Thursday, September 30, 2010

Isn't It Ironic; Don't You Think?

They say that the survival of a long distance relationship is largely dependent on the fact that both parties care enough to communicate as much as they can, as best as they can, whenever they can so that nobody gets "left behind" and everybody gets constant reassurance of the other's love for them. It's supposedly healthy for the relationship and its participating members, but it takes a lot of effort, time, and hard work.

On the flip side...

The other secret to maintaining a long distance relationship is if both parties just couldn't care less about communicating at all! Once-in-a-blue-moon calls, few-and-far-in-between SMS-es, and no proper conversation whatsoever. From both parties. Those relationships may not be the happiest or most fulfilling, but they are easy to maintain, and usually survive the time apart. Cos, come on... If they don't care enough to talk, I think we can pretty much assume that they wouldn't care about anything enough to pick a fight either. Heh.

So, yeah. Those are the two opposing communication systems the parties in long distance relationships can practice in order to help their relationship survive its time apart. Oddly, both seem to work; but in totally differing ways. As for me, I've tried them both. And if I'm honest, the latter one's a hell of a lot easier to manage than the former.

Dating Deal-Breakers

These are my ultimate deal-breakers
when it comes to guys I date/marry:

1. Drinks too much. A full-on alcoholic, a habitual drinker, or even a drinker who doesn't know his limits are big no-nos in my books. To me, 2 drinks are already 1 drink too many.

2. Smokes. Nobody likes to kiss an ashtray. Nuff said.

3. Has a drug addiction. Try once just for experience I can accept lah, I suppose. But getting addicted to the stuff is just stupid lah, ok? Stupid.

4. Gambles. Playful betting is different from gambling. If you're just betting a Milo Ais or even a KFC dinner, I can take lah. But if we're talking about football bets and casino gambling in the hundreds and thousands of Ringgit, forget it. You can go be stupid and waste your own money, on your own.

5. Swears. I don't care what language it's in. As long as it's not something you'd say in front of my mom or dad, it's not something I wanna hear.

6. Smells funky. I.e. has BO, bad breath, Hong Kong feet, etc... Wah, beh tahan, man. Every time hang out with him can faint. Summore girls are usually shorter ma. So if we hug, my nose will be damn close to his armpit, right?? If got BO, sure pengsan terus. -_-

7. Loves eating garlic. I'm sorry lah but I just can't kiss anybody with perpetual garlic breath. :-/

8. Is a male chauvinist pig. I cannot tahan men who think that they're the superior race and freely express that opinion in word and action. Go eat shit and die lah. Sure, we admit that there may be things that men do better in. But hello, there are things that girls do better in, too. You all try living without us and see?? *flicks hair*

9. Is shorter than I am. I know this makes me sound shallow as hell but... it matters okayyy! How can I possibly respect a man I can't LOOK UP to?!

10. Doesn't like/want kids. There's gotta be something wrong with a man who doesn't like/want kids, right? I mean, come on... HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE/WANT KIDS???

So... what kind of guy/girl wouldn't you date?


1. For fulfilled promises. I feel so blessed to have answered prayers, hard sai and a healthy dog. =)

2. For surprise calls from MCKL. Mind you, I'm still hoping for more good news when it comes to this one. Stares at Rabel. Hard. >(

3. For correct online banking transactions. Wah, I tell you... very stress man, when money changes hands. Beh tahan. Doesn't help that HSBC doesn't ask for any name confirmation or anything. Just punch in some numbers and then see see, money hilang liao. Hmmph. Lousy.

4. For successful hotel bookings. Uh huh... That's right! We finally secured both dinner dates and locations! Yay! =D

5. For purchased airline tickets. Unexpected dream come true, this one. Now I just can't wait till that day arrives. Wheee! =D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Only Takes One Person To Make A Change =p

Remember how I once said that the people at KRPG don't snack enough? Well, I think they're finally getting with the programme. HAHA. Check it out!

 Peanuts from Hiyashi.

Him Heang Tau Sar Pneah from Hacker.

Oh yes, I think the peeps at KRPG
are finally catching on. =p

Olive Green & Purple

Made a pit-stop at Gurney after work today to get some things done and happened to stumble upon this bed-sheet-pillow-case-comforter set at Aussino.

