Monday, March 19, 2012

Save The Planet, Konon

Last Thursday, MCKL updated their free-drink policy in the company. You still get the free Milo at the push of a button. You just don't get that free MILO in a free paper cup no more. Haha.


 My iced Milo in a mug – felt really, really weird drinking
this from an actual mug, to be honest with you. So tak biasa.

So green; so Earth-friendly now. How kind of the company to consider our planet's future for the sake of our children. While they're at it, they should stop air pollution, too. Next move? All the smokers in the agency should be banned from smoking and choking up our airways for the sake of clearer skies and cleaner air. HAHA! No paper cups to save the planet? Pfft. Dun bluff la.


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