Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ultra Sonic Iron Treatment At number76, Mont Kiara

Decided one morning this week that I really needed
some kind of motivation to get me through the day.

Work was beginning to weigh me down (have I ever mentioned that I hate writing radio scripts?) so I really, really, REALLY needed a perk-me-up reward waiting for me at the end of the day to cheer me on and help me survive the 30-seconders I was to vomit out during those earlier hours of brain squeezing.

So, before I left for work, I picked up my phone and made an impromptu appointment to treat my hair at number76, Mont Kiara that very evening. I read about their magical treatment on Ringo's blog a number of times and read about their superb stylist on Audrey's blog, too, so... two fashionistas can't be wrong, right? (But then again, they do their hair for free so maybe biased wan. Hmmm.)

ANYWAY... I parked at Plaza Mont Kiara but couldn't find the salon. Walked around and around and called them a number of times but... alamak, the people there are betul-betul konichiwa Japanese! So, they sushi and sashimi me until I also mabuk. Dunno what the heck they were saying, and I doubt they understood me, too. Wth. -_-''' Fortunately their Director, Dejima San grabbed the phone and managed to tell me, "Outside! Outside!" Then only I found it. Outside. Haih.

Got in there and kena immediate culture shock. Thought I walked through a cupboard door and entered some kind of Japanese Narnia because like... EVERYBODY SPOKE JAPANESE. @_@ OMG, scary wei! I thought my ears were playing tricks on me! So very disorientating. Thankfully there was a girl called Amy who was local and could speak to me in... wait for it... Cantonese. TADAAA!!! -_-''' #instantbananadeath

But they damn professional lah. I mentioned that I wanted to do the treatment I read about when I called in the morning, and when I walked in, I didn't even have to talk. Amy immediately started washing my hair and slathering it with the treatment cream. No questions asked, no explanation given. (Maybe cos she can tell I dunno what the heck she's saying in Cantonese. Harhar. =p) But I really thought it was nice that they actually bothered to note what I said I wanted.

This was the "magical treatment" I asked for:

Ultra Sonic Iron Treatment (RM250) at number76.

At the time I didn't expect it to cost this much. Their website didn't list this treatment and the most expensive one on the list was RM160. So, quite a shocker lah when I saw the price. But... she did put the cream already... and summore I did ask for it when I called so... haiya, just diam diam and suck it up lah. Not nice to suddenly kick up a fuss when it was what I wanted initially. =(

The treatment is unlike any other I've experienced before, to be honest. Won't go into lengthy explanations regarding the treatment mechanics but the bottom line is that it's fast, and apparently very effective. Didn't take any pictures then cos... shy lah. Hahaha. But after awhile, Amy and I got to talking and it turns out she's kinda nice. Haha. So, apa shyness also gone and I started camwhoring. HAHA.

Amy and I talking as she blow dried my hair
after washing off the treatment cream.

She's the one who always does Ringo's treatments, in case you were wondering. Audrey goes to the outlet in Mid Valley so... I dunno who does her treatments for her. (She hasn't talked about treatments so far. Only extensions. :-/) Go read her blog to find out. This blog's about ME. Haha. Wth. #vain

Same story. Amy's still blow drying my hair.

Dejima San (Director) later took over and styled my hair.

Blur shot and Dejima San styling my hair.

Shooting in secret.

I a bit shy to take pictures with him in the picture cos
the fella damn straight face wan. Serious like anything.

Anyway, this is the end result:

Apparently Japanese hairstylists like the out-of-bed look. Blergh. Not my style to be honest with you. I think I look better with a neat, slick hairdo with zero frizz. But at that time of course must smile lah when I take picture. Or else later the fella samurai me and take his sword go pancit my tyre.

After they took off my cape.

Haha. Kidding la. He later passed me his card when he was done and said, "Next time! Come back! Dye hair!" @_@ BWAHAHAHAHAHA. No wonder laaaa... I think I know why he so black face eh di. He see my half dyed head he also want to pengsan. HAHAHA. That's what you get when you only bother dying your hair for your wedding 9 months ago! Whoops! Soli. =p

 Dejima San's namecard that he passed to me at the end of my session.

Went home right after and camwhored max in my toilet.
(What's new, right? You should have seen this coming. =p)

Front view.

Top view.

Close up of the ends.

Close up of each strand.

After undergoing the half hour treatment, 
I personally felt that my hair was "stronger"
and that each strand had more "bounce" to it.

But is this treatment really worth the RM250? Urm... only if your life depends on good hair you'd be proud to flick. And only if you're making enough to be able to afford the RM250 every 2 months. *gulp* (Amy told me I should go back every 2 months but apparently people with terribly damaged hair have to go back either every fortnight or every month. @_@)

Otherwise, you can just do what I did: Be super nice and talk lots with your treatment specialist so you get a good discount to make this treatment affordable. HAHA. True story. I love kam cheng discounts maximum! Hahahaha. I'll definitely go back in 2 months if there's more discounts like that. =p

Me with post-treatment hair after the styling "normalised." =)


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