Friday, March 30, 2012


While talking about Porsche cars
with The Husband earlier today.

The Husband: That's a nine-eleven.

Pam Song: Not nine-one-one?

The Husband: No. Nine-eleven.

Pam Song: Why?? You think you say nine-eleven means you more cool issit?

The Husband: No. 

Pam Song: Then?? If I go into the showroom and ask for the nine-one-one, what happens?

The Husband: They will call ambulance for you.


Nine-eleven. Cheh. So cool meh??

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Is Done, Gone The Sun

After an impossibly tiring Thursday, work has come to an end for me at last. Just sent off two STBs and now, I finally get to breathe a little; live a little. Ahh, but still, another to-do awaits me tomorrow morning. Oh happy happy joy joy. -_-'''

Please let the weekend be a weekend of rest, God?


Been Awhile

I can't remember the last time I went to bed without a to-do hanging over my head, waiting for me to jump in and tackle it the very next morning. Boo hoo. ='(

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Generasi

The Husband showed me that video last night and I went totally happy-nostalgic with fond primary school memories. (Standard 6 – best time of my life! Sadly. Haha.) I could relate to EVERYTHING in there! The colour pencils... the Pepsi Cola... even the "main getah" cartwheel. Haha.

The Husband, on the other hand... no reaction whatsoever. -_-''' The man even went, "What's the hell is that??" when "main getah" was shown. Wth!? Deprived wei. See lah... That's what you get for not going to a co-ed school. You only get half the experience... and half the memories. #sadcase

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Nasi Kandar for supper last night...

*points above*

...and Hokkien Mee (a.k.a Prawn Mee)
for breakfast this morning.

*points below*

Ahhh, my life is now complete. =)

No Baby, Why Marry?

Was sitting down talking to my colleagues over lunch last Wednesday when one of them just turned to me and said, "Eh, you have one child, right?" @_@ Uh... no... Do I look like I have a kid!? I thought it was so bizarre of her to think that. But then, it ended up reminding me of another conversation I had with yet another colleague last month when I first re-joined MCKL. You see, I was in the middle of a brainstorm session when suddenly...

Mother Hen: Bla bla bla... Your husband ah...

Not So Shy: *immediately turns to me and stares me in the eyes* WHAT??? YOU'RE MARRIED!?

Pam Song: Urm... yeah...?

Not So Shy: Wah... okay. *pause* How old is your kid?

Pam Song: @_@

Married means must have kid meh!?
Walauuu... Takkan shot-gun ah??

Pam Song: What??? No kids yet lah. Still got time ma.

Not So Shy: Oh... okay. *pause* Then why you get married?

Pam Song: @_@

Must have kid then only can get married meh!?
Walauuu... Dinner before breakfast ah??

Pam Song: Urm... Cos he proposed and I said "yes" so we got married lor.

Not So Shy: Wah... okay. So young.


Worth It

"Why are there two writers? Can't we just have you?"

– Maybelline Client, 23 March 2012

At the end of the day, it's comments like these that help make the pains of doing what I do worth going through, and worth the effort I put into doing it, too. <3

Friday, March 23, 2012

Nail Tek Spa Manicure At Amante, Mont Kiara

Bought that MilkADeal voucher for just RM29 on a whim one day early this month and made an appointment to redeem the deal at Amante, Mont Kiara this week, as soon as I received the PDF in my email Inbox. #supergungho

Seriously though? Thank goodness my appointment was set for this week. Cos OMG, this week has just been dreadful. Was just totally unmotivated by the unfulfilling work I was dished. Sigh. Through this, I have really come to realise where my interests lie. But I digress. Bottom line is that this Nail Tek Spa Manicure was a perfectly-timed perk-me-up for me.

As always, I picked a light, nude shade for the mani but this time, I also made a special request to add some silver glitter at the tips for a little bit of bling-bling action. (Perk-me-up necessity.) Was assigned a superb Senior Manicurist named Ally from Teluk Intan (yes, we ended up talking LOTS! =p) so needless to say, I was VERY pleased with the result of her hard work. Look!