Totally reminded me of our wedding colour scheme. =)

Heads Up!

Picture taken at 9:23AM today.

It isn't much. But if you ask me, an alert face is vast improvement compared to the way she was last Monday. =) Plus, she finished every bit of her mini morning meal today. Yay! Only problem is, she's grown a little more manja over this trying time. Now, she wants either me, Dee or Mee around whenever she eats. Or else, she'd rather starve. Hmmm...

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Best Early Morning Surprise EVER!


I don't think I've ever been this excited to see sai
right outside my bedroom door, man. HAHA.

That sai's not mine, by the way. (Duh.) It came from Princess' bum bum!! Yayyy! =D I tell you... after seeing (and cleaning) bloody, watery poop for 3 days, these brown nuggets are as good as gold in my eyes.

*happy sigh*

He always always keeps them. =)

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Oops, I Did It Again

Meet my newest mishap.

Scraped a good layer of skin off the top of one portion of my left foot just minutes ago while getting out of my chair in a hurry to visit DTP. Sigh. What's wrong with me ah? Cannot make it lah liddat... -_- Now, that bit is looking mighty red and raw. Hmmm. Kinda reminds me of sushi. :-/

p/s: KRPG peeps don't wear shoes upstairs and I don't like walking around barefooted. So, I impluse bought those gaudy-looking, cloth-based slippers at Giant last weekend. They cost me peanuts! =D

Promise? Promise.

Sometimes, keeping our eyes on what's good can be tough when we're faced with everyday not-so-good, things-aren't-looking-up, they-could-be-better stuff. Take this week for example. It's been pretty tough on my family cos Princess hasn't been at her best. And although she seems to be getting better – PTL for that, btw – she's still far from what we'd consider normal with her.

But today, as I was uploading pictures from the G1, I happened to stumble upon a picture I took last Sunday – the very day Princess fell ill. When I snapped that picture, all was right in my world. I was was out with family, just minding our own business, heading for Giant to do some cheap furniture hunting, even enjoying a shared plate of KFC. Oh, and my dog was perfectly healthy.

Unfortunately, my plans of rushing to upload the picture upon arriving home that night were busted. In fact, I didn't even touch my comp till many hours later. Cos I was greeted by the sight of our dining area and Princess' poopie-pee-pee space covered in blood and watery stool. Such horror. With that, I just forgot about the picture I took and my plans to blog it, and tended to my sick dog instead.

Fast-forward 2 days and 2 nights, and here I am, finally uploading the pictures I took last weekend. And it's funny but now, that particular picture I wanted to blog is no longer something exciting. Nope, it's comforting.

 Picture taken at 6:18PM on Sunday, 26 September 2010.

Truly my God answers prayers. He knew that I'd need His assurance even before my world got messed up by a dog and her bloody poo. And although I may not hear His voice audibly, I see His promise. With that, I am comforted. And for that, I am grateful.

Have A Cuppa Tea, Dearie!

 Traditional English Tea at The 1885.

Me, my cream-covered scone and my freshly brewed Darjeeling tea.

I know it looks like Dee, Mee and I overdid it with the afternoon tea but we totally didn't. If you counted the cups, you'd have noticed that there were two other people at the table having tea and scones with us at the hotel. Haha. But guess what? Even with that number, we had more than enough treats to go around! Scones, sandwiches, cakes, cream puffs and cupcakes – yums!

Caught By Big Shot's Son

Last weekend, the parentals and I paid one of the hotels in Penang a visit for a quick look-see and to find out more about their wedding packages. All went well when the hotel staff brought us around the place. We saw what we wanted to see, asked what we wanted to ask, and when all was said and done, she left us to our own devices.

But while we were
scouting around by ourselves,
something funny happened.

You see, it was a Saturday and the banquet hall was being prepared for a wedding. (We were pretty fortunate to see the hall in all its decked-up glory – nice!) And while nosing around, Mee and I stumbled upon the couple's guest list. Here's where it got funny. I suddenly felt that the groom's name sounded a little too familiar. So, I immediately turned to Mee and said, "Eh! I think the groom is bla bla bla's brother leh!"

