Sunday, March 04, 2012

Phuket, February '12: Shopping Spoils

Ok ok, I know I'm skipping a whole chunk of Phuket posts to get to this one but... I kinda worked on something tonight that I just couldn't wait to share. And, it requires that I show you what I bought at Phuket first. So do try to be patient with the rest cos I'm impatient with this news. =p

People usually buy fake branded t-shirts they don't quite like or cheap sundresses they don't really need for a steal at Phuket. But I ended up going home with neither one of the two. Instead, I bought these two items from the Jim Thompson shop at Canal Village, Laguna Phuket:

 Fresh from the store and still in their plastic wrapping.

Got them a little cheaper than usual cos it was a factory outlet store that sold stuff from their previous seasons. But I don't really move with the times when it comes to fashion so... old season, new season... aiya, same same to me lah. No diff also. I'd rather save the extra money.

 230 Baht for the tissue pack.

 240 Baht for the coin pouch.

More than what I'd usually spend on such items but... hey,
people always say you usually tend to spend more
when you're travelling abroad anyways. =p

Not planned purchases, I admit, but not at all bought on impulse. I've been meaning to replace my coin pouch (been using an el cheapo RM5 one I bought at some pasar malam for a good number of years now) as well as buy a new tissue pack to replace the one I lost (shamefully, I lost it when I was in college @_@). So these buys have really been a long time coming.

And that's it! That's all I bought myself.
Two items I could fit into my pocket
and would definitely use daily. =)

So, why did I just have to blog about my Phuket buys tonight? Well, cos after a whole month and a week of just bearing with the fussy ribbons that adorn my tissue pack, I finally got around to cutting them off. Even spent a good 10 minutes slowly unpicking the extra cloth out of the stitches, too.

Ribbons – be gone!

Now my tissue pack definitely
looks like mine and suits my style. =)

Ok, gotta go. More on Phuket later! =)


infinitium said...

this one batu fghi nite market also got... kan?

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– I dunno leh. Macam seen before. But not sure. Other "brands" sure got lah. Like made from cheongsam material wan. Haha.

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