Monday, March 05, 2012

Juice From A Juicer

I think one of the luxuries in life is to wake up to a glass of fresh fruit juice every morning. What an amazing and refreshing way to awaken the system! So, since Mama left us some fruits in the fridge, The Husband and I got to enjoy fresh fruit juice every morning this past weekend.

 Green apples and carrots.

 Freshly juiced fruits without added water, sugar or preservatives.

Life's wonderful with fruit juice and all that but one thing's been bothering me since I started juicing the fruits myself. You see, we inherited our juicer from Mama. And because it's been at the mercy of her maids, over the years, it's accumulated a significant amount of... urm... fruit stains and... uh... muck. :-/ (No prejudice but I find that things tend to last longer and are usually maintained in better condition if they're not used by the hired help.)

Well, I've been working hard on removing all the age-old fruit sai over the last 3 mornings. Scrubbing and brushing and rubbing and scraping my fingers sore every morning, and wearing my skin thin with all the cleaning agents I've used thus far. And today, I think I'm finally satisfied with the state the juicer is in. =D

The section of the juicer where the fruit juice exits – before.
 The section of the juicer where the fruit juice exits – after.
Best I could do. Those two corners right next to the mouth
are just impossible to reach with a sponge. T_T

 And as for the blades, my hands were too deep in soap suds
to show you a before picture but here are some after shots.

The juicer blades – after.

The whole thing was initially covered in that brown gunk you see in the middle. The entire middle area was dark brown (like the brown area in the picture minus the silvered out spots) and the surrounding cone-ed up sides were a slightly lighter yellowish-brown. Dark brown gunk lined the areas between the solid sliver areas and the silver mesh, too. *gag* So... again, I brushed and I scrubbed and I rubbed until I was left with this:

Close up of the blades.

Again, best I could do. The blades in the center were a little too sharp and dangerous to mess with so I could only clean the surrounding areas. Maybe I'll try working on it again some other day when I'm feeling a little less worn out. Haha. Anyway, I showed these pictures to The Husband, his eyes flew wide open, and he immediately told me, "We should not drink juice anymore." HAHA.


Soh Hong Wei said...

Those tough angles.. =(

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Soh Hong Wei
– Yeah, man. They is suck.

ch3ryl said...

I love freshly juiced drinks in the morning...but I HATE to clean the juicer. :( pre-washing, cutting, post-washing, so on, so much work for a glass of fresh juice.

infinitium said...

nxt time try soaking the parts overnight in some vinegar. will help loosen tough stains

Pam Song said...

ATTN: ch3ryl
– I know right??? OMG, this is why people hire maids. For juice! Hahahaha.

ATTN: infinitium
– Haha. Heard that over the radio many times, too. No vinegar at home leh. Plus, does that trick work on super old stains? I think the stains are easily a few YEARS old.

infinitium said...

think if ya leave it in a pool of vinegar overnite... it'll be easier to remove. still have to scrub, but it should loosen stains a fair bit.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– You're like an ah ma with kitchen secrets, man! How do you do it??? Hahaha.

infinitium said...

old soul lah... haaaih!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: infinitium
– Haha. You my favourite ah ma now. Haha.

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