When I said that, I suddenly heard a male voice behind me go, "Hi. Are you bla bla bla's friend?" HAHA. The groom was standing right behind us when I said that! That means he saw us poking around his guest list and, thinking about it now, I'm also pretty sure that he must have overheard me saying, "Wah, a lot of Datin, Datuk, Doktor on this list man. Sure some big shot's son." HAHA.


But anyway... turns out I WAS RIGHT! HAH!
It was bla bla bla's brother's wedding! I know for sure
 cos the groom told me, "Yeah, bla bla bla is my bother."

Tee hee.

So I guess considered ok lah in the end. Being proven right on a hunch kinda made the embarrassment a little more worth it. Haha. At least never simply poke, kena caught, then see see salah wan the guess. Wah, that wan really dunno where to hide face liao. -_-'''

But seriously... 

p/s: Bla bla bla was my primary school classmate, by the way. 2 Ros, SRKBL. He was Monitor while I was Assistant Monitor. Haha.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Race With Fins

My family and I have always been White Pomfret people. That's what we usually buy, eat and order. But since I've been away, my parents have grown their menu to include other fishes, too. Like this headless mongrel of a fish I don't recognise.

Yep, that's what we had for lunch today. And since I'm super anti-experimentation when it comes to my meals, I immediately went wary-consumer on it and gave it my bestest, best-of-the-best, best evil eye.

At first look, I noticed that it was incredibly scaly, it had lots of bones, and it had waaaay too much skin. And when I placed it on my rice, some kind of brown powder got left behind. Hmmm. Dodgy. Very dodgy.

BUT... never judge a book by its cover or a fish by its headless body. Cos it was surprisingly tasty! In fact, it tasted just like those ikan potong you get at Malay stores and even at Kanna Curry House!

So, me, being the Manglish user extraordinaire I am, I cut-short my sentence in my head, then turned to Dee and asked excitedly, "Eh, this is Malay fish ah?" Without skipping a beat and with a straight face that could fool any conman, my dad answered, "Fish no race wan."


Like, wth.

Whose Side Are You On?

As much as I'd love to be the hey-I-ordered-a-cheeseburger pain-in-the-butt client, it looks to me like I'll be the glass-half-full pessimistic creative for life. :-/ Aiya, pick wrong side liao laaa... -_-

The Prettiest Belly In All The Land

OMG, I'm so excited after seeing this that
I just can't wait to take naked pictures of you!!!
 (Hahaha. Sounds so salah. =p)

8 Types Of Bad Creative Critics

8 Types Of Bad Creative Critics I've Personally Experienced Working With:
  1. The Blender
  2. The Hidden Agenda
  3. The Micro-Manager
  4. The Waffler
  5. The Wannabe
  6. The Wet Blanket
  7. The Crammer

7 out of 8. Hmmm. I guess I got lucky.

UPDATE AT 12:52PM ON 28 SEPTEMBER 2010: Hey, here's a thought: Maybe I never had the ill fate of working with The Pet Peeved because... well, I'm not a Designer or an Art Director! Writers don't talk colour as much, right? So maybe that's the only reason I was spared. Hahaha.

Please Pray?

Her name is Princess, she's sick,
and we don't know what's wrong. T_T

Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting Comfy At The New Place

Remember how I said that something's missing in Penang and that I haven't been at my happiest? Well, I decided to take matters into my own hands and go at it Tim Gunn style – just MAKE. IT. WORK.

So many ways to do it but
I just listened to Frank and did it my way.

L-R: Love Letters, Double Deckers in Chicken and Prawn,
Oats Biscuits, MiMi, Chickadees, Mamee and Super Ring.

 Added Maggi Cup in Tomyam, Kari Ayam and Kari, and another brand of
Sesame Chicken to the shelf for those extra hungry days.

Ahh, I feel so much better about Penang already. =)

A NOTE TO MY COLLEAGUES AT KRPG: What you see here is free for all. So, come and get 'em any time you need a buzz or a junkie shot. (Haha. That last bit totally made it sound like KRPG's overrun by druggies. =p)

Early Morning Shockeroo


He's back!