Awesome manicure aside, the spa experience was pretty ok, too. It's supposed to be some anti-wrinkle treatment that had both my arms tightly bungkus-ed in cling wrap and inserted into a couple of hot pouches but... who knows if that's even possible to achieve in 15 minutes. Haha. False claim also nobody know lah. But whatever the case, the whole experience was a pretty good one for me.

In fact, I actually enjoyed my manicure so much that I ended up signing up for a package. (They gave me an impossibly good deal I just couldn't resist. Gave me lots of extra credit and even threw in a bunch of free mani+pedi spa packages.) But money matters aside, I think the real reason I felt comfortable signing up for the package was because of Ally. Good customer service will always ensure the return of your customers. I'll be back.

Oh, and by the way, my manicure ended up getting chipped on both hands on a variety of fingers from all the cooking, cleaning and washing I've been doing at home every day. First night also gone case already. Thank goodness I only paid RM29 for it. And thank goodness I picked a light colour. The silver bling at the tips surprisingly also help mask the chips. Good choice, Pam Song! =p Oh well... Looks like non-gel manicures aren't made for non-tai-tais like me. Haha.

Bruise Update

Better than before but it's morphed to look like
I've got red daki stuck in the cracks of my skin. -_-'''

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Granny Smith Seedlings!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw them. Cos, like, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Infant Granny Smith trees are freaking growing in my freaking home without me freaking knowing it!! =D =D =D LOOK!!!

Five little Granny Smith seedlings.

How crazy-amazing is that, right??

*cartwheels all around*
I mean, just look at it up close!!

A seedling. I'm holding the root.

Haha. I know, I know. It looks like taugeh. Trust me, I did a double take, too. But it couldn't have possibly been taugeh cos I don't eat taugeh so I don't cook taugeh so there wouldn't be any taugeh in my home. So it's gotta be Granny Smith seedlings. You'll agree with me when you see the seed.

A bit of green popping out from a little apple seed.

Another seedling at another growth stage.

I could have just washed them down the drain or tossed them into the bin but... ARE YOU MAD??? I would never!!! THESE ARE MY BABIES!! (Without little feet. -_-''') Thing is, I didn't have any soil in my home (the cost of living in high-rise buildings with no personal gardens) to keep them alive and growing so I planted them in the next best thing: Nutritious fruit pulp.

My precioussss...

Oh, I hope the five of you grow
into beautiful apple trees someday.<3

UPDATE AT 9:45AM ON 23 MARCH 2012: OMG, HELP!! I kept them indoors near the sink and one of the leaves is starting to brown! Does anybody know what kind of condition apple seedlings are supposed to be placed in?? Does anybody know if they can survive in Malaysian weather!?

Ultra Sonic Iron Treatment At number76, Mont Kiara

Decided one morning this week that I really needed
some kind of motivation to get me through the day.

Work was beginning to weigh me down (have I ever mentioned that I hate writing radio scripts?) so I really, really, REALLY needed a perk-me-up reward waiting for me at the end of the day to cheer me on and help me survive the 30-seconders I was to vomit out during those earlier hours of brain squeezing.

So, before I left for work, I picked up my phone and made an impromptu appointment to treat my hair at number76, Mont Kiara that very evening. I read about their magical treatment on Ringo's blog a number of times and read about their superb stylist on Audrey's blog, too, so... two fashionistas can't be wrong, right? (But then again, they do their hair for free so maybe biased wan. Hmmm.)

ANYWAY... I parked at Plaza Mont Kiara but couldn't find the salon. Walked around and around and called them a number of times but... alamak, the people there are betul-betul konichiwa Japanese! So, they sushi and sashimi me until I also mabuk. Dunno what the heck they were saying, and I doubt they understood me, too. Wth. -_-''' Fortunately their Director, Dejima San grabbed the phone and managed to tell me, "Outside! Outside!" Then only I found it. Outside. Haih.

