Friday, March 02, 2012

Spousal Abuse

Tapi bukan sekadar membuat tuduhan tanpa bukti.
 Saya ambil gambar juga! Nah, you tengok!!

He wanted to ask me to look up and pay attention to something on TV last night. So, he gave me a pat on the leg to do so. Unfortunately, he conveniently forgot that he was using male strength on a female thigh. -_-''' I immediately yelped in pain. "OUCH!!!" – I screamed into his ear. He looked at me and laughed before saying, "Not pain wan laaaa..." And you know what? It would have been nice if he just stopped right there but the man apparently thought he needed to prove a point. So his "no pain wan la" sentence was conveniently followed by a, "You see!" AND HE PROCEEDED TO HIT ME AGAIN AT THE VERY SAME SPOT!! >( I was a heartbeat away from screaming, "I TELL YOUR MOTHER WAN AH!!!" Haha.

So, to make up for the abuse, The Husband
brought me for foot reflexology last night.

Reborn membership card.

60 minutes of footie-loving. Not by him, of course.
But ahhh... Worth it lah. Worth it. Hahaha.


Melissa said...

"Tapi bukan sekadar membuat tuduhan tanpa bukit."


My dearest, I think you meant "buKti." :p

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Melissa
- Whoops! This is why I'm not a Malay writer. HAHA.

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