Top 3 Jobs You Can't Excel In Without Passion

  1. Doctor / Veterinarian
  2. Minister / Pastor / Missionary
  3. Teacher / Educator / Lecturer

Yup. In that order.

Cos if a teacher / educator / lecturer teaches without passion, nothing really bad (in an eternal sense) happens. Kids just groan at the thought of classes / lectures and fail their papers. End of story.

And if a minister / pastor / missionary reaches out without passion, what happens is... well, nothing. Nobody gets saved, nobody gets healed, and nobody gets raised from the dead. End of story.

But if a doctor / veterinarian attends to the sick (be they human or animal) without passion, love, care and compassion, those patients will either suffer... or die. End of life story.

So if you're itching to be a doc / vet but don't really have the passion or the calling for it, do us all a favour and spare our loved ones the pain and us the worry. Go do something else where it's not life or death you'll be messing with.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rose-Tinted Glasses

They warn us from the start that love is blind.
What they don't tell us is that it makes us stupid as hell, too.


 I'm not kidding. Just think about it for a second.

It's not blindness that causes you to leave the most vulnerable part of yourself (your heart) in the hands of another, is it? Nope, it's stupidity. It's not blindness that causes you to walk into the arms of another knowing exactly what would be waiting on the other side if your partner decides to break his or her promise (and your heart, in the process). It's stupidity. So don't go blaming blindness for all your romantic misfortune cos it wasn't blindness but YOU who ran straight toward that uncertain promise of happily-ever-after with your eyes wide open.

And to be fair, just like anything else there is, when you put something breakable in someone else's hands and they end up smashing it to pieces (out of spite, in purpose, or by accident – take your pick), it's not exactly their fault. It's YOURS. Just you and your stupidity. So I guess it's not Love that we need more of in life; it's brains. Gotta contra off all that stupidity somehow.


I'm here, sitting in the car, with my legs stretched across the backseat. My back is uncomfortably propped up against the left car door and the safety belt buckle closet to me is heartily jamming itself into my right butt cheek. They both hurt. My back and my butt cheek, of course; not the door nor the belt buckle. (Just thought I should clarify that.) Unfortunately for them both (still referring to my back and butt cheek), I'm too lazy, drowsy and sleepy to move anything more than my eyelids or my fingertips.

It's The Buzz

I have a confession to make: I haven't exactly been happy with life. I mean, it's not like life's bad or anything. Really, it's not. In fact, life's good-ish. But it always feels like something's... I dunno, missing? Well, I think I finally know what it is.

Last week, I was down in KL for 3 days and 2 nights. And in those few days, I was somehow invited back into the game – the pace, the lifestyle and the demands of advertising in Central Malaysia. Sure, it packs a mean punch. And sure, it's not like it's financially even worth the pain. But I think I'm addicted to it. @_@

You see, I get this... buzz whenever I'm in the environment. A kind of high I don't get with anything else. The mutual suffering, the shared pains, the underdog complaints, the nonsensical client requests, the ridiculous deadlines, the perpetual urgency and the fruitful partnership. (Haha, only one positive thing in the list.) (I know this'll make me sound like a sucker for pain; but hey, since I'm making confessions) I love every bit of it.

To tell you the truth, I used to think that it would be KL that I'd miss upon leaving. Maybe even MCKL. (That's a BIG maybe, by the way. Haha.) But now I realise that it's not the place nor the agency. It's the buzz. It's that feeling I get when I'm neck deep in work. Pumped up. Alive with adrenaline. Panicked and excited all at once. That's what I miss most. And that's what's missing in Penang.

When I made my way back up North on the later part of Thursday, I was fortunate enough (or a little more than crazy) to bring that KL buzz back to Penang with me. I left feeling purposed, needed, driven. A little indispensable even. And for the first time, I left without those overwhelming waves of self pity I'm so accustomed to feeling with each Goodbye-KL I put myself through.

Still, no matter how I feel about it, a freelancer is always dispensable. I look at the clock and I'm reminded that Friday's gone, Saturday's ending, and soon enough, the weekend will be over. I try not to think about it but I inside, I ache knowing that as suddenly and as quickly as the experience re-discovered its place in my life, it'll just as suddenly and quickly leave to purpose another writer's pen.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Doing The Math: Too Little, Too Late

I get 8/24 = 33.33%.