Got in there and kena immediate culture shock. Thought I walked through a cupboard door and entered some kind of Japanese Narnia because like... EVERYBODY SPOKE JAPANESE. @_@ OMG, scary wei! I thought my ears were playing tricks on me! So very disorientating. Thankfully there was a girl called Amy who was local and could speak to me in... wait for it... Cantonese. TADAAA!!! -_-''' #instantbananadeath

But they damn professional lah. I mentioned that I wanted to do the treatment I read about when I called in the morning, and when I walked in, I didn't even have to talk. Amy immediately started washing my hair and slathering it with the treatment cream. No questions asked, no explanation given. (Maybe cos she can tell I dunno what the heck she's saying in Cantonese. Harhar. =p) But I really thought it was nice that they actually bothered to note what I said I wanted.

This was the "magical treatment" I asked for:

Ultra Sonic Iron Treatment (RM250) at number76.

At the time I didn't expect it to cost this much. Their website didn't list this treatment and the most expensive one on the list was RM160. So, quite a shocker lah when I saw the price. But... she did put the cream already... and summore I did ask for it when I called so... haiya, just diam diam and suck it up lah. Not nice to suddenly kick up a fuss when it was what I wanted initially. =(

The treatment is unlike any other I've experienced before, to be honest. Won't go into lengthy explanations regarding the treatment mechanics but the bottom line is that it's fast, and apparently very effective. Didn't take any pictures then cos... shy lah. Hahaha. But after awhile, Amy and I got to talking and it turns out she's kinda nice. Haha. So, apa shyness also gone and I started camwhoring. HAHA.

Amy and I talking as she blow dried my hair
after washing off the treatment cream.

She's the one who always does Ringo's treatments, in case you were wondering. Audrey goes to the outlet in Mid Valley so... I dunno who does her treatments for her. (She hasn't talked about treatments so far. Only extensions. :-/) Go read her blog to find out. This blog's about ME. Haha. Wth. #vain

Same story. Amy's still blow drying my hair.

Dejima San (Director) later took over and styled my hair.

Blur shot and Dejima San styling my hair.

Shooting in secret.

I a bit shy to take pictures with him in the picture cos
the fella damn straight face wan. Serious like anything.

Anyway, this is the end result:

Apparently Japanese hairstylists like the out-of-bed look. Blergh. Not my style to be honest with you. I think I look better with a neat, slick hairdo with zero frizz. But at that time of course must smile lah when I take picture. Or else later the fella samurai me and take his sword go pancit my tyre.

After they took off my cape.

Haha. Kidding la. He later passed me his card when he was done and said, "Next time! Come back! Dye hair!" @_@ BWAHAHAHAHAHA. No wonder laaaa... I think I know why he so black face eh di. He see my half dyed head he also want to pengsan. HAHAHA. That's what you get when you only bother dying your hair for your wedding 9 months ago! Whoops! Soli. =p

 Dejima San's namecard that he passed to me at the end of my session.

Went home right after and camwhored max in my toilet.
(What's new, right? You should have seen this coming. =p)

Front view.

Top view.

Close up of the ends.

Close up of each strand.

After undergoing the half hour treatment, 
I personally felt that my hair was "stronger"
and that each strand had more "bounce" to it.

But is this treatment really worth the RM250? Urm... only if your life depends on good hair you'd be proud to flick. And only if you're making enough to be able to afford the RM250 every 2 months. *gulp* (Amy told me I should go back every 2 months but apparently people with terribly damaged hair have to go back either every fortnight or every month. @_@)

Otherwise, you can just do what I did: Be super nice and talk lots with your treatment specialist so you get a good discount to make this treatment affordable. HAHA. True story. I love kam cheng discounts maximum! Hahahaha. I'll definitely go back in 2 months if there's more discounts like that. =p

Me with post-treatment hair after the styling "normalised." =)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pfft. Where Got Special?

As seen last weekend at B.I.G., Publika.

