Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Whole New Level Of Dusty

Our KL home requires sweeping every. single. day. Seriously! Just 2 days without picking up a broom and the place automatically looks like it hasn't been swept in a month! There's always a ridiculous amount of dust flying around. Not the kind that makes you to sneeze throughout the day or anything. But still, it's a big pain cos it just coats E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G at home.

Having my in-laws and their maid to help around the house over the past few days kinda took the burden of keeping house off me. So, because intensive cleaning has consistently been done in recent days, I decided not to sweep yesterday. But look what I found this morning:

Wth??? Are you kidding me?! It's barely been 2 days since my in-laws left! And if I found this nonsense this morning, it means that just 1.5 freaking days since the floor last got swept, I've already got fluffy little dust balls for company. OMG, this place is impossible!! -_-'''


nithyakuthiah said...

I feel the same about my apartment! It's madness. Dust settles EVERYWHERE!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: nithyakuthiah
– Crazy, right?? OMG, I can't keep up with the dust!!

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