I got 9/72 = 12.50%.

That means,
I'm 20.83% short
and 3 Zs shy of ideal.

Shaits. -_-

This Is Why I Stop Keeping In Touch With Some Friends




Dun make me Kanna Curry House you upside down,
left right center the next time I go down to KL ah.
Last warning liao, I tell you. Last warning!! RAWR!

Jiro XO,
Pam Song

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catching Some Zs

Why do people say that a person who's sleeping is one who is "catching some Zs"? When in fact, that person is probably in bed cos he/she is so tired, he/she can't be bothered to do anything else, much less catch random letters in the alphabet.

A Taste Of The Old Place

A hero's welcome. A slave's hours.
A farmer's labour. And a pauper's wage.


Some things never change, do they? =p

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Empty Floor

It doesn't feel right. I mean, come on. After 14 years of skipping, leaping and cleaning... How does one just get used to not doing what's already turned habit? Take this morning, for example. I opened my room door to head for the kitchen for some water. And out of habit, I skipped. Even though today, there's nothing there worth skipping for, cos there's nothing there but empty floor. Sigh.

Gotta Love That Girl

Got an email from Lamé last night...

Haha. Yes, cha bo! You better be excited! Hahaha.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Google People Rok My Sox

Remember how I said that Google was hiring and that I was invited to apply for a position offered by a Google recruiter some time back? Well, a blog reader (who's a Google employee!) wrote me telling me I should go for it if I could. But since I couldn't, he thought he'd entice me with a taste of the Google world.

That was a few days back.

Today, a courier arrived for me over lunch. And upon returning to the office, Karaoke Queen passed me a big, brown, mysteriously flat and rectangular box with my name on it.

Yep. It's actually quite big.
(Note the size compared to my Macbook Pro.)

Excitedness! I cut the tape on all sides to pry the box open and suddenly, it was like a geek's / freebie junkie's candy store just exploded on my table!! Haha.

Google goodies galore!!!

*squeals from excitement*

I saw Google notebooks, a Google Rubik Cube, Google lanyards, Google key-chains and a Google T-shirt! All for me?? YESSS!!! But that wasn't all of it. Under one of the T-shirt were other hidden goodies!!

Blogger stickers, MORE Google T-shirts,
a little something-something, and a note from the sender.

Now I understand why there are 3 Google tees! He even factored in The Fiancé when sending me the gift pack! How kind! But I think that the bestestest part of this entire gift pack was the paragraph in his note that reminded me why I keep doing what I do – that is to blog.


Thanks, Google Man.

Like The Fiancé said when I told him he got a free T-shirt from you, too: Google really does recruit only the best people. =) Your box of goodies brought a lot of sunshine (and colour – red, blue, green and yellow =p) into my rainy Monday. So, thank you for that, for the kind words, and for the many gifts. =)

Pam Song

p/s: Your secret's safe with me! =p

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And Then There Were Five

Spotted a new bruise last night. Sigh. First one on the left side of my body. (Oddly, the others were all on my right. Hmmm...) Thing is, I don't even know how I got this one! Ugh. This has got to stop, man. It's gotta stop! Or else what Soya Legs and Jeffro says is right. It's not gonna be a pretty sight come the big day. -_-

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Celebrating Soya Legs' 20-Somethingth Birthday

It was Soya Legs' birthday two weekends ago so the family decided to bring her our for makan sempena her belated birthday lunch early last week. Decision-making conversation between Dee and Mee went like this:

Mee: What should we get Soya Legs for her birthday ha?

Dee: She ah? Food lah!! What else?!

Haha. True dat.
So for food, we went!

Eh, sorry... Correction needed:
For TOO MUCH food, we went. -_-

Orange, Apple, Mango and Green Guava juice.

Classic Nachos.

The folks and I actually wanted Chili's not-to-be-missed Kickin' Jack Nachos. But, somehow or another, we salah ordered. -_- So I think Soya Legs was the only one who really enjoyed this appetiser. Haha.

Fish something-something.

