Friday, March 16, 2012

Satisfying A Craving

Been craving Nasi Lemak all week. So, early this morning, I texted Mama Hen to get me TWO packets on her way out of the LRT station. (That's where she bought the Nasi Lemak she belanja-ed us last month.) Slammed one packet earlier this morning at my new corner – I love corners!! =D – at the office...

 Nasi Lemak with a quarter of a hard boiled egg, nuts and ikan bilis. 

...and was so glad I still had
another "spare" set aside for later. =p

My opened Nasi Lemak + a spare. =p

Oh, and urm... I walloped the second one already,
in case you were wondering. Haha. Craving – satisfied!


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