Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Easy Or Not Easy? That Is The Question.

It's not easy being married. Heck, being married is like running a three-legged race through life with one person perpetually by your side! Seeing the same person – the same face – every single day. Dealing with the same issues – the same problems – day in and day out. After awhile, things creep in. It starts with the little things. It always does. Air-con temp. Chicken or fish. Who turns off the lights. Trivial stuff of little to no importance, really. But then, over time, the issues grow. They get bigger – more intense – usually when the severity and importance of the issue intensifies, too.

The Husband and I are not exempt
from this phenomenon that strikes couples
young and old, everywhere around the world.

We have our disagreements here and there every now and again. Over his idea of what I do versus mine – I consider myself a WFHM but I think he considers me a SAHM. Over the way we raise our kids – bedtime, nutrition, exercise, schooling, argh! Even the bible and theology – even though we're both Christians who grew up in the same church! Imagine that! And yes, after all this time, we still cannot agree when it comes to whether the room is too hot or too cold. LOL.

It's been over 5 years, 4 months and 2 weeks.
Almost 15 years from when we first started dating.
Yes, we've come a pretty long way!

But if you think it's all chores and arguments and blah-ness throughout all those years, you're wrong. The Husband can work me up like no one can but he can also make me feel so much better than anyone can. I started off having a really bad day but here are 6 ways The Husband turned it right around and, in turn, gained a couple of brownie points for himself (plus this blog post). Haha.


1. He asked me, "What can I do to help?"

Today was one of those days when I had sooo many things to do that I just felt so overwhelmed by everything. Every single thing was going wrong with the house. The blocked sink x 5, the spraying tap, the spoilt heater, the leaking hose – OMG, OMG, OMG! And then there was work. So many things to do! Which is usually a good thing that I wouldn't complain about but everything just needed my immediate attention and I just couldn't get through to the operator today and didn't have time to wait. And then there was the kids. Mommy this! And Mommy that! And Mommy, Didi did this! And boo hoo hoo, let's all cry together and drive Mommy crazy! I also had a bunch of stuff to prepare for JZ's upcoming birthday this Saturday and I just didn't have the time to sit down and work on anything properly. Sigh. O-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-e-d MAXIMUM. T_T

2. He took charge and got in touch with a difficult vendor for me. 

Birthday party problems. Ugh. Resign already still must work right? Immediately cuci tangan meh?? Anyway, this is the first year I had to deal with vendors cos I usually DIY and throw home parties. And OMG, I can only conclude that I HATE DEALING WITH PEOPLE. 

3. He appreciated my effort.

This was in reference to the plumber who came to fix everything that was wrong in the house.

3. He bought me Thai Iced Tea from Boat Noodles. 

I was craving for it and he got me just what I wanted. Even helped me look for a bathroom to pee before we bought me my drink. LOL #uselessatdirections After that he bought me a burger, too. And some curly fries. Who says food only works with men? Haha. 

4. He drove me home.

I was so tired that I just felt like I couldn't last the drive home safely so he upped and drove me and the boys straight home. No second thoughts. 

5. He offered to give me a massage. "No charge," he said. 

I was struggling with a headache and some head heaviness after all that running around, coupled with a brand new flu bug, and he YLEO-ed my headache away with Stress Away and M-Grain. Not bad la his kanghu. After that I really felt much, much better. Best part was that he didn't even rush through it. Just took his time and did his thang. Haha. Gotta take advantage of this skill he's got and get him to massage me more next time! =p


So, yes. It may not be easy being married to the same man for 5 years. But The Husband sure makes it feel so easy for me on days such as these. =)