Chicken something-something.

Chili's Mushroom Jack Combo Fajitas.

By the time we left Chili's we were feeling
fatter (some of us =p) and a lot heavier (all of us -_-).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Truth About Long Goodbyes

1. They are always hardest the first time around.
2. Like everything else, the more practice you get, the easier they become.


Dear kinda-sorta-already-but-not-yet couple,

It may be tough now. But don't you worry. It gets better. Always does. Take my word on this, okay? I've been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. Next time will be easier. And that time after that will be easier still. =)

Pam Song

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Understand I'm Accident Prone

Of late, it seems like my body's been on a mission to bruise and batter itself. In this past week alone, I've somehow accumulated more cuts and blue-blacks than I'm proud to say I have. One cut without tears and you're a hero. Two or more and you're a klutz who's just so used to being one, you stopped crying after the hundredth time you walked into something you shouldn't have. -_-

So today, I thought I'd count my bumps.
These are what I've accumulated since Wednesday.
(The few that I remember and have proof to show for anyway.)

1. I wrecked havoc on my leg, just below the right knee, with Baby's open glove compartment box while sorting out car stickers. -_-

2. I slammed my right arm into my temporary bedside table/shelf while climbing out of bed. Put it there when I started painting and am still not used to it being there. -_-

3. I gauged two holes into my right upper thigh while walking past a stack of metal clothes hangers that were stacked with their hooks facing my way. (Sorry, no pichas for this one. Haram. =p)

And "best" of all...

4. I dropped a ridiculously heavy, king kong-sized lightning protector on my right foot while shifting things around in the hall. -_-


 If two's a klutz, then it looks to me
like I'm officially a double klutz.


No More Brown, Only White

My repaint-the-wardrobe project started on the last day of last month. But it sure feels more than just the 2-and-a-half weeks it took to come to completion. To tell you the truth, it was a LOT more work than I expected it to be. Painting is tedious work, I tell you! And it's messy work, too! (Yes, I still have paint in my hair. -_-)

But you know what? I believe my timing and workload expectations would have been met more accurately if we had just painted the fitted parts, and kept to my spray-paint plan for the built-in floor to ceiling wardrobe doors instead of going at them with a 2-inch wide brush. 1 afternoon + 2 cans of white paint = kautim!

But nooo... Cannooottt...

*stares pointedly at Dee*

(The brush + paint was Dee's idea.)

*raises one eyebrow*

*cough cough*

Having said that, I know that I also couldn't possibly have done as "good" a job without his help. =) Why? Cos I seriously suck at painting lor. HAHA. Like, totally. (I'm a sprayer, not a painter. =p) I'm fine with flat surfaces. It's the wood panels on the front of the doors that are just impossibly difficult to manage, terribly back-breaking, and also most time consuming. -_-'''

*distracted by a sudden thought*

Sorry but I just keep thinking of how quickly
we could have finished the job if we'd had just sprayed it!!


But fine. I'll let that matter go. For now.

Cos what matters is this:
Last night, the top doors finally went back up. =D

But as you can see, the doors on the bottom right haven't yet been offered the same fate. Haha. And it's not because the wardrobe hasn't been fully painted. Cos it has. This job's over and done with. (Thank heavens. -_-) It's just that I need to rearrange some things and move some shelves around before those doors get to move back into my room and take up their rightful places.

But for now, this is good.

White. Just the way I like it. =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby Goes To The Doctor

Baby's been sick for awhile now. She's not been the same since that goof slammed into her side at the Rothmans Roundabout in PJ last year. And although I left her to the care of professionals for over a month right after, I think she never really recovered from the beating she took.

My reverse sensor stopped working after that accident but I never had the time to send it in again after Baby came back. (So mafan to leave car at workshop in KL lah. Leave then no transport manyak susah.) So, I've just been driving around with a crazed reverse sensor for almost a year. It either beeps non-stop or goes all feng tau on me. Over time, I learned to tune it out and rely on my eyes instead.

