Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Secret Is Not To Care

It is said that George Gordon Battle Liddy once held his hand over a candle's flame until his flesh burned. And when asked, "What’s your secret?" he casually replied:

"The secret is not to care."

Well, I think I should pluck a page out of Liddy's book and do a little bit of not caring myself. Perhaps not enough to be okay with putting my hand over a burning candle (hello, you think I crazy ah?), but enough to not care about what I do and don't do and how they affect or do not affect the people or things around me.

I've got to start believing that nothing else matters but my happiness. And if it's going to affect my happiness, it shouldn't matter. And the trick to overcoming that, is not to care. Because by not minding the situation, you worry less, stress less, and freak out less, whatever the outcome, be it good or bad.

So... yeah.

I just need to get to a point in my life
where I simply care about less things,
and care about those few things less.


Lissa said...

I should try that too. I think I am beginning to. I think.

Jeffro said...

Up to a stage before this, you would care about everything else... Well, when you arrive at this phase of all, you'll start narrowing down on what you care about... This stage would be "Marriage! *chimes*" where your happiness counts most =D Then after that would be "Kids In the House!" where you'll most likely be dedicating all your efforts to... You don't need to get to a point, 'cause you're there, just in front of it =)

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Not caring? You? Really bo? Haha.

ATTN: Jeffro
– HAHA. Chimes. =p

But yeah... after awhile, something start to matter less the older you get. And then, somethings just cease to matter anymore once you've gotten to that point.

But you're right. It's always me me me when you're single. Then it's us us us when you're married. Then it's them them them when you're a parent. =)

Jeffro said...

Yeah, the different stages =) Although it's not the same for everyone... For me, it's them them them (to the family), then it's me me me (time to enjoy), then it's us us us (if I can settle down) etc... haven't gone looking beyond that =P

Our priorities change with time, so we'll just have to adapt to things each time they differ =)

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Jeffro
– I... urm... don't like change. @_@

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