You call that a sales special?? Puh-leeze, B.I.G., Publika. At TESCO, Seri Pinang, Dutch Lady 1L Fresh Milk occasionally goes for RM4 per box. THAT's a sale. This is a joke. Thank goodness I've got a small stash of milk stuffed in a big box hidden in storage that we lugged to KL all the way from Penang. Haha.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freelance Woes

Had that What'sApp! conversation with Umberraerra about our friend's freelance career quite awhile ago but just rediscovered the screenshot as I was clearing out my iPhone with iPhoto. Made me laugh all over again. Haha. I miss those guys big time. They were such a huge part of my life back then. *emo*


You know, going freelance isn't exactly the bed of roses it's made out to be. In fact, I personally think it is sometimes even more stressful than when I was working full time. Because at least with a full time position, I had working hours. And a Traffic Manager to manage the workflow. But when it comes to freelance, you've just gotta get the jobssssss done no matter what.

When I worked at the office, leaving at the end of the day meant leaving work and the stresses that come with it behind, too. But now, I find work creeping up on me whenever! When I'm doing my grocery shopping, when I'm driving in my car, when I'm at home, when I'm cooking dinner, when I'm getting ready to go to bed –  anytime! An email dings, the phone rings, and BAM! Hello, work! It's like I'm like a doctor who's on call 24/7. Sigh.

You know why freelancers who work from home often end up walking around Mid Valley at 3.30pm? Cos that's the time when we can actually start looking for food. Long after lunch hour came and went. You know why we spend hours and hours at Publika's eateries? Cos there's free WiFi for us to kill two birds with one stone – get online and work while we eat, instead of starving ourselves while we finish what we have to do.

But you know what sucks biggest time
when it comes to freelancing?

When the people around you think that you're
just shaking your legs at home doing nothing
while earning a paycheck you don't deserve.

Same as how people think housewives* do nothing but chill at home all day lah. You try and see! Wash clothes, cook meals, scrub pans, sweep floors, clean toilets PLUS take care of kids that require attention all day long. It ain't as easy as it looks to juggle all that. Housewives do blue collar work that requires lots of effort and are offered little reward for all they do. Sad but true. So, trust me, your white collar job in that fancy office with a view is a hell of a lot easier to do. >(

I'll leave you with this excerpt on Going Freelance
that I stumbled upon a long time ago. It was written
by Freelance Copywriter, Sophia Goh on her blog:

"People act as if I don’t work. This baffles me a little. If I’m not doing any work, then it’s not called working from home. It’s called not working. Just because I’m sitting at my mother-in-law’s dining table instead of an office desk doesn’t mean I’m not working. And just because I’m doing my thinking and writing in shorts doesn’t mean my ideas or my work is worth any less. My bosses obviously don’t understand this and neither do the people who act as if I spend my days watching television and getting facials.

In actual fact, I’ve been working longer hours than I probably would in the office because the lines between work and home are blurred. When I’m in the office, work is turned off when my computer is turned off. It’s a clear distinction. As I’ve discovered, it’s much harder to turn work off when I’m at home. My laptop is always there and I find myself constantly thinking about the things I need to do. It’s too easy to keep tapping away at the computer no matter the hour or the day. Which is why I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to do not an ounce of work on weekends. It takes practice, but I’ll get there."

Ok, now I need a cold drink
to cool down. Bye bye.

* Note: Housewives are totally different from stay-at-home wives who have maids to do the housework and tend to their kids, ok.

The Husband Draws... Something

Playing Draw Something with people who can't draw anything makes for pretty weird Draw Something experiences that come with every turn. The Husband noticed me playing with other people on my iPhone 4s two weekends ago and decided he wanted in on the fun, too. So, he downloaded the free version on his iPod Touch to play with me. (As usual lah, Blackberry too fail to be able to play such cool games. =p) This was The Husband's latest submission:

I looked once. Then I went back and did a double and triple take. What the heck was he trying to draw and say!? What is that... thing?? @_@ And then... I realised:

*face palm*

OMG, the fella draw dunno what dragon-looking thing until dunno how to draw anymore already then he just wrote down the answer. -_-''' Salah konsep sial!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hopeless Case

Kena accident again while cooking last night. I really dunno what to do with myself already. Maybe I should just start cooking in protective bubble wrap or something. Gotta to do something to at least preserve my life. Cos last round, waist up kena. This round, waist down. -_-'''

 Bruise on my right knee.

