then again, it's no surprise considering my memory.) Multiply's really screaming for air in her lungs but I'm not really giving her much O2. We were never really friends to begin with and my O2's limited. Anyhoo, social networking sites aren't really my thing lah. They were. And then I grew up. =p

And latched on to Blogger.
(I'm clingy with tech.)

Now, I can't imagine living a day without her.

Saturday's Surprise

Spent a good part of my Saturday at The Office with Duh Roads last weekend. From after church to about 2 hours past midnight. Possibly 6 hours or so in total. Meaning... I broke my no-going-into-the-office-on-weekends rule that day. T_T Sigh. No choice lah. Had some storming to do and some execution to start on.

Thank goodness there was ice-cream!

4 tubs – 2 Vanilla, 1 Cookies & Cream and 1 Macadamia Nut.

All hail special post-midnight surprise deliveries!

Asked Duh Roads which one she wanted, gave her first picks and she picked Chocolate Chip. That left me with Macadamia Nut and Vanilla (x2). I like Vanilla. So, I ate Macadamia Nut. (I'm a leave-the-best-for-last kinda girl.)

Sorry, Mee. I know you like Macadamia Nuts
but I finished this one. Ask Dee to buy for you. =p

In the end, Duh Roads said she preferred mine. (We kinda ate from both tubs.) Haha. Choose choose choose summore lah! Kena. That's also what you get for stealing my parking lot*! (Who cares if the timeline's out.) Hmmph!

* Pam Song forgives but she never forgets.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Partner The Carpark Gangsta

I drove into the parking lot this morning totally dreading what was to come. Work, more work, and even more work than more work. So there I was, sitting in my car, semi-dazed from my lack of sleep the night before, enjoying my short 2 minutes of silent idling while waiting for a car to reverse out of its lot so I could take its place just 10m from the lift. Then from my left, I saw headlights.

Eh, lookie lookie! It's Duh Roads! Wheee!
We arrived at the same time! How nice.

So there I was, still sitting in my car, still semi-dazed from my lack of sleep, with a sleepy smile slowly creeping onto my face from the joy of seeing my partner first thing in the morning in the parking lot (don't think it's ever happened), slowly letting the haze out of my brain, and finally watching the formerly reversing car move into Drive and pull away from me when...




Like, so WTH, right???


That's it. Duh Roads kena
black mark already lah kanasai.

Monday's Back

And she's being a real b*tch about it. T_T

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Suite Obsession

All hail the software geek Photoshop Goddess within cos the woman's got impeccable taste in pillow casing. She just lurrrvvveesss these!

Click here to view from source.

They look like square jelly beans hor?? Haha. Yummy. And all 6 for only $80! If I was in the US of A right now, I'd totally splurge. Totally.

p/s: If you don't know what these letters on colourful backgrounds mean, Google "Creative Suite" to find out. Lazy people can click here.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Friends Tell Me Things That Tell Me That I'm Single For A Reason I Never Thought I Was Single For

At the beginning of the week, a friend told me that he got attached over the weekend. A day or two after that, a friend of mine called to tell me that she just broke up with her bf. I was in a meeting at the time so I was unable to take the call but the message was relayed to me in an SMS later.

1 + 1 and 1 - 1 in 1 week.

Drama sial.

Then last night, a friend told me that she recently met my ex's ex, whom she'd never met before while my ex was dating his ex, though my ex is her cousin. (Whoa. Confuse-ness!) This morning, a friend told me that her ex is getting married and she's invited to the wedding though she's not met the bride-to-be.

Also drama hindustani.
And I don't like drama.

Relationships are complicated.
And I don't like complicated.

The more people you and your partner
have dated, the bigger the mess.
And I don't like mess.


Hmmm, maybe that's why I choose to be single at this point in my life. And then maybe I'll end up changing my mind when I turn 25 and there's no one to hug after the candles go out. Maybe. Just maybe.

Blood: The Last Vampire

NOTE: Worry not. This review does not contain spoilers. Can't promise you you'll still want to watch this movie after reading the review though.

As most of you may already know, I got an invitation to attend the party and premiere screening of Blood: The Last Vampire at Cathay, Cineleisure Damansara some time earlier this week.

And since I was like, beyond late, I was a no-show for the Cosplay-styled Undead Costume Masquerade party that happened before the screening. No loss to me though. Weekday costume parties aren't really my thing. With work and all, where got time?? I consider myself fortunate to be able to make it there before the movie started. Haha. Even more surprised that I actually had time to grab an O'Brien's Chicken & Bacon Triple Decker Tootsie – YUMS! Had to sneak it into the cinema, of course. Haha. No time to sit and eat.

So what was my favourite part of the entire
movie-cum-premiere screening experience?

Well, if I'm honest, I've gotta say that
it's glossy laminated hard card invites.


The movie was totally B-grade to me.

Okay. Time to slice and dice.

The acting was downright amateurish. The female supporting actress and the dude who played her dad were possibly the most tak boleh pakai ones. I didn't buy their father-daughter conversation at all. At. All. Then the good-guy-meets-bad-guy thing just didn't cut it for me.

You know how there's chunky peanut butter? Well, this movie only serves chunky blood. And in case you were wondering, the blood was not chunky in the cool, artsy-fartsy 300 or Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street kinda way. More like chunky in a ate-something-wrong-for-dinner-and-have-to-lausai kinda way.