Then, other things began cropping up. Blown out speakers, torn floor mats and the like. Trivial stuff lah. Superficial. And definitely nothing major enough to warrant a proper medical. Until last weekend when my passenger seatbelt went bust. -_- Yep, they just keep on coming. Sigh. So in total, here's what needed looking into:

  • Torn floor mat on driver's side. Courtesy of ahli-ahli workshop.
  • Passenger tali pinggang rosak. Tarik keluar, tak boleh masuk balik.
  • Reverse sensor koyak. Main muzik macam disko. 
  • Speaker belakang dan depan pecah. Bass macam engin motorbot.

So today, into the hospital she went!

Baby being ripped apart by the workshop crew.

Surprisingly, repair work didn't take as long as I thought it would. Cos just 2 hours later, I got my baby back all nice and swanky with new speakers (front and back), a repaired safety belt, a patched up floor mat (they didn't have original so I decided not to get makeshift ones), and a working pair of reverse sensors. Now, all she needs is a good wash. =)

Already In The Works =D

Gosh, I'm so crazy excited about this
I just can't wait to see the real thing!


Today, I Discovered Paradise

"Paradise (Old Persian: pairidaeza) is a place in which
existence is positive, harmonious and timeless." [Source]


Which place could prove more paradisical than this?


And what could be more perfect than this?


Still, until the passing of 4 sunrises, this paradise stays just beyond reach. A long wait, it seems, for I who is anxious and of lesser faith. But not for him, the confident and steady-hearted. Yes, it is he who has more faith in this than I. Haha. So tonight, I pluck a page from his book and tell myself that it's all going to be okay. For Tuesday comes soon enough. Yes, it comes soon enough. =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LDR – All The Rage These Days

On Monday night, I bid farewell to my one and only
cousin sister from my mother's side of the family.

Mee, Yours Truly, Dee and Jewel, the cousin.

She's off to India this Sunday and... I'm not sure, but I think she'll only be back next year. For my wedding. (She's involved. By default. Harhar.) So it'll be awhile before I see her next. (Not that I saw her all that often when I was working in KL. Harhar again. =p)

Our generation.

That boy you see to the far left is her kinda-sorta-already-but-not-yet bf. (What's with kids these days ah?? Back in my day, on means ON, off means OFF. No in between nonsense. -_-) I didn't really get to talk to him so I haven't decided if I'll like him yet. (HAHA.) And the girl on the far right is Jewel's brother's gf. (Those two think like me. On means ON.) She, I know. And she, I like. So much so that I hope my cousin marries her. =p

Ok, now take one more look at that same picture:

You see the "non-couple" on the left? Well, they'll be going long distance from Sunday onwards. As for dear Pinky on the right? Well, if my memory serves me right, she's been at it for a couple of years, too. And me? I've been at it for as long as I can remember so no diff there. Except that now, we're ALL in this together! YAY! (I was tempted to shout "GLEE!" instead. =p) And I really mean ALL cos on my maternal side, it's just me, Jewel and her brother, P'Shun Jie that make up our generation. (Small family. -_-)

The whole motley crew.

So, yeah. That was that. Had a good time with family (along with some of my uncle's and aunty's friends). And had a good dinner although I didn't quite fancy the Steamed Cod (too rich) or the Suckling Pig (too disgusting). (I have cheapo taste in food. Sue me.) Now, I have only one last, very important thing to say:

I pity the piglet that gave its life
for our farewell celebration. =_=

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


You know how kids are sooo ridiculously competitive with things that they'll talk about all sorts of nonsense with such conviction that you'd think it was true? Like... "MY house is the biggest house on the planet!" You'll immediately hear another kid reply, "No, who say? MY house is bigger than YOUR house, okayyy. That makes it the most ultimate biggestest house in the UNIVERSE!"

Well, don't laugh. Cos daddies do it, too.

Dee's Friend: (looks at me and says) Wah, you got dimple ah? One or two.

Pam Song: Urm...

Dee's Friend: Hah! MY princess got TWO!

Wth. Who's competing
with his daughter in the first place??
*rolls eyes*

After that, all I really wanted to say in reply to the uncle was, "Issit? Princess is your daughter ah? I also got Princess! She's my DOG." =p But of course I didn't lah. Not that I had time to anyway. He went on saying...

Dee's Friend: *turns to Dee* Eh, my son big already lor.