Got that fancy bruise when I slammed my right knee into the kitchen cabinet in an effort to avoid a hot, falling frying spatula from landing on my skin. Mana tau, as I was executing my Olympic long jump, my left leg got in the way of my right leg so its big toe nail gave my right heel a deep scratch as payback. -_-'''

Raw scratch on my right heel.

Let's hope this will be the end of my kitchen mishaps. I'm running out of skin to bruise, scratch and scald. But then again, something tells me there will be more to come. It is me after all. T_T

Save The Planet, Konon

Last Thursday, MCKL updated their free-drink policy in the company. You still get the free Milo at the push of a button. You just don't get that free MILO in a free paper cup no more. Haha.


 My iced Milo in a mug – felt really, really weird drinking
this from an actual mug, to be honest with you. So tak biasa.

So green; so Earth-friendly now. How kind of the company to consider our planet's future for the sake of our children. While they're at it, they should stop air pollution, too. Next move? All the smokers in the agency should be banned from smoking and choking up our airways for the sake of clearer skies and cleaner air. HAHA! No paper cups to save the planet? Pfft. Dun bluff la.

My Life Expectancy

Did a virtual health test on Living To 100 and
my Life Expectancy Calculator results tell me that...

Aiyah... one year shy of 90! -_-'''

But then again, not bad lah, right? For a person who doesn't exercise and has lots of work stress. Hahaha. All I need is more time off to travel (get to relax abroad without work + get exercise from all that walking around = SCORE!) and I'll hit that 90 mark. No sweat. Haha.

AND THEN... I got to thinking.
(Yep, I started thinking. Uh oh. @_@)

If I guarantee want to live to see my great-grandkids and have them call me...uh... call me... urm... what do great-grandchildren call their great-grandma ah? ANYWAY, if I want my great-grandchild to be able to call me before I die, my grandchildren will have to start popping out my great-grandkids by the time I'm 87. PALING LATEST. Or else the tiny fella born already still cannot talk yet. -_-'''

That effectively means that my children will need to give birth to my grandkids by the time I'm 60. LATEST. Or else my grandkids will be too young to get married and have my great-grandkids by the time I'm 87. (I've calculated for my grandkids to be 27-year-old parents by the time I'm 87. Fair right? That means, my kids should also be 27 max at the time of the birth of their first child.)

Hmmm. Let's do the math.

89 years (my life expectancy)
- 2 years (buffer time for my great-grandkid to learn to call me)
- 27 years (age of grandchild during birth of great-grandchild)
- 27 years (age of child during birth of grandchild)
= 33 years of age

That means the oldest I can be when I give birth to my child in order to be greeted by my great-grandchild is the age of 33. Wah, I got 5-6 years to lenggang still! Hahahaha.

But wait. Takkan I only want to see ONE great-grandchild meh? At least 3 right? So let's say I give it 2 years between kids. That means... 33 - 2 - 2 - 2 = 27. @_@ OMG, 27??? Are you kidding me?? Shit! That means I have to give birth before... THIS NOVEMBER?!? -_-''' Gone liao la, the plan. Gone liao. T_T

But nevermind. All things are possible. 
I'll just pray that my grandkids get triplets. =p

p/s: You can take the test here to find out how old you're expected to live up to and also find out if you get to see your great-grandkids. =p

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Money... Again?

Heads – old money on top, new money at the bottom.

Tails – old money on top, new money at the bottom.

