Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Real Deal

I've always timed storyboards with my phone. Slightly unprofessional but... aiya, nobody see, right? Plus, them timer thingys are the size of my palm and are therefore, a big pain to carry around. Especially now that I work at home and on the go as much as I do at the office. My handbag is already crazy heavy as it is.

Problem is, unlike the years before when I used to have a calculator at hand all the time, I don't now. Not in this house, and not at the office. (I accidentally left my old one behind in Penang.) Because of that, I've been accumulating frame timings on my phone as well! And flipping between apps is an even bigger pain in the butt. -_-''' So today, I went out and got a calculator.

So very basic in the world of calculators but I still ended up paying RM15.90 for it. Sheesh. Daylight robbery. My last one just cost me RM9.90 and its served me stupendously since I was SIXTEEN. YEARS. OLD. Since I was Form 4, yo. That's 12 years and still counting! LITERALLY! Dang it, inflation sucks, man.

Oh, and as you can see, I also grabbed a pink stapler and some stapler bullets. (I would have picked coloured bullets, too, if The Husband wasn't with me and breathing down my neck. =p) Because every home needs stationery. =)


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