Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fashion In Action Today

Totally random but... today, I wore a "Paris" t-shirt I didn't buy in Paris although I was there with The Husband just last year on our honeymoon. Don't know why but we didn't buy ANYTHING for ourselves in Paris whatsoever! Not even an "I <3 Paris" t-shirt. But never the matter cos... I found one that captured my heart at F.O.S – HAHA! And for a steal, too! Only RM15. =D

Me in a made in China, bought in Malaysia, Paris baby tee.

Paired that up with black skinny jeans and the black bird-soled flats I impulse-purchased (more like kiasu-purchased cos I wanted to qualify for the discount =p) at Dorothy Perkins last month.

Black flats from Dorothy Perkins. Please excuse the stress
on the right foot. I was trying very hard not to fall over
while bending forward to take this shot. -_-'''

Too bad these babies bite. T_T


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