The bad guy (woman, actually) spoke like Amber Chia. Same accent. Same type of English. Sama sama England tak boleh pakai.

The plot came with about a gazillion loopholes. I didn't watch the anime so half the time, I was guessing. And half the time, things didn't add up. There were bits that just didn't quite fit in terms of the sudden bond and loyalty between the female lead and the supporting actress. Haiyo, all off lah. And, like I said, I didn't watch the anime, right? Well, even with that in mind and with all the guessing I had to do, the plot was predictable.

The entire movie defies all rules of logic. Big fights take place, lots of commotion, lots of ruined houses, lots of blood, lots of strewn body parts, lots of flying heads, lots of dead people-slash-vamps... and nobody else in the tiny town notices anything amiss. Not even the coppers of the army. In fact, I think that this is what the conversation was like between the Director and the Producer prior to filming:
Director: Eh, Producer! What is logic ah?

Producer: Heh? Lo-what-gik wor? What talking you?

Director: LOR-GIK. Haiyo, that... that... word in the Dictionary lah, summore what??

Producer: Oh! Lorh-jeek ah. I know! I know! I know the word. I heard before.

Director: Then the meaning you know or not leh?

Producer: Dunno. You know ah?

Director: Dunno.

Producer: Then how?

Director: Dunno also.

Producer: Oh.

Director & Producer: Hmmm.

Producer: Nevermind lah. If we dunno maybe other people also dunno. Just shoot lah!

Director: Ok, set. TAKE 1!

You know what? I think that Saya's Japanese school girl skirt should have been shorter. (Saya's the name of the good vamp-slash-vamp killer-slash-female lead, by the way.) For the sake of aesthetics lah. A bit tak sama from the anime nevermind wan wat. Maybe that would have saved the movie. FYI, Saya wears boy cut panties though. Just an observation on my part. Oh, and she should totally do something about that fringe. So annoying!

Look out for black "beards" on "bad guys". Nuff said.

But... In spite of that failed consistency mystery, I tell you this: Unless you're really into the anime and you just HAVE TO watch this movie, don't. Give it a miss. Your RM10 would be better off spent on a nice tub of Vanilla ice-cream from Häagen-Dazs. Can get 50 sen change summore.

Friday's Over

Remember Le Pile? Well, it's still there. Not all, but most of it, at least. -_-' But this Friday feels too long as it is already so I'm just going to leave my plans of climbing that mountain to tomorrow. Am too beat to do anything now. Especially not since Le Brain has stopped working in tandem with Le Everything Else. -_-

Had dinner with Duh Roads at Murni's.

Nasi lemak. At 1:37AM.

Came home, replied an email, indulged in a nice, looooong shower (to wash Friday off my back and outta my hair), then plonked myself in front of the comp with a mask on my face. That was about an hour ago. A whole hour. And more! And still I'm not done with this post – imagine that. I guess cajoling my brain into putting my thoughts on screen when it's on strike isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

Anyhoo... I'm glad this Friday's over.
Cos I really can't take another second more of it.


Weekend, please go by slowly? Please?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Burn It, Trash It, Egg It, Steal It

Oh, how Daft Punk of me. But no time for horsing around. Not right now. Not tonight. Not when Le Pile's just sittin' there waitin' for me. *snorts* I just stopped by to show you my other side. Who says only kawaii looks good on me? The Other Side's pretty darn funky, too.

MEL0dramatic: i bought some bread with chicken ham... so expensive this bakery opposite.. i swear they're ripping people off.

Pam Song: ooo. not more than RM2 kan? if more than RM2, i suggest you burn it down.

MEL0dramatic: i take little bit stuff... RM7.

Pam Song: WHAT!??!?!

MEL0dramatic: on average all their buns cost more than 2 bucks..

Pam Song: BURN IT!

That's nothing compared to what's coming.

MEL0dramatic: its ok.. they kena robbed before.. hahahaha...


MEL0dramatic: oh im so evil..

Not really. This is just evil at an elementary level.

Pam Song: just stating a fact. =p

MEL0dramatic: their boss also bodoh...

Pam Song: HAHAHA. ok, now THAT was evil.

MEL0dramatic: dunno how to park half the time..

Pam Song: ooo. somebody's touchy with his space. hahahah.

MEL0dramatic: she parked in our lot once... then buat tak tau...

Ok, this is where The Other Side emerges.

Pam Song: uh oh. did you toilet paper the car? trash it with eggs and leave the eggs to cook under the hot sun?

MEL0dramatic: somemore always senget her parking.

Pam Song: trash it. or let the air out of the tyres. make sure it's 2 tyres. or steal her wipers. or paint her headlights black. OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

MEL0dramatic: wah pam... you're scaring me. hahahha.

Pam Song: hahahhaha. i have an active imagination. plus, i'm (supposed to pretend to be) creative. =p

Haha. Cover line. Power.
But what does this tell you?

This tells you not to mess with Pam Song. Don't even think of overcharging her for bread, okay! And don't ever park your car in her non-existent parking lot. Hmmph! So there!

Update at 8:04PM on 12 June 2009: @_@ OMG, I just realised that The Other Side's actually the Dark Queen in disguise! Evil's back! Noooooo!!!