Thursday, March 15, 2012

Useless But Cute!

Saw that cable-tie deal on MilkADeal and impulse purchased the set to "keep my cables tidy and cute!" Figured I'd find some use for them around the house someday. Too bad that day hasn't come just yet. Haha. The cable ties arrived in the mail a week after I made the purchase and now, I've got 2 Little Chicken, 2 Brown Bear and 2 Pink Bear (heads only for the latter two @_@) cable ties at hand.

 From L-R: Little Chicken, Pink Bear and Brown Bear.

Aren't they cute??? =D

Too bad after I received my order, they updated the deal to include a pair of Hello Kitty heads and a mystery plus one (meaning 9 cable ties altogether) at RM19. Boo hoo. I really should have waited. That's what you get for making impulse buys. The early bird doesn't necessarily get the best worm. T_T


kellster said...

oh i almost wanted to buy but felt kedekut so didn't.

Lissa said...

I would've bought em, but they're too cutesy for me. :|

Pam Song said...

ATTN: kellster
- Haha. Yeah, it's actually not worth the money but... KIUTS KAN???

ATTN: Lissa
– Hahaha. Keep them for your kids next time!

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