Dee: Oh, how old?

Dee's Friend: *proudly* 24 liao lo.

Dee: *without skipping a beat* My daughter bigger than him. 26.

Dee's Friend: *instant reply* But my son is big sized! And... and... he's handsome!

Wth, as if being handsome is even relevant when conducting
comparisons between children of different genders. -_-

I don't understand this one-upmanship thing between fathers. And it's not like they're subtle or anything you know. (Unlike us, women. *snicker*) They just outright fire each other only. And with ME standing there summore! No give face langsung. He wait lah. I go dig another dimple!!

Prescription By Doctor Quack

I KO-ed last night. Intense tummy ache, nausea, dizziness (I was seeing stars indoors!), and headache, all at the same time. Buy one free all. Ugh big time.

Mee played the traditionalist and made me drink a very vile, very black herbal powder in hot water, before allowing me to wash it all down with hot ocha. While Dee, on the other hand, played the resident Doctor Quack at home and pumped me with colourful angmor meds before letting me eat my dinner.

You know, it's amazing I didn't pass out from the clash
of traditional and modern medication inside me. -_-

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding? What Wedding?

Okay, so it's been awhile since I've talked about the wedding. Cos... well, I haven't exactly had a lot of time to actually sit down and plan the wedding. Haha. At least not since official work began for me at KRPG, and our future room ID and my current room DIY makeover took over my weekends. -_- 

In fact, today was the first time I actually talked wedding with my girl friends – The Senior Writer (who's still not working!! @_@), 4YRS2ABD (who just got married early this year!), and Duh Roads (who's one of my bridesmaids).

I tell you... The Senior Writer and 4YRS2ABD are just sooo helpful that I feel like giving them a squeeze each! (No sarcasm there, okayyy. Just lots of sincerity and open arms.) They're my pre-wedding go-to girls now! Haha. 

And as for Duh Roads... well, my heart goes out to her. =p But it's okay. Cos even through the bad times (mainly on her side of the world), there's still lots to laugh about. Like this lame conversation we just had with each other.

Pam Song: I dunno if I'm gonna sew your dresses or buy. Cos sew damn ex.

Duh Roads: Erm... well if can buy I think cheaper la.

Pam Song: Yeah, that's why. I found one at Sungai Wang. Damn nice. I would have bought it for myself. Hahaha. Very sweet. Spaghetti wan the dress. A nice kind of purple. But DAMMNNN ex. -_-''''

Duh Roads: Ohh from Italy? Hahaha. 

Pam Song: I dunno man. Why?

Duh Roads: Spaghetti mah. 

Pam Song: Wth. -_- Eh, you like extra lame since you work with *insert name of new writer who replaced me at MCKL*. HAHA. Dunno whether Italy or not but sound like import from space cos so bloody ex. Haha. (Okay, I can be quite lame, too. I know.)

Duh Roads: No... I'm just extra stress. I have no one to talk to ok? And so busy all the time.

Pam Song: So no place to release stress and work on your communication skills issit? =p

Duh Roads: If not I just don't talk lah. Can die.

Haha. I think that poor girl needs a big hug.


But... On to more important matters! After 3.5 months of dilly-dallying, we finally picked our dates! Woot woot! =D Now to settle the hotel bookings and send our Save The Date cards out for printing. Friends (those of you who know you're being invited lah), start emailing me your correspondence addresses!! (And those of you who aren't 100% sure if you'll be invited, you dun thick skin ah. I tell you, I will thick skin back wan!)

No Fate

Remember how my satin pumps got ruined by mud on my very first day of work? Well, it didn't hurt as much cos I actually have another pair of the same pattern in silver. =p (Yes, I tend to buy stuff of the same pattern in different colours.)

My flower-adorned silver satin pumps.
Picture taken in church, two Sundays ago.

Unfortunately for me (and this almost brand new shoe), it turned out to have an even shorter life than its same-same-but-different, mud-ruined black friend. -_-

The very same pair of pumps, as seen last Sunday afternoon.




And the culprit?
Nah. Take a good look at her face.

Be fooled not, my friends!
She pretend act innocent nia.
Think I dunno. Hmmph! >(