Why change again? What's wrong with the current design? Plus, the old sizing differentiation kinda helps us tell the value of the coins apart without even having to look. Current one tak boleh. All too similar. Haih. Somebody's really gotta be making some easy pocket money from all this new money, man. -_-'''

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Reward

Yup. A tub of luxuriously smooth Vanilla ice cream from Haagen-Dazs to reward myself for making it through the week. Cos, finally... IT'S FRIIIDDAYYYYY!!! =D

Wish I could say I'll be kicking up my heels, doing nothing this weekend but... aih, no such luck. Got a call and received a 5.30PM brief. On a Friday. Sheesh. The agency has really gotta stop dishing 'em out like that. Such an un-Zen way to go into the weekend, duncha think?? Drats. >(

Satisfying A Craving

Been craving Nasi Lemak all week. So, early this morning, I texted Mama Hen to get me TWO packets on her way out of the LRT station. (That's where she bought the Nasi Lemak she belanja-ed us last month.) Slammed one packet earlier this morning at my new corner – I love corners!! =D – at the office...

 Nasi Lemak with a quarter of a hard boiled egg, nuts and ikan bilis. 

...and was so glad I still had
another "spare" set aside for later. =p

My opened Nasi Lemak + a spare. =p

Oh, and urm... I walloped the second one already,
in case you were wondering. Haha. Craving – satisfied!


Yeah, past tense. You know how I told you guys I'd be moving to a new seat amongst the Creatives in MCKL at the end of last month? Well, I finally made the move! Today! A week shy of a month after the notice was emailed out for us to get moving. Haha. No surprise that it's taken this long, really.

We all have comfort zones. And after sitting in one place for far too long, you tend to accumulate stuff, making it even more difficult to move out of those comfort zones. So... because other people didn't move, the dude who was in this seat couldn't move, so I also didn't get to move. Chain reaction lah.

BUT ANYHEW... Here I am today!

In my new seat amongst the Creatives
and out of the sight of the Brand Team.
Ahhh, a Creative's dream come true. =)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

S + P

Got sent this pic via Facebook from alwayscuilin yesterday.

He's Salt; I'm Pepper.
And yes, we belong together. =)

Useless But Cute!

Saw that cable-tie deal on MilkADeal and impulse purchased the set to "keep my cables tidy and cute!" Figured I'd find some use for them around the house someday. Too bad that day hasn't come just yet. Haha. The cable ties arrived in the mail a week after I made the purchase and now, I've got 2 Little Chicken, 2 Brown Bear and 2 Pink Bear (heads only for the latter two @_@) cable ties at hand.

 From L-R: Little Chicken, Pink Bear and Brown Bear.

Aren't they cute??? =D

Too bad after I received my order, they updated the deal to include a pair of Hello Kitty heads and a mystery plus one (meaning 9 cable ties altogether) at RM19. Boo hoo. I really should have waited. That's what you get for making impulse buys. The early bird doesn't necessarily get the best worm. T_T

This Is Why Wives Shop Without Their Husbands

@_@ OMG, are all husbands the same?? I can totally imagine The Husband getting up to this kind of no-good if I was to drag him out for a full day of shopping, too! Haha! But see? This is why I only do any real shopping with my girls and not with him. (Grocery shopping isn't real shopping. It's necessary shopping. I'm talking retail therapy, bay-beh! =p) Nanti kena banned. Haha. Having said that... I think that Mrs Murray's husband is da bomb! Hahaha. Damn creative wei, the fella!

All The Colours Of The Rainbow In My Kitchen

Cooked dinner at home tonight and
somehow ended up with this pretty sight:

 From L-R, Top-Bottom: Button Mushrooms, Garlic,
Carrots, French Beans, Red Chili, Onions, Ginger.

Not all rojak in one dish, of course. =p

I'd show you pictures of what I cooked but I ended up burning my right hand against a wok and then sloshing boiling hot soup from the ladle on my right hand onto my left hand so... that plan kinda tak jadi in the end. Apa picture-taking also forget liao. Eat also bo sim. T_T

My scalded left hand covered in toothpaste The Husband applied for me.

But haih... accidents happen, I suppose. :-/ Nevertheless...

So pretty kan? =)