Friday, March 09, 2012

MarCom Manager Opportunity

Got this email in my Tinki Talks Inbox earlier today:

But considering how crazy things already are for me these days with work and life and work and the house, I had to give him an unfavourable reply. :-| Like so:

To which, he replied:

So... anybody interested in a MarCom Manager position at Malaysia's 2nd largest mid-tier audit firm? =D If you are, let me know. Write to and I'll do my best to hook you up. =)


infinitium said...

with yr day job as Chief Juicer (CJ) & CFO of the hse, makes total sense to say no...

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– CJ maybe. CFO?? No la, where got. That wan is The Husband's job. I am COO. HAHA.

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