Friday, March 02, 2012

Shooting With Sorakrit

Last Wednesday, the team I work with at MCKL  and I were instructed to get got dolled up for a tumpang-glamour shoot with renown Asian beauty photographer, Sorakrit Pongdee from Thailand.

 Sorakrit's portfolio.

 Sorakrit's bio page at the end of his portfolio.

 Sorakrit at work. He's the one holding the red panel.

This man does amazing work. He not only shoots, he retouches, too! And IMHO, I think it's his retouching that is magic. Skin keeps its texture right down to the pores and tiny hairs on the surface, while hair keeps its every-strand detail. @_@ It's crazy how he manages the impossible even after intensive DI work. Plus, I've seen befores and afters and... aiyah, I salute lah. He's a beauty god and every camwhore's best friend. =p

We were actually working with him to shoot a local celebrity. And as always, after a project with a hotshot, we always take a group shots with the celeb for keepsake memories. The following are our shots with her. (Unedited by Sorakrit, unfortunately, cos we're nobodies. T_T)

 Yuck, I look like shit.
White kana vampire, man! T_T

And we all look like we're at a funeral.
Maybe I ate all their family members. -_-'''

And... since his time is already paid for and all that, the people in charge decided to tumpang have him shoot us, too. Just us. The peeps from MCKL. Cos we're kiasu like that. These shots were a little better (i.e. less funeral-y) but... just slightly. Cos I still look like semi-shit. T_T

 The Suits, the Creatives and Traffic. (Traffic's that dude
looking very lost and uncomfortable amongst the girls. =p)

 Heck, we ALL look so uncomfortable. Haha.

A "fun" shot. Apparently not everyone got the brief right. Boo!

So since the pictures all came out like a massive pile of sai liddat, I went home and camwhored to make myself feel better. Alone! So nobody can compare skin colour. And without flash! So I don't look like blood-less vamp. And in the toilet! So nobody can laugh at me. :-/

 In the lift up to our unit.

First time I'm wearing this dress, by the way.
 So comfortable... and I got it for a steal online! =D

 I managed a full length without the toilet bowl!! =D

 It's got a really cute peplum butt. You can see a bit
of the peplum's wave in this pic at the bottom-right.

I love the cuts under the high neck. <3

I think it's nice to get dolled up sometimes. Blow dry my hair the night before... Put on a bit of eyeliner before walking out the door... Yeah, I should put in a little more effort to look nice on a daily basis. It adds a certain feel-good factor. Haha. But truth be told, I do try to at least look presentable in KL. I confess that it's already more effort than I ever put in back in Penang. It's just something about this place, you know? =)


infinitium said...

since we're talking about shit, have a look at this awesome toilet roll paper art thingy.

Next time u pangsai… think of all the little chewren you are flushing down! But this is so cool.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– OMG, too free man, this woman! But she should totally try doing that toilet roll art thing with Cutie Compact toilet rolls. Those are smaller! This wan so big... easy lah... =p

Zhen Ying said...

Cik puan, camwhore to the max man!!!!! Having said that, I LOVE your dress!!!!! Loving the cuts around the neck. Mana beli?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
- HAHAHA. I know right??? That's why I did it alone in the toilet where nobody can comment. HAHA.

And I bought that dress online! Blogshop wan. =D

Zhen Ying said...

Hahahaha, now you've put it up here, it's up for everyone to comment. ;p

The dress looks like you've gotten it from ASOS.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Zhen Ying
- Haha. Here limited audience ma. Plus, if they drop by Tinki Talks, they were asking for it. =p

This dress is hardly from ASOS. But you're right. Now that you mentioned it, it does kinda resemble some of their styles. Haha. I got it for like RM59 or less. Definitely not over RM59. Maybe RM49 or RM55.

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